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Stable track record
Auction Guide is the oldest active auction portal on the web, promoting auctions online since 1997.
Highly targetted audience
100% of our visitors are motivated and looking for auctions.
Built for mobile
We are fully functional on all devices, ensuring your auctions receive the maximum audience.
Fully responsive/adaptive website design: desktop computers, laptops, tablets and mobiles.
Easy listing of auctions, lots and images
Fast bulk lot and image listing process with automatic image association.
Your auction page, auctions and lots are all linked to your websites URL, without masking or redirects.
Lots can link to the individual lot page at your website or at your online bidding supplier.
Multiple offices
Multiple offices in different geograhical locations?
Each of your offices can be listed in categories and individual geographic locations with their auctions, ensuring a highly targetted audience for that office and its auctions.
Multiple sub users
Assign the management of your listings to a staff member with their own login and password.
Display your auctions at your website with our advanced website widget.
One line of code.
Automatically keep your website up-to-date.
Full functionality, auctions, lots, images and zooming.
Bidding links go directly to your website or to your lots at your online auction solutions provider depending on how you list your auctions here.
Auction Flex integration
Our auctioneer members can have their Auction Flex/HiBid auctions automatically listed.
Includes all lots and images with direct links to HiBid for online bidding.
Auction Flex how to:
Within Auction Flex go to 'Company Settings' from your Auction Flex login. From there, select the 'AuctionGuide' setting.
Remember you will also need to be an Auction Guide member, see Join Here above.

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