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Auctioneering Schools

Continental Auctioneers School

  • Auctioneer Bid Calling & Auctioneer Business Education Course of the Highest Quality Available
  • Turn your life long passion into a thriving career
  • Your diploma from our school is recognized proof
  • Complete your training in 1 week
  • Train with 5 hall of fame auctioneer leaders
  • Easiest to learn
  • No modules
  • Run on your local computer(s) or get Auction Flex in the Cloud
  • http://www.auctioneerschool.com
  • Mankato - Minnesota - USA

International Auction School

  • An advantage of our Auction School is that you have seven days of intense study with high caliber auction professionals - all nationally known. These instructors can instill more confidence and enthusiasm in yourself. They will help you develop your own style to be more powerful and effective rather than try to mimic the style of another auctioneer. Besides being taught how to be a good bid caller, you will learn good salesmanship and the knowledge of values which are most essential. We will bring you in touch with Computer Technology of the future, and tried and true selling methods of the past.
  • Auction means action, and action means business. Our instructors will show you how to use auction psychology to create action and build business. Being a professional auctioneer requires a firm foundation in the fundamentals of the auction method of selling. Our auction school, with its crop of outstanding auctioneers, can give you the necessary fundamentals.
  • The International Auction School abides by the Code of Ethics of the National Auctioneers Association and cooperates fully with its continuing education program, leading to the advancement of the auction profession.
  • http://www.douglasauctioneers.com
  • S. Deerfield - Massachusetts - USA

Mendenhall School of Auctioneering

  • We cover all fields of the auction profession.
  • Our tuition is based on what we can do for you in a concentrated training period with some of the world's best auctioneers.
  • All instructors are carefully selected.
  • Our facilities were specially designed and built for the finest in auction school training.
  • http://mendenhallschool.com
  • High Point - North Carolina - USA

Nashville Auction School

  • Founded in 1964 by Buford Evans, with the goals of providing quality auction education, raising the standards of the auction profession, and gaining recognition for our graduates..
  • http://www.learntoauction.com
  • Tullahoma - Tennessee - USA

The Ohio Auction School

  • If you're looking to become an auctioneer by attending one of the premier auction schools in the United States, The Ohio Auction School can equip you with the skills you need to succeed.
  • We are an approved school for many states that require auctioneers to be licensed. Further, our instructors have real world experience and all are still in the field practicing what they teach. Our goal is to exceed your expectations.
  • You'll learn not only bid calling techniques, but also the business of auctioneering and you'll graduate with the tools necessary to start your own auction career.
  • http://www.theohioauctionschool.com
  • Groveport - Ohio - USA

The Walton School of Auctioneering

  • Walton School of Auctioneering is a subsidiary of Walton and Associates Inc., and is Ohio's oldest and longest running auction school.
  • We offer the unique service of a fully qualified and professional training organization plus the hands-on experience, expertise and proven ability to ensure that our students will succeed in their auctioneering careers.
  • We are approved by the Ohio Department of Agriculture and the Ohio Auction Commission. Operating on a national scope, our school is accredited in TN, AL, VA, WV, SC, FL and recognized by many other state licensing bodies.
  • http://www.waltonauctionsite.com
  • Wadsworth - Ohio - USA

Western College of Auctioneering

  • Founded in 1948 by Bill Hagen and Norm Warsinske, W.C.A. has been a launch pad for thousands of young men and women auctioneers from around the world perusing careers in all areas of the auction industry including; automotive, real estate, livestock, charity/benefit, farm & ranch and business liquidations.
  • http://www.auctionschools.com
  • Lewistown - Montana - USA

Global College of Auctioneering Ltd

  • An auction school committed to producing champion, award-winning auctioneers who are versatile and dedicated to enhancing the trade in all aspects of the auction industry.
  • http://www.globalchant.ca/
  • West Kelowna - British Columbia - Canada