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February the 21st Vintage and Household Auction. Chantilly, Virginia VA

Status: Closed

Internet-only (timed) auction


Fair Auction Company, LLC


13939 Willard Rd., Chantilly, Virginia, 20151. USA. tel: 703.347.5088

6th Feb, 2018
Ended: 21st Feb, 2018
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The auction closes Wednesday, February 21st at 7:30pm. Lots close in 25 second intervals.Ending February 21st at 7:30pm: Late February the 21st Vintage and Household AuctionOnline Bidding Only at Auctioneer: Jeremy J. Fair VA lic# 2907004124 13939 Willard Rd. Chantilly, VA 20151, tel. 703.347.5088For the February 21st sale, we have stacked together around 2000sq.ft. of vintage furniture, decor items, original artwork, exercise equipment and more that WILL sell regardless of the price. This is an absolute auction and the minimum bid per item is just $1. Follow the catalog to see the items as we catalog and upload them. Like always, be sure to watch the action as the lots close on Feb. 21st at 7:30pm.Payment types: Credit Card Only (accepted at registration)Live inspection/ preview: Wednesday, February 21st from 10am-4pm*Or by confirmed appointment*Checkout/ Pickup:Friday, February 23rd from 10am-5pmSaturday, February 24th from 10am-3pm

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Lot 1

Welcome to the Catalog!

We will be adding items shortly, selling hundreds of lots vintage furniture, household decor items, designer pieces and more. Log...

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Lot 2

Vintage compacts and wallets

Lot of two vintage compacts along with yellow leather wallet and gold mesh wallet by whiting and davis

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Lot 3

Vintage clip and screw back earrings

Large lot of vintage earrings- both clip and screw back. Markings include - Austria, west Germany, and Japan.

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Lot 4

Vintage rhinestone jewelry

Lot of vintage rhinestone jewelry including earrings, necklaces and brooches. The tree shaped brooch is signed holly craft.

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Lot 5

Rare vintage Schreiner NY brooch

Vintage signed brooch by Schreiner New York. One small stone missing on one flower and one stone missing on the leave background.

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Lot 6

Vintage faux pearl necklaces and earrings

Lot of seven vintage faux pearl necklaces and three pairs of earrings. Then broken multi strand on the right has a marked...

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Lot 7

Necklaces, watch, and bangles

Vintage Dufonte watch in box, Two plastic bangles, variety of necklaces. The yellow beaded necklace is glass.

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Lot 8

Lot of vintage tins

Includes large green tin with lid, coffee can, and rounded tin with handle.

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Lot 9

Vintage kitchen items- enamelware and more

Lot includes three pieces of enamelware, a potato cutter ( french fry slicer) , glass jar, and mandolin style slicer

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Lot 10

Vintage wall sconce with cast iron arm

Vintage cast iron and milk glass wall sconce. Needs a new glass hurricane shade. Not tested as the plug shows some damage.

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Lot 11

Metal basket

Metal basket with chippy red paint.

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Lot 12

Huge wood rosary

Huge wood rosary- possibly a wall hanging.

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Lot 13

Vintage gaming items and wood box

Vintage checkers, pocket gum rummy, and hand made wood box

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Lot 14

Salad bowl with sterling silver base

Wood salad bowl with sterling silver base. Wood shows wear including finish loss.

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Lot 15

10k yellow gold hoop earrings- .7 grams

Small 10K yellow gold hoop earrings. They weigh .7 grams total.

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Lot 16

Sterling silver bowl- 60 grams

Vintage sterling silver bowl- weighs 60 grams.

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Lot 17

Vintage costume brooches

Lot of vintage costume brooches and pair of hair combs.

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Lot 17a

Sterling silver sugar bowl-125.2 grams

Sterling silver footed sugar bowl- weight will be posted soon. Hand engraved initials "Lmh".Weighs a total of 125.2 grams

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Lot 18

Copper horse and gold tone necklace

Vintage copper necklace with horse along with gold tone statement necklace

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Lot 19

Vintage signed Alice Caviness earrings

Black and amber tone rhinestone clip earrings- signed Alice Caviness

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Lot 20

Broken and miscellaneous jewelry

Broken and mis matched jewelry- perfect for beaders

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Lot 21

Jewelry boxes, hankies, and scarves

three empty jewelry boxes- one with key. Also included is a box of hankies - some monogrammed "Hazel", and a few scarves.

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Lot 22

small 14k gold "Mom" charm- .9 grams

Charm with "Mom" on it, marked 14k and 585 on the clasp and inside the charm. Weighs .9 grams

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Lot 23

Sterling silver and CZ pendants- 5.2 grams

Lot of two marked sterling pendants with gold overlay. They weigh a total of 5.2 grams together.

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Lot 24

Costume "diamond" ring

Faux diamond ring, size 6

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Lot 25

Trade show display and case

Hard case with trade show display items. Code: UW

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Lot 26

Rolling trade show display

rolling hard case with trade show display contents. Code: MQ

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Lot 27

Trade show display carrying case

Small hard shell case. Code: UW

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Lot 27a

Trade show display in box

Likely part of the previous lot(s). Inside are directions for a display that is clearly not completely inside this box. Code UW

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Lot 28

Tile top patio table

66" wide, 40" deep, 28" tall. The table base bolts could be tightened.Code QT.

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Lot 29

Set of 4 Patio Chairs

Match with lot 28. 21.5" wide, 25" deep, 37" tall.Code QT.

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Lot 30

Green metal patio table

Green oval shaped metal patio table. Some wear including rust. 66" wide, 38" deep, 29" tall.Code GO.

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Lot 31

Set of 4 Green metal patio chairs

Each measures 21.75" wide, 23" deep, 39" tall. Matches with lot 30.Code GO

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Lot 32

Antique Sewing machine table

Sewing machine is no longer attached. Missing a drawer on the right side. 34" wide, 19" deep, 31" tall.

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Lot 33

Vintage oak library style bench

Nice solid oak library style bench, this is a hard to find style and in good shape. 50" wide, 19" deep, 33.5" tall

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Lot 34

Lot of 6 white dining chairs

Good condition. 19" wide, 17.25" deep, 40" tall.

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Lot 35

White and natural dining table

White dining table with gold out leaf. 60" wide, 39.5" deep, 30" tall, 19.25" leaf. Matches with lot 34.

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Lot 36

Electric furnace style space heater

Fully functional. 23" wide, 14" deep, 25.5" tall.

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Lot 37

Ativa MDM 8000 paper shredder

Code: MQ. Fully functional.

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Lot 38

Wicker arm chair

32" wide, 30" deep, 32" tall.

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Lot 39

Industrial Metal work bench

60" wide, 36" deep, 32.75" tall.

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Lot 40

Round dining table

Code: IO. Opens for a leaf, but does not have a leaf.

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Lot 41

Vintage wire paper trays

Lot of five wore paper trays

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Lot 42

Pair of vintage Marvel pillowcases

Pair of vintage 70's or 80's Marvel Comics pillowcases. Features Spider-Man, Hulk,,captain America, and so many more

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Lot 43

Suede coach handbags

Lot of two used suede coach bags. Both have wear and staining.

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Lot 44

Lot of two Coach bags

Logo print handbag and tan leather bag, both authentic coach. They show wear to the exteriors and interiors consistent with use.

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Lot 45

Vintage amber glass

Lot of various pieces of vintage amber glass

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Lot 46

Misc. lot- clock, linen, more

Lot of miscellaneous items- sheep, euro size pillow case with hand embroidered design, souvenir trays, clock, blow dry holder

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Lot 47

Chanel Clip Earrings

Black and gold clip earrings- appear to be Chanel but not authenticated by us.

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Lot 48

Men's jewelry items

Lot of men's jewelry items including belt buckle, cufflinks, lots of pins, and more

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Lot 49

Vintage lucite jewelry

Bracelet, brooch and earrings.

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Lot 50

Desk globe

Good condition. Code: IO.

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Lot 51

Mid Century Knight Lamp

Vintage Mid century knight lamp. Fully functional.Code IO.

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Lot 52

Large Vintage Amber Glass Lamp

Fully functional.Code IO

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Lot 53

Clarinet with case

Not tested, appears to be in good condition.Code: LY.

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Lot 54

Fashion Doll Wardrobe case

Vintage "fashion doll" case and doll.

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Lot 55

Floral ceramic lamp

Fully functional, no shade included.

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Lot 56

Hanging owl lantern

Hanging Candle holder shaped like an owl.Code TO

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Lot 57

Mantle clock

Fully functional, battery powered.Code TO

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Lot 58

"Two Bites to a Cherry" print

vintage print in Eastlake style frame.

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Lot 59
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Lot 60
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Lot 61

Large lot of CDs- R&B, Pop, Rock, more

Large lot of CD's - verified to be in the case. They are used so some have signs of wear. Includes all titles photographed and...

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Lot 62
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Lot 63

Precious Moments and Figurine Box Lot

Box lot with precious moments and other figurines.Figurines are in good condition, the boxes have damage including staining and a...

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Lot 64

Wind up wall clock

Includes key. Works perfectly.Code IO

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Lot 65

Box lot of dishes and frames

Plastic tote with dishes, porcelain frames and beer can.

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Lot 67

Farm painting

18" wide, 15" tallCode PC

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Lot 68

Eagle painting

14.5" wide, 18.75" tall.Code PC

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Lot 69

Cassatt "On the Beach" print

17.75" wide, 25.75" tall.Code PC

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Lot 70

Lighthouse painting

Signed by the artist. 24.25" wide, 20.25" tall.Code PC

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Lot 71

Boats in a harbor print

20.5" wide, 26.5" tallCode PC

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Lot 72

Lighthouse print

. 20.25" wide, 26.25" tall.Code PC

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Lot 73

Pissarro "The Red House" print

21.75" wide, 18" tall.Code PC

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Lot 74

Paris street photo print

36" wide, 24" tall

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Lot 75

James Dean print

36.5" wide, 25" tall

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Lot 76

Lot of jewelry - sets, watches, more

Lot of costume jewelry including a few sets of necklaces with earrings, watches, freshwater pearl set, stone necklaces and more

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Lot 77

Lot of sterling silver jewelry- 73.3 grams

Lot of sterling silver jewelry- all marked either sterling or 925. There are a few pieces that appear to have a gold overlay but...

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Lot 78

Coin lot- Eisenhower dollars, half dollars

Coin lot including three gold dollars, two wheat pennies, two half dollars, and two Eisenhower dollars.

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Lot 79

Vintage rhinestone jewelry

Lot of vintage rhinestone jewelry including two necklaces, three bracelets and three pairs of earrings

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Lot 80

Lot of costume jewelry

Large lot of costume jewelry including necklaces, earrings, bracelets and brooches. There are a few broken necklaces that are...

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Lot 81

Jewelry lot including holiday brooches

Lot includes various holiday brooches, watch, brackets, necklaces, and earrings

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Lot 82

Lot of brooches

Lot of vintage brooches including bugs and animals. The "jade" tone stone brooch has one stone that needs To be reapplied

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Lot 83

Turquoise beaded necklace

Turquoise nuggets and beaded necklace

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Lot 84

South western turquoise and silver brooch

South western and most likely Native American made turquoise and silver brooch. The piece is not marked silver nor does it have a...

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Lot 85

Lot of two enamel flower brooches

Lot of two vintage enameled flower brooches. The larger one shows some enamel loss.

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Lot 86

Vintage perfumes- one 800 silver

Lot of five vintage perfumes- the two etched glass ones are from France and marked on the bottom.

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Lot 87

Vintage jewelry- watch chain, bracelets, more

Lot of various vintage jewelry items including vintage NRA junior badge, real shell and coral bracelet, gold filled brackets and...

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Lot 88

Sterling and silver plated items

Sterling silver football charm and flower brooch, the three brooches at the top are not marked but appear to at least be silver...

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Lot 89

Lot of fab rhinestone jewelry

Lot includes necklace and brooch set, green and white brooch and earring set, purple rhinestone earrings in gold filled setting...

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Lot 90

Pair of spinning patio chairs

22" wide, 24" deep, 36" tall.Code QT

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Lot 91

Vintage classroom desk

Fasteners for the chair have warped and can no longer hold the chair. 24" wide, 27" deep, 25" tall.

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Lot 92

Antique travel trunk

Lock latch has broken off. 32" wide, 20" deep, 23" tall.

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Lot 93

Large antique travel trunk

Includes key. 38.5" wide, 22" deep, 25.5" tall.

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Lot 94

White cushioned lounge chair

Hardware could use tightening. 27" wide, 25" deep, 37" tall.Code GE

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Lot 95

Black cushioned lounge chair

27" wide, 25" deep, 37" tall.Code GE

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Lot 96

Pair of black wicker armchairs

23.5" wide, 23.25" deep, 33.25" tall.

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Lot 97

Pair of Armchairs- American of Martinsville

pair of vintage Asian style armchairs, made by American of Martinsville. Each measures 30" wide, 26" deep, 30" tall

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Lot 98

Pair of black bar stools

each measures 16.25" wide, 9" deep, 28.75" tall

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Lot 99

Pair of grey bar stools

each measures 17.75" wide, 9" deep, 23" tall

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