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2019 Warehouse/Gallery Auction 1. Anderson, South Carolina SC

  Status: Closed

Internet-only (timed) auction


Auction Services Ltd



145 True Temper Road, Anderson, South Carolina, 29624. USA. tel: 888.783.1498

17th Dec, 2018
Ended: 17th Jan, 2019
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This is our first gallery auction of 2019 and we can't wait for you to see all of the great lots we have up for bidding!!! This auction has a great selection of furniture including couches, chairs, cabinets, beds and much more! There is alsa a huge selection of kitchen wares, fine china, glass ware, and flat ware. We also have some excellent art work to brighten up your homes decor. And as always there are tons of great collectibles vintage and new to catch the eye of any collector! Make sure you plan to come to the preview to see all of it in person!!!

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Lot 2

Shipping Instructional Link

Shipping, Delay & Third Party Pickup Shipping, Delayed Pickup Or Third Party Pickup All Items Purchased Must Be Removed On A...

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Lot 4

Max Bid Instructional Link

Bidding And Use Of The Max Bid Feature For Each Lot In An Auction Event The Next Bid Amount Will Be Displayed. This Is The...

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Lot 6


Childs Battery Powered Razor Brand Moped

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Lot 7


Childs battery powered Razor Brand Moped

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Lot 8


3 Small Tables - 2 Metal And 1 Wood

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Lot 9


Haier Mini Refrigerator

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Lot 10


Pet Dairy And No Trespassing Signs

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Lot 11


Computer desk made of wood with metal frame. 47 x 29 x 25

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Lot 12


56 x 28 wooden desk with wheels on the bottom

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Lot 13

Girls Bike

Malibu brand girl power bike. 40 at its tallest

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Lot 14

Girls Bike

Huffy brand sea star girls bike 38 at its tallest

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Lot 15

Bed Frame

Wooden bed with spindle designs with head board 40 x 63, foot board with some damage, and side rails

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Lot 16

Bed Frame

Wooden head board 62 x 66 painted black, includes side boards and footboard in need of some repair

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Lot 17

Wall Table

Wooden table 24 in tall 22 in wide with lower shelf. 25 in tall Wooden decor piece included

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Lot 18


2 Skateboards, 1 Is A Bomb Factory Skateboard Co.

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Lot 19


Tall Lamp With Multi Colored Glass Shades

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Lot 20

Pool Steps

4 steps and railingSteps are 44 in tall

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Lot 21

White Pool Steps

4 steps front and back

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Lot 22

Pool Steps

White Pool Steps with small Gray steps included

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Lot 23


Assorted glass includes gold rimmed glasses, various beer glasses, 4 glass coasters with flying geese, two oil bottles, and plain...

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Lot 24

Fossils And Jaw Bone

4 Fossils From Edisto River Including One Sand Dollar. Unidentified Jaw Bone From Animals Some Teeth Are Intact And Has Small...

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Lot 25

Wooden Box Wrapped In Leather

Box is wooden with decorative inside. Outside of box is old leather with letters "CBC" on the top.

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Lot 26

Spinning Glass Kitchen Container

4 section containers made of glass with wooden top and bottom. Sections are each separately decorated and titled flour, sugar,...

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Lot 27

Glass Pitchers

Various sized pitchers one includes a lid

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Lot 28

Glass Serving Items

Various sized glass trays and coasters. A few trays have sections and one has Mt Rushmore presidents on it

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Lot 29

Glass Pitchers

10 identical small pitchers with heavy bottom and sail boat on side

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Lot 30

Glass Mason Jars

Various sized jars some with lid some without.

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Lot 31


Set Of 5 Glass Beverage Pitchers - Different Styles

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Lot 32


Different style glass includes salt and pepper shakers, butter cover, pitchers, and oil glasses

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Lot 33

Oil Bottles

Various Oil Bottles Included Converted Liquor Bottles And Old Ms. Buttersworth Bottle

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Lot 34

Glass Bottles

5 glass bottles of different style and shape

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Lot 38

Wooden Boxes

5 same style boxes that differ in size with roosters on outside

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Lot 39

Wooden Items With Roosters

Various Wooden Items Decorated With Roosters Include Salt And Pepper Shaker, Coasters, Book Holders And Knife Holder

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Lot 40

Wooden Bread Box

Decorated with roosters 11in tall X 16in wide

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Lot 42


Small Print Of Flowers In Vase 11x13 In By Margaret MassonPortrait Painting Of Young Blonde Woman In Philippines 18x24in No Frame...

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Lot 43


Various items include 3 phones, netgear wireless router, watch, and Pelican phone case with box for Galaxy s5

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Lot 44

Marlboro Power Pak Power Supply

Multipurpose DC power supply to boost engine start, charge cellphone devices, and work lightOwners Manual included

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Lot 45

Boogie Boards

Two regular sized boogie boards with wrist straps -different designs

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Lot 46


Large Assortment Of Easter Decorations - Including Eggs, Baskets, Plush And More

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Lot 49

Decorative Light Fixture

Different shades of purple light fixture with purple flowers and green leaves. Needs slight repair but pieces are included

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Lot 50

Glass Light Fixtures

Different style overhead light fixture styles include clear or white pieces

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Lot 51

Concrete Stepping Stones

3 matching steps 15 1/2in 1 cobblestone step 12in

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Lot 52

Oil Lamp Fixtures

Decorative oil lamps includes one LED light bulb

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Lot 53

Matching Oil Lamps

Two identical glass oil lamps

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Lot 54

Classic Coca Cola Bottles (nascar)

(4) 6 pack Coca Cola 1996 with NASCAR drives on label include Dale Jarrett, Kyle Petty, Bill Elliott, etc

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Lot 55

Classic Coca Cola Bottles (final Four)

(4) 6 pack Coca Cola 1994 NCAA Final Four labels

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Lot 56

Claassic Coca Cola Bottles (superbowl)

(1) 6 pack coca cola from Superbowl XXVIII dated Jan. 30 1994

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Lot 57

Classic Coca Cola Bottles (christmas)

(4) 6 packs of Coca Cola from Christmas 1998

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Lot 58

Classic Coca Cola Bottles (panthers)

(4) 6 pack Coca Cola "Oct.26, 1993 The Carolinas Welcome the Carolina Panthers"

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Lot 59

Classic Pepsi And Grolsch Bottles

(4) 1 Liter Pepsi Bottles with top(1) 500mL pepsi-cola bottle no top(2) brown Grolsch bottles with attached lid

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Lot 60

Large Coca Cola Bottles

(8) 36 Oz Coca Cola Bottles, Two Include Top

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Lot 61

Various Tools

Tools include pliers, wrenches, screwdrivers, gardening scissors, a ruler, and bar clamp

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Lot 62


3 Straps And 1 Bungee Cord

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Lot 63


Key-hole Saw, Sickle Saw, one pair metal tongs

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Lot 64

Outdoor Items

Large Tarp Bag And Large Mesh Mosquito Net

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Lot 65

Office Supplies

Includes Epson Printer/fax/scanner , Keyboards , Speakers

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Lot 66


Various Cords And Wires -- A Roll Of Speaker Wire, Rca Connector, Magnavox Analog Converter, Etc

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Lot 67


Fireplace Set, Andirons

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Lot 68

Sony Television

45in Sony Grand Wega. Remote and manual included

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Lot 69

Metal Items

Vintage, decorative metal stand on four legs with trayStands 35in tall, tray is 11in wide by 5 in, pole lamp and fan base

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Lot 70

Baby Gates

1 Wood And 1 Plastic Set Of Baby Or Animal Gates

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Lot 71

Fishing Poles

6 fishing poles of different styles, one spear fishing pole, 3 Wilson golf clubs ( 1 driver, one 5 iron, one 3 iron), 2 large...

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Lot 72

Sony Speakers

4 surround sound Sony Speaker system Front speakers are 44in tallSurround speakers are 38in and 35in tall

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Lot 73

Blinds And Curtain Rods

Different Style Metal And Wood Curtain RodsOne Set Of Window Blinds 26 1/2in Wide

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Lot 74

Antique Stroller

Gendron Antique Stroller Chair painted white. 4 wheels.

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Lot 75

Candle Holders

Multiple style metal candle holders. One metal apple with gold leaf accent "Mcduffie High School 1964-1996 engraved. One ornament...

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Lot 76

Tea Cups

Two different designed glass tea cups

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Lot 77


Multiple Style Glass Plates, Bowls And Saucers. 1 Small Pitcher. One Set Of 4 Matching Coffee Cups, One Set Of 2 Matching Coffee...

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Lot 78


Box Of Multi Purpose Flashlights

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Lot 79


All Glass Includes Pitchers, Bowls, Fish Bowl, Serving Pieces, Drink Ware

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Lot 80

Decorative Boxes

Boxes include one silver metal music box, compact mirror, handheld mirror, small boxes to use for mints,lipstick, or small...

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Lot 81

Vinegar And Oil Sets

One set with stand and sugar bowl. One hand painted set from Italy "Olio and Aceto"One attached painted setOne set on matching...

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Lot 82

Wood Household Items

Two sets salt and pepper shaker, mini flowers in pot, "Keys" wall sign, watermelon slice, rabbit with blue spots, battery powered...

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Lot 83


Decorative glass pieces cups, mini watering can with cat and flowers, assorted spoon rests, soap holder, vase, and ceramic heart...

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Lot 84

Martini Set

Skyy Citrus Martini Kit 12 glasses

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Lot 85


Large Variety Of Dvd's Including Anaconda, Garfield, Riddick And Amityville Horror As Well As Others

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Lot 86


Helmet, Pads And Other Football Gear And A Baseball Glove

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Lot 87


Includes Prince Albert In A Can, M&m's Heart Shaped Tin, Easter Egg Tin And More

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Lot 88

Antique Irons

3 antique Irons, stock brush, and wood stamp

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Lot 89


Rolling Pin, Juicer, Wall Hanger

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Lot 90

Assorted Items

Two Large Matching Candle holders, unique set of 4 costers made in Japan, various decorative cups and bowls, matching fleur de...

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Lot 91


Donkey Party, Yahtzee, Password

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Lot 92

Kitchen Items

All purpose chopper, automatic can opener, Flameware Tea Pot, Tork Soap Dispenser, Olaf grater

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Lot 93

Cuisinart Pots

Stainless Steel stock pot with lid, small saucepan with lid, medium saucepan no lid, small skillet

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Lot 94

Childrens Items

Include Frozen tea party set, baby doll with bath tub/pool, barbie slide

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Lot 95

Tea Pot

Large tea pot comes with white metal bin 15in wide 5in tall

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Lot 96

Green Striped Tea Set

Includes pitcher, sugar cup, creamer pitcher, and two cups all matching. Made in Japan

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Lot 97

Gamecock Items

Includes Flag, Platter And Other Gamecock Items

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Lot 98

Psp Adapter And Games

One PSP to TV adapter. 4 games: X-Men, Crash, Dangerous Hunts..., King Kong movie game also contains Old School alarm clock by...

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Lot 99

Apple Cookie Jar

Gala Apple Glass container 8in tall

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Lot 101

Soup Tureen

Green And White With Handles And A Lime On Top

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Lot 102

Glass Container

Glass oil candle container/ decorative piece 15in tall

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Lot 103

Decorative Light Fixture

Gold Rimmed Light Fixture With Poinsettias On It. Comes With Chain And Screws To Set It Up

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Lot 104

Homely Wood Items

"welcome" Music Bell, Two Serving Platters Of Different Size, Shelves, "home Sweet Home" Sign, Mini Wooden Crib

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Lot 105

Metal Wire Decor

Metal baskets with faux wooden fruits: grapes, pineapple, banana, apple, pear, lemon, plumMetal tricycle to hold...

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Lot 106

Blankets And Towels

Assorted Bath, Dish, And Hand Towels.One White Blanket, One Black And White BlanketOne Black And White Light Comforter

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Lot 107


Assorted Christmas Sweaters, Women's And Men's Shirts And Pants, Georgia Hoodie, Belts

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Lot 108

Men's Clothes

Assorted Men's Work Pants, Jacket, And Shirts

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Lot 110

Vintage Gas Burner

Perfection brand portable gas heater

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Lot 111

Plastic Kitchen Items

Pitchers, Bowls, Plates, Tupperware Containers, Coasters, Etc

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