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Auction: September Firearms Consignment Auction
Status: Closed
This auction has closed

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Type: Live auction
By: Baer Auctioneers - Realty, LLC
At: 45625 St Rt 154, Rogers, Ohio, 44455. USA. tel: 330-227-3236
Date: 26th Sep, 2017
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Springfield M1 Garand 30-06cal Rifle

Lot # 237

S/N: 5803211 Incredible rifle from excellent M1 Smith Dean Dillabaugh of Deans Gun Restoration . The rifle was built in 07 2006 using a USGI Springfield receiver and a mix of US and commercial top quality mil spec parts. It has Barnett Douglas military contour barrel set into a very high grade walnut stock from Wenig. Wenig stocks are not drop in fit. They require hand fitting. Done properly by a master smith the result is a tight fitting stock contributing to the accuracy of the rifle. Using this method, glass bedding is not required. The combination of a military contour barrel and no glass bedding leaves the rifle eligible for competing in John C Garand matches. Dean's restorations are noted for there superb function, extreme accuracy and if the buyer ponys up the extra cash, incredible wood. The example was owned by a may who could afford nice toys. This rifle has beautiful high grade walnut wood. The owner was a casual shooter, not a match shooter. The rifle has been shot sparing and remains in excellent condition. Dean's does all work including parkerizing in house. Rifles receive top quality new springs & incredibly tight hand fitted stocks. Op rods also get attention, original op rods if less than optimum condition are rebuilt on both ends and jig straightened, or replaced with mil spec new parts. The end result amounts to a new condition hand built M1 Garand. This example remains in 99% excellent condition. Near perfect parkerized finish. Beautiful...