Lawler Auction Company

Lawler Auctions is the leader in equipment and vehicle auctions in North Louisiana providing both onsite auctions in Louisiana and Texas as well as auctions at our 37-acre auction facility north of Shreveport. We conduct regular auctions for the U. S. Marshals Service, the City of Shreveport, City of Bossier a City, the United States Bankruptcy Courts, the local Sheriff's offices and district att

Lawler Auction Company
7781 Highway 1 North
Louisiana (LA)
Vehicle & Equipment Auction 9-2-2017
2nd Sep

7 lots

Lawler Auction Company

We have been commissioned to sell a large variety of vehicles and equipment to the highest bidder at a live auction to be held at the Lawler Auction Facility on Saturday, Sept. 2, 2017. Consignments...

Shreveport, Louisiana, USA.

Drill String Services, Inc. Internet Bankruptcy Auction 9-18
18th Sep

35 lots

Lawler Auction Company

We have been commissioned by the United States Bankruptcy Court to conduct an online only internet auction to liquidate certain movable assets of Drill String Services, Inc., a company that provided...

Morgan City, Louisiana, USA.