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Juniper Auctions

General consignment and collectibles auctioneers.

Juniper Auctions
285 SW 2nd Street
Oregon (OR)
Closed25th Nov 2018

247 lots

This consignment sale has some amazing wwII memorabilia, Western items, Christmas and farm.

MADRAS, Oregon, USA.

Closed29th Oct 2018

197 lots

This is a general consignment auction. There is a little of everything. Tools, Video games, Antiques, Horse tack and Collectables.

MADRAS, Oregon, USA.

Closed23rd Sep 2018

246 lots

This sale will have everything from a Tool Boxes to horse tack.......Collectables to Tools. Good time to start shopping for presents early. Put yourself on the top of the list.

MADRAS, Oregon, USA.

Closed19th Jul 2018

382 lots

This auction will have everything. Tools, Collectables, Movies, Antiques and Horse Tack. There will be more irrigation equipment as well.

MADRAS, Oregon, USA.

June Consignment Sale
Closed31st May 2018

358 lots

Farm irrigation equipment, Pivot spriklers, Valves and Tools. There will also be collectables and other items.

MADRAS, Oregon, USA.

April  Consignment Sale
Closed24th Apr 2018

290 lots

This is a general consignment sale. There is a little of everything. Nice items to bid on. Most items are available for shipping. Please keep in mind large art items do not fit in priority boxes and can be costly to ship. Have fun and happy bidding.

MADRAS, Oregon, USA.

Closed12th Feb 2018

317 lots

This sale will be a combination of antiques to new. We have consigned everything from tintype pictures of a civil war solder to tools. .

MADRAS, Oregon, USA.

Closed11th Feb 2018

205 lots

We have some fantastic consignments for this auction. From the 70's back. There are several dresses confirmed from the 1920's. There is some amazing jewelry and a few hats as well as vintage purse.

MADRAS, Oregon, USA.

Closed11th Feb 2018

107 lots

This auction is an estate of a gentleman that loved his Nascar collection. Now its your chance to add to your collection.

MADRAS, Oregon, USA.

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