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448 S McCulloch Blvd., Pueblo West, Colorado, 81007. USA. tel: 719-252-2262

23rd May, 2020
Ended: 11th Jun, 2020
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Fantastic auction packed full of vintage treasures! Excellent collection, perhaps the finest in the county for auction now, of Witco Furniture and Decor. Barber shop collectibles, a one of a kind theatrical makeup case, excellent records including some foreign presses.Catalog is not yet complete, so keep checking back. Previews are welcome at our shop in Pueblo West. Our phone number is 719-924-9379. NO Reserve on any items, good luck and happy bidding!

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Lot 15

1927 Theatrical Makeup Case w/ Original Patent

Incredible piece of noted theatrical history. This case was invented and produced by Mr. Eugene C. Maillard and was patented on...

Lot 15a

Antique Denison's Make-Up Guide 1934

1934 T.S Denison & Company Publishers Chicago "Denison's Make-Up Guide" Booklet - Good Condition

Lot 16

Antique Glass Barber Bottle, Ed. Pinaud, Paris

Wonderful embossed glass barber tonic bottle with original spout, c. late 1800's. It is 7 1/2" tall and turning a purplish tint....

Lot 17

Antique Amethyst Barber Tonic Bottle with Spout

Beautiful antique hand blown amethyst tonic bottle with white porcelain pour spout. The bottle is 8" tall, no chips or cracks,...

Lot 18

1930's Newbro's Herpicide Bottle, Tonic for Scalp

NEWBRO'S HERPICIDE BOTTLE is a Vintage Embossed 8 fl.oz. Screw Top Clear Glass Bottle which once held Newbro's Herpicide for the...

Lot 19

N. Wapler NY Cobalt Blue Barber Tonic Bottle

Stunning cobalt blue antique barber tonic bottle with pour spout, made by N. Wapler, NY, c. late 1800's. The bottle is 8 1/2"...

Lot 20

Vintage Barber Tonic Bottles (6)

Group of six glass barber tonic bottles, five are clear, one is satin glass. N. Walper, Hazel Atlas. All good condition with...

Lot 21

1927 Rolls Razor

What a unique vintage piece of barbershop history. It was made in 1927 in England, fully self contained in the case. Good...

Lot 22

Vintage Razor Strops (4)

Four vintage razor strops. Two are unmarked, one is a Pearl Duck and the other is Todeo. Each one is about 24" long. Great...

Lot 23

Vintage Gillette Safety Razor "Baby Face" Tin

Vintage Gillette tin canister with lid, featuring "Baby Face", made by Cheinco. Some fading, paint loss and surface rust but...

Lot 24

Antique Curling Irons (2)

Two antique curling irons, both are in very good condition. 9" x 11" each.

Lot 25

Antique Tiffany Studios Bronze & Glass Ink Well

This ink well, circa 1900, was made by Tiffany Studios of New York, it has the number 845 stamped next to the maker's mark. It...

Lot 26


345 Auction is pleased to offer this incredible collection of vintage, custom made Witco Furniture and Decor. Witco, was founded...

Lot 26a

Witco Hand Carved Tiki Style Custom Sofa

Sofa, very good condition featuring the original red and black vintage upholstery with a fur like feel. Dimensions: 88 1/2" L x...

Lot 27

Witco Hand Carved Tiki Style Custom End Tables (2)

End Tables, two, very good condition only showing minor age/ use wear. Dimensions: 32 " L X 23" W X 18" H

Lot 28

Witco Hand Carved Tiki Style Custom Coffee Table

Witco Coffee Table, very good condition, showing only minor wear. Dimensions: 70 " L X 23" W X 15 1/2" HTiki Style - Hand Carved...

Lot 29

Witco Hand Carved Tiki Style Custom Lamps (2)

Witco Lamps, three way, good to very good condition, shades are excellent and trimmed in the same fabric as the sofa. ...

Lot 30

Witco Jungle Style Lion's Head Bench w/ Storage

Amazing Witco bench, the seats lift up for storage and the center table top is a perfect perch for a cocktail. The bench is in...

Lot 31

Witco Tiki Style Bar Stools (3)

Three Witco bar stools, some wear to the top of seats but overall great condition, sturdy and well made, upholstery is very good....

Lot 32

Witco Tiki Style Ottoman

Witco ottoman, very good condition, original upholstery is excellent. Dimensions: 25" L X 28" W X 15" H

Lot 34

Witco Tiki Shield Wall Hanging

Witco tiki wall shield, very good condition. Large at 57" L X 25" H. Tiki Style - Hand Carved - Cypress Wood - Pre-Owned - Very...

Lot 35

Witco Tiki Style Sword Wall Hanging

Witco Sword wall art, uniquely suspended for achieving a 3D type look, very good condition. Large at: 60" L X 51" H

Lot 36

Witco Wrought Iron Candle Holders/ Wall Sculpture

Witco wall art decor. Very unique and in excellent condition. Dimensions: 57" L X 25" H

Lot 37

Witco Tiki "Raging Bull" Wall Sculpture

Witco wall art, known as "Raging Bull" this piece is in very good condition. Dimensions: 67" L X 76" H

Lot 38

Witco Hand Carved Tiki Three Tier Bar Back Shelf

Witco 3 Tier Bar Back Shelf, very good condition. Dimensions: 35" L X 43" W X 7" H

Lot 39

Witco Hand Carved Tiki Style Custom Clock

Witco clock with lighted back. Great working condition. Dimensions: 49" L X 25" H

Lot 40

Witco Tiki Tall Standing Candle Holder (2)

Witco tall floor candle holders, one is somewhat loose from bottom, most likely needs re-threaded screw. Wood is in great...

Lot 41

Witco Hand Carved Tiki Extra Wood Pieces (13)

A total of thirteen pieces, comes in original "Witco Decor" boxes. Time to get creative and put these pieces into action. ...

Lot 42

Cast Iron Hanging Candle Holder

This piece was in the Witco "room" with the proceeding estate pieces, it is wrought iron and hangs flush to the wall. Very good...

Lot 43

Vintage Matador Bullfighting Velvet Tapestry - XL

This is a wonderful vintage, c. 1960s, tapestry wall art. Spanish bull fight in the Coliseum. The piece is in very good...

Lot 50

Desert Rose by Franciscan Earthenware (94)

This set of China was made by Franciscan a member of the Wedgewood group. Most of the pieces have the maker's mark stamp on the...

Lot 51

Desert Rose by Franciscan Earthenware Pitcher

This 64oz. pitcher was made by Franciscan a member of the Wedgewood group. It was hand painted with the Desert Rose Pattern. This...

Lot 52

Desert Rose by Franciscan Earthenware Pitcher

This 72oz. pitcher was made by Franciscan a member of the Wedgewood group. It was hand painted with the Desert Rose Pattern. This...

Lot 53

Lenox Stainless Steel Belmont Flatware Set (140)

Stainless steel flatware set made by Lenox it is the Belmont Pattern and was made in Vietnam. The pieces are in good condition....

Lot 54

Oneida Silverplate, Lady Hamilton Flatware (69)

This set of flatware is silverplate and was made by Community, which was bought by Oneida Silver. The pattern is Lady Hamilton,...

Lot 55

Vintage Green Drinking Glasses (12) & Pitcher

This set includes twelve green glass tumblers with textured sides. The pitcher is of the same green colored glass, but has...

Lot 56

Nouveau Green by Colony Vintage Goblets (5)

This set of five water goblets are more than likely Nouveau Green by Colony. They do not have a maker's mark apparent. They are...

Lot 57

Vintage Stemless Water Goblets (8)

These clear glass water goblets have textured leaf patterns. The thick glass has straw marks on the bottom from when it was made....

Lot 58

Madrid Amber Federal Depression Glass Dinnerware

This Depression Era glass dinnerware was made by the Federal Glass Company. During the 1930's Federal was one of the leaders in...

Lot 59

THL Classic French Chic Canister Set (3)

These canisters, made by THL, have a beaded edge design and are off white ceramic. They are marked Sugar, Sugar and Coffee. The...

Lot 60

Ceramic Clam Shell Measuring Cups (4)

This unique set of measuring cups are white ceramic. They are 1/4 cup, 1/2 cup, 3/4 cup and 1 cup. They are in very good...

Lot 61

Vintage Royal Cauldon Ginger Jar

This ginger jar has bird scenes painted on two sides and the lid. There is some very nice crazing throughout the ceramic jar. No...

Lot 62

Gracie China Rectangle Trays w/ Gilt Edges (4)

These four trays are marked on the bottom with "Gracie China", dishwasher safe do not microwave, made in China. They have gilt...

Lot 63

Waterford Crystal Small Mantel Clock

This Quartz mantel clock was made by Waterford Crystal in France. It is in very good condition but the clock is not currently...

Lot 64

Heavenly Garden & Certified International Plates

This set includes four floral patterned plates from Heavenly Garden and two from Certified International. The Heavenly Garden...

Lot 65

Vintage Yunomi Japanese Teacups w/ Lid (2)

A yunomi is a form of teacup, typically made from a ceramic material, being taller than wide, with a trimmed or turned foot....

Lot 66

MCM Teak Carved Polynesian Sculpture

This mid century modern piece was more than likely hand carved. It depicts a woman with folded hands. Excellent detail and...

Lot 67

MCM Teak Carved Polynesian Sculpture

A mid century modern piece that is more than likely hand carved. It depicts a woman with folded hands. Excellent detail and...

Lot 68

MCM Teak Carved Polynesian Wall Hangings (2)

Mid century modern wall hangings with carved teak figures and a dark blue fabric backing. The male and female figures are carved...

Lot 69

Mexican Folk Art Paper Mache Figures (3)

These three paper mache figures were hand made in Mexico by Nuno Velez. Two of the three women are holding pots and the third is...

Lot 70

Vintage Faux Antler Handles Steak Knife Set (6)

Set of six knives in a leather case. The only markings on the knives are "Stainless Steel Japan". The handle is made of faux...

Lot 71

Tungsten Utica Walnut Handled Knife Set & Case

Set of knives in a walnut hinged case. The case has a sticker that read Solid "American Walnut" and a velvet lined top. Knives...

Lot 72

Vintage Hop Ching Chinese Checker Board

This 1950's metal game board was made by the Pressman Toy Corporation of New York. It is marked "made in U.S.A. 2253". The tin...

Lot 73

Vintage Annin Colonial Artglo 48 Star US Flag

This vintage flag displays 48 stars. It was made by Annin & Co of Verona New Jersey. The flag is in good vintage condition with...

Lot 74

Vintage Coca-Cola Garden Girl Metal Tray

This vintage metal tray from Coca-Cola was made in 1973. The garden girl image was taken for memorabilia purposes from a 1921...

Lot 75

Vintage Brass & Tin Calendar Box

This unique and rare piece can be mounted on the wall or set on a table. The box has a lock and the key is present. There are...

Lot 76

Vintage "The Rower's Lunch" by Renoir Print

A reproduction print of Pierre Auguste Renoir's 1875 "The Rower's Lunch" oil painting. Printed onto fabric with a paper backing....

Lot 77

Vintage Kodak Brownie Holiday Flash Outfit Camera

A vintage, Kodak Holiday Flash Outfit model #183M. Everything is in great shape and includes the camera, Kodaklite Midget ...

Lot 78

Vintage Enamel Vase

Vintage vase with enamel decorations in good condition. The scenes on the vase are of plants and deer. Very unique. On bottom of...

Lot 79

Vintage Steinback German Wooden Smoker

This wooden figure is an incense smoker, the upper body lifts up to reveal a place to set a cone of incense. The figure is highly...

Lot 80

Vintage Steinback German Wooden Smoker

This wooden figure is an incense smoker, the upper body lifts up to reveal a place to set a cone of incense. This figure is...

Lot 81

Vintage Steinback German Wooden Smoker

This wooden figure is an incense smoker, the upper body lifts up to reveal a place to set a cone of incense. This figure is...

Lot 82

Vintage Steinback German Wooden Smoker

This wooden figure is an incense smoker, the upper body lifts up to reveal a place to set a cone of incense. This figure is...

Lot 83

Vintage Steinback German Wooden Smoker

This wooden figure is an incense smoker, the upper body lifts up to reveal a place to set a cone of incense. This figure is...

Lot 84

Vintage Steinback German Wooden Smoker

This wooden figure is an incense smoker, the upper body lifts up to reveal a place to set a cone of incense. This figure is...

Lot 85

Vintage Steinback German Wooden Smokers (2)

These wooden figures are incense smokers, the upper body lifts up to reveal a place to set a cone of incense. They are highly...

Lot 86

Vintage Expertic German Nutcracker & Erzgebirge

The first wooden figure was made by Expertic and has the maker's sticker on the bottom. It stands 11" tall and is in good vintage...

Lot 87

Singer Sewing Machine Model 7412

This Singer Sewing Machine is model number 7412. It comes with the instruction manual, power cord and peddle. It powers on and is...

Lot 88

Vintage Tin Collection (13)

This collection of vintage tins includes a large Kayser, Charlie Chaplin and Elvis as well as many other unique looking tins. The...

Lot 89

Painted Duck Trinket Box

A duck trinket box is made of wood and painted vibrant colors. It is in good overall condition but it does have two small chips...

Lot 90

MCM Syroco Wood Duck Bookends (2)

Mid century modern wooden book ends with flying ducks designs on each. There is a sticker with the maker's name of Syroco Wood,...

Lot 91

Vintage Brass Lantern

A lantern made of brass with bamboo plant designs in and bells at each corner. One bell is missing its clapper. The door opens...

Lot 92

Ramstein Germany Sports Festival 1974 Mug

This mug was made to commemorate the 9th annual sports festival in Ramstein Germany in 1974. It is in good condition.

Lot 93

Czechoslovakia Art Glass Globe Vase

This art deco glass globe vase is light orange-yellow with brown spots throughout. The glass is very thick and has no chips or...

Lot 94

Vintage Stoneware Glazed Bowl

This bowl was made with excellent craftsmanship. Its glazed exterior and lip are dark brown. The small pedestal is unglazed. The...

Lot 95

Pewter Angle Candelabra

This candelabra holds three taper candles. It has a trumpeting angel as the stem. It is in excellent condition. Dimensions: 7" x...

Lot 96

Antique Picture Frame

This picture frame is on a stand. It holds three 3" x 5" pictures. There are some scratches in the finish but it is in otherwise...

Lot 97

Vintage Pueblo Colorado Decorative Plate

This small decorative plate features sites in Pueblo Colorado. It shows Mineral Palace Park, Largest Industrial YMCA, and...

Lot 98

Vintage Colorado Matchbook Collection +

This large collection of matchbooks are mostly from Pueblo Colorado, but include some other cities in Colorado. There are also...

Lot 99

Vintage Plaster Wall Sconces (2)

These two wall sconces are made of plaster and painted a cream color, they are in good condition. Dimensions: 15" x 8" x 4.5".

Lot 100

Vintage Kodak Brownie Target six-16 Camera

This vintage camera was made in Rochester, New York USA by the Eastman Kodak Company, circa 1956. It used Kodak 616 film. It is...

Lot 101

Vintage Buttons in Five Jars

A collection of vintage buttons with five jars, four of which have painted tops. The buttons are red, pink, green and silver.

Lot 102

Vintage Oil Company Maps +

Group of vintage oil company maps includes the companies of Chevron, Utoco, Union, and Mobil. Also included is a map of Colorado...

Lot 103

Vintage Copper Teapot w/ Porcelain Handle

A teapot made of solid copper. There are two white porcelain pieces with designs in blue. No maker's mark on the pot. It is in...

Lot 104

Vintage Steel Rollfast De Luxe Skates

Steel skates used by attaching them to the shoes. Rollfast was made by the D. P. Harris Manufacturing Company of Reading, P.A....

Lot 105

Vintage Silver Plated Vanity Set

This set was made in the 1940's. Made in Hong Kong stickers are on two of the seven pieces. The silver plated decorations are...

Lot 106

Vintage Gold Colored Hair Brush

Vintage hair brush marked with "Nylon, USA". There are some small spots of wear but it is in good condition. The back of the...

Lot 107

Antique China Coloring Mineral Vials (31) +

Each one on these glass vials with cork stoppers are filled with powdered minerals used for painting porcelain or china. Some of...

Lot 108

"A Good Time in Georgia" Vintage Framed Print

This framed print features three smiling children enjoying a watermelon in the shade. There is no artist's signature. The print...

Lot 109

Charlotte Becker Vintage Framed Print

This print by the artist Charlotte Becker is of a baby crying in a laundry basket, with a bottle and teddy bear near. The artist...

Lot 110

Certified International Canister

This ceramic canister from Certified International has a black and cream Paris themed design. It is from the Tre Sorelle Studios...

Lot 111

Vintage Emmett Kelly Talking Clown Dummy

This ventriloquist dummy was made in the 1950's by the Juno Novelty Company. It is 30" tall with a plastic head and cloth body....

Lot 112

Vintage Navajo Woven Basket

This woven basket is in shades of blue, orange and red. It is in good condition with the exception of the closure missing and...

Lot 113

Vintage Masonic Shriner's Club Collection

Masonic Shriner's Club collection includes four Fez' and a pair of salt and pepper shakers. The three embroidered hats are "Al...

Lot 113a

Vintage Masonic Shine Assn Drinking Glasses (3)

These three glasses read "Central States Shrine Assn. Oklahoma City India 1953". They are in good vintage condition with no chips...

Lot 114

Vintage Blue Delfts Holland Made Trinket Box

This vintage trinket box was made by Blue Delfts hand painted in Holland. This ceramic painted trinket box has a portrait on the...

Lot 115

Vintage Candy Tins from Holland (2)

This first tin of this collection is a Rademaker Hopjes, coffee candies tin. The second tin has no lettering, it has picture on...

Lot 116

Collection of Dutch Memorabilia, Wooden Clogs +

The first piece of this collection of Dutch memorabilia made in Holland is a pair of wooden clogs. They are more than likely hand...

Lot 117

Vintage Hofbrauhaus Munich Bar Ware/ Music Box

This wooden figure was more than likely made at the Hafbrauhaus in Munich Germany. It was made in the 1950's. It is a music box...

Lot 118

Vintage Franciscan Wooden Figure

This wooden figure has no maker's mark but appears to be a Franciscan Monk, more than likely made in Italy. It has a crack on the...