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Auction : Swede Johnson Estate - 377 Firearms - Sat, Aug 31. Stanley, Wisconsin WI

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Live auction


Andrews Auction Service



Timbers Market Place, 613 S. Broadway, Stanley, Wisconsin, 54768. USA. tel: 715-835-0820

31st Aug, 2019


Swede Johnson Estate- LIVE AUCTION ONLYAndrews Auction ServiceLOCATED: Timbers Market Place, 613 S. Broadway, Stanley, Wis. When exiting off of Hwy. 29, go south 1 block. Watch for signs . Sale will be held insideSATURDAY AUGUST 31SALE TIME 10:00 AMLucy's Lunch & Restrooms** See below for individual item listing and sale orderSwede Johnson Estate -- Firearm Dispersal !Selling will be a very large collection of Vintage as well as Late model hunting rifles, Pistols, and Revolvers. Complete list of guns and sale order will be available day of auction. For a complete listing of Firearms click here.377 FIREARMS 288 Long Guns consisting of a large collection of Vintage Winchesters, Marlins, Savage, & Remington; Henry, Winchester, & Marlin Commemoratives; Hunting rifles including Winchester, Marlin, Remington, Browning, Savage, Ithaca, Stevens, Colt, Mossberg; Military rifles including US Springfield, US Carbine M1, and Foreign military.--- 76 Pistols & Revolvers, many w/ holsters, including S&W, Ruger, Colt, US Revolver Co., Iver Johnson, Sterling Arms, Herters, Webley, H&R, Heritage, Military incl. Geischert German w/ holster. 13 BB & Pellet rifles and pistols.OTHER ITEMS INCLUDING Ammo, Swords, bayonets, knives, binocularsSwede Johnson Estate613 S. Broadway, Stanley, Wis.PERSONAL PROPERTY TERMS:Cash, Check, Credit cards accepted.5.5% sales tax and 10% Buyers fee on all purchases.Andrews Auction Service6610 Hwy 53 S.Eau Claire, Wis. 54701Registered Wisconsin Auctioneers: Jerry Andrews, Lic.# 272.Aaron Andrews, Lic.#2943; Troy Krueger Lic.#2956PH: 715-835-0820 or Cell 715-577-0420EMail: andrewsauction@cvol.netWebsite:*********************** ITEM LISTING ***********************1. Ruger Vaquer 44-40 Win. Cal. Revolver NIB2. Ruger 41 Mag. Blackhawk Revolver NIB3. Inter Arms Virginian 44 Dragoon Mag. RevolverH4. H&R 30-30 Single Shot Topper mod.58 with Golden Antler scope & sling5. Noble mod.80F 410ga. semi-auto6. Rem. Woodmaster mod.742 30-06 semi-auto with sling7. Spencer Gun Company 12ga. & 20ga. barrels8. Rem. Woodmaster mod.740 30-06 semi-auto9. Savage mod.99E .300cal. with sling lever action10. Savage mod.170 series B 35cal. pump with sling11. Savage 22cal. lever action sr:20668412. Savage mod.1899 30-30 lever action sr:7299213. Savage .250-3000 lever action with scope and sling14. Savage mod.99 .308 win lever action with scope15. Savage .300cal with Winfield scope lever action16. Savage mod.99 .300cal lever action17. Savage Super Sporter 30-30 bolt action with sling sr:368618. Savage .300cal lever action wtih scope19. Savage Sporter 22cal. LF bolt action20. Savage Sporter 32-20 bolt action21. Savage .300cal. lever action with scope and sling22. Marlin mod.62 .30cal US Carbine lever action23. Remington 22-250? bolt action with scope and sling24. Savage Sporter mod.23B 25-20cal. bolt action25. Savage 12ga. semi-auto26. Remington Gamemaster mod.760 30-06cal. pump with scope and sling27. Marlin mod.1895SS 45-70cal. Gov't lever action with sling sr:0605708128. Marlin 30-30cal lever action sr:C1098529. Marlin mod.30AW 30-30cal. lever action with scope and sling30. Marlin mod.1894 25-20cal. lever action sr:25024531. Marlin 40cal. lever action sr:967732. Marlin mod.1894 44cal. lever action with scope and sling33. Marlin mod.1894 44-40cal. lever action sr:6902934. Marlin mod.336A 30-30cal. lever action35. Marlin mod.36A-DL 30-30cal. lever action36. Marlin mod.1893 30-30 lever action saddle ring37. Marlin mod.336 32cal Special sr:E1662938. Marlin 45cal Gov't lever action39. Savage mod.24 DBL. 20ga. .22cal o/u40. Savage mod.1895 .308cal. lever action41. Savage mod.303 .303cal. lever action sr:7399942. Savage mod.1899 .303cal. lever action sr:17682643. Savage mod.1893 .303cal. lever action44. Savage mod.99 .300cal. lever action45. Savage mod.99 30-30cal. lever action46. Marlin Original Golden 39A mod. 22cal. lever action with sling47. Marlin mod.57 22cal. mag. lever action with scope and sling48. Marlin mod.336A 30-30cal. lever action with scope and sling49. Marlin mod.1908 32-20cal. pump50. Marlin mod.444S 444cal. lever action with sling51. unmarked make 22cal. lever action sr:13379452. Marlin mod.336A 35rem. lever action with sling53. Marlin mod.1908 12ga. pump sr:A3355554. Marlin mod.336SC 30cal. 35rem. lever action with scope and sling55. Marlin mod.62mag. .256cal win. mag. with scope and sling56. Marlin lever action sr:D6534 cal. unknown57. Winchester mod.1892 25-20cal. lever action sr:73674358. Winchester mod.1892 25-20cal. lever action59. Winchester Ranger 30-30cal. lever action with scope and sling60. Winchester mod.1894 32cal. lever action sr:51768061. Winchester mod.03 22cal. auto. sr:10949162. Winchester NRA Centenial mod.94 30-30cal. with sling63. Winchester mod.94 32 win SPL.64. Winchester mod.94 32WS cal. lever action65. Winchester mod.63 22LR cal.66. Winchester mod.1892 25-20cal.67. Winchester mod.1894 30cal. lever action sr:17760868. Winchester mod.94 Legendary Frontiersmen 38-55cal. lever action69. Winchester mod.94 30WCFcal. lever action70. Winchester Self Loading mod.1910 .401cal. auto.71. Winchester mod.1895 .30cal US mod.190372. Winchester mod.1894 32cal. sr:46785373. Winchester mod.94 30WCFcal. carbine lever action74. Winchester mod.94 30-30cal. Saddle Ring sr:348034975. Winchester mod.1892 32WCFcal. Saddle Ring sr:51397176. Winchester mod.1892 38WCFcal. lever action sr:L6225377. Winchester mod.1905 SL 32cal. auto. sr:29039 self loading78. Winchester mod.94 32WScal. lever action sr:121675079. Winchester mod.1894 30WCF 30cal mod.64 sr:49665180. Winchester mod.1905 35cal. self loading sr:810181. Winchester 12ga. mod.1911 SL sr:3047182. Winchester mod.94 30-30cal. lever action sr:258211583. Winchester mod.1907 SL .351cal. sr:3715884. Winchester mod.1907 SL .351cal. sr:929385. Winchester mod.1894 25-35WCFcal. Saddle Ring lever action sr:73683686. Winchester mod.94 32WScal. Saddle Ring sr:108074487. Winchester mod.94AE 45cal. colt Saddle Ring sr:560323988. Winchester mod.94 30-30cal. sr:249619989. Winchester mod.94 30-30cal. Legendary Lawman Saddle Ring90. Winchester mod.94 32 win. spl. Canadian Pacific Centennial Saddle Ring91. Winchester 30-30cal. Buffalo Bill Commemorative Saddle Ring92. Winchester mod.94 30-30cal. Saddle Ring Land of Lincoln93. Winchester 30-30cal. Canadian Centennial94. Winchester mod.94 32 win. spl. lever action sr:222843595. Winchester mod.1894 25-35WCFcal. lever action Saddle Ring96. Winchester mod.1905 SL 32cal. auto sr:344697. Winchester mod.94 30WCFcal. sr:110574098. Winchester mod.94 38-55cal. Chief Crazy Horse United Sioux Tribes99. Winchester carbine 94 30WCFcal. sr:1343352100. Winchester mod.94 30WCFcal. sr:1405495101. Winchester mod.94 30-30cal. Cowboy Commemorative102. Winchester mod.94 30-30cal. Antlered Game103. Winchester Centienal mod. 30-30cal.104. Winchester mod.94 30-30cal. Klondike Commemorative105. Winchester mod.94 30-30cal. Lone Star Commemorative106. Winchester mod.94 30-30cal. Golden Spike Commemorative107. Winchester mod.94 32-40cal. John Wayne Commemorative108. Henry 22cal. Jackson County Commemorative, #38 of 50 made109. Winchester mod.94 30-30cal. Teddy Roosevelt Commemorative Saddle Ring110. Winchester mod.94 Classic 30-30cal.111. Winchester mod.94 30-30cal. Bicentennial Commemorative112. Winchester mod.1300 Turkey Gun 12ga. pump with sling113. Winchester mod.62A 22SL/SR cal. rifle pump sr:101670114. Winchester mod.1894 30WCFcal. sr:365288115. Winchester mod.94 30WCFcal. lever action sr:1068262116. Winchester mod.94 30WCFcal. with scope sr:1492592117. Winchester mod.94 30WCFcal. lever action sr:1267350118. Winchester mod.94AE 30-30cal. Saddle Ring lever action119. Winchester mod.94 30WCFcal. lever action sr:1464861120. Winchester mod.1892 32WCFcal. lever action sr:519434121. English Military Rifle122. Winchester mod.88 .308cal. auto123. Winchester mod.37A 28ga. single shot124. Winchester mod.1890 22WRFcal. pump sr:497928125. Savage mod.29B 22cal. pump126. Winchester mod.1894 30WCFcal. Centenial127. Winchester mod.1894 30WCFcal. sr:515921128. Winchester mod.06 22cal. pump sr:527404129. Winchester mod.1894 32-40cal. lever action sr:245809130. Marlin mod.30 30-30cal. lever action131. Marlin mod.9 9mm semi auto132. Belgium Twist DBL133. Simarron's Repeating Arms 40WCFcal. lever action134. Kawabuchiya Firearms 12ga. semi auto135. Ithaca mod.37 Deerslayer 12ga. pump scope and sling136. H&R Arms mod.1900 12ga. single shot137. unkown make 32cal. lever action138. Stevens 410ga. single shot139. Long Tom 12ga.140. Noble mod.70D 410ga. pump141. JC Higgins mod.20 12ga. with sling142. Bunda 12ga. semi auto143. Mossberg mod.351CB 22LRcal. semi auto144. Brazilian Uplander 410ga. DBL.145. Hopkins & Allen 12ga. lever action sr:1922146. Mossberg mod.500C 20ga. pump147. Foreign Military with sling148. Ruger mod.96 44rem.mag. lever action with sling149. Coast to Coast mod.CC880 410ga. pump150. Riverside Arms DBL 12ga.151. Nitro Hunter DBL152. Belgium Twist DBL 12ga.153. Remington 12ga. DBL154. H&R 20ga.155. Stevens mod.325-C 30-30cal. bolt action156. Winchester mod.12 12ga. pump sr:537873157. Ruger carbine 44mag. semi auto with sling158. Standard Arms Company 35cal. pump159. Standard Arms Company 30cal. pump160. Remington Wingmaster mod.870 28ga. pump161. Remington 20ga. auto V.B. Emrick162. Remington mod.31 12ga. pump163. Remington DBL 12ga.164. Remington mod.7600 35cal. pump with sling165. Remington mod.14 25cal. pump166. Remington mod.7400 243win cal. with scope and sling semi auto167. Remington mod.12-C 22cal. pump168. Remington mod.12 22rem. special pump sr:783745169. Remington mod.25 25-20cal. pump with scope170. Remington 32rem. pump171. Remington 30rem. pump sr:41987172. Remington mod.17 20ga. pump sr:58419173. Remington mod.8 35cal. rem. auto sr:58962174. Remington 44rem or 44WCF pump sr:34338175. Remington mod.10 12ga. pump176. Remington mod.11-48 28ga. semi auto177. Remington Woodmaster mod.81 32cal. rem. auto178. Remingtom mod.8A...

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