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Southwest Native American Art Auction Day 2, 9/21/19. Shawnee, Kansas KS

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Live auction


Lindsay Auction Service, Inc



4795 Frisbie Rd, Shawnee, Kansas, 66226. USA. tel: 913-441-1557

21st Sep, 2019


OUTSTANDING TWO DAY SOUTHWEST NATIVE AMERICAN ART AUCTION 6 P.M. FRIDAY September 20, 2019 Preview Friday from 4 P.M. till sale time 11 A.M. SATURDAY September 21, 2019 Preview Saturday from 10 A.M. till sale time 4795 Frisbie Rd, Shawnee, KS 66226 Included are many pieces directly from many of the finest New Mexico and Arizona Indian Artists as well as from many well-known Reservation Trading Posts and Traders. There are also some Non-Indian items included in this auction. THIS IS A FANTASTIC OPPURTUNITY FOR COLLECTORS AND DEALERS ALIKE. YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS IT! THIS IS JUST A SMALL SAMPLING OF FANTASTIC PIECES FOR THIS AUCTION! POTTERY from the Pueblos of Santa Clara, San Ildefonso, Jemez, Acoma, Hopi, Zuni, etc., by artists such as - Margaret Tafoya, Carmelita Dunlap, Fannie Nampeyo, Lucy Lewis; Maria Martinez, Adam & Santana; Belen Tapia, Stetson Setella , Vickie Martinez, Blue Corn; Chris Martinez, Judy Tafoya, Lawrence Namoki, Teresita Naranjo, Rose Gonzales; Helen Shupla, Large Caroline Sando owl; Large Caroline Sando Storyteller, Denny Gutierrez, Nicolosa Naranjo, Betty Tafoya, Christina Naranjo, Norman Red Star, Mary Cain; Elizabeth & Marcellus Medina; Brenda Tafoya; Ponca Fragua; Robert Aguilar; Joyce Sisneros; Adelle Nampeyo, Julie Gutierrez , Joy Cain, Victor & Naomi Eckleberry, Ralph Aragon; Beverly Garcia; Titus Davis, Eric Tafoya, Yepa, Stella Chavarria, Sarah Garcia, Phyllis Tafoya, Ralph Aragon, Lovato dough bowls, Plus many more! NAVAJO RUGS to include an outstanding selection of Two Grey Hills, Yei's, Wide Ruins, Pictorials, Ganados, Teec-Nos-Pos, etc. This is a very nice selection of weavings. HOPI KACHININAS- Marlin Pinto, Neil David, Dennis Ross, Sterling McCray, Chappella, Joseph Duwaynie, Silas, and more! NAVAJO KACHINAS -Nice Selection JEWELRY to include an outstanding selection of items - Concho belts, bracelets, rings, necklaces, bolos, buckles, etc., by Zuni, Navajo, Santo Domingo & Hopi silversmiths Most pieces signed. Artists to include: Don Dewa, Tommy Jackson, Ruby Haley, Jeffrey James, and many more! Paintings- Benjamin Harjo, Doctate Nevaquaya, Two Bulls, Bill Chappell , Linda Cagle, and others Various prints Also included will be BASKETS; STORYTELLERS; SAND PAINTINGS; SCULPTURES; and many other unique and unusual pieces by top name & award winning artists such as Elk Woman Alabaster sculpture, James Joe sculpture; Large Tohono Odham Maze basket, Bernie Toadacheene, Richard Silver Sculpture, Arthur Coriz, Sarah Nez pictorial rug, & many more will be represented at this auction, definitely a sale for the collector as well as the general public. Plus much much more! Please note, the photos posted we have no way of knowing which day they will sell. This is a 2 day auction. Sale Conducted By: Bob & Dal Payne Payne Auction Co Bloomfield, New Mexico 505-320-6445