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Baer Auctioneers - Realty, LLC


45625 St Rt 154, Rogers, Ohio, 44455. USA. tel: 330-227-3236

17th Sep, 2019
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Another great firearms auction!

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Lot 100

Marlin None 12ga Shotgun

S/N: 73189 good condition shotgun forearm has been cracked and re-glued. butt stock is in good condition. Book# 3867

Lot 101

Revelation None 12ga Shotgun

S/N: G308702 Fair condition shotgun with 28" vent ribbed barrel. Some scratches on receiver. Book# 3871

Lot 102

Remington Slide Action 22cal Rifle

S/N: RW309165 Fair condition takedown rifle with octagon barrel. The bolt in the foregrip is loose and there is some pitting . ...

Lot 103

Winchester 94 30 WCF Rifle

S/N: 1518952 Good condition rifle with some very minor pitting on receiver. Steel butt plate smooth action good bore. The serial...

Lot 104

Remington 514 22cal rifle

S/N: none Good condition bolt action rifle with chipped butt plate. Book# 3876

Lot 105

Marlin 81 22cal Rifle

S/N: none Good condition rifle with some scratches on receiver and stock. Rear peep sights. Book# 3877

Lot 106

Dickson Bulldog 106.5 22cal Revolver

S/N: 56629 This is a nice German made 8 shot revolver. The bluing is good and the plastic grips are in good condition. Comes...

Lot 107

Heritage Rough Rider 22cal / 22 mag Revolver

S/N: B56468 Excellent condition convertible revolver it will shoot both 22LR & 22 mag. This is a nice gun with bird's eye grip....

Lot 108

Savage 487T 22LR Rifle

S/N: B604839 Good condition semi automatic 22 rifle with very slight pitting on barrel and some scratches on stock. Book# 3878

Lot 109

Hopkins & Allen 6 32 cal Revolver

S/N: 5337 Good condition revolver with good original grips. Book# 3879

Lot 110

Cobra C8 - Derringer 38 Spec. Pistol

S/N: OT172938 Good condition over under derringer. Book# 3880

Lot 111B

Remington 700 ML 50cal Muzzleloader

S/N: 030659 This muzzleloader is in great condition and was very lightly used. Comes with ramrod and composite stock.

Lot 112

Yugo Mauser M48 8mm Rifle

S/N: 71082 This is an excellent condition rifle with matching serial numbers. S/N 71082. Book# 3977

Lot 113

Stevens 416 Trainer 22RF Rifle

S/N: 202519 Excellent condition target rifle with heavy BBL and front and rear peep sights. This rifle is marked "US Property"...

Lot 114

Savage Enfield No. 4 Mk. I* 303 Brit Rifle

S/N: 0C28051 Excellent condition Enfield made in the US by Savage. It is marked "US property" and comes with spike bayonet with...

Lot 115

Savage Mark 1 Y 22RF Rifle

S/N: 0018922 This rifle is in new condition without the box. The rifle was never fired and is a youth model. Book# 3973

Lot 116

New England Firearms Tracker II 12ga shotgun

S/N: NJ294701 Good condition with rifled barrel and a 4x32 all pro scope. Book# 3974

Lot 117B

Remington New Model 44cal blk powder

S/N: 462 This is a nice Italian made black powder revolver and has been completely rebuilt and will shoot good. It has target...

Lot 118

Winchester 70 35 Rem Rifle

S/N: 85915 This is an excellent and rare model 70 in 35 Rem with some wear on the stock from normal use. The serial number is...

Lot 119

Argentine Mauser 1891 8mm Rifle

S/N: N8373 This is a nice Loewe Berlin Argentine Mauser with some deep pitting on barrel and wear on reciever. Book# 3953

Lot 120

Ruger NM Blackhawk - Bisley 45LC Revolver

S/N: 47-88793 This is an excellent revolver with an engraved Bisley cylinder and 7.5" barrel. Comes with factory case. Book# 3929

Lot 121

Ruger New Model Blackhawk 45cal Revolver

S/N: 46-78974 Excellent condition Convertible 45LC & 45 Auto revolver with 7.5" barrel and non matching Ruger box. Book# 3932

Lot 122

Ruger Single Six 22/22mag Revolver

S/N: 545482 Excellent condition convertible revolver with both 22LR & 22 Mag cylinders and 5.5" barrel. Comes with factory...

Lot 123

Ruger New Model Single Six 22/22mag Revolver

S/N: 6496272 Excellent condition convertible revolver with both 22LR & 22 Mag cylinders and box. Book# 3902

Lot 124

Ruger Redhawk 44mag Revolver

S/N: 500-15118 Excellent condition Redhawk with 7.5" barrel and Leupold M8-2X Extended E.R. scope.Book# 3898

Lot 125

Remington 700 SPS Tactical 223 Rifle

S/N: RR66765E this rifle is NIB with a 16.5" barrel and a Ghille Green composite stock. Book# 3883

Lot 126

Arsenal-Saiga AK 47 5.45x39 Rifle

S/N: L09888620 LNIB condition. with composite furniture and a Tech Sights "GI" type aperture sight. The orignial top piece is...

Lot 127

Remington 700 BDL 30-06 Rifle

S/N: RR21610F This is a NIB rifle with great walnut stock and 22" barrel. Book# 3884

Lot 128

Remington 11-87 Parkerized Police 12ga Shotgun

S/N: PC853653 NIB police semi auto shotgun with 18" BBL, Improved Cylinder choke, 2 shot extension, Ghost ring and XS front...

Lot 129

Remington Versa Max Tactical 12ga Shotgun

S/N: RT65194A This is a very nice NIB Versa Max tactical shotgun. It is painted in Gargoyle Green Zombie Full Camo. It has a...

Lot 130

Stallard Arms JS 9mm pistol

S/N: 055765 Good condition pistol with 2 mags. Book# 3975

Lot 131

Iver Johnson Safety Auto 32 S&W Revolver

S/N: U6706 Good condition 5 shot top break revolver. Book# 3976

Lot 132

Ruger 22/45 22LR Pistol

S/N: 218-91393 Good condition pistol with 2 mags, Tasco pro point scope, paddle holster and case. This pistol has a sight rail...

Lot 132B

Richland Arms 44cal blk powder

S/N: 736 Nice condition black powder pistol made in Italy by Palmetto for Richland Arms. It is in excellent condition and comes...

Lot 133

Yugoslavian 55/66 SKS 7.62x39mm Rifle

S/N: 446214 This rifle is one for conversation. It has been gone over and redone from the bi pod to the scope and other parts. ...

Lot 134

Taurus 85 38 Spec. Revolver

S/N: XF97432 Good condition revolver with 2" barrel, rubber grips, 5 shot and factory box. Book# 3978

Lot 135

Hi Standard none 12ga shotgun

S/N: 3216873 This is a nice Hi Standard shotgun turned into a riot gun with an 18" barrel and full length tube. Book# 3979

Lot 136

Remington 11 12ga shotgun

S/N: 220447 Nice condition semi auto shotgun with Cutts compensator. This was Remington's version of the Browning Auto 5. ...

Lot 137

JC Higgins 583 12ga Shotgun

S/N: none Fair condition shotgun Book# 3966

Lot 138

H&R 12ga Shotgun

S/N: A998352 28" barrel - fair condition Book# 3960

Lot 139

US Springfield 1896 Krag 30-40 Krag Rifle

S/N: 106950 Good condition rifle with trapdoor butt plate Book# 3961

Lot 140

Kimber Solo Carry DC 9mm Pistol

S/N: S1173382 Brand New! This is a nice little carry pistol. Comes with box, rug and one mag. Book# 3887

Lot 141

Colt LWT Commander 38 Super Pistol

S/N: LWC1196 Brand New! Excellent Colt pistol with 4.5" SS barrel and Stainless cerakote frame. one mag and factory case. Book#...

Lot 142

Winchester 1903 22cal Rifle

S/N: 38200 Good condition semi auto rifle with butt stock feed. This is a nice Winchester rifle serial number dated to 1907. S/N...

Lot 143

Ithaca M-49 22mag Rifle

S/N: None Fair condition single shot, lever action rifle. Book# 3894

Lot 144

Ruger 10/22 Carbine 22lr Rifle

S/N: 246-97500 This is an excellent condition 10/22 Carbine with a heavy BBL stainless barrel and beautiful laminated stock. ...

Lot 145

Knight C-93 50cal Blk Pwd Inline

S/N: 280777 Excellent condition inline muzzleloader with composite camo stock. This firearm will go through an FFL check. Book#...

Lot 146

Remington 597 Magnum 22win mag Rifle

S/N: 2921093M Excellent condition rifle with nice laminated stock and Bushnell Stalker 3-9x40 scope. Book# 3916

Lot 147

Springfield XD45 Tactical 45acp Pistol

S/N: US709248 Excellent condition pistol with one mag, 5" barrel, tac holster, mag holster and speed loader. Factory case. Book#...

Lot 148

Ruger M77 22-250 Rifle

S/N: 74-71313 Excellent condition with nice wood stock and great deep bluing. It comes with a Redfield 4-12x40 scope. Book# 3918

Lot 149

Belgian Browning BAR 270win Rifle

S/N: 27035M74 excellent condition Belgium made Browning rifle with great everything. Comes with a Leupold Vari-X III 2.5-8x...

Lot 150

JC Higgins 583 16ga Shotgun

S/N: none Fair Condition Book# 3962

Lot 151

JC Higgins 20 12ga Shotgun

S/N: none 26" barrel with long range choke - good condition Book# 3963

Lot 152

Mossberg 385KB 12ga Shotgun

S/N: 1226540 25" C-Lect Choke, 3" chamber, Bushnell 4x scope, no mag, fair condition Book# 3964

Lot 153

Hi Standard M101 22LR Pistol

S/N: 1414885 4.5" barrel with mag - good condition Book# 3965

Lot 154

Winchester 12 Deluxe Skeet 12ga shotgun

S/N: 1647185 26" solid rib barrel - choked WS1 factory Cutts compensator - made in 1956 - excellent condition Book# 3970

Lot 155

Remington Nylon 11 22LR Rifle

S/N: none clip fed bolt action rifle in Mohawk brown with Bushnell 4x scope. Excellent condition. Book# 3967

Lot 156

LC Smith Field Grade 12ga shotgun

S/N: 37360 Good condition SxS double barrel shotgun with an excellent bore. It has 28" barrels and a 2 3/4" chamber. Book# 3968

Lot 157

Russian SVT 40 7.62x54R Rifle

S/N: B3411 WWII era rifle made in 1943, semi automatic, excellent condition. Book# 3969

Lot 158

FN Special Police Rifle 308cal Rifle

S/N: FG10121 This rifle is from the same owner as the Savage Model 12 in lot # 193. It is also in 99 + % condition inside and...

Lot 158B

CVA Hawken Flintlock 45cal muzzleloader

S/N: 015035 Excellent condition flintlock muzzleloader and appears to be unfired but not confirmed as such. 32" barrel.

Lot 159

Colt Gov't Model Competition Series NM 45 ACP pist

S/N: CCS015381 Brand New! This is a very nice National Match pistol from Colt with the National Match 5" barrel and blue grips. ...

Lot 160

Sig Arms P229 Elite 9mm Pistol

S/N: SSB070492 Brand New Great pistol in factory case with 3.9" barrel and 2 mags. Book# 3888

Lot 161

Ruger Blackhawk 357mag Revolver

S/N: 30-21702 Excellent condition revolver with 6.5" barrel and factory boxes. Book# 3896

Lot 162

Ruger New Model Super Blackhawk 44mag Revolver

S/N: 81-50207 Another excellent revolver with 7 1/2" barrel and factory box. Book# 3897

Lot 163

Ruger LC9s Pro SB 9mm Pistol

S/N: 329-71802 Excellent pistol with shimmer gold cerakote slide and 1-7rnd mag. Comes with factory box and rug. Book# 3900

Lot 164

Ruger SR 1911 45auto Pistol

S/N: 670-35364 Excellent condition pistol with 3.5" barrel and 3 - 8 rnd mags. Comes with factory box. Book# 3903

Lot 165

Ruger SP 101 357mag Revolver

S/N: 570-88997 Very Nice snub nose revolver with 3" barrel and rubber grips. Comes with orignial boxes. Book# 3906

Lot 166

Marlin 336W 30-30 Rifle

S/N: MR40541D Good condition lever action rifle with good wood. Book# 3951

Lot 167

Browning Stalker 300 win mag Rifle

S/N: 93761NT8S7 Excellent condition rifle with SS matte finish, composite stock and flash suppressor. Book# 3946

Lot 168

Russian SKS 7.62x39 Rifle

S/N: 3C1648 9902003 This is a nice Russian SKS in good condition with matching numbers and folding bayonet. Book# 3947

Lot 169

US Springfield 1898 Krag 30-40krag Rifle

S/N: 185544 This is a nice rifle that has been sporterized. This rifle was produced in 1899 and will not qualify as an antique...

Lot 170

Glock 20SF 10mm Pistol

S/N: NEE711 Very nice pistol with 4.6" barrel and 3-14rnd mags and speed loader. Comes with box. Book# 3935

Lot 171

Glock 19 GEN 4 9mm Pistol

S/N: PYU012 Very nice pistol with 4.6" barrel 3-14rnd mags and speed loader. Comes with box. Book# 3937

Lot 172

Glock 34 9mm Pistol

S/N: HPE137 Very good condition pistol with 2 - 18 rnd mags and speed loader. comes with box. Book# 3938

Lot 173

Kimber Custom II 45acp Pistol

S/N: K226184 Very good condition pistol with 2-8rnd mags and 3.5" barrel. Book# 3939

Lot 174

Colt Gov't Model 1911 MKIV 45acp Pistol

S/N: FR07765E Excellent pistol with 5" barrel and 3 mags. Factory case and box. Book# 3940

Lot 175

Springfield 1911 A1 45acp Pistol

S/N: NM159708 Excellent pistol with 5" barrel, Crimson Trace grips, stock redwood grips and 2 mags. Factory case. Book# 3941

Lot 176

Springfield 1911 A1 45acp Pistol

S/N: NM188855 Very nice condition pistol with 3.75" barrel and 2 mags. Comes with factory case. Book# 3942

Lot 177

Remington 1187 Spl Purpose Mag 12ga Shotgun

S/N: PC259653 Excellent condition semi auto shotgun with a smooth bore, 21" slug barrel. It comes with a Redfield 1-4x scope and...

Lot 178

Ruger M77 7mm rem mag Rifle

S/N: 71-06251 Excellent condition rifle with a nice stock and good deep bluing. It comes with a Weaver V9 II 3-9x40 scope. Book#...

Lot 179

Savage 24 30-30/12ga Combo

S/N: F637424 Excellent condition O/U combo gun with composite stock. Book# 3924

Lot 180

Marlin Original Golden 39A 22lr Rifle

S/N: 23252211 Very nice condition lever action rifle with a Weaver K4-1 scope. Book# 3923

Lot 181

Glock 26 9mm Pistol

S/N: MBY186 very nice pistol with 2 - 10rnd mags, speed loader and factory case. Book# 3926

Lot 182

Ruger SR9C 9mm Pistol

S/N: 334-06616 Excellent pistol with 1-9rnd mag and 1-17rnd extended mag, speed loader and factory case. Book# 3928

Lot 183

Ruger MK II Target 22lr Revolver

S/N: 18-21042 Excellent condition Mark II pistol with good deep bluing. Comes with factory box and slide top wood box. Ruger...

Lot 184

Ruger New Model Blackhawk 357maxim Revolver

S/N: 600-05696 Excellent condition revolver with 10.5" Bull Barrel and factory boxes. Book# 3931

Lot 185

Dan Wesson 15-2V 357mag Revolver

S/N: 138332 Excellent Condition revolver with 6" barrel. This revolver could be used with the Dan Wesson interchangeable barrels...

Lot 186

Smith & Wesson M & P 9 Shield 9mm Pistol

S/N: HLY8135 Very nice pistol with 3 1/8" barrel and 2 - 8rnd mags. Factory box. Book# 3934

Lot 187

Springfield XDM40 40 S&W Pistol

S/N: MG119410 LNIB excellent pistol with 2-16rnd mags, grip straps, mag holster, tactical holster and speed loader. Comes with...

Lot 188

Remington 700 30-06 Springfield Rifle

S/N: 6799883 Excellent condition rifle with great bluing and excellent wood. Comes with a Leupold Vari-X III 3.5-10x scope....

Lot 189

Savage Springfield 860 30-30 Rifle

S/N: 205069 Excellent condition rifle with Weaver K4 60-C scope. Book# 3921

Lot 190

Ruger American 243win Rifle

S/N: 69036568 Excellent condition rifle with Simmons Predator Quest 4.5-18x scope and composite stock. Book# 3922

Lot 191

H & R SB-1 20ga Shotgun

S/N: CAC461430 NIB shotgun with BBL and laminate stock. Book# 3889

Lot 192

Maverick-Mossberg Thunder Ranch 12ga O/U Shotgun

S/N: TR-12-104023 NIB O/U shotgun Book# 3890

Lot 193

Savage Model 12 F Class 6.5SLR cal rifle

S/N: H957276 We don't think you will find a better condition used rifle than this one. Inside and out the condition is 99 + %...

Lot 193A

Stevens Tip Up 22cal Rifle

S/N: 30466 Antique - This rifle is in poor to fair condition with an octagon barrel, pitting and wear on stock. The barrel has...

Lot 194

Ruger SR 1911 CMD 45auto Pistol

S/N: 671-38020 Excellent condition pistol with 3" barrel and 3 - 8 rnd mags. Comes with factory box. Book# 3945

Lot 195

Ruger Super Blackhawk 44mag Revolver

S/N: 550-09647 Excellent condition revolver with 9.5" BBL, adj. sights and M8-2X Extended E.R. scope. Comes with the original...

Lot 196

Ruger New Model Blackhawk 357mag Revolver

S/N: 33-39412 Excellent condition revolver with 4 5/8" barrel and factory box. Book# 3901

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