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6513 Storage Drive, Amarillo, Texas, 79110. USA. tel: 806-452-9100

13th May, 2019
Ended: 19th May, 2019
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We have a beautiful vintage estate that came in with antique furniture, antique petal organs, vintage clocks, deocr and more. This is truly a one of a kind sale that comes around only rarely. If you have a vintage soul and love the old finers things in life....this one is for you. See you online.

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Lot 1

3 cat figurines, tallest one measures 22 in tall

white Plaster, 1 Scottie dog piggy bank figurine

Lot 2
Lot 3

Griffin shinemaster shoe shine kit wooden box,

Apple bushel basket, 2 wicker baskets

Lot 4

Metal exterior clock, thermometer with wall mount,

Borden's Dairy crate with metal corners and strapping

Lot 5

3 decorative animal cages made from wood and

wire, tall measures 8 X 12, small 5X 5 + 1/2

Lot 6

Two wooden corbel style wall hangings/shelf

holder, cast metal wall bracket to hang sign / lamp, 3 painted porcelain light switch plates

Lot 7

Metal table decor / farmhouse wooden frame

holding metal basket, metal wire hanging basket, lantern, and large metal basket made to hold candle

Lot 8

Rusty Tin Star ceiling tiles 12in Square, 8

total, four cast stars with large center hole

Lot 9

Snowman choir set by Member's Mark hand-painted

porcelain with original box 7 piece set, lamp post wreath has broken ribbon

Lot 10

The Toledo torch pressed steel company smudge

pot, wooden fruit crate, vintage lobster trap

Lot 11
Lot 12
Lot 13

Mankala African Stone game,

vintage fairway driving iron made in Scotland, wood and metal figurine of a vintage baseball player

Lot 14

Modern metal wall decor 24 in square,

rectangular shape 35 x 12 with mirror accents

Lot 15

Wild turkey decanter of turkey and eagle,

lionstone whiskey decanter of mallard duck both with original boxes

Lot 16

Coppertone basket, metal plant stand 9 in tall,

wire wall basket, metal frame planter basket

Lot 17

Live-edge wood with carved scene, 3 slabs of

live-edge wood, grapevine wreath, metal oval shaped metal basket

Lot 18

2 vintage grinders clamp style one by Excel, 1 by

Keystone, 2 6 1/2 inch cast iron skillets, two scoops, grey on grey enamel coated sauce pot, white enamel stock pot with black...

Lot 19

American Wildcat ice skates, National pro model

child size 13 with blade guards

Lot 20

2 oval shaped baskets holding an assortment of

nicely cleaned and polished seashells

Lot 21
Lot 22
Lot 23

Wooden carved walking stick with a conversion to

pool stick with brass accents, antique umbrella frame with ornate brass handle and Bakelite inserts, vintage walking stick made...

Lot 24
Lot 24a

Vintage metal organizing cabinet with multi

drawers, two drawers are missing, with enamel coated numbers measuring 34 x 11 x 11

Lot 25
Lot 26
Lot 27

Love Field Potteries, Dallas Texas, number 3 crock

showing some crazing measuring 11 across ten 1/2 tall

Lot 28

Vintage black panther figurine with green

jeweled eyes collar with chain measuring 19 in in length and 8 in tall

Lot 29

Vintage brass fireplace front screen in the

shape of a fan made from brass with an ornate Oriental design 27 tall x 35 long, brass flower pot measuring 15 in tall

Lot 30

Galvanized metal 3 tier hanging basket shelf

measuring 15 1/2 x 6 x 29, galvanized wash style bucket with wooden handles measuring 14 in across, galvanized planter 11 inches...

Lot 31

3 Battenburg lace style covered throw pillows in

a vintage hardback green suitcase

Lot 32

Vintage horny toad figurine, 2 Native American

replica pots, two throw pillows with Native American chiefs

Lot 33
Lot 34

Vintage hardback books including Fireside folk

songbook and more, apple bushel basket, wooden deep picture frames, modern dry floral arrangement and throw pillows

Lot 35
Lot 36

1956 Palwotectonic Maps of the Jurassic system

Published by the U.S. Geological Survey

Lot 37

Vintage sport-master timer stopclock made by

Merit watch company, antique sessions wind-up clock face with beveled glass, face only, collection of clock hands, quartz clock...

Lot 38

2 vintage swag lamps with glass globes very

unique red globe, and amber globe

Lot 39

Two Lionstone Whiskey decanters birds in Flight,

pheasant, duck on wood bases with original box

Lot 40

Hand-carved wooden figurine of a bird of prey

with fish in mouth measuring 12 1/2 tall

Lot 41

Craftsman 14 inch pipe wrench, Pexto 2 1/2

shears, Enderes 10 trimmers, fence pliers and more

Lot 42

Swiss musical movement cuckoo clock featuring

dancing Swiss figurines, no weights included, mantle wooden case clock project, large clear glass vase with glass insert for...

Lot 43

Hand carved manger scene in an abalone shell,

ship figurine made out of antler, metal boat figurine made with a lot of scroll work

Lot 44

Metal hinged lid box with latches and cast

design to hold a 2.25 rocket measuring 29 x 11 x 11

Lot 45
Lot 46

Blitz 5-gallon metal gas can, multi drawer

storage container with 60 small drawers

Lot 47

Variety of soda pop bottles including Sprite,

7Up, dr. Pepper, and Coca Cola, many with collector labels

Lot 48

Solid brass bulldog decorated believed to be a

pipe stand wall mount , brass wall electrical right sconce, needs rewired, with a winged dragon design

Lot 49

Vintage chipping hammer made in Detroit,

Butler's tools, Blackhawk combination socket wrench, various other tools

Lot 50

Matchbox 50th birthday series across America

Florida Chevrolet Camaro in original packaging, various diecast car toys from various makers

Lot 51

S&H Green Stamps saver books, many of them filled

with stamps, Pride Thrift stamp book filled with stamps, S&H award certificates, Buccaneer stamp books in an envelope full of...

Lot 52

Mountain Crest High Tech knife model mq80,

Mountain quest Diamond grid lockback knife, Rough Rider knife, Ridge Runner knife, diamond sharpening stone

Lot 53

A collection of 33 records featuring The

Chopping Scherzo's Rubinstein, the Elegance of the waltz, rainforest Walter wanderley Brazil's number one organist and more

Lot 54

Hydrotech Advanced reverse osmosis water

treatment system with hookups and instruction book

Lot 55

Brass and copper pipe fittings and adapters also

included a brass spigot, anchors and screws

Lot 56

Hardback vintage books with title such as the

Boston cooking school cookbook, man's questions in God's answers, easy to make wine, when my girl marries, and many more

Lot 57

1938 National Geographic Bible lands map, 1943

National Geographic Europe in the near East

Lot 58

Amarillo map shot from the land cast for

satellite, ski New Mexico winter advertising poster, projectile Point types of Texas and bordering state poster

Lot 59
Lot 60

Various Maps printed for the state department of

highways in public transportation of the following counties Oldham, Potter, Randall, deaf Smith, Collingsworth, Donnelly, gray,...

Lot 61

Four vintage floral vases with Carnival glazing,

two in a peach tone, two in green tones, one peach is marked with it N underscore with the circle

Lot 62
Lot 63

Advertising pages from vintage magazines

including the Collier, GTO, 68 Buick, Buick Riviera, a collection of Life magazines from the 50s

Lot 64

Two Republican elephant decanters, one donkey

Democratic decanter, in the American Bicentennial decanter

Lot 65

Set of three pillar candle holders, I brown and

wood chippy paint, tallest measuring 20, and the short one 12 in, one pillar candle holder

Lot 66

Vintage jadeite taper candle holder, 2 cobalt

blue Carnival glazed dishes, one Bowl, one covered jar, Carnival glazed handled cup with bird motif, orange carnival glass cup...

Lot 67
Lot 68

17 LaserDisc movies including Gulliver's travel

Thor, Huckleberry Finn, wind walker, Robin Hood the classic and many more

Lot 69
Lot 70

Led Zeppelin, Crosby Still Nash & Young, Kinks,

the Eagles, and other 33 albums most of them have been kept in plastic sleeves

Lot 71
Lot 72
Lot 73

Jet Oil black shoe polish vintage in a jar made

by Federal Glass, vintage small Lysol glass bottle, small square glass jar, Sir Walter Raleigh tobacco tin and more

Lot 74

Vintage Plwtscher bicycle style carrying rack,

vintage metal roller skates with metal wheels, two Cabbage Patch babies

Lot 75

Two Carolina Knife & Tool Vista model Butte

model, Mountain quest model M q20 high-tech knife, two Diamond Brand knife sharpening blocks

Lot 76
Lot 77

Find air pump model AP 1, mallet, keg pump,

2-inch C clamps, thermometer, metal sign and more

Lot 78

Elvis Elvis Elvis rainbow, Culture Club,

Santana,The Beach Boys, and various other 33 albums

Lot 79
Lot 80

Newark Clock Company 8-day windup clock with

Orinda General pendulum, westclox pendulum style clock of a spotted Pony, West clock pendulum clock of a ship wheel

Lot 81

Speckled gray enamel coated wash basin filled

with vintage tobacco jars, dr. Pepper bottles

Lot 82

Various vintage sewing items such as buttons,

wooden spools, ornate bobbins, sewing basket, and more

Lot 83

PK Silesia porcelain creamer, small teapot made

in Germany with matching dish, Japan salt and pepper shakers, and more

Lot 84

Cobalt blue glass vase marked USA, pedestal

style orange glazed Carnival Glass fruit bowl, orange carnival glazed smaller vase

Lot 85

Vintage wooden serving tray measuring 27x 18

With glass insert top over hand tatted doilies and vintage ladies handkerchief

Lot 86

Fisher Price 1969 bear on wobble ball toy,

Weeble Wobble Donald Duck, kid sorting shape blocks and more

Lot 87

Vintage medical / Hospital glass medicine

bottles including IV bottles with hanger, small injection bottles, and more

Lot 88

Golden Treasures of life Look compliments of the

Tascosa Amarillo National Bank, Amarillo Texas, to Saint Anthony's Hospital 13

Lot 89

Vintage metal milk crate from Sealtest Foods 60,

standard family size washboard cracked, small wooden ABC washboard

Lot 90

Vintage Playskool magnetic alphabet board with

Wipe off drawing board on reverse, Velvo palette by Richmond School furniture, Fisher-Price PlayStation with flip top table top

Lot 91

Vintage Sessions Clock mounted on table top

design of horse ( one leg broke )with saddle, colts and horseshoes

Lot 92

2 Don Julio decanter bottle in original box,

Grand Mariner liquor bottle in original box, Negra Modelo glass with gold trim, sample bottle with leather sleeve hand worked...

Lot 93

Tuxtone high with longer shaft, set of 5 pewter

plates, vintage hanging scale from lf&c New York, silver plated Dome Butterball display and more

Lot 94

Decorator hardback books with metallic writing

such titles as Scarlett, Gone With the Wind, back roads, the Rhythm of Life, and more

Lot 95

Hoffman Eagle decanter 11 1/2 in high, 2 owl

decanters, 1 Ducks Unlimited decanter

Lot 96
Lot 97

Three metal torch heads as in outdoor lighting

needs poles, one metal planter basket, hanging bird shaped planter

Lot 98
Lot 99

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