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Estate & Downsizing Specialists LLC


701 S. Ransom Lane, Bloomington, Indiana, 47403. USA. tel: 812-822-2508

3rd Sep, 2019
Ended: 25th Sep, 2019
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Online Only Vintage Toys & More featuring GI Joe, Barbie, Accessories, Action Figures, Hot Wheels, Diecast, Cast Iron, Fisher Price, Ertl, Farm Toys, Hubley, Tonka, Wolverine, Buddy L, Tin Litho, Wind-Ups, Marx, Marklin & Other Trains, Games, Dolls & Accessories, Johnny West, Indian Gum Cards, Signs & Boxes, Willys Jeep, Lincoln Logs, Legos...this auction features a wide array of toys of many different ages and genres of collecting. Auction ends on September 25th at 7PM. Preview is Friday September 20th from 1-6PM at 701 S Ransom Lane in Bloomington IN. Pick-Up and checkout after Auction close. Open Tues & Fri 10-6 and Wed & Thur 10-5. E Mail us at edsonlineauctions@gmail.com or call 812-822-2508. Thanks for bidding!

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Lot 1

Schaper Stomper Monster Water Demon& Bully

Vintage trucks are in good used condition. Please see pictures for details and condition.

Lot 2

Vintage Brittle Plastic Dishes Dollhouse Furniture

Large lot of vintage furniture and child's plastic tea/coffee set. Please see pictures for details and condition.

Lot 3

Guns Gene Autry Caps Ping Pong Ball & Others

9 guns total of various types plus caps. Includes Gene Autry cap gun. Please see pictures for details and condition.

Lot 4

Child's Metal Kitchenware

Over 19 total items including pots, bakeware, utensils, and more. Please see pictures for details and condition.

Lot 5

Ertl Farm Country Barn & Machine Shop

Small pieces are missing but barn & machine shop appear to be complete. Please see pictures for details and condition.

Lot 6

Vintage Diecast Airplanes, Transformers & More

Includes diecast airplanes Navy, US Air Force, Federal Express, Northwest Orient, helicopters, space shuttle, and more....

Lot 7

Vintage Wooden Trucks, Train Cars & More

Includes three trucks 7.5" L, one with articulating dump truck bed and one with crane attachment; one train engine 6.5" L;...

Lot 8

Fisher Price Little People, Furniture & More

Includes 19 figures, table, chairs, beds, swing set, merry-go-round, slide, and more. Beds have residue from original foam...

Lot 9

Vintage Plastic Vehicles Cars, Plane, Tank & More

Includes Gay Toys Inc convertible measuring 7.5" L; Processed Plastic Co Tim-Mee Toys Princess Pat boat measuring 12" L with...

Lot 10

Vintage Waterful & Basketball Games

Includes Waterful Triangles, Waterful Fishful and Waterful Leap Frog partially filled, and basketball game. Items show wear to...

Lot 12

Vintage Buddy L Corp Vehicles

Rescue helicopter measuring 12'"L, race car with Holley Champion decals measuring 8.75" L, motorcycle measuring 4" L, single...

Lot 13

Vintage Ertl Diecast Farm Toys

Allis-Chalmers 7060 tracker with cab and farm wagon measuring 20" L when hitched together; farm tractor and Allis-Chalmers farm...

Lot 14

Lego Sets, Mixed Pieces & More

Duplo plastic tub with pieces, appears to be complete but has been opened so we cannot guarantee all parts are present. Various...

Lot 15

Vintage Plastic Army Toy Soldiers & Western Themed

Toy soldiers in various standing and shooting positions. Cowboys standing and mounted on horses. Native Americans standing and...

Lot 16

Vintage Mercury Train Engine New York Central Cars

Engine measures 9" L, five train cars, transformer untested, and instructions included. Please see pictures for details and...

Lot 17

Vintage Stuffed Toys Minnie Mouse, Barney & More

Includes Minnie Mouse, Raggedy Ann, Barney and green Care Bear. Please see pictures for details and condition.

Lot 18

Fisher Price Construction Toys

Cement mixer measuring 12" L includes driver and chute; fire truck cab and trailer with rotating ladder measuring 19" L, two...

Lot 19

Lot of Tinker Toys & Lincoln Logs

Several containers and loose pieces, cannot guarantee that sets are complete. Please see pictures for details and condition.

Lot 21

Vintage Wolverine Toy Washer, Toy Iron&Marble Game

Washer measures 10.5" H, crank on side rotates agitator, shows corrosion and paint loss. Nassau toy iron shows some corrosion and...

Lot 22

Vintage Plastic Toy Cars, Trucks, Airplane

Includes Gay Toys #8 Sunoco race car; Andy Gard Kennels truck; Cragstan cement mixer with articulating drum and cab; airplane...

Lot 23

Vintage Metal Construction Trucks

Tonka road grader with handles to raise and lower blade measures 11" L; Tonka bulldozer with handle to raise and lower blade...

Lot 24

Vintage Diecast Tractor, Wagon, Farm Equip

Farmall tractor measures 9" L; International farm wagon measures 10.5" L including hitch; International combine measures 14" L;...

Lot 25

Vintage Metal Diecast Marx Toys Wind Up Tractor

Measures 8" L, some corrosion, scratches and paint loss, overall in good used condition. Please see pictures for details and...

Lot 26

2 Piggy Banks R.B. Rice Sausage Co & Holiday Inn

Rice's Piggy Bank measures 9" L, shows some wear. Holiday Inn piggy bank measures 4.5" L, very minor wear. Please see pictures...

Lot 27

Vintage Diecast Metal Front Loader w/ Bucket

Bucket is adjustable to different positions. Measures 9.75" L. Some wear and paint loss to edges, overall in good condition....

Lot 28

Vintage Gay Toys Inc Plastic Gay Farms Red Barn

Measures 7.5" L, doors on side open, includes plastic animals, cows, pigs and more. Please see pictures for details and condition.

Lot 29

Vintage Buddy L Corp Riding Academy Horse Trailer

Measures 18" L, tailgate and side ramp lower, minor corrosion and paint loss, side ramp sticks but otherwise in very good...

Lot 30

Tonka Car Carrier Transport Truck

Measures 18.5" L, minor corrosion and paint loss but otherwise in good condition. Please see pictures for details and condition.

Lot 31

Vintage Wood & Plastic Pull Toy Trains

Fisher Price Tiny Teddy measures 6.25" L, plays when wheeled but missing cord. Catch-Up-Train measures 9" L, wheels don't have...

Lot 32

Vintage Tin Toy Gun, Airplane & Pontoon Boat Logs

Gun measures 13" L; Coast Guard plane measures 8" L, propeller rotates; pontoon boat base measures 6.75" L. Items show wear,...

Lot 33

Vintage Toy Turf Rotor

Handle measures 27" L, shows wear and corrosion, small dent in top, wheels rotate. Please see pictures for details and condition.

Lot 34

Vintage TWA Trans World Airline Doll Trunk

Measures 8" H X 14.25" L X 8.25" D, compartment for doll and accessories inside. Metal shows corrosion, decal has discoloration....

Lot 35

Vintage The New Erector Set Catalog & Instructions

Creases and some wear to cover, slight warping of cover and pages but overall this item is in good condition. Please see pictures...

Lot 36

Plastic Bowling Set 10 Pins & 2 Bowling Balls

Pins measure 13.25" H, balls are 6.75" W, some scratches and wear but overall in good condition. Please see pictures for details...

Lot 37

Vintage Tonka Construction Vehicles, Jeep & More

Includes front loader, two excavators and a farm truck ranging 3" L to 5" L; Firebird measures 3.25" L; jeep measures 10" L; two...

Lot 38

Tow Truck w/ Tools, Trans-Am & Camaro Z28

Hasbro Cool Tools Tow Truck measures 16.5" when not extended and includes toy wrench and screw driver, one scuff to side but...

Lot 39

Gay Toys Inc 17" L Big Bronk 4 X 4

Steering wheel rotates. Minor damage to edges of decals and paint loss on wheels. Please see pictures for details and condition.

Lot 40

Vintage Disney Themed Toys

10 numbered stacking nesting blocks, largest measures 5.25" and smallest measures 1". Mickey Mouse card game, cards are 5.5"...

Lot 41

Dukes of Hazzard Themed Lot

Includes Colorforms Play Set which has been opened but appears to contain all pieces, barn and track, two #01 cars, action...

Lot 42

Train Cars, Engine, Tracks & More

Includes Marx engine measuring 9" L; New York Central, Rock Island and Santa Fe train cars measuring around 6" L; tracks and...

Lot 43

Toy Barn, Farm Vehicles, Animals & More

Barn measures 11.75" L, various tractors and other farm vehicles, multiple sizes of fencing, cows, horses and more. Items show...

Lot 44

3 Native American Themed FIgures/Totems

Range from 3.5" H to 4" H. Please see pictures for details and condition.

Lot 45

Mixed Lot of Vintage Toys

Action figures, babies and more. Please see pictures for details and condition.

Lot 46

Toy Vehicle Service Centers & Aquarium w/ Boats

Includes Shell Service Auto Park elevator with broken chain, some missing trays and glue reside; Coca-Cola PIE Truck Terminal;...

Lot 47

Model Rocket Engines, Recovery Wadding & More

Includes B6-0 and C6-0 boosters, parachute recovery wadding opened and unopened, instructions and more. Please see pictures for...

Lot 48

Fisher Price Weaving Loom

Measures 20" L, includes shuttle and yarn, arms work. Please see pictures for details and condition.

Lot 49

Fisher Price Playsets & Playskool Toy Tool Bench

Incldues Fisher Price Family School with bell measuring 12'" H; Fisher Price Merry-Go-Round with base measuring 11.5" L; Fisher...

Lot 50

Vintage MOBO BRONCO Pressed Steel Ride On Horse

Vintage pressed metal Mobo Bronco the Horse. Painted grey with Red & Gold Saddle. Red plastic reins are intact. Pressing down on...

Lot 51

Handmade Vintage Wood Doll Cradle

Good condition handmade doll cradle of stained wood. 24"L x 12"W x 14"H. Please see pictures for details and condition.

Lot 52

Painted Spindle Doll Cradle

White painted spindles with fabric covered removeable bed & pillow. Bed size 26"L x 14"W x 18 1/2"H with 19"W rockers. Interior...

Lot 53

2 Marx Printed Tin Dollhouses

Colonial 6 Room House with garage wing and terrace, missing one interior wall. 25"L 8"W 14"H with small 1 room Ranch House at...

Lot 54

20 Children's Books Disney, Sesame Street & More

Children's readers. Bernstein Bears, Disney Classics, Arthur's Readers (w/name written inside), Sesame Street & Sunny Book...

Lot 55

Carl Erskine Signed Baseball & 2 Small Gloves

Reds Baseball with Carl Erskine signature and another name, illegible. Louisville Slugger 11" HBG35 leather baseball glove with...

Lot 56

Vintage 5 Room Dollhouse

Printed Tudor style modern dollhouse with 5 rooms and plastic staircase. No windows or doors included. 1/2" = 1' scale. Please...

Lot 57

Souvenir Louisville Slugger Bats

7 16" Louisville Slugger bats #125 with carved baseball players' names: Garvey, Ruth, Foster, Nettles, KIngman. 1 22" Louisville...

Lot 58

Radio Control Honda Dust Runner In Box

Shinsei RadioElecon Honda ATC 250R Dust Runner Radio Control Off Road Racer in original box with remote control and instruction...

Lot 59

Costume Pink & Purple Satin Handmade

Pink satin handmade costume includes trousers & short jacket with purple lapels & buttons, purple cummerbund & bowtie. 21.5" pant...

Lot 60

DC Comics Metal Super Friends Lunch Box 1976

Includes plastic thermos with lid and drinking cap. Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman & Robin on lid. Used with some rust. Please...

Lot 61

Plastic Tote & Mineral Samples

Unlabeled stone, mineral & shell samples in red, yellow & blue collectors/supply tote. Please see pictures for details and...

Lot 62

MIniature Vintage Children's Book Sets

2 Lolly Pop Books, 3 7/8" x 3 1/4"; pub. John Martin's House, Kenosha, WI. Elmer, the Elephant Who Forgot by George Ewing 3 1/2"...

Lot 63

German Articulated 32"Antique Porcelain Doll

Porcelain head with human hair marked on back of neck "Made In Germany 6 1/2". Body and limbs are jointed composition and intact...

Lot 64

Spiderman Figure, Car & Boat

Avon 1979 Superman toothbrush holder with plastic Spiderman boat marked 'Made in Hong Kong' and dune buggy with net and working...

Lot 65

Vintage Marbles, Glass & Steelies

Large blue approx 24mm. Multiple colors, some hand formed. Please see picture for details and condition

Lot 66

Football & Baseball Helmets

2 miniature plastic football helmets, 1 child size red football helmet , 1 blue baseball helmet with KC on front with 1 plastic...

Lot 67

Scouts & 4H Compasses & Pocket Knives & Pins

1940's Bakelite Boy Scout #1075 compass in original box by Taylor Instruments with Vintage Taylor Gydeway compass in maroon...

Lot 68

Vintage Dionne Quintuplets Porcelain Baby Dolls

5 bisque jointed baby dolls in wooden cradle 8" x 4" x 3.25". All 3.5" long and marked on back Made in Japan. Vintage 1929....

Lot 69

Group of 3 Lefton Kewpie Angels

Bisque porcelain kewpie angels with Lefton label & KW 228 on bottom of each. Includes baby sucking thumb, baby on stomach winking...

Lot 70

Christmas Pixies, Candleholders & Angels

Ceramic and felt items. 3 Pixies, 2 Napcoware angels marked C-7644, 2 vintage plastic angel decorations, little blue porcelain...

Lot 71

6 WWI Figurines Toy Soldiers

Early plastic or vulcanized rubber figurines from WWI era; 4 flag carriers, 1 marching with rifle & pack & 1 with communications...

Lot 72

2 Russ St. Patrick's Trolls

Brilliant green hair with felt hats, green & white outfits with yellow ribbon ties. Marked Russ on bottom of right foot with...

Lot 73

1980's Smurf Ramp Walkers

2 vintage Smurf wind-up plastic ramp walkers by Galoob. Date 1980 and 1982. Please see picture for details and condition.

Lot 74

Vintage Midgetoy Train & Metal Masters Bus

Blue Metal Master bus #2, 7"L with set of metal Midgetoy Rockford ILL U.S.A. PAT. 2775847 train including engine, coal car,...

Lot 75

4 Buddy L Coca Cola Trucks 2 Forklifts Cases

Nice set of Vintage Buddy L Coca Cola delivery trucks, cases of product, forklifts, and more. Semi trailers have all product...

Lot 76

4 HB Beginner Books Seuss & Stone

Includes Dr. Seuss's One Fish, Two fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish, The Cat in the Hat, and The Foot Book and Rosetta Stone's Because a...

Lot 77

29 Little Golden Books

Vintage and newer Little Golden Books overall good condition with name written inside cover, various publishing dates. Hardback...

Lot 78

75+ Hot Wheel Matchbox & Other Cars

Includes case that holds 48 cars, trucks, motorcycles plus many more singles. All vehicles are in overall good used condition....

Lot 79

2 Vintage Sawyer's View-Master & 40+ Cards

Includes vacation destinations, Benji, Lassie & Timmy, Dukes of Hazzard, and many more! All are in played with condition. Please...

Lot 80

Lone Ranger & Silver Action Playset

Vintage plastic action toy by Gabriel No. 49-59743 1977 The Lone Ranger and Silver Plus 8-way action saddle. Please see picture...

Lot 81

Battat Take-A-Part Sets

Two cases with handles with 2 drills, 3 vehicles and airplane. Appear to be complete. Please see pictures for details and...

Lot 82

Remote Control & Battery Operated Cars

Dirt Demon Sport Truck Giant and Nikko Invader remote control toy car with Turbo Diesel 600 King Kong 4x4x6. Also includes Street...

Lot 84

Fisher Price Circus Train 991 In Box

Train in good used condition, all cars and pieces with some losses PLUS older 1964 Toot-toot 643 pull toy train engine and...

Lot 85

Mickey Mouse Club Tea Set

Walt Disney Productions tea set features Mickey and Minnie Mouse with Donald Duck and Pluto. Included are 6 printed card...

Lot 86

4 Kite Books Dragonfly Kite Totem Pole Book

Dragonfly kite with intricate wood frame measures 37" L X 46" W. Books includes Dynamite Kites, Second Edition by Wiley &...

Lot 87

Eldon Racing Sloop Toy Boat

Vintage plastic sailing boat with cardboard display stand and removable mast with sail. 17" overall length. Appears to be unused,...

Lot 88

Hubley 1960's era Tic-Toy Clock

Plastic vintage toy clock, not tested but has key in back. Please see picture for details and condition.

Lot 89

Wooden Building Blocks FP Creative Block Bat

Lot includes a half peck basket of FP Creative blocks, half bushel box of wooden building blocks of various types, and a 29" L...

Lot 90

Puzzle-Pegs & Advertising Puzzle

3 vintage puzzles: 1920-30 Lubber & Bell Puzzle-Peg (1 in original box) with pegs and instructions. Birds-eye maple puzzle board...

Lot 91

Vintage Hartland Horse Whistles Columbus Coins

Lot includes 7 German metal whistles, a 8" H Hartland horse, vintage jacks (metal and plastic), vintage metal buckets, 6" metal...

Lot 92

Tinkertoy Toy Maker No. 464

Vintage 60-70's Questor Education Products Co., Bronx N.Y. reusable toy-making set with instruction booklet. Not checked for...

Lot 93

Punkin 24" Doll Shelf Clown Pillsbury Dough Boy

18" H shelf sitting clown; 24" Punkin bisque soft body doll; and 1995 Pillsbury Dough Boy doll. Please see pictures for details...

Lot 94

Blue Bird Cast Iron Stove

Blue painted Blue Bird miniature stove with hinged door. Missing over stove shelf. Please see picture for details and condition

Lot 95

Eagle Cast Iron Salesmans Sample Stove

6.5" x 11" x 6.5" Cast iron salesmans sample Eagle stove with opening door, tipping coal grate and removable side shelf. Missing...

Lot 96

Antique Child's Empire Tin Stove Electric

15.25" H X 21" W X 9" D and untested. Shows some minor corrosion and noted loss of finish. Nice example! Please see pictures for...

Lot 97

Vintage Tin Electric Child's Stove

15"L x 7.5"W x 10.75"H Tin with green enamel oven door and single ceramic burner. Black metal with unpainted legs. Wood handle on...

Lot 98

Vintage Tin Child's Electric Stove

Metal Ware Corporation 8" W X 8" H X 4" D and untested. Stove shows minor wear. Please see pictures for details and condition.

Lot 99

Vintage Sears Child's Electric Sewing Machine

Powers up, lights, sews. Measures 10" W X 9" H X 7" D and in good used condition. Please see pictures for details and condition.

Lot 100

Vintage Penneys Kid's Electric Sewing Machine

11" x 6" x 8.5" hard plastic case with Penneys on side. Powers on. Please see picture for details and condition.

Lot 101

1976 Mattel Sew Perfect Sewing Machine in Box

Appears to have never been used and includes pattern, doll, accessories, and extra cassettes. In original box. Please see...

Lot 102

5 Vintage Dolls

Five total, one doll is seated, one has a stand. Hat included. Please see pictures for details and condition.

Lot 103

Vintage Tonka Mighty Diesel Dump Truck

Measuring 10.25" H X 16" L, articulating bed, minor paint loss but overall in very good condition. Please see pictures for...