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Online General Estate Auction-T-July 26, 2018. St. Leonard, Maryland MD

Status: Closed

Internet-only (timed) auction


Chesapeake Auction House


5015 St. Leonard Rd., St. Leonard, Maryland, 20685. USA. tel: 410.586.1161

18th Jul, 2018
Ended: 26th Jul, 2018
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This is an "Online Only" Auction starting July 11, 2018 - 5 PM and ending July 19, 2018 - 7 PM. A Buyer's Premium of 15% plus 6% sales tax will be added to your invoice at the close of the auction. Items must be picked at the auction house within a week after the auction, unless other arrangements have been made with the Auction House

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Lot 1

Ornate Hand-Painted Oriental Room Divider

Folding double sided 8-panel room divider, each panel is 16 in. wide by 64 in. tall. Watercolor scene with birds and flower...

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Lot 2

Ornate Embroidered Oriental Room Divider

2 panels, each is 28 in. wide by 68 in. tall. Features beautiful embroidered scene of flowers with butterflies.

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Lot 3

Vintage Painted Dresser

Two over three painted dresser. 36 in. wide by 50 in. tall by 18 in. deep.

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Lot 4

Astra Bentwood Chair & Simmons Folding Chair

Both are vintage. Astra Bentwood chair is 36 in. tall total; Simmons chair is 31 in. tall total.

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Lot 5

Two Rustic Antique Chairs

Both 19th century, according to consignor, one with original woven seat. Both have total height of 34 in.

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Lot 6

Henry Link Wicker One Drawer Buffet

38 in. wide by 33 in. tall by 22 in. deep. Top has some chips and scratches.

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Lot 7

Ethan Allen Maple hutch bookshelf

Good condition, 51 inches tall by 32 inches wide by 11 inches deep, five tiers

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Lot 8

Vintage Hale Waterfall Mahogany barrister

Three stack bookcase with glass sliding doors, good condition overall with some blemishes in finish, comes with original top and...

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Lot 9

Vintage Hale Mahogany Waterfall Barrister

Three stack bookcase with glass sliding doors, good condition overall with some blemishes in finish, comes with original top and...

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Lot 10

Mid century modern Lane Mahogany end table set

Set of two, octagon and rectangle, good shape, measure21 inches tall by 26 inches diameter and 21 inches tall by 30 inches wide...

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Lot 11

Oak Basket With Lid

The lid of the basket is on hinges so it swings open to one side. The basket also has two handles that swing down to the sides.

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Lot 12

Aluminum Speed Pressure Cooker And Canner

The cooker was made by Mirro-Matic, it is able to hold 4 quarts .

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Lot 13

Ceramic Plates And Tea Cups

There are 10 plates and 3 tea cups, they were all made by Wedgwood Patrician. The plates have a floral design in the center and...

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Lot 14

Cast Iron Decorative Pieces

There is two pieces, one of them is painted white and it has a back piece that allows it to stand on its own. The other cast iron...

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Lot 15

Coppercraft Guild Pictures

These pictures are from copper, they both have a plastic frame that looks like wood. 16 in. x 11 in.

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Lot 16

Hand Painted China Set

In this set there is 7 pieces; there are 2 larger plates, 3 smaller plates, a bowl, and a side dish. The 2 large plates are...

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Lot 17

Pyrex Dishes

There are 5 dishes; 3 of them are bowls that are all different sizes, 1 of them is a oval shaped dish that has a divider in the...

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Lot 18

Pyrex Coffee Percolator And Metal Cookie Cutters

The Percolator has a stainless steel band around the middle of it. There are 30 different shaped cookie cutters, there were made...

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Lot 19

Vintage Frame and Wooden Sign

The frame is a wooden frame that is painted gold, it has a string on the back so that it can be hung. The sign is made from 5...

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Lot 20

Blue Willow Plates And Glasses

The plates are made from ironstone, they were made by Washington Pottery. There are 8 smaller plates and 7 larger plates, they...

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Lot 21

Wooden Puzzles, Chesapeake Bay Placemats, Etc.

There are four wooden puzzles, four 15.5 in. x 11.5 in. placemats titled A Map of The Chesapeake Bay, a VHS tape of Classic Jonny...

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Lot 22

Teapot, Handkerchiefs, And dishes

The teapot is called The Village Street it was made by Johnson Bros. There are 6 handkerchiefs, they are all rolled still in the...

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Lot 23

Various Pieces of Stained Glass

There is about 50 pounds of various sizes, colors, and opacities.

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Lot 24

Wooden Waste Bin/Umbrella Stand

The bin gets narrower from the top to the bottom. Wood, with metal corner pieces. 14 in. tall.

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Lot 25

Wooden Surfing Signs

Both signs are made from wood and are painted. Both approximately 14 in. x 16 in.

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Lot 26

40+ Balls Of Yarn

-cream and white colors-made by J. & P. Coats and Clarks-6 of the balls are still in the original box

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Lot 27

5 In 1 Compact TV Companion

-made by Claybrooke-it is a: 5 in. black and white TV, AM/FM radio, flashlight, compass, thermometer

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Lot 28

Glass Art Animals

-clear llama-yellow rhinoceros

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Lot 29

Glass Art Animals

-blue toucan-yellow elephant

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Lot 30

Hanging Crab Sign

-wooden sign says Welcome to the Beach-metal crab attached to the sign

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Lot 31

Pair of Brass Lamps

Includes finials but not lamp shades. In working condition. Light bulbs not included. Heights are 28 in.

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Lot 32

Resin Table Lamp

Height is 30 in. In working condition. Light bulb not included.

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Lot 33

Original Oriental Artwork

19 in. X 35 in. By Page in 1978.

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Lot 34

Casablanca Poster and Floral Artwork

Largest dimensions are 21 in. X 27 in. Both have glass front panels and plastic frames.

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Lot 35

Vintage Nature Original Oil Painting

Also includes hand painted fruit collage. 13 in. X 16.5 in. and 32 in. X 10 in. Painting is by Joan Woche in 1967.

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Lot 36

Pair of Floral Artwork

Glass front panels and wooden frames. 15 in. X 26 in.

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Lot 37

Pair of Oriental Artwork

Largest dimensions are 18 in. X 32 in. Both have glass front panels and wooden frames.

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Lot 38

Original Oil on Canvas Painting and Oil Print

Original is by G. Decker and print is by Ruth Baderin. Largest dimensions are 31 in. X 20 in.

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Lot 39

Parapluie-Revel Framed Poster

26 in. X 38 in. Glass front panel and plastic frame.

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Lot 40

Wooden Stacking Shelves and Rollable Storage Bin

Stacking shelves are unopened. Storage bin is foldable and is 17.5 in. X 15 in. 16.5 in.

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Lot 41

Selection of Costume Jewelry

On the right are small Avon wreath earrings for pierced ears and an Avon 36 inch gold tone chain.At the top is a boxed 16 inch...

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Lot 42

Puffy Turquoise and Sterling Silver Heart Necklace

This is fairly large at 1.75 inches across. It is marked for sterling and is a Mexican piece. It is on a short 16 inch Monet...

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Lot 43

Pair of Necklaces

Both are 18 inches long. The vintage one on the right is a locket. On the left is a Lia Sophia with interchangable hearts.

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Lot 44

14 Yellow Gold Jewelry

Each of these 3 pieces is 14K. The chain holding the sombrero is 16 inches long.The thin gold heart may have a teensy diamond on...

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Lot 45

Shiney Gold Tone Barrel Pendant Hiding a Watch

Total length is about 3 inches. It opens by pulling it apart. It has a Swiss movement. On the face it looks like Sinex and...

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Lot 46

American Indian Sterling Necklace and Earrings

The pendant is signed ES and is all inlaid with various stones. It is on an 18 inch chain. The earrings are not signed. They...

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Lot 47

Variety of Costume Jewelry plus Sterling Chain

The 16 inch chain in the upper right corner is sterling.

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Lot 48

6 Necklaces

The chain on the locket at the top is gold filled as is the tiny cameo pendant next to it. All else looks to be gold tone. They...

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Lot 49
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Lot 50

Brilliant Beaded Necklace

This is made of tiny beads and glass rods. One of the dangles appears to be missing. This is about 18 inches long.

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Lot 51

Tiny French Lalique Parfum Bottles Plus Chanel

The small ones are right under 2 inches tall.

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Lot 52

Tiny Cobalt and Silver Overlay Perfume Bottle

This is 2.25 inches tall, has no marks and is empty. Both sides are shown.

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Lot 53

4 Loose Gemstones

There are 3 Genuine Black Star of India stones and a Tamiz emerald.

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Lot 54

Antique Navaho Stag Horn Knife w/ Turquoise

A turquoise stone is embedded at the top of the horn. This is about 7 inches long.

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Lot 55

Vintage Gold Filled Chevy Mechanics Pins and.....

This is all gold filled and includes a GF Gray Drugfair 7 inch bracelet.

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Lot 56

Pair of Vintage Matching Speidel ID Bracelets

These are engraved Delma M Mister and Patricia B Mister.

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Lot 57

Sterling Cross Necklaces and Pin

We are pretty sure the jeweled cross is sterling. All else is marked as such.

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Lot 58

Electrophonic 8 Track Stereo Dual Music System

We could not get power but something more might be needed. See pictures.

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Lot 59
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Lot 60

Cast Iron Cornstick Pan

Only marked with H 2 on the back.

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Lot 61

Pair of 8 Track Tape Boxes Loaded With 8 Tracks

Both boxes are nice by themselves. The big 17 inch one feels like wood, the red one seems to be vinyl covered.

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Lot 62

Precious Moments Club Figs and Schmid Figs

The PM are mostly 80s and 90s. The Schmid ornaments are early 80s. The tankard is pewter.

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Lot 63

Brass Military Shell Casing

Almost 12 inches tall and probably brass.

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Lot 64

1998 Edition of Large Book The Civil War

Nice coffee table book that comes with a CD.

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Lot 65

Working Winnie the Pooh Lamp

This is about 14 inches high and is mostly plastic.

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Lot 66

Plastic 60 Drawer Nuts and Bolts Cabinet

About 14 inches long and 14 inches tall.

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Lot 67

38 DVDs and an Audio Book

See pictures for titles.

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Lot 68

Short 3 Tier Wrought Iron Plant Stand

This is about 18 inches tall and folds up easily.

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Lot 69
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Lot 70

Trio of Wine Related Decorating Items

The clock is battery operated and about 11.5 inches across.

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Lot 71

Used Charcoal Grill Fire Starter by Weber

This is about 12 inches tall.

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Lot 72
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Lot 73

Tray of Glass and Collector Mugs

The short large piece of glass is chipped at the top.

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Lot 74

New Squeegee and Fridge Waterline Kit and.....

Two pieces of Ikea hardware are also included.

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Lot 75

Slotted Cookware and Grilling Stuff

See pictures. Includes 4 slotted skillets with fold down handles and 3 slotted trays plus a fish griller.

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Lot 76
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Lot 77

Vintage set of Blue and White Blue Contessa China

This is service for 8. A cup seems to be missing. It includes a platter and creamer and sugar. It is packed too tightly to...

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Lot 78

2 Sets of Christmas Dishes

This is service for 8. Consignor says 2 cups are missing.

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Lot 79

Blue Cross Necklace and Small Heart Necklace

Both are silver tone. The blue pieces are possibly glass.

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Lot 80
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Lot 81

Pair of Colonial Era Prints on Canvas

Both are 27 in. X 21 in. Single matted, wooden frames, and glass front panels.

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Lot 82

Pair of Rectangular Metal Plant Stands

Heights are 21 in. Both are identical.

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Lot 83

Pair of Round Metal Plant Stands

Both heights are 19 in.

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Lot 84

Metal Plant Stand

Height is 26 in.

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Lot 85

5 Metal Plant Stands

4 have heights of 13.5 in. 1 has height of 22 in.

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Lot 86
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Lot 87

Wooden Plant Stand and Plastic Flower Pot

Includes 4 Super Saucers. Height is 15 in.

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Lot 88

Vintage Shakespeare Fishing Rod with Penn Reel

Height is 6 ft. Trolling rod/reel with wire line. Reel is Penn no. 49 Super Mariner.

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Lot 89

Pair of Vintage Fishing Rods with Penn Reels

Heights are about 67 in. Old trolling rods/reels. One has vintage tube eel lure.

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Lot 90

Assortment of LEGOs

Bin filled with LEGOs from several sets.

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Lot 91

Serenity by Jasper F. Cropsey Canvas Print

27.5 in. X 21 in. Wooden frame.

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Lot 92

Danish Blue Cheese Wooden Box

28.5 in. X 8.5 in. X 8 in.

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Lot 93

DeLonghi Deluxe Stainless Steel Coffee Urn

In working condition. 60 cup capacity.

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Lot 94

Marantz AV Surround Receiver and Vienna Speakers

Marantz model no. SR7400/U1B. With manual. Speaker heights are 14 in. In working condition.

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Lot 95

Trio of Metal Waste Baskets

Heights are 13 in.

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Lot 96
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Lot 97
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Lot 98
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Lot 99
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Lot 100

12 Mini Pro Folding Easels

All but 2 are unopened.

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