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Online General Estate Auction-C- September 27.2018. St. Leonard, Maryland MD

  Status: Closed

Internet-only (timed) auction


Chesapeake Auction House



5015 St. Leonard Rd., St. Leonard, Maryland, 20685. USA. tel: 410.586.1161

19th Sep, 2018
Ended: 27th Sep, 2018
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This is an "Online Only" Auction starting September 19, 2018 - 5 PM and ending September 27, 2018 - 7 PM. A Buyer's Premium of 15% plus 6% sales tax will be added to your invoice at the close of the auction. Items must be picked at the auction house within a week after the auction, unless other arrangements have been made with the Auction House

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Lot 1

Antique Victorian Marble Step Mirrored Dresser

Ornate Burl Walnut, 4 over 2 drawer with candle shelves, drop pulls, 86 inches tall 45 inches wide 20 inches deep. Excellent...

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Lot 2

Antique Burl Walnut Victorian Full Bed

Beautiful and ornate with medallions and carvings, very good condition, with slats, 86 inches tall 59 inches wide

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Lot 3

Antique Walnut Victorian Mirror

57 in. from bottom to tallest point, 24 in. wide. Silvering worn on bottom half of mirror.

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Lot 4

Vintage Mahogany China Cabinet

Gov. Winthrop style, very good condition, two glass door over two wood door, with door grids and seashell carving, 70.5 inches...

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Lot 5

Antique Oak Mirrored Wash Stand

Good condition overall, two drawer over two doors, carved applique towel bar, dowel pin dovetails, 75 inches tall 34.25 inches...

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Lot 6

Antique Pine Red Paint Dry Sink

Very good condition, two drawer over two door, primitive solid virgin timber plank pine, 37.75 inches tall 44.5 inches wide 17.75...

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Lot 7

Arts and Crafts Era Mission Oak Coat Rack

4 pin, pyramid base, good condition overall, 72.5 inches tall 23 inch square base.

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Lot 8

Vintage Pine Coat Rack

Good shape overall, four brass hooks, X platform base, 76 inches tall 21 square wide base.

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Lot 9

Antique Spindle Turned Victorian Parlor Table

Walnut, good condition, a few blemishes on top, solid construction, 28 inches tall 28 inches wide 19 inches deep

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Lot 10

Vintage Mahogany Egg Dart Post Bed

Headboard, footboard and rails. Good condition overall with some blemishes and scratches, 47 inches tall 56 inches wide.

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Lot 11

Antique Walnut Eastlake Upholstered Parlor Chairs

His and hers, very good condition, upholstery needs minor cleaning, his armchair is 40 inches tall 27 inches wide 20 inches deep,...

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Lot 12

Antique Solid Oak Throne Chair

Good condition, solid construction but surface could use refinishing,--- missing small shim on side of front foot, 47 inches...

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Lot 13

Antique Black Walnut Velveteen Armchair

Very good condition, spindle turned with finials, upholstery in good shape. inches tall 26 inches wide 23 inches deep.

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Lot 14

Two Antique Carved Ballon Back Needlepoint Chairs

Very good condition overall, no visible prior repairs, upholstery could use some minor cleanup, 34 inches tall 19 inches wide 17...

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Lot 15

Vintage Floor Lamp

nice milk glass globe and vintage bulbs, has some damage on post.

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Lot 16

Antique Oak Parlor Lamp Table

Very unique, very good condition overall, some condition issue on top, Highly detailed carved twist legs, lower shelf and brass...

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Lot 17

Keller Aluminum 6 Foot Ladder

Good used condition five step with paint pail platform

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Lot 18

Craftsman Garden Tractor Spreader

Used condition, with aeration tines, good shape overall but interior spinner needs straightening

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Lot 19

Laundry Room Sink

Well used condition but great for the garage, dock or outdoor use.

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Lot 20

Vintage Mahogany Curio Cabinet

Fair condition, ball and claw feet, 42 inches tall by 26 inches wide by 13 inches deep.

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Lot 21

Battery Operated Working Witch on a Motorcycle

The bike and witch bounce and music plays when the button is pressed. The bike is plastic.

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Lot 22
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Lot 23

Ornamental Black Metal Garden or Yard Piece

This is about 4 feet tall and is not too heavy.

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Lot 24

1996 Longaberger Purse in Almost New Condition

Wooden top, leather strap and latches, beautiful interior.

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Lot 25

10 Xbox 360 Games

See pictures for games included.

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Lot 26

Pair of Opened 1000 Piece John Deere Puzzles

Each is 26.75 by 19.25 inches with nice clean pieces.

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Lot 27
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Lot 28
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Lot 29

Bokara Silk Persian Rug

Description is from our consignor. This is doubled over, the fringe is good and it is about 54 by 72 inches not counting the...

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Lot 30

2010 Soldier Nutcracker and Small Lenox Bell

The bell is a Morning Glories bell and is about 3.75 inches tall. The nutcracker is 14 inches.

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Lot 31
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Lot 32
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Lot 33

Cast Iron Frog and Flower Votive Candle Burner

This is heavy and is 12 inches to the top of the rigid handle.

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Lot 34
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Lot 35
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Lot 36

Large Yellow Transformer Car

About 19 inches long.

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Lot 37

Vintage Metal Drunkenness Prohibited Sign

Made in the USA and about 18 inches wide by 5.5 inches tall.

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Lot 38

Vintage Large Auctioneering Microphone System

This was used at the Charles County Hughesville Tobacco Barn Auctions. It still works per our consignor.

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Lot 39

Star Wars Lightsaber and Buzz Lightyear

The lightsaber is almost 34 inches long. Buzz is about 12.5 inches tall.

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Lot 40
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Lot 41

Old Hand Painted St Marys Co Cast Iron Skillet

This is about 8 inches across and is from the Amish area. Signed by artist. Pan is not marked.

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Lot 42
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Lot 43
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Lot 44

Chinese Hulusi in Case - Flute-Type Instrument

About 16 inches long in ornate zippered case.

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Lot 45

John and Jackie Kennedy Photo

The frame is an 8 by 10 and appears older. We do not know if the signatures are original or not.

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Lot 46

Pair of Black Bose Roommate Speakers

These are about 5 by 6 by 9 inches.

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Lot 47

Star Wars Darth Vader Mask, Helmet & Gloves

Gloves are one size fits all. Helmet size is not stated.

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Lot 48

Pair of Modern Hat Boxes

Each is about 5.5 inches tall and a foot across. Both top and bottom are shown.

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Lot 49

Set of 3 New Boxed US Military Medals

The medals are:Purple HeartPrisoner of WarAir Medal

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Lot 50

Gold Filled Jewelry, Pink Glass Rosary, & More

Includes vintage leather coin purse and a vintage necklace needing repair.The pair of gold filled pins are Chevy mechanics pins. ...

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Lot 51
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Lot 52

Earrings Plus Tiny Cont-Lite Camera Lighter

3 pairs of pierced earrings are included with the lighter.

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Lot 53

Group of 5 Rings

Two on the top are plated. The one in the middle is missing a stone.. The blue stoned ring is broken. They are all larger than...

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Lot 54

Pair of Vintage Ladies Gold Filled Bulova Watches

The bands are either rolled gold or gold filled also. The gold one has a Swiss movement and those are probably real tiny...

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Lot 55

Sterling and Costume Jewelry and Wooden Box

The earrings and vintage instrument player are sterling. The boxed pin is from Auburn University. The huge gold tone necklace...

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Lot 56

German Honor Cross of the World War 1914/1918

Ehrenkreuz des Weltkriegs 1914/1918. Also known as the Hindenburg Cross. Circa 1930s through early 1940s. No ribbon. Marked Erbe...

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Lot 57

World War II German War Merit Medal

Nazi German Kriegsverdienstmedaille. Swastika cross design on one side, words Fr Kriegsverdienst 1939 on reverse. No ribbon....

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Lot 58

Framed & Signed Original Painting on Canvas

Pot of pink flowers. 21 in. x 27 in.

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Lot 59
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Lot 60

Box of Gourds

Various gourds, perfect for fall decorating. Uncleaned, must be washed before painting.

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Lot 61

Jack Skellington Bendable Figures

Still in Packaging, circa 1993

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Lot 62

Kenner Aliens Boxed Toys

Space Marine Stinger XT-37 vehicle and Space Marine Power Loader

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Lot 63

Kenner Robin Hood Boxed Toys

2 Bola Bomber launchers and a Net Launcher

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Lot 64

Kenner Robin Hood Boxed Action Figures

Crossbow Robin Hood, Long Bow RobinHood and Sherrif of Nottingham with sword

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Lot 65

Sony Handycam with Case & Accessories

Includes Handyman recorder, Tamrac carrying case, all power cords, camera strap, all guides and manuals.

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Lot 66

Silver Plated Serving Set

Large heated buffet bowl, smaller heated buffet base, matching glass pitcher

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Lot 67

Brass Fireplace Andirons

16.25 ins. tall, shows marks of use

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Lot 68

Set of Brass Candle Stick Holders

Left one is in great condition. Right one is broken causeing it to be loose and able to come apart easily and one of the hanging...

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Lot 69

Powered Toy Train with Tracks

5 different train cars and approximately 15 pieces of track as well as the power source and plug for the track

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Lot 70

Ambico Camera Tripod

In working order, adjustable height

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Lot 71

Matted Print of Civil War Scene

Depicts the Battle of Martinsburg, VA, image is 8.5 ins. by 11 ins. and matted it is 16 ins. by 20 ins. total, wrapped in plastic...

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Lot 72

Collection of Vintage Figures

2 matchng sets of figures, a larger Homco horse figure, a prating girl figure and a pewter Virginia Heritage Collection fox figure

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Lot 73

Collection of Pottery

Avon aircraft themed beer stein, Candle holder, Rose water vase, unique flask

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Lot 74

Vintage Ornate Picture Frames

12.5 ins. by 17.5 ins. Some pieces of the frames are falling off or cracking

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Lot 75

Lot of Vintage Christmas Decorations

wreath hangers, nutcrackers, ornaments, musical figurine, candle holders, doorstop, etc.

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Lot 76

Collection of Glass Pumpkin Decorations

The orange pumpkin is a light

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Lot 77

Collection of Female Action Figures

Includes 5 figures still in original packaging.-Whilce Portacios Wetworks: Mother-One-Ricky Carraleros Double Impact: Platinum...

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Lot 78

Collection of Marvel Comics Action Figures

Includes 5 figures that are still in the original packaging.- Dr. Doom- Captain America- Spider-man- Human Torch- Invisible Woman

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Lot 79

Vintage Robing Hood Battle Wagon

Still in original packaging

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Lot 80

Collection of Vintage Aliens Action Figures

Includes 6 figures still in original packaging.- Alien Queen- Lt. Ripley- Atax- Bishop- Sgt. Apone- Corp. Hicks

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Lot 81

Collection of Vintage Action Figures

Includes 5 Terminator 2 figures still in original packaging.- Battle Damage Terminator - Power Arm Terminator - Techno-punch...

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Lot 82

Vintage Persian Handmade Carpet runner rug

Excellent condition,1950s Kilim stylized birds and camels, unusual design, 110 in. x 46 in., hand knotted and very nice!

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Lot 83

Pine Quilt Rack

good overall shape, 36 in. tall.

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Lot 84

Walnut Victorian Mirror

very good original condition, 42 in. tall 23 in. wide.

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Lot 85

Old Oval gesso style Mirror

Top to bottom of mirror is 38 in., top to bottom of frame is 47 in., side to side of frame is 37 in. large mirror, heavy.

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Lot 86
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Lot 87
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Lot 88
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Lot 89

Artists Loft Studio Easel

Unopened aluminum foldable easel. 77 in. x 34 in. x 30 in.

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Lot 90

Unopened RCA 5 Disc Audio System

brand new! iPod dock, mp3 player audio line.

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Lot 91

Dog Crate Cage

37 in. tall 50 in. wide 29 in. deep.

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Lot 92

Top of Victorian Dresser

46 in. tall 50 in. wide.

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Lot 93

Jenny Lind Style Head and footboard

For a full-sized bed (56 in. wide). No bed rails.

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Lot 94

Wooden Mantle Piece

10 in. tall 64 in. wide.

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Lot 95

2 Wine Holders

Taller rack 43 in. tall.

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Lot 96

Mini Fridge

19 in. tall 19 in. wide 18 in. deep.

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Lot 97

Corner Counter Piece

26 in. high 46 in. wide 41 in. deep

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Lot 98

Hand Woven 100% Wool Rug

107 in. x 149 in.

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Lot 99

Brand New Woven Rug

85 in. x 60 in.

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Lot 100

2 Man Saw Blade

No handles.

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