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Online General Estate Auction - W - February 14, 2019. St. Leonard, Maryland MD

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Internet-only (timed) auction


Chesapeake Auction House



5015 St. Leonard Rd., St. Leonard, Maryland, 20685. USA. tel: 410.586.1161

6th Feb, 2019
Ended: 14th Feb, 2019
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This is an "Online Only" Auction starting February 6, 2019 - 5 PM and ending February 14, 2019 - 7 PM. A Buyer's Premium of 15% plus 6% sales tax will be added to your invoice at the close of the auction. Items must be picked at the auction house within a week after the auction, unless other arrangements have been made with the Auction House

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Lot 1

Cherry One Drawer Secretary Desk

Contemporary Queen Anne style, nice condition, a couple blemishes, 42 inches tall 26 inches wide 16 inches deep

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Lot 2

Contemporary Cherry Sofa Table

good condition overall with a few blemishes, Queen Anne style, 29 inches tall 54 inches long 14 inches deep

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Lot 3

Contemporary Mirrored Foyer Cabinet

Cherry finish, Good condition with a few blemishes, butler specialty furniture company, one door, lighted missing interior shelf...

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Lot 4

Vintage Mahogany Dropleaf Gateleg Table

good condition overall with some scratches and blemishes, missing some inlay piping and missing metal cloth feet, 29 inches tall,...

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Lot 5

Ethan Allen Pine Bedroom Set

Fair condition, needs some TLC on finish, Lot includes 11 drawer one door dresser with mirror and hutch top, one drawer two door...

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Lot 5a

Pine Queen Poster Bed with Canopy

Good used condition, some wear, with metal frame. Pairs with lot 5.

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Lot 6

Contemporary Cherry Lighted Cabinet

beautiful design with grid doors, excellent condition, four doors, with glass interior insert shelves, 77.5 inches tall 34 inches...

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Lot 7

Authentic Vintage 10 Coca-Cola Vending Machine

The Vendo Company, Kansas City, MO. Model F39B5 W. Vending machine is working per consignor, comes with key and two crates of...

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Lot 8

Amish Oak Rocking Horse

very good condition, leather straps, yarn hair, 28 inches tall 37 inches long 13 inches wide

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Lot 9

Storage Basket Shelf

good condition overall with six compartments and four baskets, 32.5 inches tall 22 inches wide 11 inches deep

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Lot 10

Chrome and Wood Coat Rack

cast-iron base, very good condition overall, one tube is a bit squished but not bad, holds 23 items, 73 inches tall 13.5 inch...

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Lot 11

Vintage Oak Dresser 3 Drawers

2 Small drawers over 1 large drawer. 28 1/2 inches tall 42 inches wide 21 inches deep.

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Lot 12

Vintage Maple Slant Front Desk with 3 Drawers

Circa 1960s 37 inches tall 29 inches wide 16 inches deep.

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Lot 13

Antique Oak Slant-top Book Stand

Circa 1910 31 inches tall 27 3/4 inches wide 13 1/4 inches deep.

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Lot 14

Vintage JT Co. Solid Mahogany Stand with 4 Shelves

Circa 1940s. 31 1/2 inches tall 28 inches wide 14 inches deep.

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Lot 15

Antique Victorian Oak Reclining Platform Rocker

Circa 1900, has been repaired.39 1/2 inches tall 24 1/2 inches wide 31 inches deep.

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Lot 16

Antique Walnut Victorian Platform Rocker

Circa 1880s 35 inches tall 25 inches wide 35 inches deep.

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Lot 17

Duncan Phyfe Style Mahogany Drop-leaf Table

Claw feet. 30 inches tall 55 3/4 inches wide 36 inches deep. 2 Leafs 12 in. x 38 in.

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Lot 18

Oak Vanity

Height is 51 in. tall including mirror, 36 in. wide, 16 in. deep.

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Lot 19
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Lot 20

Large Antique Oak Mirror with 4 Hooks

27 1/2 inches tall 57 inches wide.

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Lot 21

USA Cast Iron Bell with Cow

The bell is 12 ins. tall.

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Lot 22

Old Ammo Can

The can is 11.5 x 6 ins. and is 7.25 ins. tall. The can has some drilled holes in it.

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Lot 23

Vintage Desk Pen Holder & Brass Whale Statue

The pen holder is 11 x 6 ins. and is 3.25 ins. tall. The statue is 6.25 ins. tall.

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Lot 24

Wooden Peg Games & Fabric Tic-Tac-Toe Board

The fabric board is approximately 24.5 x 54 ins and has a checker board on the reverse.

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Lot 25

Vintage Ceramic Ducks & Handcrafted Wooden Duck

The standing ceramic duck is 8.75 ins. tall and the matching duck is 10.75 ins. from tip to tail. The wooden duck is 7 ins. long...

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Lot 26

Black Velvet Jewelry Displays

Includes 3 necklace displays, the tallest being 12.4 ins. tall, and 2 tabletop displays that are 14.5 x 8.25 ins.

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Lot 27

Glass Dishes, Penguin Ice Bucket & Chinese Jar

The square Glasbake dish is 8 x 8 ins. The Anchor Hocking dish is 9 ins. in diameter. The ice bucket is 5.5 ins. deep. The...

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Lot 28

Boring Jar, Decanter, Tray & Dutch Masters Case

The metal tray is 18.75 x 8.25 ins. The crystal decanter is 8 ins. tall.

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Lot 29

Vintage Glass Dishes & Tidbit Tray

The tidbit tray is approximately 10.5 ins. in diameter.

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Lot 30

Vintage Canadian Placemats

The five placemats are 17.25 x 11.9 ins.

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Lot 31
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Lot 32

Vintage Wooden Crate

The crate is 11.5 x 19.75 ins. and is 7.75 ins. tall.

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Lot 33

Vintage Wooden Coca-cola Crate

The crate is 18.5 x 12 ins. and is 4.75 ins. tall.

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Lot 34

C.M. Russell Western Art Prints

Some have been framed. 7 prints are included as well as one empty frame.

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Lot 35

George Forman Classic-Plate Grill

Grill is in working order.

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Lot 36

Canvas Art Set

The canvases are 15.75 x 15.75 ins.

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Lot 37

Unique Wooden Hanging Organizer

The organizer is 11 x 13 ins.

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Lot 38

Eiffel Tower Figure & Paris Themed Storage Box

The Eiffel Tower is 14.5 ins. tall. The box is 8.6 x 6 ins. and is 4.5 ins. tall.

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Lot 39

The Hunger Games Trilogy & Small Wooden Crate

The crate is 5.5 x 9 ins. and is 5.5 ins. deep.

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Lot 40

Vintage Plastic & Metal Coca-cola Train Set

Comes in original Styrofoam storage.

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Lot 41

Antique Ironstone Platter & The Etude Magazines

The platter is 21 x 16 ins. There are 13 vintage magazines included.

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Lot 42
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Lot 43

Sailor Themed Figures & Melamine Tray

The tray is 12 x 8.25 ins. The Captain figure is 5.4 ins. tall.

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Lot 44

Crystal Glass Dishes & Silver Platter

The largest bowl is 8.75 ins. in diameter and 4 ins. deep. The crystal dish in the front is 10.25 ins. in diameter. The silver...

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Lot 45

Decorative Metal Bowl & Placemats

The bowl is 8.25 ins. in diameter and 5.75 ins. tall. The four orange mats are 19 x 13 ins. The four blue mats are 18.75 x 13.5...

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Lot 46

Lighted Hanging Winter Tapestry

The tapestry is 30 x 21.25 ins.

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Lot 47

Various Vases, Jars & Bottles

The tall green bottle is 9.25 ins. tall. The flowers in the dark vase seem to be made of glass.

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Lot 48

Vintage Case With Buttons, Wicker Basket & Art

The consignor says the case is from the 1970s and it is 7 x 7 ins. and 4.5 ins. deep. The basket is 12.75 ins. tall. The art...

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Lot 49

Wicker Duck Basket and Other Decorative Figures

The basket is 10 ins. from head to tail and is 6 ins. tall. The metal moss figure is approximately 12 ins. tall. Athens black...

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Lot 50

Hummingbird Art & Signed Flower Art in Frames

The larger frames are 9 x 9 ins. and the smaller frames are 6.5 x 8.5 ins.

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Lot 51

Wooden Jewelry Box

The box is 5.25 x 12.75 ins. and is 11.5 ins. tall.

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Lot 52

Collection of Art Glass Figures & Paperweights

The clear glass bird is 10 ins. tall. The larger paperweight is 3.5 ins. in diameter. The smaller paperweight has Gibson on the...

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Lot 53

Vintage & Antique Glassware & Silver Utensils

The hand painted purple glasses in the back row are 4 ins. tall. The salt shaker in the middle row is 2.75 ins. tall. The knife...

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Lot 54

Art Glass Bowls

The orange bowl is approximately 10 ins. in diameter and 3.5 ins. tall. The purple bowl is 7 ins. in diameter and 3.25 ins. tall.

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Lot 55

Lighted Coca-cola Figures

The igloo is 6.5 ins. tall. The Cool Tidings Workshop is 6 ins. tall. The bottle figure is 8.5 ins. tall.

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Lot 56

Lighted Coca-cola Houses & PartyLite Snowmen

The snowmen figure is 7 ins. tall.

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Lot 57

Lighted Coca-cola Figures

The red house on the left is 6 ins. tall.

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Lot 58

Natural Stone Jewelry With Some Sterling Rings

All stones appear to be natural. The only ring not sterling is the size 8 one in the left front. The 23 inch necklace is silver...

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Lot 59

6 Costume Rings and 3 Snake Bracelets

Rings are of various sizes. The bracelets are fairly heavy.

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Lot 60

Rings, Necklaces Sets and Natural Heart Necklace

The pink natural stone necklace might be quartz. Rings: blue stone is size 6.75, front gold tone is a size 6.5 and the big...

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Lot 61
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Lot 62

5 Nice Costume Necklaces

Sizes vary. The blue heart appears to be millefiore glass.

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Lot 63

Crystal Cube, Sterling Ring and Dragonfly Pin Plus

Plus a light weight 16 inch silver tone necklace.Both the ring and 1.5 inch wide pin are sterling. The ring is a size 8.5.

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Lot 64
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Lot 65
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Lot 66

Large White Capodimonte Single Nativity Statue

About 17 inches tall on a 9.5 inch square base. It is heavy but composition is unknown. It is from Florence with a date of 1983.

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Lot 67

2 Heart Necklaces Plus Others Plus Gold Tone Items

Also included is a 23 inch chain, a pin, pierced stud earrings and 2 small pendants.

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Lot 68

Vintage Cherub On Swing Pin Plus Nice Costume Pcs

Other items include pierced earrings, necklaces and a size 5.25 ring.

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Lot 69
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Lot 70

Costume Rings and Necklaces

Rings are sizes 6 and 5.5 from left to right. Necklaces vary in length.

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Lot 71

3 Pieces of Chinese Old Style Book and Pictures

The pictures average about 7 by 9 inches.

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Lot 72
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Lot 73

Green Pottery Wine Pot

About 7 inches tall.

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Lot 74

Happy Monk or Buddha Brass-Type Statue

About 6.5 inches tall and leaning to the rear a little.

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Lot 75

Intricate Brass Buddhist Manjushri Statue

Not quite 6 inches tall and leaning back a little.

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Lot 76

3 Footed Small Bronze Bowl

About 2.5 inches tall.

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Lot 77

Green Carved and Dark Blue Bangle Bracelets

These are both for small hands. Inner dimensions are about 2.25 and 2 3/8 inches. The green is possibly jade and the blue might...

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Lot 78

Trio of Large Jeweled Bracelets

Bangles that open.

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Lot 79
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Lot 80

Green Hand Painted Snuff Bottle

About 3 inches tall.

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Lot 81

Hand Painted Yellow Snuff Bottle

About 2.25 Inches Tall.

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Lot 82

Red Carved Stone Snuff Bottle

About 2.25 inches tall.

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Lot 83

Large Murano Glass Statement Necklace/Earrings

It appears to be a length that would fit almost everyone. It is pinned down and we have not removed it. The earrings are for...

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Lot 84

5 Silver Tone Rings With Green Stones

The stones appear to be jade. Sizes vary.

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Lot 85

5 Chinese Coins

Both sides are shown.

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Lot 86

8 Mostly Colorful Pendants

The metal is probably brass.

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Lot 87

3 Stone Pendants on Short Cords

These are about 8 inches long. Both sides are shown.

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Lot 88

Carved Green Necklaces and Pr of Pendants

Various lengths. The stones appear to be jade.

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Lot 89

Natural Stone Bracelets and Pendants

The bracelets are on stretch cords. These items could be made of natural resin. Several are carved.

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Lot 90
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Lot 91

Wooden Piano Stool with Glass Ball Claw Feet

19 1/2 in. tall 14 in. wide.

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Lot 92

Vintage Sled

4 1/2 ft. tall.

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Lot 93
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Lot 94

Metal Coat Hook

73 inches tall.

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Lot 95

Antique Flexible Flyer Sled

Circa 1930s44 in. long 12 in. wide.

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Lot 96

Wicker Basket

11 in. tall 25 in. wide 20 in. deep.

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Lot 97

Vintage Kids Riding Toys

1940s eraBilly Boy complete tricycle measures 19 1/2 in. tall 22 in. long.

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Lot 98

Wooden Upholstered Foot Rest

17 1/2 in. tall 18 1/2 in. wide 14 1/2 in. deep.

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Lot 99

Longaberger Wrought Iron Shelving

4 square pieces 14 in. x 14 in.2 corner piecesHardware included.

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