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Online General Estate Auction- T- January 25, 2018. St. Leonard, Maryland MD

Status: Closed

Internet-only (timed) auction


Chesapeake Auction House



5015 St. Leonard Rd., St. Leonard, Maryland, 20685. USA. tel: 410.586.1161

17th Jan, 2018
Ended: 25th Jan, 2018
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This is an "Online Only" Auction starting January 17, 2018 - 5 PM and ending January 25, 2018 - 7 PM. A Buyer's Premium of 13% plus 6% sales tax will be added to your invoice at the close of the auction. Items must be picked at the auction house within a week after the auction, unless other arrangements have been made with the Auction House.

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Lot 201

Wooden Rowboat Wall Decoration

This piece is 2 feet tall and ready to hang.

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Lot 202

Oriental Crane Picture Comprised Entirely Of

Shells This is about 13 by 19, is done on cloth and has a few stains. It is ready to hang. There is an Oriental designation in...

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Lot 203

2 Large Purses With Shoulder Straps

The top glittery one is by Rebecca Minhoff. The other is by Bally and could be for a small computer or tablet. They both feel...

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Lot 204

2 Large Purses

The one on the bottom is by Melie Bianco. it Could be leather. The inside is stained. The other is by Andrea Carrano and is...

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Lot 205

Black Kathy Van Zeeland Purse and Purple Rebecca

Minhoff Purse These both seem like vinyl. L

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Lot 206

Framed Black and White Picture Of a Sailboat

This is about 12 by 12.5 inches.

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Lot 207

Barnwood Framed Kitten Picture

This is 10 by 12 and ready to hang.

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Lot 208

Framed Aluminum or Reflective Ducks in Flight

This is 10.5 by 12 inches and is ready to hang. It has a metallic background.

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Lot 209

Old Mixing Bowl and Small Carved Box and Tractor

Buckle the bowl is by American Cooking Ware. It has some hairline cracks in the bottom.

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Lot 210

Coleman Lantern and Canteen in Case

The canteen is dented. We know nothing about the lantern.

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Lot 211

Noritake Ireland Plates and More

This lot includes:9 Noritake Ireland 2764 Amapola porcelain platesa milk glass vasea hand painted ceramic butter dish or soap dish

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Lot 212

8 Fine Porcelain Animal Sculptures

These were made in Japan and Korea. The large owl one was made in Taiwan.

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Lot 213

1985 The Franklin Mint Fine Porcelain Cat

This lot includes:a 1985 Franklin Mint fine porcelain sculpture a porcelain cat coin banka ceramic hand painted cata pottery bee...

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Lot 214
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Lot 215

Lenox and Japanese Porcelain Sculptures and More

This lot includes:a pair of hand painted Japanese porcelain man and woman decorative wall hangingsa fine porcelain hand painted...

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Lot 216
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Lot 217
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Lot 218

Glass Oil Lamp

Measures 17.5 tall.

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Lot 219

Rooster Ovenware and Other Roster Items

This lot includes:a porcelain ovenware set with rooster motifs a ceramic planter with rooster motifa porcelain rooster planter by...

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Lot 220
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Lot 221
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Lot 222
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Lot 223
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Lot 224

Porcelain Fish Dish and Pitcher and More

This lot includes:a porcelain fish dish with rose motifs a white porcelain pitcher2 cream and sugar pairsa glass candy dish

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Lot 225

Assortment of Glasses and Shotglasses

Also includes 4 matching glass candle holders.

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Lot 226

Several Candle Holders and Atlas Jar

This lot includes:a glass nutcracker candle holdera pair of glazed pottery candle holdersa metal candle holder a brass Royal...

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Lot 227

4 Matching Glass Lamp Shades & Pink Glass

Ceiling Shade. The glass ceiling light shade is 10" wide.

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Lot 228

Handpainted Japanese Porcelain Pitcher and More

This lot includes:a handpainted Japanese porcelain pitchera pair of pottery Asian monk sculptures (China)a Goldimari handpainted...

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Lot 229
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Lot 230
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Lot 231
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Lot 232
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Lot 233

3 Cobalt Blue Anchor Hocking Mixing Bowls

Largest bowl measures 10 wide.

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Lot 234

Vivitar 7x50 Magnification Binoculars - Like New

Barely used pair of Vivitar binoculars with case and original box. Has UV coated optics.

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Lot 235

1 Ounce .999 Fine Copper 1909 S Penny

Minted by the Golden State Mint. Proof.

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Lot 236

5 Ounce Incuse Indian .999 Copper Round

Minted by the Golden State Mint.

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Lot 237
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Lot 238
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Lot 239

Marble Mortar and Non Matching Pestle and More

This lot includes:a porcelain swan plantera porcelain pony planter a hand painted porcelain bowl planter with floral motifs a...

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Lot 240

Assortment of Decorative Porcelain Ware

Includes:a 24kt gold painted Strangl pottery leafSeveral hand painted decorative porcelain plates / dishes

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Lot 241

Tubular steel mirrored vanity stand

Adjustable swivel mirror Glass shelves 48 inches tall 29.5 inches wide 14 inches deep

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Lot 242

Crosman 760 Pumpmaster pellet BB rifle

.177 mm cal pellets, 4.5 mm cal BBs

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Lot 243

Needle point seat piano stool

Cast iron legs screw pedestal

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Lot 244

Vintage pine potato onion bin

Removable top 26.5 inches tall 15 in. top

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Lot 245

Vintage walnut apothecary cabinet

Seven drawers Porcelain knobs wall hanging 21 inches tall 12.75 inches wide 5.5 inches deep

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Lot 246

Antique mahogany and walnut plant stand

Ornate turned pedestal with Unique cast iron and brass ball and claw feet 25.75 inches tall 14 in. top.

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Lot 247

Pair of oak speaker stands

31 inches tall 12 in. base

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Lot 248
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Lot 249

Large glass Poppy flower vase arrangement

Classifies is 16 inches tall 6 inch diameter

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Lot 250

Antique Gamewell cast iron fire alarm box

Solid cast iron box, locked, no key. 17.25 inches tall 12.5 inches wide 6 inches deep

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Lot 251

Chinese paper lanterns

Brand new set of 10. 8 in. with expansion brackets

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Lot 252

Ornate fabric photo frame

21 inches by 18.5 inches

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Lot 253

Wire metal leaf motif magazine rack

17 inches wide 12 inches tall 10 inches deep

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Lot 254
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Lot 255

Hanging Metal Floral Wall Sconces

14.5 tall, made in Italy.

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Lot 256

Gold Colored Metal & Clear Glass Sconces

Pair of approximately 13 tall wall sconces.

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Lot 257

Japanese Satsuma Vase

12 Satsuma vase with peacock design. Made in USA.

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Lot 258

Statue of Bald Eagle with Eaglets

Japanese made Price Imports ceramic type figure of s bald eagle with eaglets. 9.5 tall.

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Lot 259

Miniature Crystal Dishes & Ardalt Floral Dishes

- 8 various miniature crystal dishes- 12 Ardalt China miniature flower dishes, made in Japan

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Lot 260

Antique Mini Vases, Limoges Plate, Various Dishes

- 3 miniature antique floral china vases- 7.5?? gold leaf Limoges plate- China teacup & saucer with purple floral design -...

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Lot 261

Bone China Flowers, Gorham Music Box, Etc.

- 2 Lefton flower wall hangings - Gorham bird music box- English china flower basket- Napcoware mini bone china flower waterer -...

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Lot 262

Princess House Crystal Vases

- 8.5 tall crystal vase with blue base, made in Romania - 10 tall crystal vase, made in USA

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Lot 263

Small Glass & Crystal Pitchers

6 small glass and crystal pitchers.

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Lot 264

Lamplight Farms Oil Lamp & Aluminum Mugs

- 4 Emson-Ware aluminum mugs- Metal Lamplight Farms oil lamp with glass chimney, 12 tall total - Copper colored measuring spoons

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Lot 265

Norman Rockwell & Bird Mugs

- 4 Norman Rockwell nautical themed mugs, made in Japan - 5 bird mugs, made in Japan

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Lot 266

Various Wooden Utensils

Wooden meat tenderizer and various wooden stirrers.

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Lot 267

Three Fruit Wall Hangings

Resin decorative wall plaques: grapes, apples, pears. Each 5 x 10.5.

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Lot 268

Framed Four Seasons Cross Stitch Art

4 framed cross stitch scenes of house in each season. Each 6 x 8.

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Lot 269

Green Glass Plate and Bowl

- 12 green glass plate- 8.5 green glass bowl - 5 decorative glass balls

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Lot 270
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Lot 271

2 Amber Colored Glass Ashtrays and More

This lot includes: a pair of amber colored glass ashtraysa porcelain ashtray with nautical motif a glass vasean etched glass oil...

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Lot 272

Vintage Ornate Glass Ashtray with Metal Trim

Has a frosted glass base with hummingbirds molded on the bottom. Has an ornate brass trim work with cherubs on it. It is 4 inches...

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Lot 273

Glass Insulator and Vintage Flower Frog & More

This lot includes:a clear glass insulatora vintage green metal flower frog (California Vogue No.32 Beagle)a tiny Wagner Ware 1050...

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Lot 274

Porcelain Teapot Candle Holder and More

This lot includes:pair of hand painted metal ashtraysa metal disha pair of hand painted metal candle holders3 porcelain candle...

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Lot 275

8 Vintage Homco Decorative Wall Decor Pieces

These are made of plastic and are dated 1971 in roman numerals. They are in great condition.

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Lot 276

Porcelain Sculpture and More

This lot includes:a porcelain sculpture of an 18th century man and dog (made in Japan)2 porcelain vases and a small dish, each...

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Lot 277

Pyrex Measuring Cup and More

This lot includes:a 2 cup Pyrex measuring cup2 other glass measuring cupsa glass juicera 4 piece metal cocktail mixing cup seta...

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Lot 278

White Porcelain Rose and More

This lot includes:a white porcelain rose made by Roman Inc. 1997.2 elephant statuesa porcelain bird sculpturea metal gift shaped...

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Lot 279

All Vintage Oriental Nodder Pair, Luminarc Rocks

Glasses, Bank and Christmas Cards This lot includes:4 luminarc verre on-the-rocks glasses2 oriental wood bobble headsa pottery...

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Lot 280
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Lot 281
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Lot 282
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Lot 283

4 German Rentenmark Currency Pieces

The German rentenmark was a response to the hyperinflation occurring in Germany in 1923. It was backed by land used by...

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Lot 284

Optimus Quartz 2 in 1 Convection & Radiant Heater

Works good. Slightly used. Has casters. Includes original box.

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Lot 285

Metal Craftsman Toolbox

Has some surface wear. Measures 13 tall and 22 x 12 wide.

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Lot 286
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Lot 287
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Lot 288

5 Framed Normal Rockwell Prints

Reproduction prints. Each one is in a metal frame and has a glass front panel. Frame measures 11 x 14.

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Lot 289
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Lot 290

California Statehood First Day of Issue Framed

Stamp. Has a wood frame and a glass front panel. Measures 21 x 14.

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Lot 291

Italian Blackpowder Flask and More

This lot includes:a blackpowder flask with brass top. Has bird and dog motifs. (Italian made)a brass blackpowder adjustable...

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Lot 292

Stauer Sterling Silver Ingot Watch

In brand-new condition. Has a small 0.925 sterling silver ingot placed inside the case.Bracelet: brassMovement: Swiss...

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Lot 293

8 Whitman Cardboard Coin Folders

These folders are for various coins including quarters, lincoln cents, and mercury and barber dimes. This lot only includes the...

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Lot 294
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Lot 295
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Lot 296
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Lot 297
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Lot 298
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Lot 299

Five Late 1960s Mexican Quarters

Includes:2 - 19682 - 19691 - 1967

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Lot 300
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