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Online General Estate Auction -F- October 18, 2018. St. Leonard, Maryland MD

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Internet-only (timed) auction


Chesapeake Auction House



5015 St. Leonard Rd., St. Leonard, Maryland, 20685. USA. tel: 410.586.1161

10th Oct, 2018
Ended: 18th Oct, 2018
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This is an "Online Only" Auction starting October 10, 2018 - 5 PM and ending October 18, 2018 - 7 PM. A Buyer's Premium of 15% plus 6% sales tax will be added to your invoice at the close of the auction. Items must be picked at the auction house within a week after the auction, unless other arrangements have been made with the Auction House

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Lot 1

Radio Shack TRS-80 Color Computer 2 w/ Accessories

Vintage TRS-80 Color Computer with original box. Appears very clean, possibly never used. This lot includes: - TRS-80 DMP 105...

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Lot 2

Atari 2600 'Light Sixer' w/ Games & Accessories

Vintage Atari 2600 six-switch CX2600 model. Includes 16 game cartridges, one joystick, video touch pad, two paddle controllers,...

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Lot 3

Oak Finish Jewelry Armoire

41 in. tall 18 in. wide 15 in. deep.

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Lot 4

Mastercraft Chest of Drawers

57 in. tall 32 in. wide 17 in. deep.

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Lot 5

Vintage Provincial Dining Room Table

30 in. tall 60 in. wide 40 in. deep when fully extended.

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Lot 6

Mahogany Desk

31 in. tall 48 in. wide 19 in. deep.

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Lot 7

Oak Bar with 2 Drawers and Glass Cabinets

53 in. tall 48 in. wide 18 in. deep.

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Lot 8

Solid Wood with Maple Veneer Chest of Drawers

33 in. tall 42 in. wide 22 in. deep.

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Lot 9

Concrete Hallway Vase

22 in. tall about 20 in. in diameter.

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Lot 10

Concrete Hallway Vase

23 in. tall about 20 in. diameter.

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Lot 11

Large Shop Display Factice Perfume Bottle

Oval Glass bottle with Clear oval glass stopper stands at 11 ins. tall total. No label on bottle or bottom of glass.

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Lot 12

Elizabeth Taylor Large Shop Display Perfume Bottle

Factice bottle is a deep purple with gold embellishment around the neck and a gold diamond on the front. Stands at 12.5 ins. tall...

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Lot 13

Scaasi Large Shop Display Perfume Bottle

Factice bottle is clear with translucent green section with brand. Stands at 10.25 ins. tall.

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Lot 14

Obsession Large Shop Display Perfume Bottle

Factice bottle is glass with a brown and gold plastic top. Stands at 6.25 ins. tall total.

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Lot 15

Lancme Tresor Large Shop Display Perfume Bottle

Factice clear glass bottle and top with black ring embellishment. Stands at 6 ins. tall total.

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Lot 16

Chalk Board

29 1/2 in. tall 19 in. wide.

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Lot 17

2 Square Mirrors in Rectangular Wooden Frame

Cowboy theme. 15 in. x 34 1/2 in.

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Lot 18
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Lot 19

Collection of Vinyl Records - LPs & 45s

Approximately 45+ LP albums. Includes country, folk, classical, and more.

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Lot 20

K2 Skis and Poles with Salomon Bag

K2 Reflex skis size 148. Marker M27 V-tech Twincam bindings. 44 in. poles.

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Lot 21

13 WWII Books - Various Axis History Titles

Gestapo, Hitlers Generals (Rommel specifically), Himmler, the Bormann Brotherhood, diaries of Joseph Goebbels, the search for...

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Lot 22

13 Civil War History Books

Mostly related to Confederate history, specifically Robert E. Lee and his officers.

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Lot 23
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Lot 24
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Lot 25
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Lot 26
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Lot 27

Vintage Chocolate Marble Top Buffet on Wheels

29 1/2 in. tall 53 in. wide 23 in. deep.

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Lot 28

Vintage Eastlake Upholstered Armchair

40 in. tall 26 in. wide.Front legs on wheels.

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Lot 29

Vintage Wood Rocking Chair & Old Cushioned Chair

Rocker: 39 in. tall 17 in. wide.Cushioned Chair: 35 in. tall 16 in. wide.

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Lot 30

Vintage Military Footlocker

12 in. tall 29 in. wide 15 in. deep.

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Lot 31

Wooden Chest of Drawers

44 in. tall 30 in. wide 19 in. deep.

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Lot 32
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Lot 33

2 Wicker Planters

24 in. tall 16 in. diameter.

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Lot 34
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Lot 35
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Lot 36
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Lot 37

Vintage Piece of Framed Artwork

Plastic frame measures 12 in. x 22 in.

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Lot 38

Brass and Wooden Lamp

No shade. 30 in. tall.

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Lot 39

Vintage Metal Coca-Cola Sign

23 in. long 10 in. tall. From store display rack.

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Lot 40

Vintage Metal Coca-Cola Sign

46 in. long 11 in. tall. From store display rack.

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Lot 41

APC Surge Protector

Has 6 outlets.

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Lot 42

Collection of Vinyl LP Records

Approximately 45+ albums, including albums by artists such as Arethra Franklin, Etta James, The Temptations, Frank Sinatra,...

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Lot 43

Barneys Leather Daytona Beach Leather Jacket

Black leather motorcycle jacket, appears new. Size 50.

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Lot 44

Libbey Football Glass & Pitcher Set

Includes 1 pitcher, 6 matching glasses and original box.

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Lot 45

Air Compressor, CO2 Tank & Hazard Sign

300 PSI 12V air compressor, Brass Eagle Paint Ball products CO2 capacity 9 ounces tank, hazard sign folds for storage.

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Lot 46

Souvenir Spoons with Wall Shelf

Shelf is 14.5 ins. tall and 9.5 ins. wide. Comes with 17 small spoons.

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Lot 47

Japanese Hand Painted Tea Set

Includes teapot, creamer, sugar, 2 teacups, 4 saucers, 4 plates.

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Lot 48

Vintage Metal Table Lamps

Lamps are 13.5 ins. tall including shades.

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Lot 49

Unique Giraffe Stand

Stands at 11 ins. tall Top of stand is 6 x 8 ins One small broken piece.

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Lot 50
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Lot 51
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Lot 52

Lot of CDs

Includes 28 disks with cases.

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Lot 53

Lot of Vintage Glass Collectibles

Small Lenox vase, Orleans China covered dish, RS Germany covered candy dish, Teleflora Thomas Kinkade matching dish and mug set...

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Lot 54

Cow Cookie Jar & Cream and Sugar Set

AMC.NY.NY cookie jar and Potters Collection by Ranmaru cream & sugar set.

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Lot 55

Lot of Vintage Glass Collectibles

Bath and Body works ceramic mold, R.R.P. Company vase and matching ornate boot mugs.

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Lot 56

Lot of Vintage Cloths, Towels & Handkerchiefs

Most feature hand stitched embroidery, crochet or lace.

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Lot 57

Vintage Round Picture Frames & Tapestry

Frames are 9 ins. in diameter and have art in them. Tapestry is approximate 25.5 ins. long and 16 ins. wide.

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Lot 58

Metal Basket Full of Golf Balls

Basket is 10 ins. tall and 10.5 ins. in diameter.

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Lot 59

Lot of Home Decor & Storage Items

Includes large melamine basket that is 15 ins. in diameter and 7.25 ins. deep, small wire basket that is 10.25 x 6.75 ins. and 4...

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Lot 60

Vintage Kitchen Ware

Includes 3 Fire-King dishes (6 ins. pie dish, 8 ins. round pan and a 2 QT rectangular pan) and an incomplete Pfaltzgraff...

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Lot 61

Lot of Picture Frames

Unique gold 8 x 10 ins. frame with beauty shot, Old World designer collection 8 x 10 ins. frame, 2 new black Home Images 11 x 14...

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Lot 62

Benz-Gant Camera & Accessories

Includes Helioflex 3000T 35 mm camera, flash, camera strap, cord and tripod.

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Lot 63

Lot of Phones & Accessories

Includes 3 Otter Box cases, 3 other clip cases, Verizon HTC phone with charging cables, Verizon LG phone with charging cables,...

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Lot 64

Lot of Unique Flower Decor

Includes 3 pink Twos Company Jewelry holders, 1 blue Twos Company jewelry holder, wall plaque with glass flowers and bouquet of...

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Lot 65

Dream Catcher & Colorful Aztec Table Runner

Dream Catcher is new with legends of the dream catcher story included. Runner is approximately 59 ins. long and 26 ins. wide.

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Lot 66

Snow Scene & Animal Figurines

Snow scene with lake comes with grizzly bear, deer, and polar bear figure. Gray Wold Pack figure and polar bear figure also...

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Lot 67

Collection of Vintage Plates & Flower Candles

Includes 8 beautiful plates of various themes. All have a plate hanger attached. 12 pack of Rainbow Flower Tapers 15 ins. candles.

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Lot 68

3 Pieces of Art in Matching Metal Frames

33 in. x 14 in. New Orleans Jazz27 in. x 22 in. Hyacinth 3/100 Signed by artist14 in. x 18 in. Ballerina Slippers

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Lot 69
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Lot 70

New Flag Sign Pole and 3 Flag Signs


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Lot 71

7 Late 1800s Photographs

These are in the 4 to 6.5 inch range.

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Lot 72

Antique German Armand Marseille Doll

This is a no. 390. 17 in. tall. Her head is porcelain and she has glass eyes and an open mouth which shows 4 teeth. Her body is...

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Lot 73

Composition War Time Bed Doll

She is about 33 inches tall and is wearing her original clothing. Her limbs are in decent condition, she has all of her fingers,...

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Lot 74
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Lot 75

Boxed 2003 Barbie Talk of the Town

Box top has some tape damage.

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Lot 76
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Lot 77

Boxed 2001 Barbie Ring in the New Year

The box shows wear, mostly at the top.

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Lot 78

Boxed Exotic Intrigue Barbie & Avon Lady Barbie

On the left is the Avon doll from 1998. The box shows slight use. On the right is the Exotic Intrigue Barbie from 2003.

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Lot 79
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Lot 80

Large Box of Barbie Related Magazines and Guides

See pictures of what is included plus a written list.

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Lot 81

5 Hardcover Civil War Books

These are all in great condition. See pictures for titles.

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Lot 82

1990 Calvertopoly Board game

This is the Calvert Co edition of Monopoly and was sponsored by the Kiwanis Club. It was made by Pride Distributors of MI and is...

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Lot 83

12 Hard Back Books: The Vietnam Experience

These are from the Boston Publishing Company and were printed in the 80s. The one we are showing is from 1983. They are in good...

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Lot 84

Boxed 1991 Barbie Evening Lame

Box has some corner rubs.

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Lot 85

Boxed 1995 Avon Barbie Winter Velvet

This is the first in a series.

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Lot 86

Boxed Holiday Barbie Ornament

This is 6th in the series and is dated 1998. The box still has the original price tag attached and is dented a little.

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Lot 87

Boxed Stars n Stripes Barbie Army and Air Force

The Air Force doll is from 1990 and the Army doll is from 1992.

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Lot 88

Native American Barbie and Barbie/ Baby Keiko

Both dolls are still boxed. The left one is from 1992 and the other is from 1996.

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Lot 89

Boxed Navy Barbie, Air Force Thunderbirds Barbie

The Navy doll is from 1990 and is the second edition of the Stars n Stripes series. The other is from 1993.

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Lot 90

Boxed Army Barbie and Marine Corps Barbie

The Army Barbie is from 1989 and that box shows wear. The other is from 1991.

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Lot 91
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Lot 92
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Lot 93
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Lot 94

Boxed 1990 Happy Holidays Barbie

Box shows some wear.

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Lot 95
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Lot 96
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Lot 97

Boxed 1994 Barbie Happy Holidays Gala

Box shows wear and it has several languages printed on it.

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Lot 98
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Lot 99

Kids Taekwando Pad Set with Duffle

Size medium. Chest pad, head pad, gloves, feet pads. Includes extra set of Everlast boxing gloves.

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Lot 100

Kids Taekwondo Pad Set and Duffle

Size medium. Chest pad, head pad, gloves, feet pads. Includes practice pad for training.

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