Online General Estate Auction - B - March 21, 2019. St. Leonard, Maryland MD

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Chesapeake Auction House



5015 St. Leonard Rd., St. Leonard, Maryland, 20685. USA. tel: 410.586.1161

13th Mar, 2019
Ended: 21st Mar, 2019
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This is an "Online Only" Auction starting March 13, 2019 - 5 PM and ending March 21, 2019 - 7 PM. A Buyer's Premium of 15% plus 6% sales tax will be added to your invoice at the close of the auction. Items must be picked up at the auction house within a week after the auction, unless other arrangements have been made with the Auction House.

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Lot 1

Large Vintage Cedar Chest on Casters

27 in. tall 59 1/2 in. wide 26 3/4 in. deep. Includes key.

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Lot 2

Authentic Dale Tiffany Studios Stained Glass Lamp

Antiques Roadshow limited edition issue, Gorgeous Iris motif, marked shade and cast iron base, shade has beaded stud edge and...

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Lot 3

Vintage Reverse Painted Satin Glass Lamp

Beautiful forest scene, unsigned, cast metal base, some minor flakes on edge of shade. Two bulbs with drop pull sockets, 24...

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Lot 4

Steel Storage Cabinet

Fair condition, two door two drawer, adjustable interior shelves, 65 inches tall 24 inches wide 24 inches deep, no keys

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Lot 5

Music Equipment Storage Roadie Case

Good condition, no foam, 28" x 35" x 23"

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Lot 6

Used Storage Shelving Unit

Good used condition 72" x 22" x 19"

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Lot 7

Tool Truck Storage Box

Used condition 13" x 32" x 15"

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Lot 8

Storage Moving Case

Plastic, Good used condition 19" x 26" x 4"

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Lot 9

Large Storage Moving Case

Heavy duty plastic, good used condition, interior foam, 24" x 35" x 28"

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Lot 10

Silicone scientific RV antenna

Good used condition, 54" tall

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Lot 11

Mahi Mahi Wall Mount

Taxidermy style wall hanging of a dolphin/mahi. Appears to be plastic/plaster body with soft/fragile fins and tail. 41 in. long....

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Lot 12

Vintage Coca-Cola Sign on Board

13 1/2 in. x 26 1/2 in.

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Lot 13

Vintage Coca-Cola Sign in Metal Frame

22 1/4 in. x 38 1/2 in.

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Lot 14

Plastic Coca-Cola Button Sign

23 1/2 in. diameter

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Lot 15

Framed Classic Coca-Cola Ad Poster + 1 Poster

37 in. x 25 in.Unframed poster is bent in plastic packaging.

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Lot 16

Vintage Wooden Rocking Bench for Toddlers/Dolls

16 3/4 in. tall 23 in. wide 14 in. deep

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Lot 17

Vintage Coca-Cola Ad Poster

36 in. x 12 in.

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Lot 18

Large Farm Scene Cross-Stitch

As ye sow so shall ye reap, professionally framed and matted in nice oak frame, 28.5" x 23"

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Lot 19

Runner Rug

Good used condition, measures 62" x 23"

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Lot 20

Pine Child's Storage Bench

Nice condition, removable lid, heart cut out handles, 17 inches tall 17.5 inches wide 9 inches deep.

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Lot 21
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Lot 22
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Lot 23

Metal Candle Holder with Candle

16 in. tall. With mother of pearl style decorative pieces.

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Lot 24

Collection of 5 Topographic Maps of MD Counties

Talbot, Queen Annes, Caroline, Kent and Dorchester Counties.

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Lot 25

Small Cabinet Magazine Rack + Metal Chair

cabinet 20 in. tall 19 in. wide 21 1/2 in. deepchair 37 in. tall

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Lot 26

Giant Dance Mat Piano

31 in. x 67

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Lot 27

3 Walking Sticks / Canes

Wooden hand made stick 37 inches long.

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Lot 28

2 Walking Canes Avian Pommels

Silver duck pommel stick 37 inches long.

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Lot 29
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Lot 30

2 Small Swords with Hilts

31 inches each

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Lot 31

5 Boxes of Mobilgas Decorative Lights

Mobilgas Special gas pump shaped string lights with original boxes, each box contains ten lights.

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Lot 32

1996 Mobil 1 Racing Die Cast Funny Car

New in box, 1/24 scale. By Racing Champions.

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Lot 33

1931 Kenworth Mobil Oil Gas Truck

New in box. BD&A Collectors Series Limited Edition.

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Lot 34

1994 Mobil 1 Racing Toy Race Car Carrier

Limited edition collectors series, new with original box. 15 in. long. Includes race car.

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Lot 35

1996 Mobil Collectible Toy Truck

New with original box. Limited edition. Features sounds and lights.

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Lot 36

2001 Coca-Cola Racing Family NASCAR Gas Pump Signs

4 paper gas pump signage pieces, never displayed. From 2001, featuring Dale Earnhardt Sr., printed only weeks before his death....

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Lot 37

New Queen Size 84 by 96 Inch Reversible Comforter

Black and gray --- dry cleanable only. Both sides have a satiny finish.

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Lot 38

3 Wooden and Turquoise-Type Necklaces

The turquoise colored necklaces do not contain real turquoise.The brown tubes in the middle necklace appear to be wooden.From...

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Lot 39

Oriental Lacquered Box With Inlaid Abalone

This is about 4.75 by 9 inches.

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Lot 40
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Lot 41

Set of 3 Gold Tone Metal Pokemon Cards

These are about 1 7/8 by 3 inches in their plastic cases. They are dated 1999 and are named Mewtwo, Poliwhirl and Charizard.

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Lot 42

Sterling Seashell Slide Pendant on Sterling Chain

The chain is 18 inches long. This is not a flimsy piece.

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Lot 43

Marcasite Crystal Sterling Silver Necklace

The chain is 16 inches long and the drop is almost an inch. It is all hallmarked.

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Lot 44

16 Inch Abalone Pendant And Sterling Necklace

This is hallmarked and has a nice weight to it.

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Lot 45

Marcasite Crystal Sterling Silver Heart Pendant

This is all hallmarked with an 18 inch chain. The camera cannot capture the glitter.

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Lot 46

18K Gold Over Sterling Silver CZ Bracelet

Hallmarked and about 7.5 inches long. The CZs are prong set and have a sparkle which the camera cannot pick up.

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Lot 47

Blue and White Topaz Drop Pendant/Sterling Chain

The metal is platinum over sterling. Both stones are clear and are a nice size.

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Lot 48

Goldtone Sterling and Ruby Circle Pendant

The 1 inch pendant is on an 18 inch hallmarked chain. The rubies are real.

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Lot 49

Swarovski Crystal Sterling Starfish Necklace

The chain is Italian sterling and both it and the 1.75 inch starfish are hallmarked. The camera cannot capture the high sparkle...

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Lot 50

Vintage Varsol Automotive Parts Washer Can

Very nice condition overall, flip top, needs cleaning, great automotive Motrhead collectible and auto shop fresh! 10.5 inches...

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Lot 51
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Lot 52
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Lot 53

Cardboard Sierra Nevada Beer Sign

24 inches x 38 inches

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Lot 54

Children's Compound Bow

34 1/2 inches long

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Lot 55

Collapsible Net

40 inches long

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Lot 56

Bag of Snorkeling Equipment

Flippers, goggles, snorkel

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Lot 57

ACDelco 50th Anniversary Auto Parts Cabinet

Rare vintage metal two-piece stacking auto parts cabinet, circa 1966. Has ACDelco 50 Years of Reliability graphics. Came from...

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Lot 58

Vintage 1960s Blue Streak Auto Parts Cabinet

Rare vintage automotive parts metal wall cabinet, Blue Streak Ignition Service graphics. 29 in. tall x 32.5 in. wide x 11 in....

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Lot 59

W. Glaser Zurich Crossbow

Marked W. Glaser Sporthaus, Zurich. Wooden stock, 28.5 in. long total.

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Lot 60

Three Surf Fishing Rods

9, 10, and 12. All are two pieces.

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Lot 61

Wooden Boat Oar

53 inches long

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Lot 62

Wooden Rifle Rack + Shelf

No key.Rack 28 inches tall 26 1/2 inches wide 5 inches deep

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Lot 63

Blue Tint Glass Carboy

19 1/2 inches tall

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Lot 64

Large Wine Chiller with Insert

Can remove insert to chill anything desired.9 3/4 in. tall 18 1/4 in. diameter

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Lot 65
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Lot 66
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Lot 67

Fondue Set New in Box

Michael Graves Design

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Lot 68
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Lot 69

Folding Chair with Camouflage Canopy

57 in. tall 45 in. wide 45 in. deep with canopy up

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Lot 70

3 Pieces of Camouflage Netting

37 in. x 62 in.54 in. x 92 in.55 in. x 141 in.

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Lot 71

Vintage Wood and Iron Horse Hames

These are approximately 26 ins. in length.

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Lot 72
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Lot 73

Iron USA Boat Anchor

This is about 10 ins. in diameter and 7.75 ins. tall.

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Lot 74

Gerber Machete With Sheath

This machete is 18.75 ins. long total with a 10 ins. long blade.

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Lot 75

Plano Tackle Box with Fishing Tackle

The tackle box is 12.5 x 5.5 ins. and is 6.5 ins. tall.

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Lot 76

Plano Tackle Box with Fishing Tackle

The tackle box is 12.5 x 5.5 ins. and is 6.5 ins. tall.

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Lot 77

1980 Erlanger Beer Lighted Plastic Sign

The sign is 10.5 ins. wide at the bottom and is 12.25 ins. tall. The cord is broken by the turning switch so the light is not...

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Lot 78

The Comics Journal Vintage Magazines

These are all from 1982 and 1983.

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Lot 79
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Lot 80

Vintage Electric Iron, Iron Mold Pans & Cleaver

The mold pans are 6 ins. in diameter. The cleaver is 9.5 ins. long.

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Lot 81

Store Display Rack

Stationary rack (4 sided) with 9 shelves and box of accessories. 54.5 in. tall, 25 in. wide, 25 in. deep.

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Lot 82

Vintage Washington Redskins Memorabilia

Includes a mirrored Miller High Life sign in a 14.5 x 19.5 ins. frame. An unopened Wheaties box for the 1992 NFL Champions.

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Lot 83

Empty Shell Casings

Includes a 18 ins. tall 3 in. MK7- Mod 1 50 cal shell, a 14.75 ins. tall 3 Pdr shell and a 12.25 ins. tall 40 MM shell.

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Lot 84

Vintage Military Hat, Web Belt & Bags

The hat is size 7 5/8 and has a neck cover flap. The green bag is 11.25 x 13.25.

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Lot 85

Visual/Thermal Combat ID Panel

This is a bright orange color and is in great condition. It comes in a fabric storage bag. the panel is 47 x 48 ins.

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Lot 86

Airsoft Pistols & Military Fulton Flashlight

The flashlight is 8.1 ins. tall.

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Lot 87
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Lot 88

Vintage items & Collectible Baseball Cards

Includes a Defender Tomatoes Can Wrap in a 10.75 x 9 ins. frame. 4 Timmons & Charles glass cylinders.

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Lot 89

Tall Brass Candlesticks

These are 22 ins. tall.

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Lot 90

Dorothy Thorpe Glassware Bar Set

Includes...- a 5.75 ins. in diameter and 4.75 ins. deep ice bucket- six 4 ins. tall glasses- six 4.75 ins. tall stemmed glasses-...

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Lot 91

Collection of Ceramic Leprechaun Items

The leaf bowl with lid is about 6.75 ins. wide and 5.5 ins. tall including the sitting leprechaun. The sitting leprechaun on the...

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Lot 92

The Humane Society Snow Pup & Art Glass Cats

The brown glass cat is 4.75 ins. tall. The snow pup is 5.5 ins. from head to tail.

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Lot 93

Lot of Silverplate Items

Includes Lenox, Viking Plate, Sheffield Plate & more. The candle holders are 6 ins. tall. The teapot is 7.25 ins. tall.

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Lot 94

Clear Glass Pitchers

The tallest pitcher is 9.5 ins. tall.

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Lot 95

Vintage Glass Pitcher, Small Glasses & S&P Shakers

The pitcher is 6.25 ins. tall. The glasses are 2.5 ins. in diameter and 3.75 ins. tall.

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Lot 96

Unique Metal & Mason Jar Pendant Lights

These are 7.5 ins. tall.

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Lot 97

Metal & Glass Grapevine Motif Vase

This is 13.5 ins. tall.

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Lot 98

Beautiful Red Art Glass Cake Pedestal

This is 13 ins. in diameter and 5 ins. tall.

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Lot 99

Vintage Wooden Box

Shows original finish and is 12 inches long, 8.5 inches deep and 8.75 inches tall.

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Lot 100

Decorative Round Mirror With Hanging Hooks

This is about 21.5 inches tall. The mirror itself is nice and clear.

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