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NOW CONSIGNING: Late September Coin and Gun Auction. Alexandria, Virginia VA

Status: Closed

Internet-only (timed) auction


Alexandria Auctions LLC


5622 General Washington Drive, Alexandria, Virginia, 22312. USA. tel: 571-565-3300

19th Sep, 2018
Ended: 26th Sep, 2018
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CURRENTLY ACCEPTING CONSIGNMENTS: This special collection online auction will feature hundreds of lots of U.S. gold and silver coins, antique and modern firearms, as well as gun-related collectibles. All firearms sold in accordance with Federal and Virginia state laws.

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Lot 1

Ladies & Gentlemen: Welcome to the Auction

Welcome to - the Washington area's online auction house. We hope your bidding experience proves to be a...

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Lot 1a

Please read the updated terms for firearms!

Please familiarize yourself with the terms (especially on firearm purchases) BEFORE placing a bid. We do not retract bids and we...

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Lot 2

1924 St. Gaudens $20 Gold Double Eagle

Slabbed and graded MS62 by PCGS.

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Lot 3
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Lot 4

US Gold and Silver Eagles Set

Includes 1 oz Silver Eagle, 1/10 oz Gold $5, 1/4 oz Gold $10, 1/2 oz Gold $20, and a 1 oz Gold $50.

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Lot 5

Glock 23 Gen 4 pistol with 3 magazines

Used 40 caliber Glock model 23 pistol. Includes three mags total each with 13 round capacity and thr correct numbers matching...

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Lot 6

Smith & Wesson M&P 45 pistol

Used semiauto pistol chambered in 45 auto. Has a black stainless steel slide. Includes two extra interchangeable backstraps,...

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Lot 7

Chiappa Puma 1911-22 pistol

Semiauto 22LR pistol modeled in the style of a 1911. Three total magazines each with 10rd capacity. Locking mechanism built into...

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Lot 8

RG model RG24 22 caliber revolver

Single or double action revolver chambered in 22 long rifle. Swing out cylinder holds six rounds. In numbers matching box with...

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Lot 9

Maverick Model 88 - 12 gauge shotgun

Used pump action shotgun with 28 inch barrel. Brass bead front sight and black plastic furniture. Chambers 2 3/4 inch and 3 inch...

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Lot 10

Taylor's & Co A Uberti 1873 rifle in 45LC

Used model 1873 lever action rifle made by A. Uberti in Italy and imported by Taylor's & Co. Chambered in 45 Long Colt. Beautiful...

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Lot 11

Pietta Italian-made Smith Carbine

Made by F.lli Pietta in Italy, imported by Navy Arms. Cavalry carbine with cavalry style saddle ring on side of the receiver....

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Lot 12

Winchester 94AE XTR rifle in 356Win

Used lever action rifle chambered in the unusual 356 Winchester caliber. Has scope mounts installed along with a hammer spur. No...

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Lot 13

Savage Model 745 semiauto shotgun

12 gauge 2 3/4 inch chamber. With dog and bird scene on one side, flying birds on the other side. Damaged buttstock at receiver....

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Lot 14
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Lot 15

Collection of 33 Franklin silver half dollars

In blue Whitman folder. Some appear XF or AU.

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Lot 16

Collection of 31 Walking Liberty silver half

dollars. In a blue Whitman folder. The folders binding has come apart.

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Lot 17
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Lot 18
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Lot 19

1905-S Liberty Head $5 Gold Half Eagle

0.900 Fine; weight 8.359 grams.

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Lot 20
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Lot 21
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Lot 22
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Lot 23

1883 Liberty Head Nickel No Cents

Marked EX Fine on the holder.

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Lot 24
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Lot 25
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Lot 26
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Lot 27
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Lot 28
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Lot 29
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Lot 30
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Lot 31

2004-W American Eagle 1oz silver proof

With box and certificate of authenticity.

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Lot 32
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Lot 33

1911-C sovereign gold coin

Contains 7.99 grams of .917 fine gold. 0.2354 oz.

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Lot 34
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Lot 35
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Lot 36
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Lot 37
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Lot 38
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Lot 39
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Lot 40

Bueche Girod $20 Gold Coin Watch - 1904 Liberty

Head gold coin case. 18K Gold inner hinged case; features a hidden release tab for the front cover. Circa 1960; total weight...

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Lot 41

Longines Roulette Wheel 14K Gold Watch

Seventeen jewel movement; currently running. Spins smoothly and overall in good condition. Total weight is approx 55.2 grams.

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Lot 42
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Lot 43
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Lot 44
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Lot 45
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Lot 46

Phoenix Arms Raven 25 caliber pistol

Holds 6 shots of 25acp. Striker fired design. Made in California in the early 1990s. Has a magazine safety and thumb safety with...

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Lot 47

Smith & Wesson Model 10 revolver

Chambered in 38 specifically. Model 10-6. Wearing Hogue one piece grips. Four inch heavy profile barrel. Department or fleet...

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Lot 48

Ruger Mark I pistol with box

Chambered in 22 long rifle. This target pistol comes with a period-correct unnumbered box, 1964 era owners manual, and sales...

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Lot 49

Green Book Canada 1 Cent Collection

Not complete; includes over 70 coins of various years 1859-1989.

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Lot 50

Blue Book Washington Quarter Collection

Not complete; includes over 40 silver quarters from various years 1934-1965. Some appear to be AU or BU.

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Lot 51

Grey Book Mercury Head Dime Collection

Not complete; includes over 50 silver dimes from various years 1916-1945. 1916-D not included.

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Lot 52
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Lot 53
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Lot 54
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Lot 55
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Lot 56

Group of older Jefferson nickels

Appear to be mostly from the 1940s-60s. Includes at least one war nickel.

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Lot 57

Lot of 14 assorted silver Washington quarters

Assorted years all 1964 or before.

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Lot 58

Four silver Franklin half dollars

1951, 1952, 1954-D, 1957-D

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Lot 59

New Orleans Morgan silver dollar collection

Includes three BU Morgan silver dollars: 1884-O, 1885-O, 1904-O in presentation case.

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Lot 60
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Lot 61

Three silver 1982 Commemorative half dollars

George Washingtons 250th Anniversary of Birth. All are in boxes with the certificate of authenticity.

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Lot 62

Silver French 1 1/2 Euro Proof

In presentation box, celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the end of the Second World War.

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Lot 63

2004 Australian Kookaburra 1/2oz silver square

coin. In box with certificate of authenticity.

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Lot 64

Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm pistol

Used 9mm pistol with a black finished stainless steel slide. Includes original serialized box, a 17 round magazine, and two extra...

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Lot 65

Hi Point CF380 pistol

New in box. Chambered in .380 Auto. Hi-Point by Strassel's Machine. Made in USA with lifetime warranty. Includes trigger lock,...

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Lot 66

Smith & Wesson Model 10 revolver

Chambered in 38 special. This is a K-frame 6 shot double action revolver. Model 10-5. Features pencil profile barrel and...

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Lot 67

MEC brand shotshell reloading press

For reloading 12 gauge shotgun shells. Includes all parts shown. In as-new clean condition. Appears unused. Untested.

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Lot 68

Hogue grips for Sig P220 pistols

Two-piece grips new in package for Sig 220 pistols with American-style push button magazine release.

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Lot 69

Harris bipod for rifle

Ultralight series 1A2 model 25. Attaches to the sling mount of a rifle. Adjustable in height. Condition is as-new in package....

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Lot 70

Group of firearm rail covers new in packages

Made by P&S Products. In military packaging with cage code. All are new and fit on Picatinny style tactical rails.

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Lot 71

Group of vertical foregrips

Great for rifles or shotguns with Picatinny rails. New in packages. Four grips in total. US military surplus with cage code. Made...

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Lot 72

Two 50 caliber ammo cans

US military surplus. One dated 91, the other dated 97.

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Lot 73

SAW ammo can

Also known as a "Fat 50" ammo can. Meant for the SAW rifle. Measures approx. 7 x 9 x 13 inches, larger in size than regular 50...

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Lot 74

Old style M2 50 caliber ammo can

With side hinge top and flaming bomb embossed end. Appears to have been repainted or remarked. Some rust. Measures approx. 7.5 x...

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Lot 75

Cobra Firearms FS32 pistol

Chambered in 32 auto. Two-tone finish. Brand new in box. Lifetime warranty. Made in USA. Direct blowback design. Striker-fired....

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Lot 76

Hoppes 9 universal gun cleaning kit

For pistols, rifles and shotguns. Appears new and complete. Paper sleeve on exterior of metal tin shows wear. Includes a variety...

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Lot 77

Leather holster

Consignor states this item came with a Walther P1 he bought years ago. Black leather with rivets.

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Lot 78

Populated AK rifle barrel

For AKM style stamped receiver builds. New barrel with rear sight block, handguard ferrule, gas block, and front sight housing....

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Lot 79

Five Glock 22 magazines

These magazines fit the Glock 22 pistol. Will also fit in the Glock 27 pistol but extend beneath the grip. Each holds 15 rounds...

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Lot 80

Five Glock 23 magazines

Fit the Glock model 23 pistol. Will also fit in a Glock 27 but extend beneath the grip. These magazines each hold 13 rounds of 40...

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Lot 81

Three M249 cans with belt of shell casings

Includes three plastic ammo cans that mount to the side of an M249 belt fed machine gun. Also includes a short section of belt...

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Lot 82

7.62x54R brass shell casings

Commercial production brass shell casings made for Graf & Sons. These are inert, not ammunition. Great to feed your Mosin Nagant....

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Lot 83

7.5x55 Swiss brass shell casings

Commercial production brass shell casings made for Graf & Sons. These are inert, not ammunition. Unopened bag of 100.

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Lot 84

8x56R Hungarian Mannlicher brass

For the M-95 rifle. Commercial production brass shell casings made for Graf & Sons. These are inert, not ammunition. Unopened bag...

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Lot 85

Group of .30-06 brass shell casings

Includes an unopened bag of 50 Remington brand shell casings, a bag of DWM headstamp brass that appears new, and a bag of used...

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Lot 86

Two bags of .25-06 brass shell casings

Each bag of Remington shell casings contains 50 pieces of unprimed brass. These are inert shell casings, not loaded ammunition.

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Lot 87

Two bags of 7.62x39mm brass shell casings

Unprimed inert shell casings. Each bag contains 50 pieces. Both bags are unopened.

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Lot 88

Two bags of .30-40 Krag shell casings

New Winchester unprimed inert shell casings. Each unopened bag contains 50 brass shell casings.

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Lot 89

Bag of 45 ACP brass shell casings

Starline brand new shell casings. Unopened bag of 100 shell casings. These are inert unprimed shell casings, not ammunition.

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Lot 90

Nosler Ballistic Tip .308 projectiles

30 caliber 168 grain weight .308 caliber spitzer tip bullets. Each box contains 50 bullets. These are inert projectiles, not...

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Lot 91

Two boxes of Hornady 30 caliber projectiles

Includes a 100 count box of 110 grain V-MAX .308 diameter bullets. Box is unopened. Also includes a 100 count box of 165 grain...

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Lot 92

Hornady .284 7MM SST projectiles

139 grain .284 diameter SST Interlock bullets for loading 7MM. These are inert projectiles, not ammunition. Unopened box of 100.

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Lot 93

Nosler Ballistic Tip 55 grain varmint projectiles

These are 22 caliber (.224 diameter) 55 grain spitzer bullets. 100 count unopened box. These are inert projectiles, not...

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Lot 94

Nosler 25 caliber Ballstic Tip projectiles

.257 diameter 85 grain spitzer bullets. Unopened box of 100. These are inert projectiles, not loaded ammunition.

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Lot 95

Sierra Match King 30 cal projectiles

Open box. Unsure of exact count. These are .308 diameter 168 grain hollow point boat tail bullets. Great for your .30-06 or .308...

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Lot 96

Two vintage firearm cleaning kits

Sears rifle cleaning kit and outers shotgun cleaning kit.

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Lot 97

Ruger pistol box and H&R pistol case

Includes an older style box for a Ruger handgun measuring approx. 15.75 x 6 x 2.25 inches. Also includes a zip-up vinyl handgun...

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Lot 98

Winchester wooden ammunition crate

Without lid. Crate for Winchester Ranger Trap Staynless 12 gauge 2 and 3/4 shells. No ammunition included, just the crate....

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Lot 99

Peters DuPont wooden ammo crate

For the Peters cartridge division of Remington Arms, Bridgeport, Connecticut. Originally held 12 gauge 2 and 3/4 inch shotgun...

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