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Memories on Pennsy Road Online Only Auction. Pequea, Pennsylvania PA

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Internet-only (timed) auction


H.K. Keller


1287 Pennsy Rd, Pequea, Pennsylvania, 17565. USA. tel: 717-879-0110

5th Nov, 2019
Ended: 21st Nov, 2019
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The Shenks have lived on Pennsy Road for many years and have recently decided to sell items no longer needed. This is the first of 2 personal property auctions. The real estate will also be sold in the spring of 2020. Items in this auction include furniture, collectables, clocks, vintage kitchen items, canning jars, rugs, vintage wooden wagon, lamps, shelves, books, chairs, tables, vintage scooter, vintage velvet dress, crocks, canister set, Griswold cast iron skillet, marbles and shooters, fireking, banks, comic books, enamel ware, cameras, pewter, cast iron animal molds, singer, treadle sewing machine, glass top dining room table, vintage Fisher Price toys, Tupperware toys, Tonka, Tootsie Toy, Barbie, Ertl, vintage Christmas tree stands, Hot Wheels track, P.D.H. lanterns, gocart tires, aluminum row boat, milk cans, runner sleds, tools and much more

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Lot 1

Welcome to the Auction

Welcome to the online auction. We are always available to help. Please contact us at 717-879-0110 or

Lot 2

Lot Locations

50s - at Checkin100s - Living Room and Dining Room200s - Bedrooms300s - BasementPickup of your winning purchases will be Tuesday,...

Lot 5

Can't Find Us? Check out the Map!

If you can't find us, just call 717-879-0110 and we will get you to the auction preview or pick up.

Lot 6

Don't Miss the Auction Closing Live!

Set your alarm so you don't miss out! Items close one at a time every 20 seconds. If a bid is placed within one minute of a lot...

Lot 50

Pocket Knife, Jewelry, and More

Pocket knife marked "Stainless Japan" is 2.5"long, vintage pins, blue rhinestone necklace and screw-back earrings set in original...

Lot 51

Perfume Bottles, Compacts, Powder Tin, and More

Vintage compacts and purse mirrors in wooden box, Mennen powder tin, tiny aftershave bottles, Noxzema blue glass jar, Breath...

Lot 52

Old Iron Bank

4.5"h x 4"w x 2.5"d, with golden paint

Lot 53

Vintage Smith Alarm Metal Wind-up Alarm Clock

4.75"h x 5.5"w (at base) x 2"d, hand winding, made in Great Britain, works

Lot 100

Tin, Cast Iron Waffle Iron, and More

Minute Man toaster 7"h x 7.5"w x 5.5"d, pie plates, cake lids, wooden rolling pin, 2 applesauce strainers, glass cake plate, and...

Lot 101

Baskets, Vases, and More

Painted tray, Hummel figurine plaques 6" x 4", wooden plaques, nesting boxes, two child prints 12" x 10", knights, and more

Lot 102

Two Boxes of Canning Jars

Wire side tops, tin lids, some blue glass, brands include Ball, Anchor Hocking

Lot 103

Two Boxes of Glass Jars

Wire side tops, brands include Victory, Ball, Atlas, Anchor Hocking

Lot 105

Glass Jars, Extra Lids, and Blue Glass Jars

Kerr lids, Anchor Hocking, Ball

Lot 106

Wooden Wash Stand with Tiger Pattern

29"h x 31"w x 18"d, drawers are dovetailed, wash stand top needs attached, contents not included

Lot 107

J.C. Penny Stereo Receiver 8 Track Record Player

AM/FM stereo receiver, model 683-1765, 5.5"h x 18"w x 15"d

Lot 108

Tin Northwestern Products Co. Five Games in One

22.5" x 12", includes marbles

Lot 109

Blue Glass and More Jars

Some have tin lids, largest Ball marked #8 is 10"h, Mason, Atlas

Lot 110

Decanter, Water Jars, Glass Car, Tins, and More

Medicine bottles, ink well, water jars are 8"h with lids, glass canister, Adjustable Postal Diet Scale

Lot 110a

Wooden Library Table

29"h x 48"w x 18"d, some damage, contents not included.

Lot 111

Two Boxes of Blue Glass and Clear Glass Jars

Some tin lids, some quart, some pint, Ball, Atlas

Lot 112

Jelly Jars, Canning Jars, and Extra Lids

Tin lids, Ball, Anchor Hocking, some blue glass

Lot 113

Round Braided Rug and Throw Rugs

Small round rag rug is 22"across

Lot 114

Handmade Wooden Wagon

14"h x 39"w x 18"d

Lot 115

Mirror, Candle Wall Sconce, Shelf, and More

Syroco mirror with shelf is 38"h x 14"w, wooden shelf with hook, Syroco clock missing pendulum

Lot 116

Gold Color Trimmed Teapot and Assorted Glassware

Teapot is 9" high and includes matching sugar bowl and creamer, white Fenton glass handled dish, green glass compote, assorted...

Lot 117

Horse Lamp / Planter

10"h x 13" w x 6"d

Lot 118

Oil Lamps

Tallest oil lamp is 25"h with glass globe, shortest oil lamp is 8-1/2" h

Lot 119

Antique Hanging Light Fixtures

Light fixtures include original wiring with ceramic hanging components, two light fixtures are 8" across

Lot 120

Wooden Medicine Cabinet and Blue Wooden Shelf

Medicine cabinet has mirror on the door and is 21"h x 14"w x 4.5"d, shelf is 20.5"h x 14"w x 7.5"d

Lot 121

GAF Anscovision 388 Slide Projector and More

Three Kodak empty carousels and projector screen

Lot 123

Webster's 20th Century Dictionary and More

NIV large print grandmother's Bible in box, James Strong Concordance of the Bible

Lot 124

Two Child's Wooden Rocking Chairs

29"h x 16"w

Lot 125

1940's Wooden Kitchen Chairs

36"h x 15.5" square

Lot 126

Child's Wooden Chair Baby Bottles, and More

2 glass 8oz. baby bottles, Oneida silver plate baby spoon, girl's hat and muff, infant's hot water feeding dish new in box,...

Lot 127

Wooden Rocking Chair

38"h x 16"w, seat was replaced

Lot 128

Wooden Chairs

Two are 38"h

Lot 129

Round Pedestal Extension Table

44" across, with two leaves (each leaf is 11"w), on wooden castors, some damage

Lot 130

Three Antique Glass Lamp Shades and More

Lamp shades are 10" across, ceramic white light fixture is 7"h

Lot 131

Plastic Pedestal Round Table

33.5" across, table top is a wood grain laminate

Lot 132

Child's Metal Scooter with Wooden Handle

31"h x 35"'l

Lot 133

Bottles and Jars

Green 32oz. water bottle is 9"h, Mount Rose pickle jar, Spry vegetable shortening jars, French's prepared mustard jar,...

Lot 134

Tiger Pattern Wash Stand

Dovetailed drawers, 31"h x 32"w x 19.5"d, top part needs attached, contents not included

Lot 135

Two Cosco Step Stool Chairs

34"h, one white and one brown

Lot 136

Antique Carved Wooden Rocking Chair

Back and seat have been replaced, 35"h x 29"w

Lot 137

Child's Wooden Doll Cradle and More

Cradle is 12"h x 20.5"w x 16"d, child's wooden rocking chair, wicker doll carriage with damage

Lot 138

Two "The Little Dressmaker Kits" in Cases

De Luxe Game Corp kit includes doll, dress patterns, thread, thimble, material, and buttons

Lot 139

Singer Treadle Sewing Machine in Cabinet

29"h x 36"w x 17"d, cabinet has some damage

Lot 140

Chest of Drawers with Glass Knobs

47"h x 43"w x 21"d, dovetailed drawers, contents not included

Lot 141

Ladies and Children's Handkerchiefs

Lot 142

Vintage Tablecloths, Aprons, and More

Braided chair pads, tablecloths, and pillows

Lot 143

John Wright Cast Iron Animal Molds

Tiger, lion, duck, hippo, buffalo, pig, and lamb

Lot 144

Pewter Items

York Metalcrafters, pair of candlesticks, sugars, creamers, bread dishes, and more

Lot 145

Jar of Marbles

Lot 146

Ceramic Cat

5"h x 11"l, some damage

Lot 147

Kodak Cameras and More

Brownie Starflash camera, Kodak Instamatic 500 with case, Kodak EK6 instant camera, Crystar camera in leather case, Vivitar T101...

Lot 148

Typewriter Table and Word Processor

Brother AX15 electronic typewriter with manuals and ribbons, table has two folding leaves on castors and is 28"h x 17"w x 13.5"d...

Lot 149

Mirrored Wall Shelf and More

Shelf is 19"h x 29"w x 3.5"d, corner desk top missing legs

Lot 150

Antique Philco Radio

40"h x 27"w x 14"d, standard broadcast radio, police radio, short wave radio

Lot 151

Two Small Crocks and a Bean Pot

Bean pot is 6"h

Lot 152

Wooden Half Round Tables

24.5"h x 24"w x 12"d

Lot 152a

Four Rugs

Largest rug 8' x 130", smaller area rug is 48"w, two runners are 26"w

Lot 153

Blue Green Plates and Assorted Glassware

Mugs, custard cups, gravy boat, plates, saucers, MF-Ikora bowl is 14" across, and more

Lot 154

Cast Iron Horse with Jockey and More

Urn is 10"h, jockey and horse in 5"h, tallest balance scale is 17"h

Lot 155

Enamel Handled Basin and More

Basin is 5"h x 16" across, enamelware ladle, pan, and milk pail (5.5"h), no lid on milk pail

Lot 156

Enamel Baby Bathtub and Bucket

Basin is 7"h x 28"w x 18"d

Lot 157

Universal Meat Grinder and More

Wooden rolling pin, grater, hand mixer, metal jar opener, spoons, spatulas, knives, strainers, can openers, and more

Lot 158

Perfect Sifter, Ice Cube Trays and More

Grater, egg basket is 6"h x 8"across, aluminum measuring cups, and a set of refrigerator containers (one is missing a lid)

Lot 159

Slaw Cutter, Heat Master Iron, and More

Heatmaster iron model 356, chestnut roaster, potato masher, metal candle snuffer, and more

Lot 160

Sheridan Silver Fluted Coffee Urn 1286U and More

Coffee urn is 20"h with instruction paper and box, two new solid copper tea kettles with 2 quart capacity item #52079, sets of...

Lot 161

Two Pairs of Dresser Lamps and More

Set of white hobnail lamps are 13"h, and other assorted lamps

Lot 162

Vintage Comic Books

Walt Disney Comic, Henry Aldrich, Roy Rogers, Wyatt Earp, Woody Woodpecker, Oswald the Rabbit, Tito and His Burrito, Looney...

Lot 163

Vintage Comic Books

Howdy Doody, Little Iodine, The Adventures of Bob Hope, Jiggs and Maggie, My Friend Irma, Betty and Veronica, Kathy, Krazy Kat,...

Lot 164

Assorted Dishes

Century Service dinnerware pieces in Autumn Gold, Crocksville China Company # 1034 bowl, gold trim sugar and creamer on tray,...

Lot 165

Vintage Planters, Vases, and Figurines

Tallest vase is 8"h, pair of squirrels (one has a broken foot), 4"h, two cats, parrot is 6"h, fish, and more

Lot 166

Vintage Esso Man Bank, Piggy Banks, and More

Liberty bell banks (4"h), liberty bell decanter (7"h), liberty bell bottle (11"h), piggy banks are 3"h

Lot 167

Carnival Glass Footed Dish and More

3 piece amber colored glass canister set (tallest one is 12"), two red bowls (8"across), footed Carnival dish is 8.5" across,...

Lot 168

Tru-Stone Dinnerware Set

Pattern is Gemini #4802, serving platter, dinner plates, cups, dessert plates, sugar, creamer, vegetable bowls, serving bowls

Lot 169

Fire King Ware Items

Cups and saucers, custard dishes, loaf pan, casserole dish, white bowl is 6" across

Lot 170

Jar of Marbles and Shooters

Jar is 9"h

Lot 171

Vintage Women's Purses and Pill Box

Lot 172

Ball Blue Glass and Clear Glass Jars

Wire side lid and tin lids, tallest jar is 10"h

Lot 173

Griswald #9 710D Cast Iron Fry Pan

Lot 174

Vintage Glass Canister Set and 4-Cup Measuring Cup

Sugar and flour canisters are 7"h, tea canister is 5", pepper canister is 4.5"

Lot 175

Eagle Brand Professional Accordion and Sheet Music

Assorted sheet music

Lot 178

Antique Tom Swift Series Books, Children's Books

Includes vintage children's books: Uncle Wiggily, Saalfield children's books, Whitman children's books, and more.

Lot 179

Enamel and Agate Ware

Tallest pot is 11".

Lot 180

Rugs, Wall Tapestries, and More

Largest tapestry is 50" x 28".

Lot 181

Wooden Four Drawer Filing Cabinet with Key

53"h x 18.5"w x 26"d, contents on top not included

Lot 182

tate Trays, Salt and Pepper Shakers, and More

Blue glass decanter is 9" tall

Lot 183

Green Glass, Delphite, Jadeite, and More

Includes candles, candlesticks, vases, ashtrays and blue vase is 11" tall, and more

Lot 184

Kling Dresser with Mirror

Drawers are dovetailed, dresser is 36"h x 42"w x 20.5"d, mirror is 42" x 32, contents on top not included

Lot 185

Wooden Desk

32"h x 45"w x 16"d, contents on top and under not included

Lot 186

Crocheted Items, Spools, Wooden Stool, and More

Includes wooden box, wooden magazine rack, vanity with mirror, wig, stool is 8"h x 18"w x 8"d, and more

Lot 187

Vintage Velvet Dress and Coat Tree

Coat tree is wooden with metal base and is 65" tall, dress is Jeune Leique by Cherberg

Lot 188

Glass Top Table

Table is 30"h x 42"w x 84"d, contents not included

Lot 188a

Ladder Back Chairs with Woven Rush Seats

Some damage on some seats

Lot 189

Braided Area Rug

136" x 96", some damage

Lot 200

Fisher Price School House and Bus

Includes playground equipment, people, magnetic letters, and alphabet tray, school is 12.5h x 12w x 10d

Lot 201

Fisher Price Play Family Farm and Camper

Includes people, animals, and fence, barn is 9h x 11w x 7d

Lot 202

Fisher Price Play Family Airport and Airplane

Includes helicopter, fuel truck, and luggage carriers, airport is 10h x 13.75w x 14d

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