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May 5th, 2019 Weekly Stamps & Collectibles Auction. Richmond, Virginia VA

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Alan Blair Auctions



5313 Lakeside Ave, Richmond, Virginia, 23228. USA. tel: 804-266-3071

19th Mar, 2019
Ended: 5th May, 2019
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Welcome to our weekly online stamp auction! We have about 50 lots ending every Sunday open for bidding from worldwide collections to US First Day Covers and some of everything in between. Lots are available for viewing in our offices and please let us know if you need more photos, more information about a lot, or would like to submit bids directly to us by phone, email or mail. All lots will sell ending on Sunday afternoon on a staggered basis (the time will count down to 0) and a late bid will extend the time for that lot. If you bid on an item in the last few minutes it will extend bidding on that lot by about 2 minutes to try and minimize last-second sniping and also balance against overly extending bidding too long. Check out our other auctions currently open for bidding on our website and please do let us know if you have any questions. We have a full service bricks and mortar stamp store in Richmond, Virginia so give us a call or email if you plan to be in the area and would like to stop by!

Lot 1

US & Worldwide Stamps 1000+ Picture Postcards

US & Worldwide Stamps 1000+ Picture Postcards - mostly Used, some Mint, mostly mid to late 20th century with wide variety of...

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Lot 2

US Stamps Used modern On Paper incl Forever

Bankers Box of Used On Paper US Stamps, many many thousands of stamps includes shoebox of Birds, plus some sorted Forever Stamps...

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Lot 3

US Stamps Cut Squares 1853-1976 Scott 2 hole pages

Cut Squares 1853-1976 on Scott 2 hole pages, nice runs of better to be found including Mint #U10, U40, U41, U54 and some nicely...

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Lot 4

United Nations Stamps Mint NH Scott 1951-1978

Mint NH in Scott specialty 1951-1978, all areas and back of the book - very clean album and pages with 75% complete (no NY #38)

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Lot 5

Polaroid Camera Vintage AUTO 100 Land Camera +Case

Polaroid AUTO 100 Land Camera in very good condition, bellows intact and complete plus Case, Flash attachment with bulbs, Close...

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Lot 6

2 Crystal Vases with Sterling Bases

2 beautiful crystal vases with frosted ferns sitting on weighted sterling silver bases. A little over 12 inches tall and 2 inches...

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Lot 7

US Stamps Mint & Used 1860s-1990s FACE VALUE $100+

Taped down stamps - all stamps appear to have been adhered with tape on the back in a quasi-hinge format; starts with attractive...

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Lot 8

Worldwide Stamps Fleetwood FDC Collection 390+

Seven volume collection of Fleetwood Cover of the Month First Day Covers. Over 390 covers from around the world on pages with...

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Lot 9

Worldwide Stamps 7 Scott Albums with 5000+

1840-1965 A-Z Scott International Worldwide albums in 7 blue Scott binders. Contains 5000+ mint and used stamps with a huge...

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Lot 10

Germany Collection 1872-1975 CV $5000+

Scott Specialty series binder and pages with a nice German collection covering 1872 through 1975. Hundreds of mint and used...

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Lot 11

Worldwide Stamps 500+ used and mint stamps

An accumulation of worldwide stamps, mint and used, in several binders. Includes a good variety of country with a little...

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Lot 12

France 1800s Covers, 30 Stamps and Stampless

France 1800s Covers, 30 Stamps and Stampless Folded Letters - mostly France, a few other Europe

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Lot 13

UN Stamps Large Accumulation Mint & Used

Over 1000 mint and used UN stamps in blocks, singles, sets, on covers, including postal stationery, FDC, souvenir sheets etc....

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Lot 14

HAM Radio Cards Collection, 100+ lots of 1950s

HAM Radio Cards Collection, 100+ including lots of 1950s, album has neat cover but is damaged and cards should be transferred to...

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Lot 15

US Stamps Used Classics #36, 71, 78, 87, 89, 92 et

#36, 71, 78, 87, 89, 92, 97, 98 Used Classics mostly Average to Fine with faults including tears and thins and perf issues, still...

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Lot 16

US Stamps First Day Cover and More Accumulation

Bankers box filled with over a hundred first day covers, including Overrun Countries, Army-Navy, National Parks etc. Also...

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Lot 17

US Stamps Face Value Lot 1950s-90s FV $325+

Face value lot on White Ace Pages in singles and blocks, 1954-1990s. FV $325+

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Lot 18

Denmark Stamps 2 albums 1850s-1980 Used

1850s-1980 Used 1500+ stamps in 2 albums (Schaubek & Davo) - nicely filled 19th century with lots of quality stamps throughout...

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Lot 19

Netherlands Stamps Davo Hingeless Album

Davo Hingeless album with some early back of book pages (includes Mint C6-C8, Used and Mint Postage Dues 1870s-1958) and then...

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Lot 20

Canada Stamps 1860-1969 Davo Hingeless Album

1860-1969 Davo Hingeless Album, starts with Used runs of Classic issues including large and small Queens, lovely #46-47,...

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Lot 21

Belgium Stamps 1930s Airmail Covers First Flights

32 Airmail Covers, mostly First Flights from 1933-1937, wide range of variety, many of the first Airmail issues, first flight...

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Lot 22

Italy & Colonies Stamps Scott Specialty 1860s-1954

1863-1954 Used plus a few Mint in Scott Specialty, 1000+/- stamps with some duplication - well filled regular issues with better...

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Lot 23

Germany Stamps Mint Used in hundreds of glassines

Hundreds of glassines, mostly early to mid-20th century regular and Semi-postal issues - much Mint throughout plus some...

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Lot 24

Iceland Stamps Lighthouse hingeless album to 1980

Few hundred stamps mostly Used (some scattered Mint) in Lighthouse hingeless album in decent condition but it has some wear,...

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Lot 25

US Stamps Airmails Mint NH FACE VALUE $127

Mint NH Airmail Stamps including blocks and booklets, mostly mid-20th century FACE VALUE $127

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Lot 26

Haiti Stamps 1891-1974 Hundreds incl Mint

Many hundred of stamps including seldom seen early runs of Used and Mint stamps including dozens of the 1910s era Handstamps and...

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Lot 27

Saar Stamps 1920-1955 250+ Mint and Used stamps

250+ Mint and Used stamps on pages, 1920-1955 - old Stolow auction lot, nice runs of regular and Back of the Book with some light...

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Lot 28

Belgium Stamps 1960-1970 Mint NH Semi-Postals

1960-1970 Mint NH Semi-Postals in binder, highly complete for time period with singles and blocks - packed with stamps

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Lot 29

Worldwide stamps on Stockpages, thousands

A few thousand stamps on stockpages and album pages, includes Germany 1870s-1930s Used collection, nice run of Belgium & Greece...

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Lot 30

Luxembourg Stamps Luechtturm Hingeless Album

Used and Mint Hinged in Luechtturm Hingeless Album to 1940, starts with #1 and #2 Used, then part sets and singles mostly Used...

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Lot 31

France Stamps 1876-1900 Used Town Cancel Collectio

1876-1900 Used Town Cancel Collection, specialized group with much identified by town, some early numeral cancels, 200+ stamps

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Lot 32

US Wine Stamps Mint & Used, hundreds in stockbook

Wine Stamps Mint & Used, hundreds in stockbook - many hundreds from Mint & Used first issues on up with duplication, hand stamps...

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Lot 33

Germany, Saar, Greece Stamps in shoebox

Germany, Saar, Greece Stamps in shoebox - mostly German many hundreds with duplication in envelopes, nice Saar Presentation...

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Lot 34

Mexico Stamp 28 Covers from 1880s w/ #125/178/192

Mexico Stamp 28 Covers from 1880s, includes 15 Scott #125 with district name, control number and date (includes some covers with...

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Lot 35

UN Stamps 1000 First Day Covers in bankers boxes

1000+ First Day Covers - in packs of 10 each, Unaddressed + Uncacheted, mid- to late-20th century plus other variety mix from...

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Lot 36

US Stamp First day cover sets

Nice lot of complete First Day Cover sets, including the Celebrate the Century set, Flags of the 50 States, State Birds and...

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Lot 37

Michael Jordan 1 ounce silver MiLB

A one ounce silver round featuring Michael Jordan from the Birmingham Barons minor league baseball team. A numbered limited...

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Lot 38

US Coins 5 Barber Quarters Average Circulated

A nice selection of 5 Barber quarters including 1896, 1897, 1898, 1899, & 1915.

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Lot 39

US Coins 10 Barber dimes Average Circulated-VF

A nice selection of Barber dimes including 1898, 1900, 1901, 1906-D, 1909, 1911, 1912-D, 1914, 1915, & 1916. Average to VF.

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Lot 40

US Stamps 6 Plate Proofs on Cards CV $300+

6 Plate proofs on cards, including 77P4, 74TC, 78P4, 162P4 (x2), and 76P4. One of the 162P4s is listed as a 151P4, however no...

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Lot 41

Worldwide Stamps Captain Cook Discovers Hawaii

Album of stamps commemorating Captain Cook and his discovery of Hawaii. Includes nice cardstock pages with space for 100 or so...

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Lot 42

Worldwide Stamps Topical Collection 135+ Flowers

Nice topical stamp collection with over 135 flower stamps on White Ace Flowers on Stamps pages. Great variety, no duplication.

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Lot 43

Worldwide Collection 5400+ Stamps in Comprehensive

5400+ Stamps in a Comprehensive World Wide Stamp Album though 1966. Includes over 1000 stamps issued before 1920 with over 1500...

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Lot 44

US Stamps Wine Stamp Revenue Collection CV $450+

Mint collection of wine stamps starting with RE108 through RE201. Incomplete set with over 50 stamps, all fresh and bright. CV...

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Lot 45

US Stamps Used Postal Stationery & Cards 900+/-

900+/- Used Covers of Postal Stationery & Cards, mostly 1950s-1990s incl about 200 business sized envelopes, 200 regular sized...

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Lot 46

Greece Stamps #121, 125, 126 Used Fine CV $139.25

#121, 125, 126 Used Fine - hi value #126 fresh with attractive neat cancel, low values with minor perf faults CV $139.25

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Lot 47

US Stamps Liberty Series First Day Covers CV $345

Interesting lot of first day covers from the 1956 Liberty series. Includes 3 first day covers of the $1 1052, including a block...

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Lot 48

US Stamps High Value Plate Block Lot CV $173

Small group of plate blocks including 2419, 2 x 1612, 1610, and a 2122a booklet pane. Total FACE VALUE $85+, CV $173

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Lot 49

Worldwide Stamps British Commonwealth CV $1350+

Dealer's lot of British Commonwealth stamps from Bahamas to Trinidad and Tobago. Heavy in Mauritius, Barbados, and Ghana. Over...

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Lot 50

US Stamps #R679-R682 with receipt tag CV $220

Fresh set of revenues with the receipt tags attached. Includes Scott R679-682, CV $220

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