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Auction : May 25th Spring Roundup Special. Madison, North Carolina NC

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Live auction with webcast bidding


Carolina Horse Company, LLC



1100 Washburn Rd, Madison, North Carolina, 27025. USA. tel: 336-904-8903

25th May, 2019
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Don't miss Carolina Horse Sale's May 25th SPRING ROUNDUP SPECIAL! This is a CATALOG SALE! Sellers! Showcase your horse to a NATIONWIDE AUDIENCE with our online catalog & bidding availability! Buyers! This is THE place to find your next equine partner! Come out and watch these horses work in our spacious arena! Don't settle for a tiny auction ring! SATURDAY SCHEDULE: We will start on Saturday at 10:00 SHARP with NEW & USED TACK. When new/used tack is complete, we will sell saddles, then outside items (trailers, wagons, etc) and move into the horses. Horses will start between 1:00 and 2pm (dependent on the number of saddles). ONLY the horse portion of the sale is webcast live. The horse sale will start with ponies/minis/donkeys as always and then we will go into the CATALOG HORSES which sell in numbered order. Any uncataloged horses will sell once the catalog is complete. Internet bidding is guaranteed to be available on CATALOG HORSES ONLY. If you want your horses seen on the net, you need to catalog! Always a GREAT selection at this sale! Don't miss it! Whatever your chosen breed or level of riding, odds are quite good you'll find it here! This is a sale with quality and selection to suit just about anyone! Rodger Finn NCAL #6295 will start selling tack at 10:00 am SHARP on SATURDAY!! We've got LOTS of tack coming so be sure to be here AT 10:00 because we're starting on time regardless! Tack consignments accepted Saturday morning, all day on Friday, and certainly during the week as well! Lots to get through so we'll need to start on time! This is a CATALOG SALE and we are expecting a lot of good horses! Consignment/catalog fees are: $50 consignment, 8% Commission on the final selling price. To make the printed catalog, all information must be received by TUESDAY, MAY 21ST at 8pm. You DO NOT have to send photos or videos but they are HIGHLY recommended! To get your horse's information in, call or text 336-904-8903, email it to, or message it to Carolina Horse Sales on Facebook. No, you do not have to catalog your horse but we do strongly recommend it! Uncataloged horses (Open Consignment) sell AFTER the catalog - $25 Consignment, 8% Commission on final selling price. There are NO NO SALE/PO FEES! Yardage is $6/horse/day and includes bedding and hay. CONSIGNORS - THE CATALOG DEADLINE IS FIRM! DO NOT call on Wednesday or Thursday asking for an exception or "one good number" Tuesday at 8pm is the cut off as we have to get the catalog to print! ANY loose animals (i.e. not ridden or led into the ring) will sell AFTER both the catalog and uncataloged horses. PLEASE NOTE THAT ONLY CATALOG HORSES ARE MADE AVAILABLE FOR INTERNET & PHONE BIDDING! If you want to reach the broadest audience with your horses, you need to CATALOG! NOTES for Rodger Finn's Tack Sale NCAL #6295. SELLERS! Please note that there is a $10 NO SALE FEE ON SADDLES! If you are putting a reserve on a saddle, you must let us know when you check your tack in so that we can enter it correctly into the system! Any larger items (horse trailers, wagons, carts, etc) will sell outside on SATURDAY between 12:30 and 1:30pm (again, dependent on the amount of tack) Used tack is sold at 20% commission. Wagons & horse trailers are sold at reduced commission of 10% with a $25 no sale fee. HORSES! Be sure to note the EARLIER START TIME ON SATURDAY! The horse portion of the sale will be webcast live with internet bidding available. Telephone bidding is also available on horses. TELEPHONE BIDDERS! You must call and register to telephone bid BEFORE 11am on sale day! Call 336-904-8903 or 336-564-7650 to register. A credit card is required to bid by phone. CONSIGNORS! It is only necessary to call ahead on catalog horses. All horses not cataloged will be tagged in the order that they arrive. Horses are sold at 8% commission ($25 flat fee on horses sold for $300 or less) plus applicable consignment fee. A negative Coggins is required dated within 1 year and can be drawn on sale day if needed at a cost of $35. ALL horses are to be sold in the ring, NO exceptions! NO scalping, pin hooking, alley trading on the grounds. If you have a horse here on site, it is to be sold through the ring only. IF YOU ELECT TO PULL AND NO SALE YOUR HORSE BEFORE IT GOES IN THE RING THERE IS A $50 FEE - NO EXCEPTIONS. Yardage is charged at a rate of $6/head/day and does include hay & bedding. If you would like an individual water bucket in your stall, please bring one as we do not provide water buckets. ****IF YOU ARE NOT A WELL ESTABLISHED SELLER and are selling your horse guaranteed sound for $1000 or more, your check will be mailed to you on Wednesday after the guarantee period is up. Likewise, anyone guaranteeing registration papers but not having them in hand will have their check held until the sale barn receives the papers. **********Important!********** We do expect the horses that are advertised to BE HERE for the sale! Effective immediately, if you advertise your horse with us ahead of time and do not bring the horse to the sale, you WILL be charged a $50 fee, no exceptions. Many of our buyers drive a good distance to get here and it is very disappointing when the horse they drove to see doesn't show up! BUYERS! Don't settle for a tiny auction ring - buy horses where you can REALLY see them move! 72 HOUR SOUNDNESS GUARANTEE!!!!! Carolina Horse Sales is proud to offer a 72 hour soundness guarantee on horses that are sold sound for $1000 or more in our ring! YOU MUST BE THE HIGH BIDDER IN THE RING FOR THE SOUNDNESS GUARANTEE TO APPLY! Horses bought outside of the ring (for example, a horse that is no saled in the ring then bought out back after) are NOT COVERED by the soundness guarantee! If you want the guarantee, be the bidder IN the ring! Here are the basics. The soundness guarantee is specific to the following: Lameness, absence of vices (i.e. cribbing or weaving), soundness of wind (heaves, roaring), free from parrot or monkey mouth (overbite or underbite), and sight in both eyes. A seller may declare a horse to be a cribber but otherwise sound. In that case, you are buying the horse with the guarantee minus what was declared (In other words, you can call us with a lameness concern on such a horse) What is NOT covered: Any horse sold under $1000 is not covered by the guarantee. Any horse sold "as is" or "buying him there in the dust" Horses sold "as is" or "there in the dust" are announced as such so please listen to announcements on each horse. Any horse sold outside of the ring is NOT covered, regardless of cost. You must be the bidder IN THE RING. Lameness: Obvious lameness that is observable is of course covered. A failed flexion test alone on a horse that travels sound otherwise is not acceptable as flexion tests are not a reliable stand alone diagnostic tool. Sickness. Anytime horses congregate in one area, sickness is a concern just as when you send your kids to school. We STRONGLY recommend that ANY horse new to your herd at home is quarantined for at least 21 days no matter where it comes from. We have horses here from all over the country and with that of course comes the risk of viruses passing between them. Be smart, be safe, and quarantine! :) Be an informed buyer! Get here early, go back to these stalls and speak with our consignors! ASK those tough questions. Look the horse over BEFORE they enter the ring. We have asked our consignors to do their part and represent their horses as they are. We also ask our buyers to be smart consumers. The barns are open and the horses are here - go through them ahead of time and shop smart!

Lot 1

Sheza Oklahomaoutlaw Nice young mare! VIDEO

Sheza Oklahomaoutlaw 2015 Bay AQHA Mare(Gota Lota Potential X Cowboy Carryher Away)This 15.1hh mare is well bred and ready to hit...

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Lot 2

Holly - Dirty Broke Gorgeous Palomino Mare VIDEO

Holly is a 13yr old grade Palomino Quarter Horse mare standing 15hh even on the stick. This mare is DIRTY broke and the most fun...

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Lot 3

Playboy Jes Prooster Grey Ranch Gelding VIDEO

Playboy Jes Prooster 2013 Grey AQHA Gelding(Skipa Gray Colonel X Playboys Ava Lea)"Rooster" is a true blue using ranch gelding...

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Lot 4

Mikey - Awesome Bay Roan 3yo Gelding VIDEO

Mikey is a 3yr old grade Bay Roan Quarter Horse Gelding standing 13.3hh and he's as cute a roan pony as has EVER walked this...

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Lot 5

Red Roan Appaloosa Gelding Barrels & Cattle!

14yr old Grade Red Roan Appaloosa Gelding. This gelding has been barrel raced and worked cattle. This is a very nice honest...

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Lot 6

Paradise Bling - BROKE Gelding! Running Bred!

Paradise Bling 2010 Sorrel AQHA Gelding(First To Shine X Lika Natural Woman)This Louisiana Bred AQHA Gelding is well broke and...

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Lot 7

Starlights Jet Bar - Ranch Class Gelding! VIDEO

Starlights Jet Bar 2007 AQHA Gelding(Playin Starlight X Pawnee Jet Cody)This 12yr old gelding right here is one broke dude and...

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Lot 8

Dunny - Stout Made Dun Roan QH Gelding

Dunny is a 13yr old 15hh stocky Dun Roan Quarter Horse Gelding weighing 1250 lbs. He came off of a ranch in Kansas where he was...

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Lot 9

Sterling N Spice Black APHA Show & Trail Gelding

Sterling N Spice 2012 Black Overo APHA GeldingSterling is a 7yr old APHA registered gelding standing 16hh. He has been shown...

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Lot 10

Cheyanne Appaloosa Mare - Kids! Lessons! VIDEO

Cheyanne 12yr old Sorrel Roan Grade Appaloosa MareThis mare stands 15hh and is child safe. Consignor has used her for beginner...

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Lot 11

Ole Doc Jackie - Bay Roan AQHA Trail Mare

Ole Doc Jackie 2005 Bay Roan AQHA Mare(Rare Ole Maverick X Wyo Patty Cake)Jackie stands about 14.2hh and is only offered for your...

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Lot 12

HC Red Ink Stout Made AQHA Ranch Gelding

HC Red Ink 2008 Sorrel AQHA Gelding"Red" is an 11yr old stocky ranch broke registered gelding standing 15hh. He came off of a...

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Lot 13

Comanche Black/White Paint Gelding Ranch Horse!

Comanche 10yr old Grade Black and White Paint GeldingThis gelding came off a ranch in Oklahoma where he was used to push & gather...

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Lot 14


Glow With The Flow 2003 AQHA/PHBA Palomino Gelding(Especially Speedy X A Toxic Glow)****Multiple Reserve World Champion PHBA...

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Lot 15

KB Rocky Hancock Nice AQHA Grullo Gelding VIDEO

KB Rocky Hancock 2007 Grullo AQHA Gelding(Blue Valentine Flash X Romeos Stepchild)"Rocky" stands 15.1hh and is a gorgeous grullo...

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Lot 16

KB Saltys Gooseberry Broke Grullo Gelding VIDEO

KB Saltys Gooseberry 2008 Grullo AQHA Gelding(Saltys Dillon Hancock X Romeos Stepchild)"Remington" stands 15.2hh and is a...

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Lot 17

PR Hardly A Saint Chestnut Overo APHA Mare

PR Hardly A Saint 2000 Chestnut Overo APHA Mare(Puchi's Rambo X Pisana Rags)19yr old APHA mare Hasn't been ridden in a number...

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Lot 18

Night Deposit Chex Daughter Broke & Pretty VIDEO

2008 Sorrel Night Deposit Chex daughterThis mare is a beauty and broke broke! She's got LOTS of handle and LOTS of ride to her....

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Lot 19

Flashy Stout Made Trail Riding Paint Mare

16yr old Grade Sorrel Tobiano Paint Mare standing 15hh even. This mare is stout made with good bone and lots of pretty! She's an...

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Lot 20

Jax Handsome Cremello QH Trail Gelding

Jax is an 11yr old Cremello Grade Quarter Horse Gelding standing 14.3hh. This guy is a beautiful boy, well made with a lovely...

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Lot 21

A Chance Enterprise Reining Bred Well Broke Mare

A Chance Enterprise 2010 Sorrel AQHA Mare(A Smart Enterprise X Last Chance T Boggie)Smarty is a 9yr old AQHA sorrel mare standing...

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Lot 22

Chief - Stunning Leopard Appaloosa Gelding VIDEO

Chief is a 9yr old Grade Chestnut Leopard Appaloosa Gelding that stands 14.3hh and 1/2" tall. This is a flashy and well broke...

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Lot 23

Macs Zippo Lady - WP, Trail, & Using Mare VIDEO

Macs Zippo Lady 2007 Bay AQHA Mare(Macs Good N Plenty X A Lady Of Night)This is the most enjoyable mare to ride outside or...

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Lot 24

Dart Dividend Blue Roan Using Gelding VIDEOS

Dart Dividend 2006 Blue Roan AQHA Gelding(Docs Blue Dart X Hancocks Dividend)This horse WILL be a sale highlight! He is as honest...

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Lot 25

Billy Ray Cyrus Brabant Gelding - Check him out!

Billy Ray Cyrus 2000 model Brabant (Belgian Draft/Appaloosa cross) Gelding. Thick, muscled, mild-mannered, easy riding horse. No...

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Lot 26

Yummy Yummy Good Res. World Champ VIDEO

Yummy Yummy Good 2013 Grey Overo APHA Gelding(A Good Zippo X Bilthotnblazingtuff)***Reserve World APHA Champion 2yo Western...

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Lot 27

Skips Secret Storm - Show Prospect!!! VIDEO

Skips Secret Storm 3yo Bay AQHA GeldingThis 3yr old registered gelding stands 15hh. Storm has about 30 days of professional...

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Lot 28

Bunny - Versatile, Fun, BROKE Mare! VIDEOS

Are you looking for a true all around Using horse? Here she is. Bunny is a fantastic 10yo Grade Bay mare. She stands 15.1h and is...

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Lot 29

A Charasmatic Lady Beautiful Young Mare

A Charasmatic Lady 2013 Chestnut AQHA Mare(Charasmatic Nugget X Clue Ella)Baby is a 6yo AQHA mare who is quiet and good minded....

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Lot 30

Sadie - Well broke Molly Mule VIDEO

Sadie the mule is a 12 year old molly mule. She came from out west where she was used to hunt. Sadie stands to bathe and for the...

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Lot 32

1990 Haynes 4 Horse Trailer - No Title

This trailer will sell outside between 12:45 and 1:45 pm on Saturday before the horses start. ****Telephone bidding is available....

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Lot 33

Smokin Signature - Broke Ranch Horse

Smokin Signature 2006 Sorrel AQHA Gelding(Buck Tommy Star X Tondas Signature)Smokin Signature is a 2006 AQHA sorrel gelding...

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Lot 34

Maverick - Handsome Dun Gelding Lots of handle!

Maverick is a 10 year old dun gelding standing 14.2 hands. He has all the handle & ride you could ask for but is still quiet...

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Lot 35

Holliday Chica - Broke Sound Trail Mare

Holliday Chica 2000 Sorrel AQHA Mare(Days San Badger X Holliday Fiesta)This mare stands 15.1hh and is a broke, sound trail horse....

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Lot 36

Beautiful well made Registered APHA Mare

2004 Sorrel Tobiano APHA Mare(Hitter Boy X Kenos Pearl Lady)This well made and pretty girl will be a broke, sound trail riding...

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Lot 37

Pretty Black Trail Gelding

14yr old Black Grade GeldingThis handsome black guy with a star stands exactly 14hh. He is sound and a good trail horse. Has a...

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Lot 38

Texas Smart Gracie NICELY Broke Grey Mare VIDEO

Texas Smart Gracie 2011 Grey AQHA Mare(Texas Johnny Cash X Dancin Black Fury)Gracie is a 2011 AQHA grey mare standing 14.2 hands....

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Lot 39

Cabo - American Warmblood Gelding Wow!!! VIDEOS

Cabo is a 2009 American Warmblood standing 17 hands. (Disconto X Silver Trophy)He is absolutely stunning in every way. Cabo is a...

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Lot 40

Sally - Thoroughbred Mare Jumps/Lessons

Sally is a 16hh Thoroughbred mare. She has been shown over fences and is a perfect lesson horse!

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Lot 41

Sorrel Pinto TWH Gelding - Big, Beautiful, Broke!

Big & Beautiful Sorrel Pinto TWH Gelding standing 15.2-3hh This gorgeous and well made gelding will be broke for absolutely...

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Lot 42

Fancy & Stylish Black TWH Gelding with Chrome

Black TWH Gelding with a blaze face and chrome all around. He's a knockout! Lots of style here and a classic "old timey" TWH. He...

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Lot 43

LM Big Blue Joe Big Blue Roan Trail Gelding VIDEO

LM Big Blue Joe 2008 Blue Roan AQHA Gelding(Blue Homespun Rowdy X Watch Joes Jewel) Joe stands 1/4 shy of 16hh and is an...

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Lot 44

Pretty and well made TWH Mare

11yr old TWH Mare standing 15.3hhThis mare is well on her way to being a trail Cadillac and she's large enough for anyone to...

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Lot 45

Stout Made APHA Mare - Trail rides Started Barrels

APHA 6yr old Mare 14.2hh with a thick build. Awesome on the trails! Will go through water, baby pools, walk/trot/lope. Lightly...

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Lot 46

AQHA Blue Roan Mare & Red Dun Filly! Family!

LIH Blue Paprika 2000 Blue Roan AQHA Mare with Filly(Pepper Two Loops X Paprika Dell)Here's a super nice little family! Mama is a...

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Lot 47

AQHA Grullo Mare & Filly by her side! Family!

MB Poco King Lill 2011 Grullo AQHA Mare with Filly(Hesa JB Poco 4444 X Ms Kings Blue Queen)That hard to find color everyone wants...

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Lot 48

Tir Na Nog Mad Dog Mattis - DRUM HORSE!

Tir Na Nog Mad Dog Mattis 2017 Bay Gypsy Drum Colt(AE's Merlin's Magic X Mountain Meadows Nancy's Fancy)***SALE HIGHLIGHT***This...

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Lot 49

CS Driftn Cricket - Bay Roan Rope/Barrel Prospect

CS Driftn Cricket 2017 Bay Roan AQHA Mare(CS Flint Drifter X CS Lil Roan Bug)Barrel Racers & Ropers! Here's a lovely young...

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Lot 50

R Rainynite Kid Yearling AQHA Filly - Cute cute!

R Rainynite Kid 2018 Sorrel AQHA Filly(JMK Bocephus X DS Romans Kimber)Here's a sweet filly you can take home and make into what...

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Lot 107
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Lot 108
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Lot 109
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Lot 110
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Lot 111
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Lot 112
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Lot 113
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Lot 114

Grulla Grade QH Gelding Broke!

This grade Grulla QH Gelding is well broke to ride and has been ridden all over the mountains

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Lot 115

Loud Colored Appaloosa Trail Gelding

Loud colored leopard Appaloosa gelding that is well broke to ride. He has been trail ridden everywhere

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Lot 120

Registered Black/White Saddle Horse Gelding

11yr old beautiful Black/White Registered Saddle Horse Gelding. This guy is REALLY broke and has been trail ridden everywhere....

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Lot 121

Sorrel/White Crossbred Gelding - TRAILS!

Lovely Sorrel Pinto Crossbred Gelding, 11yrs old and easily standing 15.2-3hh. This is a NICE and BIG gelding that has been trail...

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Lot 122

Super Broke Sorrel Crossbred Mare

10yr old Sorrel Crossbred MareThis girl is very broke and has been trail ridden a LOT! Shapey pretty girl!

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Lot 123

STOUT made Using QH Mare

12yr old Sorrel QH Mare This is a very stout made and NICE mare that has been used extensively for ranch work as well as in the...

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Lot 124

Golden Palomino Overo Gelding for ANYONE

Gorgeous 12-13yr old GOLDEN Palomino Overo Gelding. Truly anybody can ride this guy and will love him! Broke, broke, BROKE! Lopes...

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Lot 125

Grey Arabian Mare Gentle for Anyone!

8yr old Grey Arabian Mare that is one hand broke. This pretty mare is gentle with an honest neck rein and just about anybody can...

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Lot 129


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Lot 131

Black/White REALLY Fancy TWH Mare

This Black/White Spotted TWH Mare is some kind of fancy! This mare has been ridden anywhere and everywhere and I do mean...

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Lot 132
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Lot 133
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Lot 136
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Lot 137
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Lot 138
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Lot 139
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Lot 140
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Lot 141
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Lot 142
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Lot 143
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Lot 144
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Lot 145
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Lot 146
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Lot 147
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Lot 148
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Lot 462
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Lot 463
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Lot 464

Dun/White Pony Gelding SAFE for the kids!

This is a very pretty 14yr old Dun/White Pinto Pony gelding standing approximately 44" tall. This is that holy grail of ponies...

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Lot 465

Grey Mare Pony - Rides like a big horse!

This pretty grey mare pony stands approximately 50" tall and is really broke! She's one that will ride like a big horse!

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Lot 466

Dapple Grey Jenny with Black Jack Colt

An adorable long-eared family!

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Lot 467
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Lot 468
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Lot 469
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Lot 470
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Lot 471
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Lot 472
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Lot 473
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Lot 474
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