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May 18th 2018 Antiques Auction. Chesterfield, New Jersey NJ

Status: Closed

Live auction


Sunrise Antiques & Auctioneers LLC



79 Old York Rd, Chesterfield, New Jersey, 08515. USA. tel: 609-815-6924

18th May, 2018
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Selling Antique Car, Antique Motorcycles, Firearms, Box Trucks, Antiques, Collectibles and much, much more...

Lot 1

James Barbar Flintlock Pistol

Lot:1 | Make:James Barbar London| Model:Flintlock |Serial #:n/a | Type:pistol| ca. 1750

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Lot 2

Colt Revolver

Lot:2 | Make:Colt| Model:M-1855 Sidehammer |Serial #:6290 | Type:revolver| Caliber:..28, .31

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Lot 3

American Gun Co Shotgun

Lot:3 | Make:American Gun Co| Model:Knickerbocker |Serial #:nsn | Type:shotgun| Caliber:.12

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Lot 4

Stevens .22 Rifle

Lot:4 | Make:Stevens| Model:87D |Serial #:2094577 | Type:rifle| Caliber:.22

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Lot 5

Krag-Jorgenson Rifle

Lot:5 | Make:US Springfield Armory| Model:1898 |Serial #:139898 | Type:rifle| Caliber:.30-.40 krag

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Lot 6

Manton Double Barrel Shotgun

Lot:6 |Manton Double Barrel Percussion Shotgun

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Lot 7

French 1866 Chassepot Rifle

Lot:7 | Make:Manufacture D'Armes| Model:M 1866 |Serial #:S 1873 | Type:rifle| Caliber:cartridge

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Lot 8

U.S. Springfield 1873 Trapdoor Rifle

Lot:8 | Make:U.S. Springfield| Model:1873 |Serial #:nsn | Type:rifle| Caliber:.45-70

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Lot 9

Marlin .22 rifle

Lot:9 | Make:Marlin| Model:60 "as is" |Serial #:11366380 | Type:rifle| Caliber:.22

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Lot 10

Beretta .12 Shotgun

Lot:10 | Make:Beretta| Model:AL2 |Serial #:G16558 | Type:shotgun| Caliber:.12

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Lot 11

Rock River Arms .308 Rifle

Lot:11 | Make:Rock River Arms| Model:Operator |Serial #:US108842 | Type:rifle| Caliber:.308

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Lot 12

1964 Ford Falcon

Lot:12 |1964 Ford Falcon 4 door wagon, 260 V8, not original engine, power steering, 2 speed automatic, "as is", title and keys...

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Lot 13

1965 Ford Thunderbird

Lot:13 | 1965 Ford Thunderbird, 390 V*, slide away wheel, sequential turn signals, power steering, power breaks, power windows,...

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Lot 14

1955 Packard Patrician

Lot:14 | 1955 Packard Patrician, recent barn find, car has been brought up to running and driving condition. Brakes have been...

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Lot 15

2006 Ford E 350 Box Truck

Lot:15 |2006 Ford E 350 Cutaway, supeme box, lift gate, 5.4L V8, 93k miles, keys and title present, VIN: 1FDSE35L86DB31544

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Lot 16

2000 Isuzu Diesel Box Truck

Lot:16 |2000 Isuzu Diesel Box truck, NPR/NPR-HD, 117kk miles, keys and title present, VIN: JALC4B14XY7009112

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Lot 17

1959 Chevy Corvette

Lot:17 | 1959 Chevy Corvette, barn find, Has non numbers matching 283 and 4 speed, brakes have been completely gone through, (...

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Lot 18

1951 Harley Servi Car

Lot:18 | 1951 Harley Servi Car, runs and rides well, recently assembled from original and reproduction parts, starts easily, from...

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Lot 19

1957 Harley WL Solo Bobber

Lot:19 | 1957 Harley WL Solo Bobber, engine is a G which was professionally rebuilt, trans has been gone through, new tires,...

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Lot 20

1937 Harley Davidson Servi Car

Lot:20 | 1937 GD Harley Davidson Servi Car, Pringles, a 1937 Harley Davidson servi-car, started her journey as a delivery vehicle...

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