May 12th, 2019 Weekly Stamps & Collectibles Auction. Richmond, Virginia VA

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Alan Blair Auctions


5313 Lakeside Ave, Richmond, Virginia, 23228. USA. tel: 804-266-3071

19th Mar, 2019
Ended: 12th May, 2019
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Welcome to our weekly online stamp auction! We have about 50 lots ending every Sunday open for bidding from worldwide collections to US First Day Covers and some of everything in between. Lots are available for viewing in our offices and please let us know if you need more photos, more information about a lot, or would like to submit bids directly to us by phone, email or mail. All lots will sell ending on Sunday afternoon on a staggered basis (the time will count down to 0) and a late bid will extend the time for that lot. If you bid on an item in the last few minutes it will extend bidding on that lot by about 2 minutes to try and minimize last-second sniping and also balance against overly extending bidding too long. Check out our other auctions currently open for bidding on our website www.evstamps.com and please do let us know if you have any questions. We have a full service bricks and mortar stamp store in Richmond, Virginia so give us a call or email if you plan to be in the area and would like to stop by!

Lot 1

Worldwide Stamps Dealer Stock C-D O-S 7500+ Stamps

Huge dealer lot of worldwide stamps from the late 19th to mid-20th century with a few earlier and later. Lot includes Chad...

Lot 2

Worldwide Stamps Mixed Lot

Mixed lot of worldwide stamps on pages including mint and used Russia, DDR, Canada, China & PRC. Hundreds of stamps with a CV of...

Lot 3

US Paper Money $5 Note Series of 1907 Avg. Circ.

An average circulated $5 bill from the series of 1907. Known as The Woodchopper, this bill is in one piece, but has several...

Lot 4

US Stamps High Value First Day Covers CV $135

Four high value First Day Covers including a 1295 plate block, 1612 plate block, 1909 single, and 2394 single. Nice collection on...

Lot 5

US Stamps Plate Block and Booklet Pane Lot

Lot of US plate blocks and booklet panes including 50+ pieces. Many mint and used high value plate blocks including a mint 1053,...

Lot 6

US Stamps #599A Pair LH CV $210

Pair of Scott #599A type II, in fine condition with a light hinge mark on one stamp. A nice clear example of a scarce type II...

Lot 7

US Stamps #C18 Baby Zeppelin Lot CV $700+

Interesting lot of C18 Baby Zeppelins. Includes three used examples, two with plate numbers. One of the used examples has slight...

Lot 8

US Stamps #C13 & C14 Used with Faults CV $500

Nicely centered pair of Zeppelins, C13 & C14 with faults. The C13 has a small pinhole and the C14 has a thin from a removed hinge...

Lot 9

US Stamps Parcel Post Lot Q2-12 CV $350+

Collection of 12 parcel post stamps from Q2-Q12. Includes mint & used in varying condition. See pictures for all stamps.

Lot 10

Russia stamps #187 Used VF CV $160

#187 Used VF with huge margins and light postal cancels, exceedingly scarce as such CV $160

Lot 11

Russia Stamps #177-179 used VF CTO CV $560

#177-179 Used VF #179 postally used with thin and creases, rest CTO, only valued by Scott as CTO CV $560

Lot 12

US Stamps Columbian Imprint Strips CV $725

Four Columbian Exposition Issue imprint strips including 231 imprint strip of four with letters & imprint strip of 235 imprint...

Lot 13

US Stamps Face Value Lot FV $180+

$180+ in face value in two albums, pages, and loose. Mostly 4-8 cent stamps in blocks.

Lot 14

#230-235, 237, 239 Mint RG/OG Columbians

#230-235, 237, 239 Mint RG/OG Columbians - the 10 cent and 30 cent are likely regummed, the rest original gum - a few small...

Lot 15

Great Britain Stamps Used Classics CV $1600

#58 (x60), #78 (x10), #89 (x44), #98 (x5) Used accumulation on 2 Vario pages - nice group of cancelled Classics with some 4...

Lot 16

Manchukuo Stamps 130+ stamps CV $500+

Excellent group of 130+ stamps on home-made pages, some nice singles and part sets, a few mint - most in very good condition CV...

Lot 17

Manchukuo Hong Kong Macao Stamps 200+

Another excellent group of 130+ stamps on home-made pages, some nice singles and part sets, a few mint - most in very good...

Lot 18

China PRC Stamps 3 packs incl 2 tourist packs

Temple of Heaven folder with 20 Mint NH stamps, and 2 PRC tourist packs with a total of 120 different stamps

Lot 19

China Republic Stamps 3 Commercial Covers 1950s

3 early Taiwan 1950s commercial covers with hi-value stamps - interesting and scarce lot

Lot 20

US Stamps 200+ Show Event Covers 1980s-2000s

200+ Show Event Covers 1980s-2000s, lots of variety and many interesting cachets from stamp show events

Lot 21

US Stamps Mint 1893-1973 in Minkus Album

Mint 1893-1973 COmmemoratives in Minkus Album, starts with some better individual items on old auction cards, moves to Columbians...

Lot 22

800+ Picture Postcards Modern and Vintage

800+ Picture Postcards in 2 1930s albums, a photo album, and a box of loose cards. Includes 220+ worldwide and flowers, 240+...

Lot 23

China, Republic of Stamps Commemorating ROC-US

Special folder dedicated to the Enduring Friendship Between the Republic of China and the United States of America, presented by...

Lot 24

Trucial States Stamps 700+ mint & used CTO

700+ Mint Hinged and Used CTO Trucial Stamps on Scott pages (incl many on blank pages) 1960s-70s incl Scott listed sets, regulars...

Lot 25

1893 Map of the Dominion of Canada

Beautiful full color map of the Dominion of Canada, printed in 1893. Map is in excellent collection from an atlas, page has nice...

Lot 26

Worldwide Stamps Japan 1970 Osaka Expo Collection

Beautiful binder of 183 stamps and sheets including the Hong Kong set, Hungary imperf set, Trucial State gold stamps sets and...

Lot 27

Worldwide Stamps Middle East, Africa Revenues docs

20+ items including Middle East & Africa revenue stamps on cashier forms along with some Yemen, Egypt, and Kenya.

Lot 28

China PRC Stamps 1999 FDCs #2976a-bd

1999 First Day Covers of Ethnic Groups in China Issue (Scott #2976a-bd) - 2 complete sets of singles on Cacheted Covers and Cards...

Lot 29

Japan Stamps 1949-50 JPA Stamp Catalog & Yushu

1950 JPA stamp catalog (178 pages); plus 7 issues of the Japanese philatelic magazine Yushu covering 1949-1950. Also includes...

Lot 30

China Stamps Philatelic Literature 1974 Catalog +

1974 China Catalog (KC Yu) and 1973 PRC color catalog (JSCA). Also PRC new issue bulletins, stamp calendar etc. Interesting and...

Lot 31

China Stamps PRC 3 Special Folders

3 Special folders/albums from People's Republic of China including 3-Gorges special coers/cards/stamp sheets, 1995 PRC philatelic...

Lot 32

China, PR stamps Antarctica special cover, scarce

PRC Antarctica special cover, only 10,000 issued. Very scarce and sought after cover in official album, still in the original...

Lot 33

China, PR Stone Carving stamp album with covers

People's Republic of China special stamp album for stone carving with autographed first day covers and maximum cards by renowned...

Lot 34

Turkey Stamps War Bread stamps and revenues

A total of 62 stamps from Turkey, featuring 1920s War Bread stamps and revenues. Uncut blocks with some staining.

Lot 35

China Stamps Empty Minkus Album 1878-1960

An excellent Minkus album covering China from 1878 throh 1960. Album and pages are in good condition, the cover has some small...

Lot 36

Stamps Literature, incl Great Britain & China

Box of 20 books of Philatelic literature, incl Great Britain & Channel Islands, Gibbons concise guides, China Ma & Yang books, etc

Lot 37

US Stamps Precancel Collection 200+

200+ Precancels in a homemade album, neatly mounted.

Lot 38

Korea Stamps #484 used pair CV $100+

Nice neat pair of Korea #484, postally used. CV $100

Lot 39

China Stamps 3 Revenue forms with stamps 1920s-40s

Collection of 3 old revenue forms with stamp franking, 1920s-1940s. Interesting lot.

Lot 40

Worldwide Stamps China/Japan/Hong Kong/Manchukuo

Small collection in sheets and on pages with a total of 6 items from China, Hong Kong, Japan, and Manchukuo. 1930s-1960s.

Lot 41

Worldwide Stamps Asia Postal history on pages

Lot of 37 items of Asian postal history on pages. COvers 1930-1970 and includes Viet Nam folk dancing MNH sheet #182a, censored,...

Lot 42

Japan Stamps 24 items of Postal history 1880+

Many interesting pieces in this lot of 24 items. Covers the years 180-1970 and contains many different and interesting usages...

Lot 43

India Stamps on parcel cloth franking

Possibly one of a kind piece - 27 high value stamps on a large piece of cloth. Awesome piece.

Lot 44

Worldwide Stamps Dinosaur Topical Collection

Large dinosaur topical collection including 150+ stamps, 50+ covers, both US and WW with FDCs, Postmarks, machine slogans,...

Lot 45

US Coins 1892 + 1893 Columbian Half Dollars

1892 + 1893 Columbian Half Dollars, extremely bright and attractive, likely cleaned but absolutely gorgeous examples

Lot 46

US Coins 1900 Year set, circulated in holder w/ $1

1900 Year set, 6 coins from Penny to the Dollar value - circulated and attractive (with above average Dollar) in Whitman holder

Lot 47

Canada Coins 1965, 1966, 1967 Proof-like Sets

1965, 1966, 1967 Canada Proof-like sets (silver) including desirable 1967 Animals Centennial issue - bright and attractive

Lot 48

US Stamps 1861 Local Cover #26, 15L14 Blood's Post

1861 Local Cover with #15L14 Blood's Penny Post acid tied plus #26 (tied by black Philadelphia Octagonal CDS year dated 1861) -...

Lot 49

US Stamps 1861 #73 Black Jack on Cover

#73 Used and tied to cover by black Philadelphia 1861 dated CDS, fresh and attractive stamp with neat Star cancel also at upper...

Lot 50

US Stamps Mint Postal Cards Entires 10c-20c mostly

2000+/- Mint Postal Cards Entires 10c-20c denominations mostly with duplication, very fresh runs and includes a few earlier, FACE...

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