March 17, 2019 Weekly Stamp & Collectibles Auction 20. Richmond, Virginia VA

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5313 Lakeside Ave, Richmond, Virginia, 23228. USA. tel: 804-266-3071

30th Jan, 2019
Ended: 17th Mar, 2019
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Welcome to our weekly online stamp auction! We have about 50 lots ending every Sunday open for bidding from worldwide collections to US First Day Covers and some of everything in between. Check out our other auctions currently open for bidding on our website and please do let us know if you have any questions. Lots are available for viewing in our offices and please let us know if you need more photos, more information about a lot, or would like to submit bids directly to us by phone, email or mail. All lots will sell ending on Sunday afternoon on a staggered basis (the time will count down to 0) and a late bid will extend the time for that lot. If you bid on an item in the last few minutes it will extend bidding on that lot by 2 minutes to try and minimize last-second sniping and also not extend bidding too long. We charge a 15% buyers fee and will begin notifying winning bidders and shipping out the day after the close of the auction. Have fun and please let us know if you have any questions or would like to consign to either our weekly auctions or our Featured live in-person auctions.

Lot 1

US Stamps Mint Postal Stationery FACE VALUE $75+

Mint Postal Stationery entires, mostly 13 and 15 cent denominations, some postal cards - fills USPS Large Flat Rate box FACE...

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Lot 2

US Stamps 850+ FDC incl 100 Fluegels 250 AC

850+ Cacheted, Addressed First Day Covers including 100 Fluegels, 250 Artcraf with letters (i.e. from AyersLab). Interesting...

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Lot 3

US Stamps #1686-1689 Mint NH sets FACE VALUE $950+

#1686-1689 Mint NH Wholesale lot of 225+ sets of US Bicentennial souvenir sheets from 1976 - an amazing hoard of this popular...

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Lot 4

German States Stamps Mint & Used CV $1425

Nice collection of quality Bavaria, Hanover, Saxony, Prussia, Thurn & Taxix, etc. Mint & used, CV $1425

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Lot 5

German Dem Rep Stamps Officials CV $1100

Nice group of German Democratic Republic (DDR) officials from O1-O36 including 5 sets of O33-36. Also includes a rare O22a Mint...

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Lot 6

US Stamps Postal Stationery UX5 and up CV $750

Small collection of US postal stationery, includes UX5, UX7 and more. Nice little lot, CV $750+

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Lot 7

France Stamps Nice Selection CV $1100

Wide range from Mint NH Red Cross BK1s to classics, clean and many xf stamps CV $1100

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Lot 8

Austria Stamps Used Accumulation CV $1000

Huge selection of mostly used Austrian stamps with many back of book included CV $1000+

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Lot 9

German Dem Rep Stamps Semipostals CV $1000+

Dealer's stock of DDR semipostals B14-B82 with 5 of most, 2 Mint NH, 3 Mint LH CV $1000+

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Lot 10

German Stamps Allied Zone Locals & AMZ

Interesting group with a total CV of +/-$1000. Allied Zone locals and AMZ mostly LH including AMG BLBK/6 listed in Michel. See...

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Lot 11

US Stamps Interesting Postcard Lot

Interesting lot of four Nat Horwitz postcards, mailed to his office on E Main Street and N 1st in Richmond. One postcard has only...

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Lot 12

German Stamps #O40 Used CV $150

Hard to find postally used German O40, 100 Million Mark official, CV $150. Sound, VF centering.

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Lot 13

Worldwide Stamps US Bicentennial Collection

72 plate blocks from around the world, mostly celebrating the American bicentennial in 1976. Interesting lot with stamps from all...

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Lot 14

Worldwide Collection in 8 albums A-Z thru 1999

Thousands of mostly used stamps in eight albums, four Statesman Deluxe, three Senior Statesman, and one Harris Worldwide stamp...

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Lot 15

US Stamps Mint NH Bankers Box FACE VALUE $300+

Mint NH in Bankers Box, mostly 1950s-1980s in year sets, dealer cards, glassines, albums, pages, etc FACE VALUE $300+

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Lot 16

Worldwide Stamps King George VI Coronation

1937 Complete Queen Elizabeth and King George VI Coronation Issue, 189 stamps including Hong Kong & Newfoundland. Some warped...

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Lot 17

Worldwide Stamps Germany & France Collection

Nice clean collection in mounts, mostly used with some mint. Germany and France plus French Colonies, late 19th & early 20th...

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Lot 18

US Stamps Commemorative Collection CV $600+

Nice clean US Commemorative collection mounted on White Ace pages,. Includes lightly canceled Colubian issues through 10 cent,...

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Lot 19

US Stamps 803-831 Prexie Matched PBs CV $700+

Matched sets of four plate blocks from the same plate of the 1938 Presidential series through the 50 cent value. Stamps are...

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Lot 20

Worldwide Stamps 800+ Topicals Malta, Lux, etc

800+ Topical Stamps on pages, nice runs of music topics (Malta Mint NH), plus misc Italy, Germany & luxembourg stamps - total...

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Lot 21

Worldwide Stamps topical collection CV $2500+

Worldwide Stamps topical collection with loads of stamps/sets $10 and up, fresh Mint NH/LH & Used with 1000+ stamps, includes...

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Lot 22

China Paper Money and Coins, plus a few Worldwide

China Paper Money and Coins, plus a few Worldwide - 40+ pieces with more than half China incl Imperial and Song dynasty

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Lot 23

US Stamps Face Value Lot FV $80+

Mint NH stamps from the 1930s-1960s, 1/2 cent to 50 cent FACE VALUE $80

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Lot 24

US Stamps James Farley Signed Covers etc

Three covers signed by James Farley with a signed letter to the collector they were signed for. The covers are a Yosemite...

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Lot 25

US Stamps Liberty Album Collection Mint & Used

Liberty Album with used stamps through 1969, mint through 1977. Sparse through 1935, nearly complete afterwards, nice used...

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Lot 26

US stamps #217 Mint Regummed Fine and Bright

#217 Mint Regummed Fine, bright and margins clear on all sides, scarce and appears NH

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Lot 27

Civil War Literature War of the Rebellion 1889

1889 Printing of "War of the Rebellion: Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies" Series 1, Vol. XXIII Part II...

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Lot 28

US Coins Proof & Mint Sets 1956-1982 SILVER

Silver 6+ ounces in 25 Proof sets 1956//1982, missing 58, 65-67, 69, 72; Plus 18 Mint sets from 1970-1989.

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Lot 29

US Stamps Face Value Lot 1964-81 FV $400+

Harris Plate Block album covering 1964-1981, 5 cent to 18 cent with a few higher values. FACE VALUE $400

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Lot 30

Vatican City Stamps 1980s Pope John Paul incl 1987

1980s Pope John Paul incl 1987 visit to US related stamps, covers & newspapers - see photos for everything included

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Lot 31

Worldwide Stamps 1956-1985 Europa 2 Vol CV $3700+

1956-1985 Europa Collection in 2 Lighthouse Hingeless Albums, excellent Mint NH (a few LH) collection, very fresh with 1777...

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Lot 32

Democratic National Convention 1920 Two Tickets

Two used tickets to the 1920 Democratic National Convention held in San Francisco, CA June 28th 1920. Both tickets have been used...

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Lot 33

Sports Illustrated First Issue August 16th 1954

Fine copy of the first issue of Sports Illustrated magazine, dated August 16th, 1954. Copy contains subscription cards, but no...

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Lot 35

Israel Stamps 1950-1971 Collection in Album

Album with a large selection of mint and used Israel stamps, covering 1950-1971. Some full sheets, singles, blocks etc.

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Lot 36

US Stamps CSA #1 on Cover CV Richmond $300

#1 Jan 23, 1862 usage to Isle of Wight, VA with small stains and tears CV $300

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Lot 37

US Stamps CSA #11 on Cover Staunton CV $125

#11 Cover and black Staunton CDS - August 8th CV $125

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Lot 38

US Stamps CSA #12 on Cover Petersburg CV $135

#12 on Cover with black Petersburg CDS CV $135

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Lot 39

US Stamps 1839 Stampless Cover Martinsburg

1839 VA stampless cover (SFL) w/ fancy red Martins-burg VA handstamp - May 14, 2 pages accounting of estates. Troy OH w/ file...

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Lot 40

US stamps Mailometer Vended Postage, 5 Covers

Mailometer Company Vended Postage (formerly Shermack), 5 Covers each with #409 with 5 Hole Large perforations tied by St Louis,...

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Lot 41

Canada Stamps #62 Used Fine with Roller Cancel

#62 Used Fine with heavy roller cancel and crease CV $600

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Lot 42

Sports Cards & SF 49ers Lot Jerry Rice Auto Helmet

A medium sized flat rate box of sports cards, including a limited large Jerry Rice card, as well as hundreds of other cards in...

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Lot 43

WW Accumulation in 5 Albums 2500+ stamps

Interesting worldwide accumulation in five albums, including two Scott Internationals, (1840-1940 USA, A-B, and a incomplete A-Z...

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Lot 44

US Covers & WW Accumulation

100+ covers on pages with US history write-up, not first day. Also includes two worldwide albums with a few stamps, Scott's...

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Lot 45

US Stamps Overrun Countries Mint Sheets CV $295

Beautiful set of the Overrun Countries stamps, Scott 909-921, in full sheets. These sheets appear to be in mint condition, with...

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Lot 46

Japan Stamps Full Sheets #269 & 340 CV $500

Full sheets of Scott #269 & 340 from Japan. Rare sheets on backing paper. Catalog value is for original gum, starting price based...

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Lot 47

Pitcairn Islands 1939 Cover from USS North Star

1939 Cover from USS North Star visit, very scarce cachet, small tears at top incl one affecting a 1d stamp, some creases and...

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Lot 48

German Stamps 1840s-1960s, some better CV $1500+

Used and Mint in two albums 1840s-1960s, some better Mint hinged and used w/ values over $50 total 500+ stamps CV $1500+

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Lot 49

German Democratic Republic Stamps 1948-75

1948-1975 in Scott National album 1000+ stamps on Germany pages mix of used and mint hinged

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Lot 50

US MInt NH 1935-1987 FACE VALUE $420+

MInt NH 1935-1987 collection in 2 albums in binder on pages, highly complete for time period including Famous Americans and some...

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