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Major Firearm Auction. Aumsville, Oregon OR

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Live auction


Montes Auctions & More Inc.


TBA, Aumsville, Oregon, 97392. USA. tel: 5037697183

25th Apr, 2021 … 10:00am
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Firearms Estate Auction
Sunday, April 25, 2021
Auction 10 A.M. - Preview 9 A.M. Same Day
Aumsville, Oregon
(Address will be announced week of auction.)

Firearms and Ammo Held Off Site Until Auction Day.

For info call Monte 503-580-5211

All descriptions, and explanations of items are the opinion of the seller, the auction company, or someone else.
They are strictly opinions, and are not warranted or guaranteed.
It is the responsibility of each bidder to examine lots and bid according to their own opinion.


Masks and social distancing required.

Buyer's Premium: 10% - Terms: Cash or good check

List updated and photos being added evening of April 13.

This auction will be a collection of several estates of firearms, ammo, and related items.
Firearm related consignments welcome.

Smith and Wesson 41 magnum pistol Model 57; (2) Mauser Pistols; Walther P-22 Pistol Model K.I.S.S. Cal. 22LR; 1920 pistol 762x38R; Interarms Alexandria VA. Pistol Caliber 45 acp; Mauser-Werke AG Oberndorf a.n. pistol Model HSc made in Germany; Steyr 1914 Pistol 1912 Austria Cal. 9mm; Acier Fondu pinfire pistol..not working; Mauser-Werke AG.Oberndorf AN pistol Model HSc made in Germany; L.W. Seecamp Co.Inc Pistol 32 ACP LWS-Milford, Ct; Magtech Mod. 7022 rifle. cal. 22LR only CBC. Mod. Made in Brazil; Mauser M-48A model 54977 rifle and Bayonetta 58612; US Carbine Cal. 30 M1 rifle Model AA64289; Thompson 45 cal in parts; Connecticut Valley Arms Black Powder Only 50 cal. Pistol Spain Model 003123; Connecticut Valley Arms inc. Black Powder only 50 Cal. Rifle mod. No. 0103231; Inox button release Bladed knife; Black powder horns; Sccy 9mm handgun; Winchester 30-30; Mossberg 12ga. Shotgun; 16ga. Double Barrel Shotgun; Powder Flask; More black powder
Ammo (thousands of rounds): 45 automatic match; 30 carbine; 41 rem. Mag; 5.45x39m made in Russia; 22 LR; Fiocchi Nagant 7.62; More 45; Ppu 7.62 mauser; Wolf 5.45x39mm; 7.9 mm; 25 auto; 9mm luger; 30-30
Other: Butt stock for Mauser pistol; Mags for pistols and rifles; Gun cases; Gun cleaning; Holsters; Balanced throwing tomahawk; K-Bar knife; Large dagger made in Spain with sheath; Antique pocket watch with sundial; Walking stick with hidden sword; XXL western shooting jacket.
Reloading: Thousands of primers; brass; bullets; powder; reloaders.
A wide range of gun accessories.
See full auction list and photos below.

Win. #67 Mod. 22 Bolt Single Shot S, L, LR
38 Special 130 Grain Full Metal Jacket (2 boxes of 50 each) + 10 Bird Shot + 13 more Rounds
Smith and Wesson 41 Magnum Pistol N367-835 Model S7
J.C. Stevens Mod. 53-D 22 Bolt Single Shot S, L, LR Semi-Bull Barrel
American Eagle 357 Mag High Velocity 158 Grain Jacketed SP, S&W Centerfire 357 (box of 39)
Mauser Pistol 547308
Approx. 167-223 Hollow Points
H&R Topper Jr. Mod. 490 20 Gauge Single Shot 3"
Mauser Pistol 844979
Approx. 172-223 Ball Rounds and 12 Soft Point Rounds
Cobray Mod. DS-410 Side By Side Folding Stock
Walther P-22 Pistol L069013 CE Defense C-3 Defense Inc. Hiram, Ga. Model K.I.S.S. Cal. 22LR Serial K00057
6 30-Round 223 Magazines Choice
StagArms Mod. Stag 15-5.56 Nikon 3-9 Scope
ATM 111 35 R No. 2647 1920 Pistol 762x38R + 1895 Russia CAI St ALB VI
Approx. 46 9mm Luger Rounds
Rem. Mod. 521-T Jr. Special 22 Cal. S, L, LR 3 Clips and Weaver 4 Power Scope
Interarms Alexandria VA. Pistol No. 1589046 Star SA Caliber 45 acp sa
Approx. 50-308 Rounds Full Box
Rem 870 12 Ga. 3" Ch. Pump
Mauser-Werke AG Oberndorf a.n. Pistol Model HSc Made in Germany Model 01.23278
Over 50-30-06 Rounds 37-Soft Point and 20-Hollow Point
Rem. 870 12 Ga. Left Hand 3" Chamber
Steyr 1914 No. 1110 Pistol 1912 Austria Cal. 9mm
Approx. 184-30-30 rounds
Benjamin Franklin .177 Air Rifle
Acier Fondu PinFire Pistol...not working
Champion Federal Large Rifle Primers #210 and Large Magnum Rifle Primers #215
RWS Diana Mod. 48-.177 Air Rifle with Waver 4 Power Scope
Mauser-Werke AG. Oberndorf AN Pistol Model HSc Made in Germany 01.35755
4 - Bricks of 22 Long Rifle Choice
Stag Arms 5.56 Semi Mod. Stag 15 with Accessories
L.W. Seecamp Co. Inc. Pistol Model 042027 32 ACP LWS-Milford, Ct.
1 Box of 25 Unprimed Cartridge Cases Cal. 50 and 2 Boxes of 20ct. 50 cal. A-Max Bullets
Encore Thompson/Center 308 Win. 30-06 Springfield, 22-250 Rem, and 300 Win Mag, and 2 Scopes Star and Nikon
Magtech Mod. 7022 Rifle Cal. 22LR only CBC Mod. No. EBD079216 Made in Brazil
50 Rounds of 300 Win. Mag.
H&S Arms Ins Brownsville Texas USA 22 Cal. 4 Barrel
Mauser M-48A Model 54977 Rifle and Bayonetta 58612
1 Box of 100 Rounds 45 ACP or 1 Box of 60 Rounds and 40 Brass 45 ACP
Benjamin Sheridan Mod. 397PA 4.5MM (1.77 Cal.) Pellets Only Air Rifle
US Carbine Cal. 30 M1 Rifle Model AA64289
9 Boxes of 30 Cal. (308) Choice
Daisy MFG Co. Mod. 26 BB Gun Air Rifle
Thompson 45 Cal in Parts
American Derringer Corp. 45 Colt/.410x2.5
6 Boxes of 22 Cal. (.224) Choice
Connecticut Valley Arms Black Powder Only 50 Cal. Pistol Spain Model 003123
Iver Johnson 5 Shot Revolver 32 Short

6 Boxes of .45 ACP Frangible Ammo (50 per box)
4 Boxes of 380 (50 rounds per box choice)
Connecticut Valley Arms Inc. Black Powder Only 50 Cal. Rifle Mod. No. 0103231
Boxes and Bags of Bullets
1911 Style 45 ACP Auto
Inox Button Release Bladed Knife
Crosman Coleman 766 BB Air Rifle
Approx. 170-30-06 Primed Brass and 15 Not Primed
Black Powder Horns
Crosman Arms Co. .177 Pellet Air Rifle
Over 200-22-250 Brass and 80 Primed 22-250 Brass
Powder Flask
Glock 17 Mod. 17 Semi-Auto 9x19 2 Clips
Approx. 500+ Not Primed 9mm Luger and Approx. 240 Primed 9mm Luger Brass
More Black Powder
HK USP Tactical 45 Auto with 4 Clips, Tactical Light Mark II and Kit
Over 400 + 45 ACP Brass
Ammo: 45 Automatic Match, 30 Carbine, 41 Rem. Mag, 5.45x39m Made in Russia, 22 LR, Fiocchi Nagant 7.62, More 45, Ppu 7.63 Mauser, Wolf 5.45x39mm, 7.9mm, 25 Auto, 9mm Luger
Win. Mod. 94 Lone Star Commemorative 30-30
100+ Approx. 5.7x28 Brass
Butt Stock for Mauser Pistol
2 Boxes 30-30 Win. 170 Grain
Approx. 200-300 Win. Mag. Brass
Mags for Pistols and Rifles (Sold Choice)
Crosman Mod. 1400-22 Cal. Air Rifle
Approx. 250-308 Win. Brass
Gun Cases
S&W Mod. 65-2 38/357 Rev.
Approx. 450+38 Special + 357 Brass Some Primed
Gun Cleaning
Ruger Mark II 22 Long Rifle With 2 Clips
Approx. 100+ 30-30 Win. Brass
Holsters (Sold Choice)
Crosman Mod. 2200 Magnum 22 Cal. Air Rifle
Misc. Bag Some 6.5 Jap., 502 T-SBR, 50 AE., Factory-style 12 Ga. 2-¾” Box 10 pack
Balanced Throwing Tomahawk
760 PumpMaster .177 Pellet/BB Repeater Crossman
2 Boxes 100 Rounds Each 12 Ga. 2 3/4" 8 Shot Choice
K-Bar Knife
Jukar 45 Spain Black Power Pistol
1 Box of 100 20 Ga. 2 3/4" - 7 ½ Shot and 29 More 20 Ga. 2 3/4"
Large Dagger Made in Spain with Sheath
Approx. 46 3" 410 Shells
6 Boxes 10 Rounds Per Box 12 Ga. 3" 6 Shot
Antique Pocket Watch With Sundial
Charies Daly by Zastava KBJ-HBG, Pa., Yugoslavia Bolt and Barrel
4 Boxes Buckshot 12 Ga. 3"-000 BK 5 Rounds Per Box
Walking Stick With Hidden Sword
24-12 Ga. 2 3/4" Copper Solid Slug and 5-12 Ga. 2 3/4" -000 Buck
2 Boxes 12 Ga. 2 3/4" 5 Shot and 1 Box 12 Ga. 2 3/4" 4 Shot
XXL Western Shooting Jacket
JC Higgins Mod. 103.13 Bolt 22-10 Shot Sears and Roebuck
Gunsmithing Books

Sky 9mm Pistol in Box
4 Boxes of 9mm (50 rounds per box choice)
Mossberg 12 Ga. Pump
RCBS JR-2 Reloader
Cont. Arms 1933 Bolt 22 Single Shot
Gun Reloading Books
Redding Reloader T-7 Turret With Some RCBS Parts

16 Ga. Side by Side
4 Boxes of 16 Ga. Shotgun Shells
Lyman Turbo Twin Tumbler
AR-15 Stial Repair Kit Loaded
Reloading Gun Powder
Approx. 300 Large Rifle Primers for Magnum Rifle Loads
Approx. 400 Large Pistol Primers for Standard or Magnum
Small Pistol Primers Approx. 1600
Approx. 2000 Large Rifle Primers
Approx. 1400 Large Rifle Primers
25 Unprimed 50 Cal. Cartridge Cases
Misc. Reloading Stuff
Gun Rest for Target Shooting
RCBS Range Master 750 Scale
Rem. Chocks 12 Ga. Right Hand
Rem. Chocks 12 Ga. Left Hand
200 Approx. 45 ACP Brass
Misc. Books and Manuals
1 Box 12 Ga. 2 ¾ No. 7 Shot Steel
Call Monte at 503-580-5211