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26th Sep, 2017
Ended: 3rd Oct, 2017
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Join us for our Next Multi-Estate Auction. This auction begins at 8pm central time on Tuesday, September 26, 2017 and ends at 8pm on Tuesday, October 3, 2017 at the rate of 4 lots per minute. Lots may continue to be uploaded the first few days. Check back often. As always, you can join us every Saturday Night for our LIVE Estate Auctions in Talty, Texas. Additional information can be found at our website www.lonewolfauction.net. Michael Irwin TDLR#17108 Barry Lippart TDLR#16919

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Lot 1

B. Franklin Almanack

Poor Richard, 1733. An Almanack, for the year of Chrift 1733.

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Lot 2

American Ornithology

American ornithology, a study of birds of prey, portfolio of six(6) collector prints.

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Lot 3

Browning Skillet by Corning Ware

Vintage Amana Radarange browning skillet by Corning Ware, microwave safe

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Lot 4

State Capital Plates

One(1) is The Capital in Washington D.C. made by Capsco and one(1) is The State Capital of Colorado in Denver

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Lot 5

Glass Candy Dish

Small crystal decorative candy dish.

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Lot 6

Dish with Lid

Small pressed glass dish used for jams with lid

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Lot 7

Vintage Planters

One(1) small white swan planter with floral decorations on feathers and One(1) brown mill planters

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Lot 8

4-Footed Serving Bowl

4-footed pressed glass serving bowl with decoration of the bottom

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Lot 9

Boy Scouts Silverware

Boy Scouts of America, Be prepared, silverware set. Knife, fork and spoon in one.

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Lot 10

Glass Serving Bowl

large glass serving bowl

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Lot 11

Glass Vase

Large pressed glass vase.

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Lot 12

Kitchen Accessories

Beige colored pottery teapot with blue designs. Utensil holder shaped like a chef. This chef has the word "Bar B Que" on his...

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Lot 13
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Lot 14
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Lot 15

Vintage Hairdressers Hot Irons

Vintage hairdressers twelve (12) different hair curling, straightening and crimping hot irons.

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Lot 16

Vintage Farm License Plates

Vintage farm license plates

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Lot 17

Vintage License Plates

Vintage Texas License plates.

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Lot 18

Kitchen Light

70's style hanging kitchen light, gold toned with designs.

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Lot 19

Leather Cigarette Case

Genuine Leather cigarette case. Clips onto pants. Has a place for lighter. Made in the USA

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Lot 20

Folio Watch

Folio E0205 110849, all stainless steel, 30 meters 100 feet water-resistant

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Lot 21

Glasbake Baking Dish

Baking dish by Glasbake with green accents.

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Lot 22

Aluminum Pitcher

Aluminum pitcher with guard to keep ice from falling out when pouring

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Lot 23

Decorative Head

Decorative woman's head with brown hair and blue eyes.

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Lot 24

Vintage Pyrex Corning Glass Bowls

Pyrex by Corning glass bowls. One(1) 2 1/2 quart and one(1) 4 quart. Baking and microwave safe

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Lot 25

Blue Cookie Jar

One large decorative blue glass cookie jar.

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Lot 26

Churchill china pink and white polka dot bowl

Churchill china pink and white polka dot bowls, made in England

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Lot 27

Pottery Bowls

One(1) pottery bowl with lid and one(1) small bowl that fits inside the larger bowl.

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Lot 28

Vintage Lamp

Vintage white glass lamp with Chinese design

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Lot 29

Coca-Cola Drinking Glasses

Vintage green tinted Coca-Cola drinking glasses.

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Lot 30

Glass Pumpkin

Glass pumpkin bowl with lid

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Lot 31

Mikasa Grande Ivory Set

Two(2) teacups, one (1) serving bowl, four(4) bread plates, one (1) saucer, one(1) sugar bowl, four(4) dinner plates, three(3)...

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Lot 32

Glass Light Shades

Glass light shades for ceiling fans, vanities, etc.

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Lot 33

Wooden Box

Open wooden box painted green with photo of little girl looking in the mirror.

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Lot 34

Coffee Mugs

"Theo Rubn, Bavaria Germany, Burgwindheim" Mug has the script" City of Arlington Texas, 50 Jahre Partnerschaft, Stadt Bad...

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Lot 35

Crystal Pitcher

Crystal flowered detailed pitcher

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Lot 36

Various Drinking Glasses

Two(2) tall pressed glass drinking glasses. One (1) tall wine glass, one (1) small tea glass, one(1) small drinking glass, one(1)...

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Lot 37

Drinking Glasses

One(1) large detailed glass, set of six(6) small drinking glasses

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Lot 38

Drinking Glasses

Two(2) large decorative glasses and a set of ten(10) small drinking glasses

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Lot 39

Anchor Hocking milk glass Plate & Bowl Set

Anchor Hocking milk glass with gold colored trim. One(1) plate and three(3) matching bowls

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Lot 40

Vintage Lamp

Vintage lamps with a vintage man and woman painted statue

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Lot 41

Decorative Plate

TamSan Designs, made in Cornelius, NC, hand painted ducks, signed.

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Lot 42

Vintage Automotive Lights

Small silver toned vintage automotive lights. Not sure what they came off of.

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Lot 43

Vintage Teacups

Matching set of three(3) glass vintage teacups, with floral design along rim. Made in the USA

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Lot 44

Sunbeam Mixing Bowl

Glasbake for Sunbeam mixing bowl, made in the USA

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Lot 45

Vintage Razor and Shaving Cup

Vintage Gem razor and a glass shaving cream cup

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Lot 46

Vinaigrette Bottle and Bowls

Vintage Live hand painted collection, vinaigrette bottle and two(2) small bowls. Beige colored with hand painted grapes

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Lot 47

Vintage Milk Glass Lamp

Vintage decorative milk glass and silver toned lamp.

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Lot 48

Sakura Plates

The Sakura Table, Wine Collection, set of four(4) stoneware, salad/dessert plates

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Lot 49

Crystal Bowl

Crystal decorative serving bowl with gold toned trim.

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Lot 50

Kitchen Decorations

One(1) decorative love bird house, one(1) gold toned wire kitchen fruit basket

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Lot 51

Serving Trays

Pressed glass serving trays

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Lot 52

Baking Dish

One(1) tart baking dish with floral design and one(1) casserole dish with matching floral design

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Lot 53

Royal Jackson Bread Plates

Two(2) matching bread and butter plates, white with silver colored trim

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Lot 54

Jeep Bag and Accessories

Olive green Jeep bag, with maps, owners manual, etc.

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Lot 55

Corn Tray

Glass trays to put your corn on the cob on.

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Lot 56

Various Plates

One(1) "The Old Mill" Ruidoso, New Mexico, over 100 years old, hand painted. One (1) Old Oregon Trail, Bonneville Dam,...

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Lot 57

Various Plates

One(1) small plate, The Lord's Prayer. One(1) Norman Rockwell, three boys fishing, Jesus knocking at door, 18K gold trim. One(1)...

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Lot 58

Various Plates

One(1) pottery yellow saucer, genuine fiesta. One(1) multi-colored plate made by Gibson in the USA. One(1) fine china, Harmony...

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Lot 59

Reindeer Candy Dish

Gold toned Reindeer candy dish. Bowl with reindeer as handle

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Lot 60

Vase and Decanter

One(1) large pressed glass vase and one(1)glass decanter with a cork as lid

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Lot 61

Soccer Ball Cereal Bowls

Set of seven(7) soccer balls bowls, Mulberry Home Collection, China. Some have a soccer ball or a soccer field picture in the...

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Lot 62

Silver-Plated Kitchenware

Three(3) different creamer bowls, Two(2) small spoons, two(2) small cocktail forks, one(1) saucer and one(1) plate

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Lot 63

Teacups and Teapot

One(1) milk glass teacup with grape designs. Two(2) matching Crestwood china 960 eternal wheat made in Japan, white with gold...

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Lot 64

Fine Porcelain Decorative Plates

Three(3) matching but different plates made in Western Germany, one (1) has grapes, one(1) has an orange and one(1) has a pear....

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Lot 65

Fine Porcelain Baking Dish

Fine Porcelain 1982 Japan, 1 3/4 Quart Dish, Dishwasher and Microwave safe, Copco Country

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Lot 66

Decorative Plate and Stand

Decorative plate and matching stand. Plate has a small cottage in the woods and the stand is the entrance archway to the path

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Lot 67

Large Bowls

Three(3) large serving bowls, hand painted, Lapid, made in Israel. Gray colored with blue designs

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Lot 68

Large Leaf Bowls

Two(2) large white leaf shaped glass bowls, made in China

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Lot 69

Vintage Oil Lamps

Two(2) small vintage oil lamps

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Lot 70

Pyrex Baking Dish

8" x 8" Pyrex baking dish, made in the USA, microwave safe, no broiler or stove top.

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Lot 71


One(1) small bell and one(1)vintage jr. high cow bell

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Lot 72

Stone Decorative Pictures

Three(3) stone pictures of grapes, apples and pears

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Lot 73

Vintage Belt Buckle

Vintage Pony Express Company belt buckle since 1902

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Lot 74

Small Whiskey Glasses

One(1) small whiskey glass, one(1) "Bushmills Irish Whiskey Glass, 1608 Original Grant to distil, Bushmills County Antrim" one(1)...

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Lot 75

Skull Shot Glasses

One(1) black skull shot glass, one(1) clear skull shot glass and one(1) glass skull flask with lid

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Lot 76

Various Bundt Cake Pans

Three (3) different Bundt cake pans.

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Lot 77

Heart Baking Pans

Four(4) different size heart baking pans.

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Lot 78

Large Beer Glass

Large Pressed beer glass with handle.

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Lot 79

Shot Glasses

Las Vegas, metal shot glass, Dreamcatcher Kansas, Sea World, Las Vegas, plain glass, yellow funny tipsy glass, Florida, beach...

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Lot 80

Shot Glasses

Jim Bean Cowboy boot, Federacion mexicana de futbol asoc.a.c. , Texas size shot glass, plain shot glass, Metallica, Southern...

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Lot 81

Glasses and Sewing kit

Eye Glasses in a decorative pink and gold case, green leather case with a small sewing kit.

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Lot 82


Three(3) Steins cups with lids, with decorative designs and pictures. One (1) without lid

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Lot 83

Royce Model 642 CB Radio

Royce Flagship SSB Base Station, model # 642

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Lot 84

Uniden PC68XL CB Radio

Uniden PC68XL CB Radio, Dynamic Squelch Control

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Lot 85

Polaroid Cameras

two(2) black "OneStep flash" One(1) green and gray "One Step Express"

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Lot 86

Galaxy Car CB Radio

Galaxy black car CB radio, with CB Extension Speaker and walkie talkie

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Lot 87

CB Radio Accessories

Two(2) CB microphones, one (1) antenna, one(1) cord and one(1) holder

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Lot 88

Koh-I-Noor in case

Koh-I-Noor in red case, Rapidograph, various sizes and tracers

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Lot 89

3-Tier Teak Wood Serving Tray

Teak wood 3-tier lazy Susan decorative serving trays. 29" tall, 17" in diameter. LOCAL PICKUP ONLY!!

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Lot 90

Wooden Train

Five(5) car wooden train, engine, caboose and three(3) other transporting cars. When put together the train measures about 48"...

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Lot 91

Handcrafted Decorative Clock

Handcrafted decorative wooden clock, with gold colored numbers and hands.

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Lot 92

Handmade Wooden Car

Handmade by Luther Derrell St. Ama, Sr., vintage wooden truck made in 1990

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Lot 93

Wooden Coal Train

Black painted wooden train engine with coal car. Train measures about 23" when put together.

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Lot 94

Porcelain Doll Parts

Different parts of dolls, one doll measures about 20" with head, arms, legs and a unstuffed body. The other measures about 12"...

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Lot 95

Porcelain Doll Parts

One head that measures about 3" and a pair of legs that measure about 5". This doll measures about 12" with a head, legs and...

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Lot 96

Porcelain Doll Parts

This one probably measures about 20" when put together, but only head and hands are here. Doll neck and head are here and will...

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Lot 97

Porcelain Doll Parts

This measures about 22" and comes with a head and legs. This doll is all there and measures about 19"

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Lot 98

Porcelain Doll Parts

Baby is about 18" tall and comes with a head and legs. Extra pair of 2" hands. A 12" baby with a head, arms and legs. A baby...

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Lot 99

Porcelain Doll Parts

One(1) Doll Armature, bendable skeleton. One white 21" doll with all parts there, head, shoulders, body, arms, legs and hips....

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Lot 100

Porcelain Doll Parts

This large baby is about 24" tall and comes with a head, a leg and arms. This doll is about 15" comes with head, arms and legs....

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