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Auction : Knife Collector NKC Estate, Supplies, Materials & Knives. Kansas City, Missouri MO

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Internet-only (timed) auction


Cates Auction & Realty Co. Inc.


xxx, Kansas City, Missouri, 64119. USA. tel: 816-781-1134

12th Apr, 2019
Ended: 29th May, 2019
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Knife Collector NKC Estate, Cutler's Cache of Supplies, Materials, Finished Products Wen Whet Wheel, Rostfrei Knives, Folding Knives, Helle of Norway, Japan Made Blades, Handmade Antler Hilts, Kershaw Kai, Condor Seki, Vintage handmade pieces and More! All the tools of the cutler's trade, Sharpening Equipment, Constructing Supplies, Raw Materials, Knife Kits, Commemorative Sets, Massive group of vintage & handmade leather knife sheaths and holders. Several BB Guns, Starter Pistols and BB Rifles.

Lot 400

Yukon Hunter 4" Blade Skinning Knife

Hardwood handle. Blade is marked "Othello Solingen Germany" and "GC Co. C47". Includes leather sheath.

Lot 401

Helle of Norway Stainless Steel Wood Handled Knife

Helle of Norway laminated stainless steel knife and leather sheath set . 3" bladePlease see photos for more info and details.

Lot 402

Japan Made Hunting Knife 6" Blade

Japan Made Hunting Knife 6" Blade. Precision hollow ground stainless steel. Wooden handle. Leather sheath.

Lot 403

Japan Made Stainless Steel Hunting Knife

Japan Made Stainless Steel Hunting Knife. Boone special 420 stainless steel. Features a wooden handle and a rugged, imitation...

Lot 404

Maxam Stainless Steel Hunting Knife Japan

Stainless steel hunting knife made in Japan. Maxam 420 stainless steel, wooden handle, rugged sheath. MX1. Good condition.

Lot 405

Hunting Knife with Japanese Steel Blade and

Hunting knife handcrafted leather grip, stainless steel blade, and leather sheath

Lot 406

Handcrafted Hunting Knife with Antler Handle and

Handcrafted Hunting Knife with Antler Handle and Leather Sheath, 4" blade, hand stitched sheath.

Lot 407

Frost Cutlery Knife with Stainless Steel Blade

and Leather Sheath Frost Cutlery Designed by Jim Frost Japan. Knife appears to have never been used or sharpened. Blade is 3...

Lot 408

One Kershaw Kai 1012 Knife, two Condor Seki Knives

Kershaw 1012 Kai Kodiak Skinning Knife Wsheath Comfort Grip Noslip Handle 4 1/2" blade. Condor Seki Sencos fixed blade knife with...

Lot 409

Five Buck Knives, USA

Five Buck knives in various styles. One fixed blade with sheath, 102, 3 3/4" blade. Three contemporary folding knives, 433t,...

Lot 410

J. Nowill & Sons Knife with Leather Handle, Made

In England J. Nowill & Sons Knife with Leather Handle and brass guard. Blade is 4". Includes leather sheath.

Lot 411

Three German Made Blades

Vintage Whale knife with painted metal handle and some slight rust, very sharp, includes sheath. Antique straight razor blade, H....

Lot 412

Three Vintage Providence USA Knives

One fixed blades knife with man made handle, leather sheath, some corrosion, 5" blade labeled Imperial Providence. Another...

Lot 413

Three Camillus Knives

One Camillus Double Lock Back Knife. Original factory edge appears to be in very good condition with no wear on the saw teeth....

Lot 414

Two Camillus Knives, Fixed Blade

Two matching Camillus knives inscribed with the number 2003. From the High Country Hunter series. Blead approximately 2". Kevlar...

Lot 415

Two Kelgin Fixed Blade Knives, 2.5" Blade

Two Kelgin bird and trout knives. Handles appear to be of walnut and rosewood with buffalo horn bolsters. Blades are...

Lot 416

Rigid Knife, Operation Desert Storm 1990s

Rigid, Japan made limited edition Operation Desert Storm, RG15 tactical folding knife. Includes original leather sheath. Frame is...

Lot 417

Five Pocket Knives

The first and smallest is an Imperial Prov with two blades 1.5" and 1", features pearloid handle. Next is a Basset Trim with a...

Lot 418

Two Japan made Folding Knives

First is "American Blade" Survivor AB-6 lockback folding pocket knife with white laminate handle and 2.5" blade. Next is Valor,...

Lot 419

Two Normark Eka Lockback Pocket Knives Sweden

Normark Eka Lockback Pocket Knives Sweden. Wood handle and 2.75" stainless steel blade. Overall length open is 7". Auction is...

Lot 420

Three Antique Straight Razors

First is G.D. Abrams labeled box containing a bone handled razor labeled Merit, Peter J. Michels, Brooklyn NY. Next is a Gullatt...

Lot 421

Leatherman Super Tool, Portland Oregon USA 1990s

The Leatherman Super Tool is (4 1/2") long, (1 1/4") wide, and (5/8") thick and contains the following tools: Pliers and Wire...

Lot 422

Taylor Seto The Master Butterfly Knife

Knife looks like two ball point pens and was made in 1984. Handles are made of brass. James Bond style weapon.

Lot 423

Two Knives

First is a fixed blade, hand crafted knife with a brass guard and 1 11/16" blade. Next is a Japan made folding knife with 3.25"...

Lot 424

Knife, Phil Ernest of California

Phil Ernest of California made this knife. The 2.75" s.s. blade is single edge sharp. The handle scales are exotic hardwood and...

Lot 425

2 Japan Made Pocket Knives

First up is a two blade Frost Cutlery pocket knife with bone handle an surgical steel blades, size are 2.5" and 2". Next is...

Lot 426

Gerber Knives and Clippers

First Gerber 6608, 3 Blade Pocket Knife Used Condition USA, main blade is 2.5". Next is Gerber Remix Finger Hole Pocket Folding...

Lot 427

Two Folding Buck Knives USA

First is BUCK 442 U EASY OPEN LOCKBACK POCKET KNIFE in excellent! This top quality knife has been used and lightly sharpened yet...

Lot 428

Two Coleman Western Folding Knives USA

Two Coleman Western Folding Knives USA made. One is a lockback, the other is not. Items have not been used or carried and are...

Lot 429

Two Knives, Case, Colonial Prov. USA Made

First knife is a vintage Colonial Prov. scout utility knife with red grip, condition is used. Next is a Case single blade...

Lot 430

Meyerco Knife "Blackie Collins" Tactical, Jaguar

Meyerco Blackie Collins designed Tactical knife . Black composite handle with ATS-34 steel blade is made in Seki, Japan. Blackie...

Lot 431

Assortment of Knife Sheaths, Schrade and others

Assortment of knife sheaths made of leather and nylon, for both folding knives and fixed blade.

Lot 432

Assortment of Knife Sheaths, mostly Leather

A grouping of knife sheaths mostly leather, some for folding knives and others forfixed blade.

Lot 433

Group of Knife Sheaths, Mostly Leather

Knife sheaths mostly leather, some factory made and some hand crafted.

Lot 434

Assortment of Knife Sheaths

Assortment of knife sheaths in leather and nylon. Most are in unused condition.

Lot 435

Variety of Knife Sheaths Mostly Leather

Assortment of knife sheaths. All but one are leather. Includes one with a boot clip.

Lot 436

A Group of Knife Sheaths and Knife Carrier

A group of knife sheaths in a variety of materials and brands.

Lot 437

A Variety of Leather Knife Sheaths

A variety of leather knife sheaths in used condition for both folding knives and fixed blade.

Lot 438

Knife Sharpening Materials in Aluminum Case

Knife Sharpening Materials in latching, Aluminum carrying case as shown in photos.

Lot 439

Exotic Woods and Materials for Knife Handles

Various exotic woods and other materials for making fine knife handles.

Lot 440

Group of Knife Sheaths

Group of Knife Sheaths in leather and nylon, some in unused condition.

Lot 441

New Leather Knife Sheath Making Materials

New leather cutout pieces for making knife sheaths for fixed blade knives.

Lot 442

A Collectionof Knife Cases

An assortment of knife cases of various types. Some roll up, some fold. Also a small travel tote is include.

Lot 443

Sword, Bud K, bk385

Pre-owned Pakistan manufactured ninja type sword, wooden handle, with sheath, s.s. blade approximately 27".

Lot 444

Collection of Knives of Various Sizes & Brands

A collection of knives of various make, type, condition, and manufacture. Fixed blade hunting knife has a leather handle and a 6"...

Lot 445

A group of knives

Factory made knives, hand crafted knives, throwing knives, folding and fixed blade.

Lot 446

Five NIB Folding Tactical Knives

First is Tac Force 964TBK (2) features spring assisted 3.5" 3Cr13 Steel Blade, nylon grip, pocket clip, Next is TAC Force TF-967D...

Lot 447

Assortment of Pocket Knives

Assortment of Pocket Knives and one push dagger

Lot 448

Pocketknife Collection

A small collection of pocketknives in good condition.

Lot 449

Three Fixed Blade, one TAC FORCE

Three fixed blade knives, two with sheaths, one hand crafted with brass guard and leather handle. Robert E Lee knife has a 5"...

Lot 450

Two Rostfrei Knives

First is a nylon handled locking blade, the other is a folding push dagger.

Lot 451

Commemorative Folding Knives in Tins

Folding knives in original collectors' tins commemorating America's truckers, and Confederate Generals of the Civil War.

Lot 452

Four Fixed Blade Knives

One faux-ivory and metal handled fixed blade knife with scabbard commemorating America's wildlife, s.s. blade is approx 7.5"...

Lot 453

Diverse Collection of Folding and Hunting Knives

Something for everybody in this diverse collection of knives, half of which are in unused condition.

Lot 454

Interesting Collection of Knives

A diverse collection of knives for hunting, utility, and defense. One fixed blade with faux antler grip has a 4.75" blade and...

Lot 455

Assortment of Knives for the Sportsman

A variety of knives, folding and fixed blade for working and hunting.

Lot 456

A Diverse Agglomeration of Knives

Fixed blade and folding knives. Leather sheaths included with some.

Lot 457

Hunting Knives

An assortment of hunting knives with leather sheaths. Fixed blade.

Lot 458

Hunter's Choice

Hunter's Choice, a mishmash of knives and sheaths.

Lot 459

Hunting Knives With Handcrafted Handles

Hunting Knives With Handcrafted Handles and leather sheaths.

Lot 460

Assortment of Hunters' Knives, Some Handcrafted

Assortment of Hunters' Knives, Some Handcrafted, some with leather sheaths.

Lot 461

Collection of Hunting Knives with Leather Sheaths

Most in good to excellent condition. The largest knife in this collection is the white antler look handle with a 6.5" blade and...

Lot 462

Assortment of Hunting Knives, Some Handcrafted

The largest blade is 6.75", full tang with a s.s. guard, has leather sheath. The next biggest is a hand crafted wood handled...

Lot 463

A Variety of Hunting Knives with Sheaths

The largest blade is 7". All come with sheath.

Lot 464

Diverse Assortment of Hunting and Tactical

Diverse collection of knives, some with sheaths. Folding knife is very large with an overall open length on 15".

Lot 465

Hunting Knives and Folding Knife

A mishmash fixed blade hunting knives with sheaths and one folding knife with a black plastic handle.

Lot 466

Diverse Mishmash for the Ardent Sportsman

An assortment of various knives that would be useful to a hunter or tradesman.

Lot 467

Knife Sharpeners and Three Throwing Knives

Latching aluminum case contains knife sharpeners, throwing knives and a shop apron.

Lot 468

Knife Making Tools & Supplies

Blades and clamps

Lot 469

Unfinished Knife Projects

Half finished knife projects for the knife making hobbyist

Lot 470

Three BB Guns, One Starter Pistol, With Ammo

First is a Benjamin .177 caliber single shot air pistol Model 137, with pump lever, USA.Next is a contemporary Marksman Repeater...

Lot 471

Knife Making Projects

Various blades and handle materials for the knife making enthusiast.

Lot 472

Vintage Toy Rifles, Daisy, Parris, Ray Line

Four vintage toy rifles. Ray-Line Jr. Sportsman "250" Repeater Toy Shotgun DAISY MODEL 960 TOY LEVER ACTION POP GUN ROGERS...

Lot 473

Knife Sharpening Equipment

Various sharpeners, sharpening stones and WEN brand electric wet wheel.

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