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Fair Auction Company, LLC


TBA, Reston, Virginia, 20191. USA. tel: 703.347.5088

6th Nov, 2019
Ended: 20th Nov, 2019
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Lot 1

Welcome to the Catalog!

We will be adding lots to THIS catalog, straight from the consignors home Oakton, VA. Please note, we will have on site pickup...

Lot 7

Lot of Decorative Rams

Includes white ceramic lamb symbol of Gotland, Sweden, Raku lamb and a pottery ram.

Lot 8

Vintage Mexican Boyi and Carved Bowl

Vintage Mexican pottery Boyi and older carved and etched wooden bowl, possibly African.

Lot 9

Hand Turned Bowls and Cigar Box

Includes vintage Japanese turned wood bowls (1 large and 4 small), hand turned birds eye maple wood dish, California redwood burl...

Lot 10

2 Pairs of Glass Bowls

Pair of modern glass bowls from Australia AUS15, dot painted. 2 Riverside Design Group bowls, made in USA.

Lot 11

2 Childrens Bento Boxes

One green with giraffes and one yellow with pandas.

Lot 12

Pair of Michael Cohen Tiles

Could be used as a hot plate or wall decor. Each is 5.75 by 5.75.

Lot 13

Raku Pot and Tribal Art Straw Mat

Raku pot by master potter Connie Harter-Bagley signed/dated 1996. Mat is 10.75 inches by 11.

Lot 14

African Style Porcelain Box and Micro Coffee Mug

African style porcelain box from Washington, DC native James W. Roland.

Lot 15

Michael Cohen Charger and MCM Pebble Bowl

Michael Cohen pottery charger in earth tones has a diameter of 11 inches.

Lot 16

Pottery Seagull and Cottage Scene

Seagull is by Anderson Design Studio and Cottage (pen holder?) is by John OGroats Potter.

Lot 17

3 Decorative Trinket Boxes

Black abalone trinket box from Rustans, Silver abalone trinket box and a Russian lacquer box (Snow Queen) Palekh signed.

Lot 18

4 Vintage Playing Card Plates & Michelle Allen Cat

Each plate has a diameter of 9.75 inches.

Lot 19

Pair of Vintage Bronze Tone & 1 Wood Candle Sticks

Small modern candle holder possibly teak or rosewood, 4.75 inches tall. Taller pair are 12.25 inches tall.

Lot 20

Michael Spain Glass Vase and Nemadji Pot

Michael Spain green glass vase is signed on the bottom, 10.5 inches tall. Vintage Nemadji pot is 8.75 inches tall.

Lot 21

Briard Cheese Tray and Acrylic/ Hemp Coaster Set

Cheese tray comes with knife and is 9 inches wide/deep.

Lot 22

Black Coal Paperweight and Iron Fish Sculpture

Coal paperweight is marked Souvenir Coal Breaker and shows coal mine. Fish sculpture with stand is 11 inches tall and 16 wide.

Lot 23

ZIRO Herb Clock

Tested and working. 7.5 inches in diameter.

Lot 24

Large Antique Copper Hammered Vessel

Appears to be crafted for pouring. 20.5 inches wide, 9 deep and 6.5 tall.

Lot 25

Smith Signed Pottery Lamp

20.5 inches tall, missing finial.

Lot 26

Dansk Magenta Acrylic Salad Bowl w/ Servers

Bowl is 6.5 inches tall and has a diameter of 10.5.

Lot 27

Raymor Roseville Brown Pottery Dish Set

Set includes one large plate, four small plates, 4 large bowls and 4 small bowls. One of the larger blows has a chip along the...

Lot 28

Pair of Heavy Metal Black Cat Figurines

Believed to be painted lead.

Lot 29

Decorative Metal Lot

Includes a glass music box with 3 child angels on the top, a butter jar with cow figure on the handle and a travel pocket...

Lot 30

Mid-Atlantic 1820s Mantelpiece w/ Original Paint

Has some wear and water damage. Measures 60" wide, 7" deep, and 57" tall.

Lot 31

Circa 1900 Farm Table

Worn as can be expected given the age, with original paint. Has imprints of newspaper on the tabletop. Measures 46" wide, 25"...

Lot 32

Mid-19th Century Pub Table from UK

Has surface wear and heavier wear on the legs. Measures 28" tall with a 30" diameter.

Lot 33

Pair of T.Y. Pennington Style Bent Wood Barstools

Made in Taiwan. Good condition. Each measures 15" wide, 17" deep, and 36" tall.

Lot 34

Antique Red Bucket Bench from Beall Farmhouse

Has some wear and much of the paint on the top surfaces is gone. Measures 49" wide, 22" deep, and a 30" tall.

Lot 35

Antique Chest

Has sustained water damage particularly at the bottom. Measures 35" wide, 16" deep, and 17" tall.

Lot 36

Folk Art Cottage Chair w/ Bird Motif

Possibly German. Has some wear throughout and a bird design carved in the backrest. Measures 26" wide, 21" deep, and 33" tall.

Lot 37

Metal-Framed Barstool

Seat is not attached. Backrest is painted wood. Measures 22" wide, 20" deep, and 41" tall.

Lot 38

Early 20th Century Bucket Bench

Has some wear throughout. Functionally sound. Measures 49" wide, 11" deep, 45" tall.

Lot 39

Pair of Chairs w/ Four Replacement Seats

Original seats are damaged but replacements are included. Legs have some marks but are easily cleaned with vinegar. Measures 18"...

Lot 40

Rolling Slat Cart

Good condition, minor marks on the finish but no structural issues. Measures 25" wide, 12" deep, and 23" tall.

Lot 41

Antique Crib

Good condition. Measures 41.5" wide, 23" deep, and 20" tall.

Lot 42

Turn of the Century Sled

Good condition. Has a repair on one strut. Measures 41" long, 14" wide, and 15" tall.

Lot 43

Umbrella Rack Made From Propellers

Sides are a plane propeller cut in half. Measures 21" wide, 10" deep, and 28" tall.

Lot 44

Chair w/ Leather Seat

Worn as can be expected given the age. Measures 19" wide, 18" deep, and 34" tall.

Lot 45

Antique Iron Chair

Fairly heavy. Had several points of corrosion. Measures 21" wide, 20" deep, and 34" tall

Lot 46

Antique Chair w/ Grass Woven Seat

Expected wear given age. Seat is mostly intact. Measures 17" wide, 14" deep, and 35" tall, with a seat height of 14"

Lot 47

Antique Vinyl Captain's Chair

Made in Indonesia. Good condition, worn in spots. Measures 22" wide, 21" deep, and 36" tall with a seat height of 18"

Lot 48

Small Rocking Chair

Measures 12" wide, 21" deep, and 24" tall with a seat height of 8"

Lot 49

Expanding Table

No leaf included. Hardware is rusted. Measures 40" wide, 30" deep, and 29" tall.

Lot 50

Folk Art Painted Fish Sculpture

Carved and painted fish mounted onto a piece of driftwood. 18 inches wide and 14 tall.

Lot 51

Staved Wood Lamp

26.5 inches tall. Missing finial.

Lot 52

Tumbleweed Pottery 4 Dish Serving Set

10.5 inches by 10.5.

Lot 53

3 M&R CA Pottery Plates and Small Rabbit Mug

Plates depict roosters. Childs mug with rabbit signed on underside.

Lot 54

Thai Ceauadon Pottery Canister w/ Fish Design

Lot 55

Danish Stainless Steel Server and Butter Dish

Server is Stelton, made in Denmark. The butter dish is Selandia, made in Denmark.

Lot 56

GF White Painted Wood Church Bird House

Dated 1995. 16.5 inches tall, 9 deep and 8 wide.

Lot 57

Gare Jar and Multicolored Pottery Vase

Gare jar with lid is marked 1970 and signed Sykeith. Tall colorful pottery vase with cut outs is 10.25 inches tall.

Lot 58

Guldkroken Bird Bowl Georges Briard Server

Briard server from the Floral Fantasy line, made in Japan.

Lot 59

Metal Dog Candle Holder & Church Pottery Tealight

Metal dog on wood base is marked Acme Animal made in Canada. Pottery glazed teak light church is stamped Art Department.

Lot 60

4 Handmade Painted Pottery Figurines

Unique pieces with lots of details. None appear to be signed.

Lot 61

Pair of Glass Bottles with Native American Design

Design appears to be printed onto the glass. Each is 11.5 inches tall.

Lot 62

2 Colorful Italian Glass Vessels

Both marked Italy on the underside. Tall teal vase is marked Colony and is 9.75 inches tall. Yellow jug is 9 inches tall.

Lot 63

Ceramic Painted Pig and Metal Piggy Bank

Painted ceramic pig has open back, is signed and dated (87) on bottom and is 10 inches tall. Silver tone metal piggy bank is...

Lot 64

Ceramic Iris Vase and Abstract Pitcher

Iris vase is initialed on the underside and 6.75 inches tall. Pitcher is signed on underside and 11.25 inches tall.

Lot 65

Porsgrund Norway Porcelain Vase/Decatur

Marked M. 2328 D. 78089. 13.75 inches tall.

Lot 66

2 Decorative Orange Pottery Pieces

First is stamped CW on underside; bottom is open and stick for handle is broken, 9 inches tall. Second is shaped like a bird and...

Lot 67

Milk Glass Lined Decorated Cigar Box

Lock does not appear functional and key is not included. 11.25 inches wide, 8 deep and 5 tall.

Lot 68

2 Figural Pottery Pieces

First is a clay head mounted onto a wooden base, 4.5 inches tall. The second is a wizard-type figure, 8.5 inches tall.

Lot 69

Blue Ceramic Teapot with Warming Stand

Lot 70

Set of 9 Dansk Green Glass Tea Light Holders

All marked on the bottom.

Lot 71

Ceramic Circular Decatur

Having cork top and signed on the underside. Mild light discoloration. 10 inches tall.

Lot 72

Fish and Eskimo Pottery Pieces

Fish is marked MD 95 on the bottom. Eskimo appears to be signed.

Lot 73

MCM Saucepan with Feast Design

Design also appears on the bottom. Pan (not including handle) is 8 inches wide, deep and 4 tall.

Lot 74

Teak Pottery Sake Pot and Candle Holder

Sake pot has lid and is signed on the bottom. Candle holder with gold detail is marked Iceland and by Aldis Einarsdottir.

Lot 75

Modern Stainless Steel Ice Bucket with Tongs

8.5 inches tall with a diameter of 8.

Lot 76

Blue Glass Candle Holders and Malta Vase

Malta vase is signed and dated 07, 11 inches tall.

Lot 77

Blue Glass Decanter with Corked Lid

9.75 inches tall, 8 wide and 4.5 deep.

Lot 78

G.F. White Signed Pair of Folk Art Paintings

Painted on board. Painting with woman titled Girl in Yellow Dress and painting with man titled My Sun. Each is 35.5 inches tall...

Lot 79

Shell Lamp and Purple Quartz Obelisk

Lot 80

Petit Carved Wood Table with Bird Design

Table top is not attached to the bottom. In vintage condition. 16.25 inches tall, 12 wide and deep.

Lot 81

Pair of B&W Mugs and Colorful Pottery Bowl

Mugs depict mountain scene and are marked H. Eichenberger. Colorful bowl is signed by artist, Jack Charney.

Lot 82

G.F. White Signed Carved Folk Art Painted Face

Signed on the back and dated 1997. 19.5 inches tall and 10 wide.

Lot 83

Pair of Orbit Designs Figural Iron Candle Holders

Marked 1992, Chicago IL. One is 11 inches tall and the other is 13.5 inches tall.

Lot 84

Pair of Painted Mexican Pottery Plates

Depicting what appear to be a deer and kangaroo. Each plate has a diameter of 7.75 inches.

Lot 85

Set of 6 Textured Pottery Bowls

Signed by the artist and dated 2016.

Lot 86

Pair of Brass Candle Holders and Japanese Plate

Each candle holder holds 2 candles. Ceramic square plate marked Sound Collection, Sousaku Japan.

Lot 87

Set of 3 Ceramic Pot Luck Serving Dishes

One large plate, one small plate and one dish. All have crimped edges.

Lot 88

Decorative Variety Lot

Includes metal canister, Rosenthal blue and white plate, Asian dish with lid (has some residue inside) and a silver tone bud vase...

Lot 89

Blue Pottery Vase and Bird

Vase is signed on the underside, but illegible, 6.25 inches tall. Bird is 8 inches wide and 4.75 tall.

Lot 90

Dansk Brass Candle Holder and 12 Candles

Both come in original boxes. Skinny candles are light blue color, one broken.

Lot 91

Framed Quilt Art Of Purples and Brown

Great condition measuring 28.5 x 28.5.

Lot 92

Folk Art Wall Hanging

Made of an old steel drum lid, paited, with an abstract face carved or a solid block of wood. Measures 21 in diameter.

Lot 93

Vintage Mola Art

Great condition with intricate frame featuring gold leaf and black burlap. Measures 25 wide and 21 tall.

Lot 94

Amate Acrylic and Pen Painting of Farm Scene (1

of 3) Amate (Mexican) Made on handmade paper. Measures 27" by 20.5."

Lot 95

Pen and Acrylic Drawing of Farm Scene (2 of 3)

Made on bark paper. Measures 17" by 21"

Lot 96

Pen and Watercolor Drawing of Farm Scene (3 of 3)

Made on bark paper. Measures 16.5" by 20"

Lot 97

Original Watercolor of Coastal Scene

Labeled on the back as Mexican by Jose Luis Isquiel. Measures 28.5" by 21"

Lot 98

Sewn Cloth Ranch Scene

No signature or labels. Measures 30.5" by 12.5"

Lot 99

Pair of Glass Art Candle Holders

Great condition. Top slot for candles is detachable.

Lot 100

Tall Glass Amber Vase

Excellent condition. Attributed to Murano but no label.

Lot 101

Limited Edition Signed "Fingerprint Owls" Litho

Has several written markings.

Lot 102

Lot of Alligator Toy, Ceramic Vase, Pottery Tray

Alligator toy has some minor damage. Vase is marked as West German. Tray is by Michael Lambert.

Lot 103

Lot of Signed Honey Jar, Dishes, and Vase

Includes studio pottery honey jar w/ spoon, Arabia pin dish, cobalt blue marked vase (potentially German), and Scandinavian round...

Lot 104

Tall White Pottery Vase w/ Circle Design

Lot 105

Confetti Art Glass Bowl and Candle Holder

Includes wrapped candle.

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