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January Premier Antique Auction. Phillips, Wisconsin WI

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176 N. Lake Ave, Phillips, Wisconsin, 54555. USA. tel: 715-339-2097

19th Jan, 2019
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This is our third January Antique Auction! There are no minimums or reserves! Come to the live auction or leave absentee bids online.

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Lot 15

Pair of Fine Grape or Wine Motif Wall Candleabrum

Each wall mounted candleabrum measures 22" in height and have 6 candle holders on each. They are made of solid brass. There are...

Lot 16

1930s Helene Curtis Sterlizer Beautician Stand Top

This doesn't have its legs. It measures 20" x 15" x 6 1/2" in height. If you are a hair dresser, this might be great for the top...

Lot 17

Antique 3 Candle Metal Candle Mold

This measures 10 3/4" in height.

Lot 18

Antique Royal Bonn Double Handled Bottle Vase 10"

There are no cracks or chips. The hand enameled and painted flowers are exceptional.

Lot 19

Fiesta Pyramid Candle Holder

There are no cracks or chips. This measures 3 1/2" in height.

Lot 20

Antique 30" Cast Iron Wheel

The basket measures 22 overall and is made of willow. The mallard box measures 18 long. Both are good.

Lot 21

13'' Bronze Chief Tomahawk W/ Box, Excellent

Made in Milwaukee, multi function.

Lot 22

Austrian Pipe, Torrey & Silver King Straight Razor

There is a large 21'' wooden Austrian peace pipe, Silver king and Torrey straight razors, one has a cracked handle. There are...

Lot 23

Box of Vintage Pop Ups, Cards, Giant Pencil,

Vintage Websters of Eau Claire WI box stuffed with dozens of old cards, pop ups, and more including a 10'' Eagle mechanical...

Lot 24

Pair of Very old Leather Baseball Gloves, Bat

All have considerable wear but are great display pieces.

Lot 25

Pair of Vintage Barometers, Word & Works

The Word & Works model measures 9'' and is in nice shape on a wooden base. The other unit is a Swift and measures 5'' round.

Lot 25a

Red Wing 1/2 Gallon bottom Stamp Stoneware Jug

This Jug is in good condition with nice glazing and bottom stamping. There is an original cork stopper. The bottom is marked Red...

Lot 26

State Bank of Fifield Metal Bank & Key, Box

This is in fantastic condition and measures 3.5''x2.5''x1.5'' and is made by The Bankers Savings and Credit System Co. Cleveland.

Lot 27

(17) Ball Perfect Mason Blue Jars, Pint Size, Lids

Most have lids. These are pint sized and some do have chips and other signs of wear. No Shipping.

Lot 28

Lot of Crochet & Embroidery Goods

Skeins of threads and yarns, patterns. Many of these rolls are never opened. All in a vintage fruit box.

Lot 29

Vtg Japanese Fan, Ebony Brush Set, Necklace

The fan is nicely painted with a traditional scene and measures 18'' long. The paper is in good shape with no rips or stains...

Lot 30

1918 World War 1 Sweetheart Pillow Case

Flags of Nations at War with Germany. This is in very nice condition for an item of this age and measures 23''x22''. Nice...

Lot 31

(22) Jam Bowls, Colored Stemware, Perfume Bottle

The stemware is subtly colored, and measure from 4.5'' to 6''. At least one chip is noted. No Shipping.

Lot 32

Vintage Fountain Pen Pencil Lot Parker 51

Vintage lot of fountain pens and pencils, Parker 51 fountain pen 14k nib and repeater pencil with GF cap and price tag in...

Lot 32a

Sheaffer Fountain Pen And Pencil Lot

Three Sheaffer fountain pens with 14 K nibs, one early Sheaffer ballpen and three mechanical pencils. One of the pencils is...

Lot 33

Custom Made Deerskin Frontier Jacket

This looks to be a size small. There are some stains and discoloration, but it is sound and the leather is soft and pliable. By...

Lot 34

Hand Tooled Leather Purse, Floral Pattern

This measures 12''x13'' and is in good condition. There is a divided interior and small coin pocket.

Lot 35

(6) Antique Dustless Crayon Boxes, Good Decals

These are in nice shape and still have decals and stampings intact. 6.5''x4.5''x4''.

Lot 36

Vintage Pepsi Bottle, Coca-Cola, Model Train Cars

There are Readers Digest model train cars and fire engine in boxes. Coca-Cola glasses and tray, Tropically painted martini...

Lot 37

14'' Vintage Frosted & Clear Glass Light Shade

Very interesting and uncommon shape. This measures 14'' round and 7.5'' high and is in good condition with some rough edges at...

Lot 38

Pair of Embossed Graf's Bottles Inc. Blue

There is a blue glass Graf bottle and a clear Graf's bottle. Each stands 11'' tall and is in excellent condition. The motto "The...

Lot 39

Walter Bros. & Gluek Brewing Co. Embossed Bottles

The amber glass bottle is marked "Walter Bros Brewg Co. Menasha, WIS." and has a cork. The other is marked with a star and...

Lot 40

Deckers Iowana & Ball Ideal Jars with Lids

Pint and quart sized. Both patented July 14, 1908 and are in good condition. There are also other covered jars and shakers...

Lot 41

Antique Photo Album Loaded w/ Old Photos

The spine is work on this amazing old estate find. This measures 8.5''x10''x3''. There are many black and white portrait photos.

Lot 42

14'' & 24'' Steel Wagon/ Implement Wheels

They each have signs of much use and weathering, but are solid and are not rusted through. The smaller one has an unusual...

Lot 43

NOS Princess House Lead Crystal, Ruby Fairylights

These three items are all great NOS items. The (2) ruby fairylight candle holders are by Homco and measure 6.5'' high.

Lot 44

Vintage Bell & Howell Electric Eye 8mm Movie Cam

This is untested but seems to be in very good condition and includes a nice leather carry case and several rolls of 60's vintage...

Lot 45

(18) Ball Perfect Mason Blue Pint Jars

Some chips noted. No Shipping.

Lot 46

(2) Jas. Kress Calendar Plates Fifield WI c1920s

Fifield, Wisconsin. China plates by Carnation McNicol. There is lots of authentic crazing and one plate has chips along the...

Lot 47

Vtg. Westinghouse Radio Mdl. H-327T6U

The case and face are in good condition. This does not power on. It measures 12''x6''x8''.

Lot 48

Bisque Dolls, Mother & Child Statue, Baby Shoes

There is a Millennium series 'Cause of Our Joy' statue by Roman, Nathans Babyland shoes, and two bisque dolls, one of which has a...

Lot 49

Arcade Crystal No. 16 Coffee Grinder

This functions as it should and does not include the hopper or under jar. The condition is actually quite good.

Lot 50

(13) Ball Blue Jars & Drey Pint Jars, All w/ Lids

Each of these jars has a lid and each is pint sized. There are also some blue Atlas jars. The condition is good. No Shipping.

Lot 51

(2) Double Bit Axes, Zenith 33, True Temper

The True Temper Flint Edge is marked Kelly Works and the head is good. The Zenith is in decent condition. They both have decent...

Lot 52

Antique Hudson USA Pulley, 6'' Diameter

This is in excellent condition and is marked with an M and X206. It looks to have been repainted red. 10'' overall.

Lot 53

(2) Vintage Trimo 24'' Pipe Wrenches

Made by Trimo, the condition is primo.

Lot 54

Antique Bobbin Leg Side Table, Quarter Sawn Oak

Oh my, look at the tiger-striped figuring of the quarter sawn oak on this table. The bulbous curves of the turned bobbin legs....

Lot 55

Vintage Angel Wing Side Table

This measures 21''x24''x11.5'' and is in sound usable condition. There are some stains to the top and there are some scratches...

Lot 56

Pair of Vintage Wooden Turned Leg Plant Stands

The larger measures 23''x22''x11'' and has 3 tiers. The top has been covered with a paper or vinyl wood-look sheet. The smaller...

Lot 57

Sign Made of an Old Texaco Box

This measures 36'' wide and 45'' tall. Created for an unknown purpose, it is pretty interesting nevertheless.

Lot 58

Sears Roebuck Hawkin .50 Cal. Muzzleloader

The stock is nicely figured and features a cheek piece, brass crescent buttplate, and patch box. There are set triggers, however...

Lot 59

Lot of 5 Blue Glass Ball Half-Gallon Jars

5 blue glass Ball half-gallon canning jars. 4 half zinc caps. Jars 9 1/2 in. tall. No Shipping.

Lot 60

Lot of 6 Vintage Tapered Shoulder Canning Jars

The Mason & Ball are blue glass and tapered shoulder, there is a Drey that is clear glass and tapered shoulder and there is a...

Lot 61

Lot of Vintage Kerr, Ball And Mason Canning Jars

2 blue glass Ball pints, 3 clear glass Kerr Jars And 7 blue glass Atlas Jars, 5 pints, 2 quarts, one is tapered shoulder. No...

Lot 62

Lot of 10 Blue Glass Ball Pint Jars

Most of these are in good condition. There are three with minor chips. No Shipping.

Lot 63

Lot of (5) Vintage Blue Glass Ball Jars 1896-1910

There is one early Ball jar that dates from 1896-1910, the rest are 1910-1923.There are 5 jars, all are tapered shouldered...

Lot 64

Lot of 9 Blue Glass Ball Pint Canning Jars

The jars are in good condition. No Shipping.

Lot 65

Lot Of 10 Vintage Blue Glass Ball Pint Jars

Most are in good condition, 4 have tiny chips around the top. No Shipping.

Lot 66

Lot of 10 Vintage Blue Glass Ball Quart Jars

All are in good condition. These are from the 1930s-1960s. No Shipping.

Lot 67

Vintage Gimbaled Brass Ships Compass

This compass is made out of brass and would be gimbaled on the ship. The bracket for that is not there. Compass is 9 3/4 in. Dia...

Lot 68

Vintage Clock and Watch Parts

This lot contains clock springs, gears, crystals and winding keys. Also includes some pocket watch parts.

Lot 69

Vintage Lot Of Spice Tins Montgomery Ward,

There are 12 tins, some of the names are Montgomery Ward, Watkins, Durkee, John Hoffman & Sons.All are in good condition.

Lot 70

Precious Moments Basset Hound Cookie Jar

Precious Moments Pioneer Women Basset Hound Cookie Jar in good. Ondition. There are a couple of small chips. Dog is 11 in. tall....

Lot 71

Lot Of Vintage Was Patterson Lumber Calendars

There 11 vintage calendars from Charles S. Patterson Lumber in Park Falls, Wi. Calendars are complete with the years being 1944,...

Lot 72

Lot of Vintage Silver Plate Flatware, Some NIP

There are 28 pieces of Prestige silver plate flatware. Many of the pieces are new in the package.

Lot 73

Unique Doll Composition Head Sawdust Filled Body

The Doll is 25 in tall, has damage to the left arm and some damage to the head. Sawdust filled body. There is also water damage...

Lot 74

Antique Wooden Hat Stretcher With Felt Derby

The hat stretcher has brass bars with the sizes stamped in. This is in very good condition. There is also a felt derby by Dunlap...

Lot 75

Vintage Mink Hat And Stole In Hat Box

Mink hat and Stole in very good condition. The stole is 41 in. long. It is the same as another made by the Newmans in...

Lot 76

Vintage Silver Mink Coat And Hat

Very nice silver mink coat and hat with removable belt. The coat is 31 in. long. This was made by Newmans in Ironwood.

Lot 77

Cobblers Anvil And 4 Shoe Irons And Other Tools

This includes the cobblers anvil on a wooden stand and 4 different sizes of shoe irons including a childs Shoe iron. Also...

Lot 78

Lot of Vintage Cookie Cutters And Wood Clothespins

There is a basket full of vintage cookie cutters and other kitchen items. Also included is a bag full of wooden one and two piece...

Lot 79

Vintage Mobileoil Back Jacket Patch

This is an early original Mobilgas/ Mobiloil back of the Jacket patch. There are many reproduction patches out there so its nice...

Lot 80

Lot of Vintage Felt Beanie, High School Patch Etc.

This lot has a vintage Camp Robinson pennant, a green felt SoE beanie, a Central High School 1933 Patch, a brownie camera, two...

Lot 81

Vintage New Bedford 1843 Hooked Folk Art Rug

The rug is 40 in. X 31 in good condition marked Needlecraft on the binding on the back.

Lot 82

Antique Triple Pan Light Fixture-Orig. Light Bulbs

This a very beautiful hanging lamp with exceptional original light bulbs. The lamp is 18 in. across. It would hang about 27 in....

Lot 83

Vintage 1940s-50s Over The Range Light And Clock

This over the range clock/light from the top of a vintage range. Very good for repurposing, what can you do with it?The unit is...

Lot 84

2 Vintage Wooden Barn Pulleys, Louden

The Louden pulley has been redone with a new pulley and rivets. The pulley is 6 in. The other pulley is all original but has a...

Lot 85

Vintage Original Wooden Barn Pulley

This pulley is in good original condition. Pulley is 6 in.

Lot 86

Lot of Vintage Fountain Pens Parker 51 and More

Lot of fountain pens including Parker Parkers, Parker 51 Blue Diamond vacuum filler, Eversharp, Venus And More.

Lot 87

Vintage Saw Protractor, C.S. Co. Brass Cap Level

The level is wood bodied with brass furnishings and measures 30. Both vials are good and oil filled. The Saw protractor is in...

Lot 88

(4) Walking Canes, Bentwood, Twisted & Commercial

There is a nice pair of natural bentwood canes, each measuring about 34. There is also a traditional wooden cane with ice grip...

Lot 89

No. 12 Cast Iron Dutch Oven, 13.5 Round

Very good condition with handle and a heavy lid. This stands 5 high not including the lid.

Lot 90

Large Galvanized Dough Rising Bowl, Egg Basket

This is in good condition and measures 17.5 round and 7 high, not including the ventilated lid or handles. There are signs of...

Lot 91

Vtg. Annie Capacitor Analyzer, Gear Pullers

These are from the Fifield estate and were tools of the appliance and electric motor repair trade. The Gould Annie analyzer is...

Lot 92

Antique 54 Iron Farm Implement Wagon Wheel

This is in solid condition with all spokes in place and no rust holes.

Lot 93

Antique Iron 54 Farm Implement Wagon Wheel,

Nice shape, no rust holes and all the spikes are firmly affixed to the hub and wheel.

Lot 94

Vintage 4-Drawer Machinists Box w/ Brass Bushings

This is in very good condition and measures 10x8x10. There is great old crackle paint and the 4 drawers slide smoothly. Each...

Lot 95

(25) NOS Antique Porcelain Rosettes, Sockets

This includes Cutler Hammer 1911-Patented switch units with great green color. New old stock.

Lot 96

Many NOS Porcelain Lighting Components

Including Hemco rosettes, Bryant Aluminum/Porcelain Sockets, Complete Bryant pull chain fixture, sub bases & more.These are...

Lot 97

Vintage Wooden Fruit Box & (9) Castor Wheels

The Big Y Frigid-Pak Box is in nice solid condition and has a good decal, Copyright 1928. The castors all spin and rotate on...

Lot 98

Vtg. Alvord-Polk Reamer Set, Wooden Tool Chest

Alvord No. 11 set of taper pin reamers in a wooden box. Looks like some pieces are missing. Old oil can, Heavy Duty open end and...

Lot 99

Dozens NOS Porcelain Electrical Components

For lighting and more. Open work couplings, rosettes, Porcelain Tubes, switches, all with great old boxes. One rosette is cracked.

Lot 100

NOS GE Mazda Lamps, Fuses, Porcelain Parts

There is also a 1939 Milwaukee Journal segment on the European Powder Keg.

Lot 101

NOS Bakelite & Porcelain Lighting & Electrical

Includes radio outlets and plugs, Bakelite plates, switches, recepticles, dozens of pieces.

Lot 102

(3) Shinsei UFO Commander Vintage Space Toys

The largest is 6" long.

Lot 103

Our Big Book Dick and Jane Stories 19" X 25 1/2"

This is a very unusual item. This book appears to be in good condition and measures 19" W X 25 1/2" T.

Lot 104

Antique Steel with Cast Iron Sway Back Stool

This appears to be in good condition. This stool is steel with cast iron griffins. This measures about 23 1/2" wide.

Lot 105

Seth Thomas Mantle Clock- Works

This appears to be in good condition. This runs but not as well as it could.. This has the key and pendulum.

Lot 105a

Vintage Ingraham Treasure Duplex Banjo Clock

This is in good condition, depicts a map to Treasure Island with pirates.Clock is 38 in. tall x 10 1/2 in. Wide x 4 in. deep.This...

Lot 106

Taylor Bakelite Baroguide Barometer, German Temp

These appear to be in good condition. The German weather temperature prophet has a few small losses.

Lot 107

Antique GE Fan, Bed Light, 1956 Wire Roll & Crate

These appear to be in good condition. The fan hums but does not start. This lot includes a antique waste basket, this measures...

Lot 108

4 Vintage Childrens Nursery Mobils; Birds,

This includes 2 butterfly mobiles. These appear to be in good condition and have been stored well.

Lot 109

Vintage Door & Drawer Hardware; Mostly Brass

The longest measures 6"

Lot 110

Antique Renulife Electric Current Medical Device

This appears to be in good condition but has not been tested. The patent date is Sept. 20th, 1919.

Lot 111

Vintage Star Window Shade Cutter Machine

Appears to be in good condition. This is 11" tall.

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