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January 13, 2019 Weekly Stamps & Collectibles Auction 12. Richmond, Virginia VA

Status: Closed

Internet-only (timed) auction


Alan Blair Auctions


5313 Lakeside Ave, Richmond, Virginia, 23228. USA. tel: 804-266-3071

13th Jan, 2019
Ended: 13th Jan, 2019
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Welcome to our weekly online stamp auction! We have about 50 lots ending every Sunday open for bidding from worldwide collections to US First Day Covers and some of everything in between. Check out our other auctions currently open for bidding on our website and please do let us know if you have any questions. Lots are available for viewing in our offices and please let us know if you need more photos, more information about a lot, or would like to submit bids directly to us by phone, email or mail. All lots will sell ending on Sunday afternoon on a staggered basis (the time will count down to 0) and a late bid will extend the time for that lot. If you bid on an item in the last few minutes it will extend bidding on that lot by 2 minutes to try and minimize last-second sniping and also not extend bidding too long. We charge a 15% buyers fee and will begin notifying winning bidders and shipping out the day after the close of the auction. Have fun and please let us know if you have any questions or would like to consign to either our weekly auctions or our Featured live in-person auctions.

Lot 1

France Stamps 1953-2010 #707//3824 Mint NH CV $800

#707/3824 Mint NH sets and singles, large selection of stamps from France most in the $10/$20 range CV $800+

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Lot 2

US Stamps 150+ Inauguration Covers

150+ Inauguration covers and cards, CA UA, nice lot

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Lot 3

US & UN First Day covers 1500+

1500+ US & UN First Day Covers 1960s-1980s possibly some earlier and later, nice set

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Lot 4

US Stamps #1053 Plate Block Mint NH

#1053 Mint NH Plate block, bright paper clean impression CV $220

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Lot 5

US Stamps Face Value $130+

A nice selection of early 20th century mint US stamps in singles, multiples, and plate blocks 1c-10c mostly with some larger...

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Lot 6

US Stamps 400+ First Day Covers 1930s-80s

400+ First day covers from the 1930s-1980s, includes State birds and flowers complete set. Addressed and cacheted.

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Lot 7

US Stamps Postal Stationery Collection on pages, h

Postal Stationery Collection Used & Mint on pages, hundreds of cut squares neatly organized with nice run of 1860s-80s then into...

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Lot 8

US Stamps Mint Collection 1930-80

Mint US collection 1950-1980 in mounts on White Ace commemorative pages in two binders

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Lot 9

WW Stamps Collection in 1957 Coronet Album

Several hundred mint and used stamps in two volume Coronet Deluxe album, A-Z copyrighted 1957.

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Lot 10

US Stamps #630 Mint NH & Farley Mint Imperfs

#630 Mint NH with perf separations, plus nice groups of Farley Imperf issues on pages

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Lot 11

US & Worldwide stamps in glassines plus covers

Dozens of glassines of worldwide stamps plus some stamps on pages, mostly mid 20th century approval issues, some odd-ball...

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Lot 12

US Stamps #803-834 Mint NH Prexies CV $140

#803-834 Mint NH Presidential Issues, very attractive set incl well centered $5 Coolidge CV $140

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Lot 13

US Stamps #658-679 Mint LH/HR Ave to VF CV $340

#658-679 Mint LH/HR Ave to VF nice group of Kansas-Nebraska complete on pages, some with gum creases or minor faults CV $340

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Lot 14

US Stamps Christmas Seal Album 1907-78

1907-78 Christmas Seals collection US complete through 1978 with many through 1991 and many hundreds of seals from other...

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Lot 15

Worldwide Stamps 150-200 Used diferent

150-200 Used diferent worldiwde stamps mostly early to mid 1900s

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Lot 16

US & Worldwide Stamps 300 +/- Covers, incl US FDCs

300 +/- Covers, incl US FDCs 80+ years old, older Event Covers, Large FDC plus some worldwide event and first day covers, 20th...

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Lot 17

US Stamps 60 Event Covers, 1929-1999

60 Event Covers, 1929-1999 incl several Richmond, VA related incl 1933 Richmond Light Infantry

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Lot 18

Worldwide Paper Money WWII era 20+ pieces

Worldwide Paper Money WWII era 20+ pieces mostly Germany and Japanese occupation

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Lot 19

US Stamps #C18 First Day Covers - 2 diff CV $300

#C18 First Day Covers - 2 different both with Miami, FL Oct 23, 1933 cancels, proper backstamps and Century of Progress Cachets,...

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Lot 20

US Stamps PC5 & PC7 Postage Currency Impref 1862

#PC5 & PC7 Postage Currency 1862 Impreforate Issues - 5 circulated pieces with some toning, creases and other minor faults, all...

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Lot 21

UN First Day Covers, Postal Cards and more

A large lots of United Nations items. Includes First Day Covers, Postal Cards, Flag covers, 100+ mint souvenir cards, lots of...

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Lot 22

Worldwide FDC - 500+ covers from around the world

A nice group of 500 or more first day covers from around the world. Mostly Sweden, US bicentennial, and Christopher Columbus...

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Lot 23

US Stamps #20 Used Fine Type II Franklin CV $250

#20 Used Fine Type II Franklin Plate 2 position 14R2, with pressed out vertical crease CV $250

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Lot 24

Worldwide Stamps C countries Minkus CV $4500+

4,000+ Stamps, 'C' countries in Minkus Global 1850s-2000s, mix of mint & used - singles and sets to $100, strength in Cambodia,...

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Lot 25

Worldwide Stamps Mint & Used - lots of Mystic and

Worldwide mix of stamps, singles to blocks, Mint & Used - lots of Mystic and other old approvals...thousands of jumbled stamps to...

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Lot 26

US Stamps Mint NH 3 cent stamps, many hundreds 3c

Mint NH 3 cent stamps, many hundreds in large block and damaged sheets, includes National Parks and early 3c issues, uncounted...

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Lot 27

US Stamps Mint Postal Stationery and Postal Cards

Mint Postal Stationery and Postal Cards, 2000+/- pieces from 1c to 29c denominations, very clean and useful including some sorted...

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Lot 28

UN Stamps Flags FDCs CA UA 1980s, 400+ in sets

1980-1987 Flags FDCs CA UA, 400+ in sets Cacheted and Unaddressed first day covers incl Official issues, Colorano Silk, etc. Very...

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Lot 29

UN Stamps 1000+ First Day Covers in blocks

1000+ United Nations First Day Covers, split fairly evenly between New York and Geneva. Clean, unaddressed.

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Lot 30

Germany Used Accumulation CV ~$1000

A group of miscellaneous used German, mostly post-WWII, singles, sets, and broken sets. Catalog value of roughly $1,000.

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Lot 31

UN Stamps 3 Offices $1100 FV Mostly NY

A large amount of UN stamps, NH/LH with a face value of around $1100. $980 is from New York, with $125 from Geneva and $50 from...

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Lot 32

US stamps 14 Masonic Lodge Covers, 1910s

14 Masonic Lodge Covers, 1910s in good condition, mostly to Richmond lodge w/ 1 & 2c Washingtons

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Lot 33

Worldwide stamps Saar Stamps B23-B25 on 1931 cover

#B23-#B25 tied on a VF 1931 cover to Ohio. Attractive Saarbrucken CDS cancels

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Lot 34

Germany Stamps #9N44, 9N49, 9N78 tied on cover

#9N44, 9N49, 9N78 tied on a 3-2-52 cover with Berlin CDS cancels and file fold

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Lot 35

US Stamps First Day of Issue Ceremony Folders

First Day of Issue Ceremony Folders, 15+ different plus some duplicates, a few signed, 1970s-2000s

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Lot 36

German Stamps Zeppelin Facsimilies - 8 stamps

German Zeppelin Facsimilies - 8 stamps of different Zeppelin airmail designs, fresh and Mint Hinged

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Lot 37

Israel Stamps 2 Volume Minkus collection Mint NH/L

2 Volume Minkus collection Mint NH/LH with tabs, well filled from 1960s to 1978, neatly mounted and very fresh throughout, a few...

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Lot 38

US Stamps #551 First Day Cover Non FD City

A beautiful 551 block of four on a First Day cover, addressed and uncacheted. Although the cancel is for the first day, the city...

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Lot 39

UN & US Stamps Mint NH United Nations incl #38

Mint NH United Nations including #38 souvenir sheet, highly complete to 1967 - also includes many dozens of Mint NH US stamps...

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Lot 40

US Stamps 100+ First Day Covers w/ Unique items

100+ First Day covers including32 FDC UA and CA31 FDC 1960s-1980s20 FDC with multi stamp issues from various countries and the...

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Lot 41

US Stamps Used US Collection remainder in Scott Am

Used US Collection remainder in Scott American to 1970s - some small and large banknotes, complete parcel post Q1-Q12, some other...

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Lot 42

Worldwide Stamps 1900-1945 Album

Beautifully constructed stockbook filled with mint and used stamps from Switzerland, Sweden, Netherlands, Luxumborg, Norway,...

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Lot 43

US Stamps Mint & Used Scott American to 1970s

Mint & Used US Collection remainder in Scott American to 1970s - incl Used Columbians to the 30c, Mint 1930s and up - check...

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Lot 44

US Stamps Mint US Collection 2 White Ace albums

Mint US Collection remainder to 1970s incl Farleys, other 1930s era and up, neatly mounted in 2 White Ace albums

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Lot 45

Greece Stamps 5 Hermes Heads - unchecked by us

5 Hermes Heads - unchecked by us, interesting group with some high priced and specialist information noted on the dealer cards

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Lot 46

Worldwide Stockbook

Stockbook of worldwide stamps, mint and used, featuring nice matched sets of France & colonies, Belgium, Monaco, San Marino,...

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Lot 47

US Stamps Face Value 20 & 25 cent FV $210+

An album of matched plate blocks from 1982-83 with some after and some before. Mostly (90%) 20 and 25 cent face value stamps. ...

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Lot 48

Stamps Philatelic Literature 2 Vol US Mail 1860-72

2 Volume US Mail and Post Office Assistant 1860-1872, reprinted by Chicago collectors club in 1976, excellent condition in...

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