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Honora Williams Estate Online-Only Auction. New Providence, Pennsylvania PA

  Status: Closed
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Internet-only (timed) auction


H.K. Keller



2364 Beaver Valley Pike, New Providence, Pennsylvania, 17560. USA. tel: 717-879-0110

8th Oct, 2018
Ended: 18th Oct, 2018
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This online-only auction includes pocket watches, gold rings, vintage Pyrex and Fire King dishware, vintage kitchen items and juice glasses, Vaseline glassware, Frigidaire refrigerator, vintage tins and tobacco tins, wooden extension table with chairs, vintage electrical items, wooden end tables, vintage metal Tootsie Toys trucks, vintage Christmas decorations, Masonic items, vintage bottles, tools, postcards, and much more!

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Lot 1

Welcome to the Auction

Welcome to the online auction. We are always available to help. Please contact us at 717-879-0110 or

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Lot 2

Lot Locations

100s-Kitchen and Dining Room200s-Living room300s-2 Bedrooms on Right Side of Hallway400s-1st Bedroom and Bathroom on Left Side of...

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Lot 5

Can't Find Us? Check out the Map!

If you can't find us, just call 717-879-0110 and we will get you to the auction preview or pick up.

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Lot 6

Don't Miss the Auction Closing Live!

Set your alarm so you don't miss out! Items close one at a time every 20 seconds. If a bid is placed within one minute of a lot...

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Lot 50

Hamilton Railway Special Pocket Watch

10K gold filled case, 992-B, 16S 21 jewels LCW, #/c50492, works

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Lot 51

Bulova 1950's Pocket Watch

10K rolled gold filled, no. 17AH, case no. 9937065, 17 jewels, size 12, works

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Lot 52

Illinois Bum Special 1922 Pocket Watch

10K gold filled, 60 hour no. 4768534, case no. 9582302, 21 jewels, Montgomery dial, size 16, railroad style, works

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Lot 53

Elgin Pocket Watch

Nickel case, movement #39631960, case #336,840, 17 jewels, size 16, not working

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Lot 54

Sentinel Dollarhatch Pocket Watch

Made by the Ingraham Watch Co., no. 3747, not working (wound tight)

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Lot 55

South Bend Silver 1867 Pocket Watch

Silver case, no. 429, case no. 0386126, 19 jewels, works

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Lot 56

Hamilton Masonic Pocket Watch

14K gold filled, no. 917, case no. 0047900, 17 jewels, movement no. Xf 152055, size 10, works

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Lot 57

Elgin Veritas 1917 Pocket Watch

Security 10K gold filled, serial no. 21078810, case no. 724869, 23 jewels, size 16, railroad style, works

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Lot 58

Elgin 1896 Pocket Watch

B.W. Raymond, serial no. 6944980, case no. 104116, 17 jewels, size 18, works

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Lot 59

American Watham 1889 Pocket Watch

Gold filled, serial no. 4329575, case no. 399778, size 18, works

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Lot 60

Hampdon 1888 Pocket Watch

Dueber Silverine case, case no. 1233123, 7 jewels, size 18, railroad style, works

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Lot 61

Bering Strait Special Silver Pocket Watch

Silver case, serial no. 459370, 17 ruby jewels, size 18, railroad style, works

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Lot 62

Elgin Key Wind Silver 1874 Pocket Watch

Open face, no. 2740218, case no. 242244, 7 jewels, size 18, key wind, works

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Lot 63

Hampden Pocket Watch

Silveroid case, movement #477308, case #3,401,168,15 jewels, size 18, not working (wound tight)

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Lot 64

Hamilton 1906 Pocket Watch

14K gold filled Huntington case, model 975, serial no. 746740, case no. 7999170, 17 jewels, size 16, works

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Lot 65

Mickey Mouse Wrist Watch

Ingersoll Watch Co., no. 86641709, loose yellowed face, dented back, not working (wound tight)

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Lot 66

Men's Wrist Watches and Bands

-Waltham 10K gold filled wrist watch, 21 jewels, serial #32495464, Speidel band, with case-Vintage Elgin wrist watch with leather...

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Lot 67

Four Vintage Wrist Watches

-Tusal Ancre 17 jewels Incabloc Antimagnetic with new leather band-Croton Nivaada Grentchen, serial no. P3BC2448, used leather...

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Lot 68

Mercury Dime, Pocket Watch Part and Fobs

-1942 Mercury dime inside a wheat penny (glued inside)-Pocket watch movement piece with serial no.29575 (with tag marked American...

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Lot 69

Ladies Wrist Watches

-Caravelle by Bulova silver-tone like new wrist watch-Hanson ladies wrist watch, 1 jewel-USN Classic ladies wrist watch with...

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Lot 70

Three Gold Ring Bands

Largest is marked 18K and has leaf motif, 2 unmarked plain bands

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Lot 71

Masonic Watch Fob Chains, Pins, and Pocket Knife

One Masonic fob with leather band, unmarked pocket knife with Masonic emblem, two chain fobs with Masonic emblems, Masonic...

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Lot 72

Gold Embellished Ribbon Pieces and a Medal

-Fourth Degree Color Corps medal with ribbon neck piece-2 embellished with metal ribbons with clips (one marked "Fine Gold...

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Lot 73

Antique Jewelry, Pocket Knife, and Tiny Hammer

-"L" monogrammed cufflink and tie clip set-Dragon motif tie clip-Long engraved monogrammed clip piece (some parts possibly...

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Lot 74

Gold Necklace, Gold Filled Necklace, GE Lapel Pin

-"Mom" pendant with butterfly marked CA 10K gold, assumed gold 18" chain (unmarked)-State Teacher's College Mansfield, PA heart...

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Lot 75

Sterling Silver Necklaces and Sterling Brooch

-Rose pendant with 15"chain marked 925 Italy-Vintage brooch with blue rhinestones marked Sterling-18" chain marked 925

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Lot 76

Beaded Necklaces, Chains, and Pendants

Vintage faux pearl necklace with14K gold clasp, silver-tone and gold-tone chains, shell beads, plastic beads, one silver-toned...

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Lot 77

Brooches, Pins, Cufflinks, Sweater Clips, and More

Vintage brooches, 5 sets of clip earrings, vintage shell pin (missing back pin portion), stick pins, sweater clips, phone motif...

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Lot 78

Vintage Jewelry Boxes

-Carved wooden jewelry box with drawer is 7.5"h x 14.5"w x 10"d -Green vinyl covered wooden jewelry box with key

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Lot 79

Pocket Knife Collection

Camillus, Frontier, S.B. Co., Sears Carbon Steel #95304 (in box), 3 Stainless Colonial Prov U.S.A. knives, and a GTE Colonial...

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Lot 100

Green Patterned China

Includes tea cups, saucers, plates, sugar dish, dishware has crazing and chips in glass

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Lot 101

Vintage Pyrex Mixing Bowl Set

Largest bowl is 5"h x 10.25"across, some bowls have some scratches

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Lot 102
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Lot 102a

Retro Tin Heller Canisters

Tins includes cookies, flour, sugar, coffee, and tea, cookie jar is 8"h x 7"across

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Lot 103

Two Drawers of Kitchen Linens

Oven mitts, towels, hot pads, table clothes, and more

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Lot 104

Cleaning Products, Enamelware, Rug, and More

Sponges, Freshest Fabrics, Shout!, Dawn, rug is 4.5' x 2.5'

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Lot 105

Three Shelves of Vintage Kitchen Items

Includes vintage nut choppers, Whirley Industries cow pitcher, Brite-Pride sifter, vintage chopper, carafe, 2 Pfaltzgraff creamer...

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Lot 106

Panasonic Inverter Microwave

Model #NN-SA647W, 12"h x 20"w x 14"d

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Lot 107

Drawer of Flatware

Includes Silco stainless flatware and more

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Lot 108

Vintage Friendship Pyrex Dishes with Glass Lid

Dish with lid is 4"h x 6.5"across

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Lot 109

Fire King Dishes and Pyrex Lid

Casserole Dish with lid is 3"d x 10"across, Fire King mixing bowl, and Fire King prep bowls

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Lot 110

Two Vintage Pyrex Mixing Bowls

Largest bowl is 5"h x 10"across and brown fruit pattern Pyrex bowl

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Lot 111

Lu-Ray Pastels Dishes

Includes tea cups, saucers, teapot, large bowls, platters, and moreSome have chips and cracks

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Lot 112

Mirro Aluminum Pitcher and Tumbler Set

Pitcher is 10"h, some scratches on pitcher and cups

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Lot 113

Two Drawers of Kitchen Utensils

Includes can openers, knives, wooden spoons, bacon press, and more

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Lot 114

Vintage Fire King Bread Pan, Pyrex, and More

Pyrex pie glass dish, Fire King casserole dish 3" x 10", and more

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Lot 115

Wooden Bowls, Pyrex, and More

Pyrex casserole dish, aluminum pans, wooden salt and pepper shakers, and more

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Lot 116

Vintage Kitchen Items

Includes timer, apple corer, Hunerdorff Germany dough slicer, crinkle cutter, dough cutter, egg slicer, and more

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Lot 117

Vintage Cutting Knives

Most are wooden handles, Ward's Keen edged butcher knife, and more

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Lot 118

Collection of Plates

The Cobbler Norman Rockwell, The Lord's Prayer plate, Huntington Mill's United Methodist Church plate, and more

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Lot 119

Glass Dishware Set

Includes cups, plates, bowls, saucers, and more

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Lot 120

Black and Decker Toast-R-Oven and Skillet

Aroma Stainless Electric Skillet, includes manual, Toast-R-Oven includes manual and pans, model #TRO420

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Lot 121

Pfaltzgraff and More Dishware

Various pieces of Pfaltzgraff and more

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Lot 122

Canning Jars, Onion Chopper, and More

Orville Hot Air Popper, Nutcracker, Fiddle Bow Bread knife, Slice-O-Matic, and more

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Lot 123

Glass Tumblers and Colored Glass Set

Colored glass includes pink, blue, and green glass cups and bowls, and more

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Lot 124

Retro Juice Glasses

Set of 8 juice glasses 4"h and more

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Lot 125

Various Glassware and Mugs

GTE mugs, shot glasses, and more

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Lot 126
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Lot 127

Vtech Phone System

Includes 2 wireless phones with charging stations, and home phone

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Lot 128

Pots, Pans, and More

Percolator coffee pot, steamer, and more

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Lot 129

Vintage Mugs

Anchor Hocking mugs, Fire King mug, brown drip dishware

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Lot 130

Cupcake Tins, Cake Pans, Tea Kettle, and More

Cake pans, chocolate mold pans, molds, muffin tins, and more

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Lot 131

Frigidaire Refrigerator

Model #FFHT1826LQ4, 66"h x 30"w x 30"d

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Lot 132

Assorted Clear Glass

Etched rose pitcher, salt and pepper shakers, candlestick holders, glass canister with lid, pedestal dish with lid, and more

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Lot 133

Paper Products on Shelf

Napkins, cups, sandwich bags, and more

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Lot 134

Thermos and Water Jugs

The Tough One water jug is 11"h x 5"across

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Lot 135

Vintage Aluminum Trays

Floral trays, Dutch style trays, largest tray is 17" x 22.5"

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Lot 136
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Lot 137

Retro Metal Cabinet

28"h x 18"w x 13"d

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Lot 138

Vintage Thermos, Food Cutter, and More

Bee water jug, electric knife with storage tray, and more

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Lot 139
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Lot 140
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Lot 141

Blender, Coffee Maker, and More

Oster blender, Proctor Silex coffee pot, coffee grinder, and more

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Lot 142
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Lot 143

Crock Pots, Cookie Jar, and Kitchen Sign

Rival Potpourri crock, Crock Watcher 6qt, and more

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Lot 144

Step Plant Stand with live of Plants

Plant stand is 24"h x 27"w

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Lot 145

Area Rug

11ft. x 8ft.

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Lot 146

Wooden Extension Table with Six Chairs

One captain chair, table is 31"h x 54"w x 42"d, includes two 9"w leaves

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Lot 147
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Lot 148

Serving Tray Set

Includes Percolator (missing cord), creamer, sugar, and more

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Lot 149

Antique Clawfoot Curio Cabinet

Contents not included, comes with key, 60"h x 38"w x 18"d

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Lot 150

Four Shelves Mikasa China and More

Mikasa China Spectrum pattern includes tea cups, saucers, dessert plates, entree plates, bowls, serving platters, and more

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Lot 200

Lenox Pewter Bowls, Incense Burner, and More

Lenox is marked Kirk Stieff 2.5"h

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Lot 201

Lamp Table

Overall is 55"h x 16"across

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Lot 202

Hall Six Cup Pitcher

Missing lid, some cracks, chip in nozzle, 6"l

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Lot 203

Metal Erie No. 8 Pot

3 legs, 9"h x 10"across

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Lot 204

Box of Tobacco Tins

Captain Black, Borkum Riff, and more

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Lot 205

Two Oil Lamps

One is miniature and other is 17"h

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Lot 206
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Lot 207

Reader's Digest Books and Clock

Battery operated clock 12"h

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Lot 208
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Lot 209

Four Shelves of Books and Greeting Cards

Fiction books, Beverly Lewis, and more

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Lot 210

Crocks, Miniature Dutch Metal Figures, and More

Tallest Dutch figure on bench is 3"h

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Lot 211
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Lot 212

Green Glassware

Tall vase is 30"h, bowl, plates, Colonial National Historical Park pitcher, and more

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Lot 213

Wooden End Tables

Some scratches to finish, 22"h x 18"w x 28"d, contents not included

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