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Gun Collectors Dream Auction #25 NO RESERVES. Penrose, Colorado CO

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Brand Used Works


Auction House 855 5th st, Penrose, Colorado, 81240. USA. tel: 775-527-0775

17th Aug, 2019
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The is a Partial Catalog Please keep checking back... This is a NO RESERVE Gun Auction and all lots start at $5. This auction will take place on 3 ONLINE platforms ONLY. There will be no LIVE bidding, If during the auction you see "Floor Bidder" That means they are on a different platform than you, ie. Proxibid, Hibid, or Live Auctioneers. None of these platforms share information with each other. Remember, if you register direct with us on HiBid you will save 3% in Buyers Premium!

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Lot 1


Thank you for attending our Gun auction, This is an absolute No reserve auction and all bids are a binding contract. All Firearms...

Lot 2

Accepting Consignment for September Gun Auction

We are getting ready to head out across the country to pick up consignment again for our upcoming September Gun Auction. This...

Lot 3

RARE John Wilkes Boxlock 470 Nitro Express SXS

Let's start off with a big bang! Here is a rare Big Bore beauty from the Paul Walker Estate. This John Wilkes Boxlock Double...

Lot 4

Lot of 18 Rounds of Barnes Vor-Tx .470 NE Ammo

Here we have a Lot of 18 Rounds of Barnes Vor-Tx .470 Nitro Express 500 gr. BND SLO FN Ammo, Just incase you just won that 1st...

Lot 5

Lot of 2 NEW Browning Hi-power .40 cal 20 rd Mags

Lot contains 2 new in the package Browning Hi-Power .40 cal 20 round magazines MZ 201

Lot 6

Winchester Ranger 140 Semi Auto 12 Gauge Shotgun

Up next is a Beautiful Winchester Ranger Model 140 Semi Auto 12 Gauge Shotgun with a 28" Vent rib barrel, equiped with a...

Lot 7

Lot of 4 9MM magazines Metal No markings

Lot contains 4 great 9mm Magazines appear to be 15 rd capacity, they do not have any markings, they are metal and have flat top

Lot 8

25 RDS of Royal Black 12 GA Buckshots

2 3/4" 9 Pellets

Lot 9

German Walther P38 / II Semi Auto 9MM Pistol

Up next is a Excellent Carl Walther P38 / II Semi Auto 9mm Pistol that comes in the original factory cardboard box with tool,...

Lot 10

9mm Magazines Various MFG Lot of 4

Double Stack and Single Stack - no markings all in good working condition

Lot 11

50 Rds of .357 Sig Cartridges

125 GR

Lot 12

MINT US Springfield Model 1903 Bolt Action Rifle

Pristine US Springfield 1903 Bolt Action Rifle chambered in the .30-06, comes with leather adjustable sling, super nice wood...

Lot 13

84 7mm Brass Casings some have primer some do not

great lot of 84 rounds or 2.1 pound of 7mm Brass casings that some have the primer some do not, appear in real nice condition for...

Lot 14

39 RDS Of Western Super-X Silvertip 30-06

Springfield 150 gr Super-X

Lot 15

Remington Model 1889 SXS Hammer Shotgun 12 GA

Here we have an oldie, This Remington Model 1889 Side by side Hammer Shotgun is chambered in12 Gauge with all matching numbers,...

Lot 16

Lot of 2 Soft Padded Cases Lined Heavy duty zipper

one faux fur padded soft case with heavy duty zippers measures approx 16" long by 7" across and is dark brown with matching...

Lot 17

25 RDS of Royal Black 12 GA Buckshots

2 3/4" 9 Pellets

Lot 18

Harrington & Richardson H&R Sportsman Model 999

Here we have for your bidding pleasure a nice old Harrington & Richardson Model 999 Sportsman Double Action .22 LR Revolver in...

Lot 19

Gun Guard Rifle / Shotgun Case Padded

Super nice condition Gun Guard Rifle / Shotgun Case which is padded with dense egg crate style padding, measures approx 51" in...

Lot 20

333 RDS Of Winchester .22 LR Brick

36 gr Hollow Points 1280 FPS

Lot 21

Marlin Model 1895 XLR Lever Action 45-70 GOV'T

Look at this big bore beauty! Here we have a Marlin 1895XLR Lever Action Rifle Chamberd in 45-70 Gvt with a 24" Stainless Steel...

Lot 22

NEW Millett Scope Rings 30mm Med & 30mm turn in lo

New in the package is MILLETT Scope Rings one package is Tip off Ring 30MM Medium made from Heat treated Nickel steel and the...

Lot 23

20 Rds of 44-40 Winchester Cartridges

& 30 Rds of Brass Cartridges

Lot 24

Meriden Fire Arms Co. "The A.J. Aubrey" SXS 12 GA

Here we have another oldie, This is a Meriden Fire Arms Co. "The A.J. Aubrey" Hammerless side by side 12 gauge shotgun with 30"...

Lot 25

39 rds of .30-40 Krag ammunition 180 gr soft pt

2 boxes, one has 20 rounds one has 19 rounds .30-40 krag ammunition, both are 180 grain, both are soft point bullet, western...

Lot 26

Lot of Misc 12 GA Plastic Shotshells

Western Super-X 12 Ga & some misc 20 GA shotshells

Lot 27

Colt .22 DERRINGER 4th Model .22 Short

Here is an early (1959-1963) Colt Fourth Model Derringer, serial number with D suffix, in .22 Short. Only some 112,000 of these...

Lot 28

Rifle / Shotgun Hardcase Dense interior padding

Here is a real nice Rifle or Shotgun padded hardcase which measures approx 51" long x 4" across, comes with 4 metal latches, a...

Lot 29

300 RDS of Aguila .22 Short Cartridges

Super Extra 29 Gr

Lot 30

Uberti Winchester 1866 Yellow Boy Sporting Rifle

Here is an awesome replica! This is a Uberti Winchester Model 1866 Yellowboy Rifle, with 24-1/4 inch barrel, brass forend nose...

Lot 31

15 rds HOG WILD 12 GA 3.5" 3 Ball .625 mag

1250 FPS HEVI SHOTSHELLS new in the box With BC1 Technology

Lot 32

47 Rds of 7mm Mauser & 7mm Cartridges

Super Cartridges& Misc Brass Cartridges

Lot 33

Savage Model 93 FV-SR Bolt Action .22 Magnum Rifle

Up Next is a Savage Model 93 Bolt Action Rifle Chambered in .22 Magnum, equiped with a faux Supressor, comes with 1 detachable...

Lot 34

Nikko Stirling 4-16X44 Nighteater Scope Side Focus

Nikko Stirling Nighteater Rifle Scope 4-16x 44mm Side Focus LRX Reticle Matte. Pre-owned condition, Details from the internet...

Lot 35

Plastic Ammo Can Mostly Full Of LC .30 Carbine

Lake City .30 Cal Cartridges

Lot 36

Fausti Traditions Elite Field 12 Gauge SXS Shotgun

Up next is a Fausti Traditions Elite Field 12 Gauge Side by Side Shotgun in Great pre-owned condition. It is Choked IC & MOD....

Lot 37

LEE Reloader Press #90045 "C" frame

Lee Reloader Press #90045 primer catcher, "C" frame with unlimited hand clearance, works equally well with the right or left...

Lot 38

25 RDS of Royal Buck Plastic 12 GA Shotshells

2 3/4" 9 Pellets1345 FPS

Lot 39

NEW Ruger 5435 LCRx Matte Double 22 LR

Up Next is a brand new Ruger LCRx Single/Double 22 LR (LR) 3" 8 rd Black Hogue Tamer. External hammer for single or double-action...

Lot 40

Conceal Carry Belly Band New in pkg M-L 36-44"

Protect yourself, conceal and carry Belly Band waist wrap with holster and extra mag pockets, an absolute must for any one that...

Lot 41

222 RDS Winchester .22 LR Brick

36 GR 1280 FPS Hollow Points

Lot 42

NEW Robins Egg Blue Cerakote Ruger AR-556 5.56mm

Up Next is a Brand New Ruger AR-556 5.56mm NATO Semi-Auto Rifle with Robins Egg Blue Cerakote Finish. It comes in the factory box...

Lot 43

KCI AR 15 100 RD Drum Mag & Speed Loader


Lot 44

120 RDS of Ball 5.56MM Cartridges on Stripper Clip

Box of 5.56MM Ball Ammo On Stripper Clips

Lot 45

Kel-Tec KSG Bull Pup 12 Ga Pump Shotgun 12 Rounds!

Up next is a nice little Bull Pup Pump Shotgun By Kel Tec. It is chambered in 12 Gauge, equipped for 3" shells. Capacity is 12...

Lot 46

ACP Adaptive Carbine Platform SIG SAUER

ACP Adaptive Carbine Platform by Sig Sauer, universal pistol to carbine adapter with soft padded case. The Adaptive carbine...

Lot 47

25 Rds of Royal Buck Plastic 12 GA Shotshells

Buckshots2 3/4" 9 Pellets

Lot 48

Smith & Wesson Model 915 9MM Semi Auto Pistol GOLD

Wow Look at this Bling Bling! Here is a very pretty S&W Model 915 chambered in 9MM and is in Excellent condition. Comes with 1...

Lot 49

S&W 59 and marlin camp 9 Magazine 30 rds

30 round capacity Magzine S&W 59 and marlin camp 9 high capacity magazine (know the laws in your state!)

Lot 50

40 Rds of 7MM Mauser Cartridges

Hansen 175 GR PPU 158 Gr

Lot 51

NEW Winchester Model 1886 Deluxe Takedown .45-90

Brand new Unfired, Uncocked, Limited Edition Winchester Model 1886 Deluxe Takedown Half Octagon 26" .45-90. What a beautiful and...

Lot 52

Lot of 2 AK74 5.45 x 39 30 rd Magazine Bulgaria

lot of 2 real nice AK74 Magazines 5.45x39 30 round Made in Bulgaria (NOTE: high capacity mags know the laws in your state!!)

Lot 53

200 Midway Factory 7MM Reloading Tips

Midway USA

Lot 54

SAS12 12GA Semi-Auto Detachable Magazine Shotgun

Up next is a new to like new, SAS12 12GA Semi-Auto Detachable Magazine Fed Shotgun. 24" chrome-lined vent rib barrel with bead...

Lot 55

Lot of 2 MILLETT Scope Rings Ruger 10/22 & STD rea

Lot of 2 MILLETT Scope Rings new in the package:one is great strength with light weight ANGLE-LOC Windage adjustable Ruger 10/22...

Lot 56

25 Rds Royal Star 12 GA Plastic Shotshells

2 3/4" 1 1/8 oz

Lot 57

NEW NAA Ranger II Revolver .22 Mag 2.5"

Up next is a brand new NAA Ranger II Top Break Revolver with a 2 1/2" barrel chambered in .22 Magnum and comes in a locking...

Lot 58

NEW Blackhawk CQC Serpa Holster Colt 1911

New in the package is a BLACKHAWK CQC Serpa Holster for COLT 1911 #C1212 # 2100270 (CQC is Close Quarters Concealment) super...

Lot 59

15 Rds of Winchester Western Super-X 10 Ga

Buckshots 3 1/2"

Lot 60

Remington Armory 1917 Mosin Nagant Hex Receiver

Here is a very interesting Mosin manufactured by Remington in 1917. This example, The receiver is marked with a Russian Eagle...

Lot 61

20 rds 30-06 Remanuf Rounds in sealed package

lot contains sealed package of 20 rounds .30-06 ammunition, brass casing with misc headstamps, remanufactured rounds

Lot 62

59 Rds of Remington 7MM Weatherby Magnum

165 Gr Extended Range

Lot 63

Remington Model 17 Pump Shotgun 20 Gauge

Up Next is a Remington Model 17 Pump Shotgun 20 Gauge and it needs a barrel! All else is there and functions and cycles. Light...

Lot 64

Colt 1917 Replica Leather Holster with US imprint

1917 U.S. HOLSTER, RIGHT HAND A fine and authentic replica of the Model 1917 revolver holster. Suitable for the S&W and Colt...

Lot 65

130 Rds of .45 GAP Cartridges

Federal Premium 230 GR American Eagle 185 GR

Lot 66

NEW Mossberg MC1sc 9mm Luger Subcompact Semi Auto

Here we have a brand spankin new Mossberg MC1sc 9mm Luger Subcompact Semi Auto Pistol in the factory box, still sealed in the...

Lot 67

Tagua Gunleather Shoulder Holster & 2 mag Holder

TAGUA Gunleather Shoulder Holster Black Left Hand.Durable and adjustable x-style leather harness. Reinforced thumb break for...

Lot 68

40 Rds of Winchester Western 7MM Mauser Cartridges

7x57175 GR

Lot 69

Alexander Arms AAR15 6.5 Grendel Semi Auto Rifle

Here is a nice build if your looking for something in the 6.5 Grendel caliber. This rifle is in excellent condition and is a...

Lot 70

Hi-Lux M-1000 2.5-10x44 Heavy Duty Rifle Scope

Leatherwood & Box Large Adjustable Eye Sight & Leatherwood Scope Ring & Mount SN.05837 With Manual & Scope Caps

Lot 71

100 Midway USA 7MM Reloading Tips

175 GR Midway USA

Lot 72

NEW Mossberg 590 Shockwave 12ga 14" 6-shot

Brand new still sealed in the factory plastic and comes in the original box, Mossberg 590 Shockwave 12ga 14" 6-shot This 12GA...

Lot 73

New Grizzly 500 S&W Mag Brass unfired 100ct

New Grizzly 500 S&W mag brass UNFIRED 100 ct weights approx 2.9 pounds... no primerHS 500 S&W MAG GRIZZLY

Lot 74

25 Rds of Royal Buck 12 GA 00 Plastic Buckshots

2 3/4" 9 pellets 00 buck

Lot 75

Colt Diamondback .38 Special 4" BBL

Up for grabs is a beautiful Colt Diamondback Revolver Chambered in .38 Special with a 4" barrel. Overall this revolver is in...

Lot 76

LEE Precision Melter new in the box #90021

Infinite Heat control electric metal melter, designed especially for the ladle caster, high speed melter with an infinite heat...

Lot 77

75 Rds of Winchester .38 Special Cartridges

& Western-X 158 GR 148 GR Mid Range Match

Lot 78

Norinco SKS Folder W/ Bayonet 7.62X39

Up next is a Semi Auto Norinco SKS Semi Auto Rifle chambered in 7.62X39 and comes furnished in a synthetic pistol grip folding...

Lot 79

Parker Ultra light 31 Compound Bow

Parker Ultra light 31 Compound Bow comes Superflauge Camo, comes with bow quiver: shows Draw 28 weight 70 string 84 cable 33.5 ...

Lot 80

100 primed casings of Norma 7.65 ARG

7.65 ARG primed Cases

Lot 81

Glock G21 SF 3rd GEN Semi Auto Pistol .45 ACP

Up Next is a Pre-owned in Excellent Like New Condition Glock G21 SF 3rd GEN Semi Auto Pistol Chambered in .45 ACP This pistol...

Lot 82

Lot of 2 Factory Glock G21 13 Rd Mags .45 ACP

Lot of 2 Factory Glock G21 13 Rd Mags .45 ACP

Lot 83

40 Rds of 7MM Mauser Cartridges

Remington 175 GR Winchester 145 GR

Lot 84

Smith & Wesson Model 22A-1 Semi Auto .22 Pistol

Here we have a fun plinker, Smith & Wesson Model 22A-1 Semi Auto Pistol is chambered in .22 LR and comes with a factory magazine....

Lot 85

303 British Bandolier 50 rd Stipper WW2 .303

303 British Bandolier with 50 rounds live ammo with each 5 round stripper clip, HS shows G B 4 9 7 overall in real nice...

Lot 86

200 Rds of Aguila .22 LR Cartridges

20 Gr Lead Bullet

Lot 87

Marlin Model 60 Micro Groove .22 Semi Auto Rifle

Up next is a pre-owned Marlin Model 60 Micro Groove Semi Auto Rifle Chambered in .22 LR This is a tube fed rifle and is topped...

Lot 88

Bushnell Sportview 3-9X40 Scope With Pop-up Covers

Next is a Bushnell Sportview 3-9X40 Scope With Pop-up Covers in good pre-owned condition.

Lot 89

500 Rds of Remington .22 LR Target Cartridges

Rounds NoseStandard Velocity

Lot 90

Original M91/30 Mosin Nagant Rifle Hex Receiver

Here is the whole package, We have a Mint Mosin Nagant M91/30 Dated 1933 with the hex receiver. It comes with all numbers...

Lot 91

MILLETT Steel Rings NEW SR00702 Turn In 1" Med

new in the package is MILLETT Steel Rings Turn in standard rings 1" med Matte SR00702, high quality rings, they are custom...

Lot 92

47 Rds of 10 Ga Plastic Shotshells

Lead Shot

Lot 93

NEW Heritage Rough Rider .22 LR SA American Flag

Up next is a new in the box Heritage Rough Rider .22 LR Single Action 6rd 4.75" Revolver, US Flag Grips RR22B4-US01 More from the...

Lot 94

Large Lot Boresnake by Gunmate 6 various sizes

new in the package, attn resalers, hunters, gun dealers, gunsmith: nice lot of BORESNAKES by Gunmate:1. 24000 .22 cal Pistol...

Lot 95

200 Rds of CCi Quiet .22 LR Cartridges

& Western Super-X Expediter .22 LR 40 Gr

Lot 96

Colt Frontier Scout Commem Revolver .22LR Gold

Here is a real nice COLT Frontier Scout COMMEMORATIVE Revolver chambered in .22 LR MFG 1966 only 1350 made SN 328CG Appears Gold...

Lot 97

NEW HOGUE Bantam Revolver Grip S&W K and L Round b

New in the package is HOGUE BANTAM Ultra light weight revolver grips #62000 for S&W K and L round butt. Ultra light weight,...

Lot 98

350 Rds of Peters Target .22 LR

Rim Fire Rustless

Lot 99

UNFIRED Colt SAA Peacemaker .44-40 5 1/2" BBL

Unfired, Brand New in the factory box, in the original plastic, is a Colt Single Action Army Peacemaker 3rd Gen Model P1950...

Lot 100

GCode Combo Retention Holster for Beretta 92FS RH

GCode Combo Retention Holster for Beretta 92FS Belt Loop & Paddle Right Hand Foliage Green E07103110C ...