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Furnishings and Household in Hempfield No. 2 Online Auction. Lancaster, Pennsylvania PA

  Status: Closed

Internet-only (timed) auction


H.K. Keller



809 Dorsea Rd., Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 17601. USA. tel: 717-879-0110

10th Sep, 2018
Ended: 24th Sep, 2018
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This online-only auction includes many vintage toys, games, furniture, Christmas items, and more! Some of the items include vintage Star Wars toys, Star Trek items, Lincoln Logs, Tonka trucks, MatchBox cars, Hot Wheels, vintage trunks, 1970's toys, vintage Disney items, G.I. Joe items, vintage Howdy Doody string puppet, vintage linens, handkerchiefs, gloves, hats, military blankets, Christmas decorations, vintage music sheets, depression glass, and much more!

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Lot 1

Welcome to the Auction

Welcome to the online auction. We are always available to help. Please contact us at 717-879-0110 or

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Lot 2

Lot Locations

100s - 1st Floor 200s - Basement with no outside entrance300s - Basement with no outside entrance400s - Garage500s - 1st Floor...

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Lot 5

Can't Find Us? Check out the Map!

If you can't find us, just call 717-879-0110 and we will get you to the auction preview or pick up.

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Lot 6

Don't Miss the Auction Closing Live!

Set your alarm so you don't miss out! Items close one at a time every 20 seconds. If a bid is placed within one minute of a lot...

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Lot 100

Vintage Floral Print

31.5"h x 11"w

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Lot 101

Painted Wooden Side Tables

27"h x 18.5"w x 13"d, some wear to finish

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Lot 102

Vintage Croquet Set

Missing green ball, cart with mallets is 25"h x 17.5"w

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Lot 103

Vintage Disney Mary Poppins Dolls in Box

Doll is 12"h, doll in wedding dress is 11"h

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Lot 104

Tray of Vintage Toys

Includes Formula 3 cars, action figures, baseball, horse figures, travel checkers game, largest horse is 7"h, and more

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Lot 105

Vintage Glass Ornaments and Song Book

Box of ornaments is 1.5"h x 6.5"w x 4.5"d

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Lot 106

Vintage Star Wars Death Star Space Station Toy

In box, action figures not included, box is 22"h x 14"w x 6"d

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Lot 107

Original Painting

Painting in frame is signed R. Erring and is 12"h x 14"w

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Lot 107a

Vintage Metal John Deere Loader and a Truck

John Deere is 3.5"h x 11"w x 4"d, Turbine Transport truck

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Lot 108

Tray of Vintage Plastic Toys

Includes army men, cowboys (largest is 6"h) and native American figures, assorted animals, and more

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Lot 109

Park Plastics Texaco Toy Truck

6"h x 22"w x 5"d, missing a wheel

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Lot 110

Vintage Metal Nylint Horse Van Toy Trailer

6"h x 23"w x 5"d, missing wheels

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Lot 111
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Lot 112
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Lot 113

Vintage Toy Trucks

Nylint 400 fire truck is 5"h x 13"w x 5"d, Tonka Road Paver

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Lot 114
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Lot 115

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Spaceship in Box

Includes manual, box is 17"h x 22"w x 7"d, action figures not included

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Lot 116

Vintage Foldable Barbie Family House

13"h x 35"w x 10"d, includes some furniture

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Lot 117

Tray of Vintage Toys

Fisher Price Little People, fire engine is 7"long, figurines, and more

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Lot 118

Vintage Star Trek Toy Empty Boxes

Largest box is 3"h x 17.5"w x 12"d

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Lot 118a

Two Boxes of Easter Decorations

Easter baskets, Easter eggs, bunny, handmade stuffed bunny is 18.5"h

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Lot 119

Vintage Wooden Trunk

21"h x 30"w x 19"d, missing tray

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Lot 120

Toys from the 1970's

1976 Tomy Robot figure 12"h, Datsun battery operated car, Overland Express tin train engine

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Lot 121

Buddy L Car, Tonka Car and Truck

Buddy L turbine car is 7"long, Tonka Trophy Trapper metal car, Tonka truck is 5"long missing trailer

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Lot 122

Collection of Pressed Glass and More

Salt & pepper shakers, etched bowl is 4"h x 8"across, divided serving tray, glass bakeware, and more

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Lot 123

Vintage Games

Bowl Tudor Games, H. R. Pufnstuf, Stratego, Voice of the Mummy, and more

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Lot 124

Vintage Star Wars Collector Items

Star Wars 1977 costume and mask in box, box has some damage, Star Wars jigsaw puzzle, Star Wars Escape from Death Star Game...

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Lot 125

Vintage Metal Trays

Painted round bird tray is 13"across, painted floral tray, TV tray with legs, and more

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Lot 126

Assorted Games

Add-Lib, Careers, Venture, Titleist Poker game set, James Bond 007 game, and more

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Lot 127

Variety of Glassware and a Lamp

Glass hen dish, lamp missing one shade is 17"h to shade, candlestick holder, Princess House 24 percent lead crystal, and more

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Lot 129

Vintage Linens, Aprons, and More in Wooden Crate

Tea towels, doilies, and more

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Lot 130

Vintage Tins, Jar, and Oil Lamp Base

Old Dutch Pretzels is 6"h x 10"across missing lid, Charles Cookies tin, Bunte Chocolates, First Aid, and more

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Lot 131

Salt & Pepper Shakers and a Trivet

Dutch girl and boy salt & pepper shakers, painted trivet is8"long, and more

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Lot 132

Aladdin Thermos and The Skotch Kooler

2 gallon Kooler is 12"h x 9"across

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Lot 133

Vintage Batman Bike with Robin Figure Toy

Missing one shoe, bike is 10"long, and more

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Lot 134

Two Framed Prints

Both are 18"h x 22"w

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Lot 135

Vintage GI Joe Vehicles and Accessories

AT Helicopter missing propeller, AT vehicle, 1973 Mattel Big Jim Jungle Truck 19"long, accessories include shoes, guns, ladder,...

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Lot 136
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Lot 137

Five Geodes

Largest is 4"w

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Lot 138
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Lot 139

Models, Games, and Puzzles

Miami Vice Daytona Spyder model, 1984 Corvette model (unknown if all pieces are included)Rook, Shaker Maker Switchables, The Mad...

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Lot 140

Vintage Frames and Mirrored Tray

Tray is 16" x 11", one frame has cracked glass

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Lot 141
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Lot 142

Cub Scouts, Cog Railway Hats, and Toy Guns

2 toy guns (both have broken triggers), Jr Deputy Sheriffs badge, horseshoe bolo tie, and more

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Lot 143

Star Trek Model Kit and Book

Star Trek the Next Generation USS Enterprise Starship model kit (unknown if all pieces included), Star Trek Log 1 book

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Lot 144

Vintage Dictionaries

The New Century Dictionary Vol 1 & 2, Webster's New International Dictionary the 2nd Edition

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Lot 145

Child's Tea Set, Small Figurines, and More

Tea set service for 6 includes tea pot, creamer, sugar, serving dishware, and more

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Lot 146
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Lot 147

Macrame Plant Holders and More

String, sewing items, weaving loom, lace ribbon, and much more

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Lot 148

Vintage Wooden Doll House

Includes two plastic rockers, staircases, removable back, house is 27"h x 29"w x 33"d, also includes doll house book

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Lot 149

Three Piece Metal Vintage Outdoor Furniture

Two rockers, table is 19"h x 15.5"across, set has some chips and rust

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Lot 151

Pottery Plates and Decorative Light Plates

2 Jeff White Lebanon PA pottery plates (largest is 10"across), 2 decorative light plates, and more

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Lot 153
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Lot 154

Antique Marriage Certificates in Frame

1901 marriage certificates one in German, frame is 25.5"h x 21.5"w

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Lot 155

Serving PiecesDepression Glass, and a Mug

Little punch mug, serving plates, sugar and creamer, footed bowl 4"h x 6" across

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Lot 156

Variety of Painted Dishes

Most are made in Japan, salt & pepper shakers (dish under them is broken and glued), handled dish made in Holland, vase is 6"h,...

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Lot 157

Vintage Hats, Hat Boxes, and a Muff

Bergman's hat box is 7"h x 16.5" across, ladies muff, and more

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Lot 158
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Lot 159

Tray of Plastic Toy Figures

Horses, army men, teepee is 3.5"h, Native Americans, and more

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Lot 160

Framed Bird Prints

Includes blue jays, hummingbird, gold finch, and more Largest in frame is 22.5"h x 16.25"w

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Lot 161

Vintage Frame and Print

Print is Tiller of the Soil by W. F. Hallowell 1935, oval frame has some damage and is 25"h x 18.5"w

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Lot 161a

Three Floral Framed Prints

Largest is 29"h x 24.5"w

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Lot 162

Two Trays of Buttons

Vintage buttons in various sizes

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Lot 163

Tray of Toy Cars with Hot Wheels and Matchbox

Hot Wheels, Matchbox, double-decker matchbox bus that is 1.5"h x 2.5"l, and more

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Lot 164

Box of Lincoln Logs

Includes design sheet, unknown if all pieces are there

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Lot 165

Tray of Vintage Items

Oil can is 9"h, Rumford's baking powder sample, playing cards, and more

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Lot 166

Tray of Matchbox, Hot Wheels, and More

Matchbox crane is 1"h x 4.5"l

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Lot 167

Tray of Matchbox, Hot Wheels, and More

1968 Matchbox Ford heavy wreck truck is 1"h x 3"l

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Lot 168
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Lot 169
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Lot 170

Matchbox, Hot Wheels, and More

Matchbox no. 58 Faun dump truck 1976 is 1.5"h x 2.5"l

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Lot 172

Vintage Kitchen Utensils

Potato masher, corn grater, sieve, grater, vintage cookie and biscuit cutters, and more

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Lot 174

Hasbro 1972 Race Car and Other Cars

Battery operated, car and docking station measures 3"h x 8"w x 10"d

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Lot 175

Three Trays with Buttons, Timers, and More

Pinking shears, pin cushion, sewing items, new butterfly stickers, hot glue gun, loose buttons and buttons on boards, and more

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Lot 176
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Lot 177

International Silver, Silver on Copper, and More

W. M. Rogers Co. serving spoons, International Silver serving spoon, silver on copper footed tea pot, sugar and creamer,...

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Lot 178

Christmas Items

Ornaments, tinsel, plates, angels, garland, and more

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Lot 179

Cats Meow and Cape May Wooden Village Pieces

The Victorian Rose, Cape May Linda Lee, Cape May Ugly Mug, Lobster house, Cape May Lighthouse is 6.5"h x 2.5"w, and more

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Lot 180

Original Painting in Ornate Frame

Not signed, 29"h x 33"w

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Lot 181

Retro Metal Kitchen Chairs

30.5"h x 15.5"w x 21"d, with vinyl seats and backs, some damage

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Lot 182

Vintage Wooden Upholstered Chair

39"h x 19"w x 17"d, some damage to seat

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Lot 183

Vintage Wooden Chairs

Unique chair with extra spindle back is 37"h x 15.5"w x 19"d, other has some damage to seat

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Lot 184

Whicker Headboard

48"h x 39"w

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Lot 185

Containers, Counter Protectors, Clock, and More

Cutting board, teapot, plastic trays, metal cooling rack, metal decorative pumpkin, containers for a vacuum sealer (sealer not...

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Lot 200

Outdoor and Beach Items

Boogie board, beach umbrella, air mattress with pump model EP-120G, outdoor cushions, and more

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Lot 201
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Lot 202

Picnic Jugs and a Dispenser

Coffee carafe is 15"h

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Lot 203

Children's Items

Foldable playpen, potty sea with boxt, and 2 wooden chairs

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Lot 204

Eight Boxes of Books

DIY books, vintage books, romance novels, and more

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Lot 205

Grass Shears

One says Doo Klip Grass Shear 39"long, some rust

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Lot 206
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Lot 207

Quilts, Knitting Needles, Bedding, and More

Comforters, blankets, and more

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Lot 208
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Lot 209

Oriental Weavers of America Area Rug

Sakkara 3ft 10" x 5ft 9"

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Lot 210

Assortment of Jigsaw Puzzles

600 pieces and up, some new in package, unknown if any missing pieces in others

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Lot 211

Christmas Decorations

Wreath, coal, ornaments, and more

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