Four Generations Estate Jewelry Auction, North Kansas City. Kansas City, Missouri MO

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xxx, Kansas City, Missouri, 64119. USA. tel: 816-781-1134

12th Apr, 2019
Ended: 29th May, 2019
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Four Generations Estate Jewelry Auction, North Kansas City Antique Turquoise rings, bracelets, pendants and brooches. Loads of costume jewelry and finery. Gorgeous collection of Turquoise Jewelry of all sorts and kinds. Uncommon and Rare rings, bracelets, brooches and Pendants. Vintage perfume bottles, massive selection of costume jewelry. Colorful collections of wearable finery.

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Lot 1

Jasper and Sterling Silver Pendant

What a stunner! Marked "925" This beauty is substantial at about 1 1/4" wide x 1 1/2" high.

Lot 2

Sterling Chain with Channel Inlay Pendant

Beautiful, striking Italian pendant on thick chain marked 925.

Lot 3

Sterling Silver & Turquoise Pendant

This classic turquoise pendant is marked 925. Measures 1 1/4" x 1 1/2".

Lot 4

Sterling Reed & Barton Cross

This show-stopper is large and in charge. Comes in original box. Chain is included but not silver.

Lot 5

Native Amer. Handmade Sterling Necklace & Earrings

Handmade 925 Sterling Silver Native American historic jewelry. Both pairs of accompanying earrings are marked 925.

Lot 6

Native American Style Handmade Necklace, Earrings

Beautiful pinks in this necklace and earrings. Possibly rhodochrosite. Unmarked.

Lot 7

Antique Handmade Filigree Bracelet & Earrings

Antique, gorgeous and delicate. This cuff-style bracelet features filigree, an intricate handmade locking mechanism and rows...

Lot 8

Sterling Silver Peruvian Pendant/Brooch

Unique! Marked 925. This bird design features mostly green but also accents in yellow and blue.

Lot 9

950 Sterling Silver Handmade Butterfly Brooch

Handmade 950 Sterling Silver, large butterfly measures about 2" wide by 2 1/4" high and features green, pink, purple, black and...

Lot 10

Native Amer. Handmade Cuff and Sterling Ring

Native American Style handmade silver Jewelry.Ring marked sterling. Bracelets unmarked. Ring and one bracelet feature a...

Lot 11

Large Sterling Silver & Green Turquoise Pendant

Unique and lovely! Large stone in sterling setting marked TR-161 Mexico 925.

Lot 12

Handmade Owl Cuff Bracelet

Sweet bracelet is unmarked but features a darling owl with turquoise-colored eyes on a cuff.

Lot 13

Handmade Silver Native American Necklace, Earrings

Definitely a Native American look. This set is unmarked and features turquoise-colored stones for a grand display. Earrings are...

Lot 14

Orville Manygoat Native American Sterling Ring,

Handmade Sterling Silver ring by Navajo American Artist Orville ManygoatThis ring is marked "MO", this is the stamp for Orville...

Lot 15

Sterling Bracelet Turquoise and Multi-Colored

Stones Several stones set off this sterling bracelet marked 925. A lovely addition to your jewelry collection or a great gift for...

Lot 16

Sterling & Turquoise Bracelet

A darling sterling and turquoise bracelet that is just in time for summer. Comes with an unmarked "turquoise" ring in a size 7.

Lot 17

Hopi-Like Handmade Pendant & Japanese Chain

Large, Hopi Indian, native-looking pendant with unusual arrow mark is 1 5/8" wide by 3" tall. Rests on a chain marked "Japan".

Lot 18

Sterling Silver Tie Clip and Ring

Tie clip is marked 925 Mexico TD-86. Features black stones.The ring is marked sterling. It's heavy, large and unusual. Size 12...

Lot 19

Antique Turquoise Money Clip & Tie Tack

Lovely patina on both pieces, rustic and handmade, matching money clip and tie tack feature green turquoise stones. Beautiful in...

Lot 20

Handmade Native Amer. Sterling Silver Money Clips

The first handmade money clip is marked "C Lee" and has a classic channel inlay design showcasing paved turquoise-colored stones....

Lot 21

Leon Damon Native Amer. 925 Buckle & Money Clip

Vintage handmade Native American Sterling Silver belt buckle and money clip featuring the fertility deity Kokopelli. Belt buckle...

Lot 22

Native Amer. 925 R. Tolino Chain, Pendant, Ring

Native American / Amerindian Zuni artist, R. Tolino. This set comes with guarantee of authenticity on each piece from the gallery...

Lot 23

Native Amer. Handmade Sterling Silver Earrings

I. Kee, BGM and Jimmy Calabaza JewelryPair of sterling silver earrings with classic channel inlay design, marked "I. Kee BGM...

Lot 24

Three Delicate Native Amer. Style Cuff Bracelets

Three bracelets feature various designs. They are unmarked.

Lot 25

Two Sterling Bangle Bracelets, Navajo Tahe

Two bracelets: one marked as "Sterling TAHE" from the Navajo Tahe family in Arizona and the other simply "sterling".Traditional...

Lot 26

Native Amer. Style Vintage Turquoise Cuff Bracelet

Classic presentation with a modern vibe. This bracelet is inscribed "L.M." and features a turquoise-looking stone. It is a small...

Lot 27

Thick Silver Cuff Bracelet Native Amer. Style

Rustic and unmarked. Looks to feature turquoise- and coral-colored stones. Fabulous!

Lot 28

Handmade Native Amer. R Spencer Cuff Bracelet +

Ring Ring is unmarked. Unusual turquoise design with two small stones.Cuff is marked "R. Spencer". Showcases turquoise- and...

Lot 29

925 L. Bennett Native Amer. Pendant & Earrings

Stunning Pendant Necklace is 18" and is signed "L. Bennett Sterling" by Navajo Silversmith artist, Lee Bennett . It shows off a...

Lot 30

Native Amer. Look Handmade Earrings & Necklace

Necklace is Native American style with handmade pendant and turquoise centerpiece. 15" Necklace is marked either AIZZ or AVZZ....

Lot 31

Sterling 925 Pendant and a Ring

Modern-design pendant is marked 925. Could go on a small or larger gauge chain. Turquoise.Ring is unmarked and has four small...

Lot 32

Two Sterling Silver Rings & Heavy Silver Bracelet

First ring is a band-style. It features turquoise stones almost all of the way around. Marked "Sterling Mexico". Size 9.Second...

Lot 33

Native Amer. Zuni Needlepoint Bracelet, Ring

Unmarked silver bracelet and earrings, Turquoise "Needlepoint" design. The bracelet is engraved / signed "R. Lastyono".R....

Lot 34

Native Amer. Sterling Bracelet and Earrings

Cuff bracelet features a line of turquoise. Marked "RL Sterling".Earrings are Indian handmade sterling silver.

Lot 35

Large Sterling Pendant and Earrings

Pendant measures 3" wide by 2 1/4" high. Marked P-06 Mexico 925.Earrings are super-cute and marked STRLG.

Lot 36

Sterling, Mother of Pearl Group

Ring is marked Sterling and is size 9.Chain is marked Sterling as well. Seems to be 19" long.Group also includes a cuff bracelet...

Lot 37

Native Amer. Mother of Pearl Sterling Necklace

This group includes a cuff, ring, pendant and 16" necklace and small post earrings for pierced ears.Ring is marked "N" & "B" and...

Lot 38

Native American Style Silver Ring & Earrings

All pieces marked "NM". Earrings are for pierced ears and dangle. Ring is a size 6.

Lot 39

Sterling Charm Bracelet

Bracelet is approximately 7" long and is sterling. Many of the attached charms are also sterling. This fine lady went places!

Lot 40

Brooch / Pin French Military Era France

Unmarked. Looks to be vintage at the very least. 1930s marching soldier Brooch / Pin French Military Era France...

Lot 41

Cloisonne Fish, Stained Glass-Like Pendant, More

Includes beautiful pendant that looks like a round stained glass when you hold it up to the light.Check out the colorful...

Lot 42

Colorful Enamel Pin, Butterfly Wing Pendant

Enamel pin is a dazzling red with splashes of white, aqua and black.Pendant is two-sided butterfly wing design with palm tree and...

Lot 43

Copper & Enamel Group

Copper musical note charm on bracelet and group of clip-on earrings made of enamel atop copper.

Lot 44

Copper, Enamel Pins and More

Two seagull pins made of copper with enamel are just over 2 1/2" long. Two face pins also feature copper with enamel. The rest of...

Lot 45

Copper Necklace, Earrings

Dazzling copper group includes a 18" necklace and pendant highlighting five small turquoise stones. Marked "Solid Copper".Also...

Lot 46

Matching Copper Necklace, Earrings, More

Dynamic necklace features 9 quarter-sized pieces to make up the front. Matching earrings feature those circular pieces.Also...

Lot 47

Copper, Enamel Jewelry

Three copper cuff bracelets, varying sizes. Red, colorful enamel on copper cuff links are insanely cool. Enamel-on-copper...

Lot 48

Unmarked Silver Filigree, Czecho

Two gorgeous pieces! One is an antique silver filigree brooch measuring 2" across. The other is a Czech belt buckle marked "87"...

Lot 49

Heuer Stop Watch

Heavy, 2" in working condition.

Lot 50

Vintage Los Ballesteros, Sterling Earrings, Cuff

Bracelet is marked Silver Mexico. Small earrings are marked Sterling Large earring (one is incomplete) is marked Taxco Taillers...

Lot 51

Sterling Mother of Pearl, Shell Jewelry

Iridescent gorgeousness! Leaf ring is size 6 and is marked "ZJ 925". Other ring marked "Taxco FSM Mexico 925". Earring pair is...

Lot 52

Sterling Ring and Earrings

Sterling and onyx or obsidian stones glorify these pieces classically. Earrings marked SU 925. Ring marked 925. Ring size: 6 1/2.

Lot 53

Sterling Ring, Brooch and Earrings

Ring is a size 9 and displays a gorgeous round, orange piece of glass and is marked 925.Fish hook earrings are identified "BOMA...

Lot 54

Sterling Dogwood Flower Jewelry

Necklace with pendant dogwood flower, earrings, adjustable size-9 ring and child's size-4 adjustable ring included. All marked...

Lot 55

Sterling, Turquoise Jewelry

Darling turquoise ring is size 5. Marked "925".Scroll ring marked "925 CMM Mexico".Necklace & chain marked "925".Drop earring...

Lot 56

Sterling Ring, Pendant, Earrings

Pretty floral design on this ring, sized 7. Marked "925" and "JC" or "JG".Pendant marked "Sterling".Earrings marked "STG".

Lot 57

925 Sterling Silver Pendant & Brooch

Brooch is beautiful, turquoise roadrunner, perfect gift for the registered nurse in your life. Marked "UUK".Aztec deity pendant...

Lot 58

Sterling Ax Brooches, More

Probably antiques. Both ax brooches are marked "sterling" and measure approximately 1 1/2" each.Included are an ear cuff with...

Lot 59

Small Sterling, Turquoise Turtle Jewelry

Matching turquoise cuff bracelet and ring with turtle design.One ring with a different turtle design has both turquoise and...

Lot 60

Sterling Ring and Pendant/Chain

Super-cute phoenix or eagle ring with turquoise and coral!Also a sterling chain and pendant marked "925" and "JC".

Lot 61

Sterling Totem Earrings, Road Runner Brooches

Brooches are in the shape of roadrunners of varying sizes. The smallest is marked "925". Totem earrings are clip-ons and marked...

Lot 62

Turquoise Jewelry, Silver Ring

Gorgeous pendant with turquoise and coral. Brooch is pretty with a green stone that could be turquoise. Ring marked "925 N".

Lot 63

Precious Sterling Fish Pendant and Chain

Kind of in-love with this fish pendant! It is marked as sterling, as is the chain. The chain is broken.Another necklace included...

Lot 64

Sterling Cross Pendants

Smaller one features several colored stones. The larger one is flat and cut out.Both are labeled "925".

Lot 65

Sterling Filigree Bracelet, More

Precious, delicate, flowery bracelet is marked "AS 925". Larger brooch is marked "VKN". Also comes with a delicate, unmarked...

Lot 66

Sterling Peruvian Pendant, Chain, More

Too cute! Apple in relief on this pendant (marked "Peru 925") and chain {"925").Also comes with two rings with high elevation.

Lot 67

Silver and Turquoise Jewelry

Beautiful turquoise pendant and chain! Also several other chains, a small cuff bracelet with a small green stone and a chain...

Lot 68

Four Turquoise Rings

Varying sizes and designs! Sure to find something you like!

Lot 69

Four Turquoise Rings

Two are marked "Sterling", but all look to be sterling.

Lot 70

Turquoise & Lapis Rings

Beautiful Lapis ring and two turquoise rings - all marked "925".Also a cute blue glass ring, unmarked.

Lot 71

Four Vintage Silver Rings

One is a thick band with green stones, marked "L. Reeves".One dome ring with scroll design marked 925.One mother of pearl ring -...

Lot 72

Sterling Silver Coral Ring and Others

Varying designs, all beautiful. The larger turquoise and coral ring is marked "Sterling".

Lot 73

J.R.B. Zuni, NM Sterling Ring and Two More

Rings One of these gorgeous rings is marked "J.R.B. Zuni, NM". Another is also in the Zuni style and marked Sterling - the ring...

Lot 74

Two Turquoise Rings

One is marked "Sterling".

Lot 75

Silver Heart Jewelry

Pretty, pretty! Heart pendant on a chain (marked "925 Italy JC" and 2 earrings. Also two larger heart pendants, unmarked. One has...

Lot 76

Sterling & Turquoise Ring

A larger-sized ring. Striking.

Lot 77

Sterling and Turquoise Ring- Marked

Beautiful ring, marked "Sterling Francisco A".

Lot 78

Two Turquoise Rings

One is a band with turquoise and the other one has some relief.

Lot 79

Large Turquoise Hummingbird Ring

Sterling. Turquoise inlay. Signed, can't quite read.

Lot 80

Large Howling Wolf Ring

Unique design, impressive in size!

Lot 81

Ben Nighthorse Sterling Ring

Men's ring, features several different colored-stones.

Lot 82

Two Men's Rings - Sterling, Turquoise

One is a band marked "Mexico 925". Other is turquoise and mother of pearl.

Lot 83

Two Turquoise Cuff Bracelets

Smaller ring is marked "Sterling KD".The larger one features three large pieces of turquoise. It is unmarked.

Lot 84

Sterling Earrings Group

Markings include "Navajo", "Mexican".

Lot 85

Sterling Earrings Group 02

Markings: "925", "TG-102" and "TG-103".

Lot 86

Sterling & Turquoise Jewelry Group

Markings include "925" and "Sterling".

Lot 87

Small Sterling Jewelry

Turquoise, clip-ons.

Lot 88

Earrings- Some Turquoise and Sterling

Beautiful! Markings: "925" and "Italy". One in Kachina design.

Lot 89

Three Sterling Bracelets

All marked 925. The two larger bracelets are marked Italy".

Lot 90

Sterling Choker Marked "Italy"

Gorgeous! Statement piece.

Lot 91

Cadman Turquoise & Coral Watch

Marked "A Cadman".Andy Cadman grew up in Gallup, New Mexico and attended Tohatchee High School. He currently has three children...

Lot 92

Two Turquoise and Coral Watch Bands

Small bands but big impact. One features intricate designs and turquoise. The other also features coral. Soooo pretty!

Lot 93

Turquoise Jewelry Group

Turquoise necklace with pendant. Separate pendant. Turquoise hoop "25" and turquoise post earring marked "Sterling".

Lot 94

Three Silver Chains

One large-gauge and the other two are thin, one features coral or a pinkish stone or mineral.

Lot 95

Turquoise and Silver Chains

Three necklaces, one choker and two bracelets. So delicate and so pretty!

Lot 96

Turquoise & Lapis Jewelry

Beautiful "beaded" turquoise and lapis necklace. Also turquoise necklace with a piece that hangs in just the right spot on a...

Lot 97

Exotic Jewelry Group

So many colors. so many textures! You're likely to faint when you get a hold of this group of oddities. One pair of pierced,...

Lot 98

Crystal Necklace, More

Four necklaces of varying designs, composition and lengths.

Lot 99

Turquoise, Exotic Chains

Three beautiful necklaces feature varying shades of turquoise and other beads. Also comes with a stunning turquoise bracelet.

Lot 100

Beaded Jewelry Collection

So many different textures, elements and sizes comprise this beautiful group of necklaces (qty. 5), choker and bracelet....

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