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February 24, 2019 Weekly Stamp & Collectibles Auction 17. Richmond, Virginia VA

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Alan Blair Auctions



5313 Lakeside Ave, Richmond, Virginia, 23228. USA. tel: 804-266-3071

15th Jan, 2019
Ended: 24th Feb, 2019
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Welcome to our weekly online stamp auction! We have about 50 lots ending every Sunday open for bidding from worldwide collections to US First Day Covers and some of everything in between. Check out our other auctions currently open for bidding on our website and please do let us know if you have any questions. Lots are available for viewing in our offices and please let us know if you need more photos, more information about a lot, or would like to submit bids directly to us by phone, email or mail. All lots will sell ending on Sunday afternoon on a staggered basis (the time will count down to 0) and a late bid will extend the time for that lot. If you bid on an item in the last few minutes it will extend bidding on that lot by 2 minutes to try and minimize last-second sniping and also not extend bidding too long. We charge a 15% buyers fee and will begin notifying winning bidders and shipping out the day after the close of the auction. Have fun and please let us know if you have any questions or would like to consign to either our weekly auctions or our Featured live in-person auctions.

Lot 1

US Stamps #75 Used Fine 1861 with thin CV $425

#75 Used Fine with a thin at the top, very attractive example of the red brown 1861 issue Jefferson CV $425

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Lot 2

US Stamps #24 Used and tied to Cover 1850s

#24 Used and tied to Cover, looks like a Toledo CDS in blue ties the stamp and it is addressed to Deerfield, MI - nice and simple...

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Lot 3

Pitcairn Stamps 1940-1983 Mint Hinged CV $420

1940-1983 Mint Hinged on Minkus pages, 200 stamps including #1-7, all hinged and only priced as never hinged with CV $420

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Lot 4

Eritrea Stamps 1892-1934 Mint Hinged CV $675+

1892-1934 Mint Hinged and a few Used (plus a few stamps from 1993-1996 era), nice and fresh with 100+ total stamps on Minkus...

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Lot 5

Henry Clay material 1819 & 1826 Newspapers + Print

Henry Clay material - 2 newspapers with articles (1819 & 1826 Daily National Journal) plus mid 1800s Book print in black and...

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Lot 6

Richmond Prints 19th century, 5 items incl map

Richmond, Virginia Prints 19th century, 5 items incl map - interesting Civil War scenes and 1894 map, some minor faults, all...

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Lot 7

Israel Stamps 1959-1972 Used & Mint + Covers FDC

1959-1972 Used & Mint in 2 albums (1 White Ace & 1 binder - all on White Ace pages), 100+/- stamps incl some used from 1949-1952...

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Lot 8

US Stamps 300+ FDCs 1948-1972 in 5 cover binders

300+ FDCs 1948-1972 in 5 small cover binders, mix of Addressed and Unaddressed, mostly Artmaster cachets, looks to be all...

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Lot 9

Easton Press Tower Stories An Oral History Of 9/11

Beautiful unopened copy of Tower Stories: An Oral History of 9/11 by Damon DiMarco, Copyright 2007. This book is in perfect...

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Lot 10

Worldwide Stamps Topical Stamp Collecting Kits 25+

Topical Stamp Collecting Kits, with stamps - much variety and about 25 total from 1970s-1980s era, many hundreds of stamps in kits

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Lot 11

Easton Press A Guide to Coin Collecting

Smithsonian Guide to Coin Collecting, Copyright 2009 Easton Press book with leather binding and gilded pages. Uncracked spine,...

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Lot 12

Memoirs of Robert E. Lee First Edition

First edition copy of "Memoirs of Robert E Lee" by A.L. Long. Printed by JM Stoddart & Company in 1886, first edition. Book is in...

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Lot 13

Easton Press Pearl Harbor 75 Years Later

Sealed copy of Easton Press's edition of "LIFE: Pearl Harbor - 75 Years Later - A Day of Infamy and Its Legacy" Book is in...

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Lot 15

2 National Geographic US History Books

2 Like-new books on US and World history. The first is a National Geographic leatherbound copy of "The Secret history of World...

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Lot 16

US Stamps 32 & 33 cent in album FACE VALUE $365+

Mint NH in album, 1996-1999, almost all 32 & 33 cent values FACE VALUE $365+

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Lot 17

US Stamps 29 & 32 cent in album FACE VALUE $350+

Mint NH in album, 1992-1997, almost all 32 & 33 cent values FACE VALUE $350+

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Lot 18

US Stamps Mint Collection 20th Century

Nice collection in stockbook of early to mid 20th century mint US stamps. Interesting lot, see pictures.

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Lot 19

US Stamps Christmas Seals Collection 1907+

An interesting lot of Christmas seals, starting with both 1907 issues continuing on to the mid-20th century. Some stamps are on...

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Lot 20

US Stamps Used Coil Strips 100s

Large lot of used coil strips in fives, sevens, etc. Bureau through transportation issues with many in between. Many line pairs,...

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Lot 21

US Stamps Used Accumulation in Stockbook

Please check all pictures! Stockbook full of better used US stamps. Many well centered hard to find older stamps, well worth a...

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Lot 22

Philippines Stamps in Album

Philippines Island album with hundreds of mostly used, but many mint stamps, starting with #21 up through the 1950s. Includes...

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Lot 23

US Stamps Small box of precancels off-paper

Neat box of precancels off paper hundreds of stamps bureau through prexies and more. Great lot with lots of potential!

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Lot 24

Israel Stamps Wooden Cigar box full of MNH w/ tabs

Hundreds of stamps from Israel, Mint NH in singles, sets, blocks. Most with tabs

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Lot 25

Worldwide Stamps King George VI Coronation Issues

Coronation Stamps of Their Majesties King George VI & Queen Elizabeth 1937. Nice set mounted in album with one country per page...

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Lot 26

US Stamps 100+ covers 1870s-1950s

Interesting lot of covers from the late 19th to early 20th century. Includes a few FDC, but only 20 or so. Airmails, special...

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Lot 27

British Commonwealth 500+ Glassines Mint & Used

Large lot of British Commonwealth stamps, 20th century, in over 500 glassines ordered by country. Mint and Used. Huge CV$, great...

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Lot 28

US Stamps Accumulation 9 Albums

9 Albums of US stamps with some worldwide thrown in. Mostly used/hinged, but some better stamps to be found. A treasure hunters...

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Lot 29

US Stamps Navy Letter sent from USS Utah

Letter from U.S.S. Utah sent to Washington DC in July 1914, with contents. A personal letter is included sent from when it was at...

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Lot 30

US Stamps Remainders Lot Mint & Used

Large Flat Rate Box willed with US stamps, mint and used including 18th & 19th century, precancels, plate blocks, etc. Large...

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Lot 31

US Stamps #C18 First Day Covers - 2 diff CV $300

#C18 First Day Covers - 2 different both with Miami, FL Oct 23, 1933 cancels, proper backstamps and Century of Progress Cachets,...

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Lot 32

US Stamps First Day of Issue Ceremony Folders

First Day of Issue Ceremony Folders, 15+ different plus some duplicates, a few signed, 1970s-2000s

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Lot 33

US Stamps #551 First Day Cover Non FD City

A beautiful 551 block of four on a First Day cover, addressed and uncacheted. Although the cancel is for the first day, the city...

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Lot 34

Israel Stamps 2 Volume Minkus collection Mint NH/L

2 Volume Minkus collection Mint NH/LH with tabs, well filled from 1960s to 1978, neatly mounted and very fresh throughout, a few...

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Lot 35

Worldwide Stamps 1900-1945 Axis & Allies CV $1200+

1900-1945 Axis & Allies collection, almost all Mint, much NH, nice attractive runs in full stockbook with Italian Colonies, San...

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Lot 36

US Stamps Banker's Box of 200+ First Day Cover UA

200+ First Day Covers in a bankers box. Almost entirely unaddressed and cacheted, mostly Artcraft. 1930s-1970s with complete set...

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Lot 37

US Stamps 100+ Space NASA First Day Covers

100+ First Day Covers in two binders, nicely mounted. All covers are space or NASA related, with a few from Russia or other...

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Lot 38

US Stamps 3c-13c Sheets Face Value Lot $400+

$400+ worth of US postage in sheets, mostly 3 cent through 13 cent in a sheet album.

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Lot 39

UN Stamps & WW Remainders

2 Volume UN collection on White Ace pages with an album of Papal celebratory FDC and covers. Some other odds and ends in...

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Lot 40

Remainder Lot - For Charity

This box lot of remainders has a little of everything - US off paper, WW off paper, bundles of covers and post cards, as well as...

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Lot 41

US Stamps 1870s-1930s packed Used Stamps Stockbook

Stockbook loaded with Used US stamps from 1870s through 1930s including back of the book, nice run on stockpages that needs to be...

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Lot 42

US Stamps 1870s-1930s 2 dealer books with stamps

2 dealer books with stamps on pages from Classics through mid-1900s, Used & Mint

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Lot 43

US Stamps 1870s-1930s in envelopes and cigar boxes

US Accumulation of 1870s-1930s in envelopes and cigar boxes, quite an interesting accumulation to search closely

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Lot 44

German Democratic Republic Stamps Hingeless album

1981-1990 Mint NH/LH in Hingeless Lindner album, about half NH and half hinged, very good condition and highly complete with 400+...

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Lot 45

Sweden Stamps 1858-2001 in Scott Specialty album

1858-2001 in Scott Specialty album, Used and Mint Hinged with very nice clean runs of stamps, mixed and part sets with 1900+...

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