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Fall Firearms Auction. Berlin, Connecticut CT

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CT Firearms Auction


758 Four Rod Road, Berlin, Connecticut, 06037. USA. tel: 203-710-0189

17th Oct, 2020
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Fine Shotguns, Semi-Auto Rifles, Custom Race-Ready Handguns, Military, Hunting, and Antique firearms

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Lot 1

Model 94 Oliver Winchester Commemorative Rifle

Description Oliver Winchester Commemorative rifle in .38-55 win with a seven round internal capacity and a 24" barrel made in...

Lot 2

Weatherby Mark XXII .22 LR Semi Auto Rifle

Description Made in Italy for Weatherby we have a Mark XXII semi auto rifle chambered .22 LR. This is a magazine fed version and...

Lot 3

Marlin 1894 CSBL Rifle Big Loop .357 / .38

Description Beautiful all weather stainless steel Marlin lever action with gray laminate stock. Desirable compact 16.5" barrel...

Lot 4

R.J. Braverman Stinger .22LR Pen Gun

Description Rare and unique Braverman Stinger .22LR pen gun. These were produced in limited numbers from 1995 to 1997 and...

Lot 5

IMI Desert Eagle .50AE Pistol

Description From Israel Military Industries LTD and imported by Magnum Research we have a Desert Eagle chambered in .50 AE. This...

Lot 6

.50 AE ammo 147 rds for Desert Eagle

Description Total of 147 rds of factory .50 Action Express which is primarily used for the Desert Eagle, LAR Grizzly and also the...

Lot 7

Dan Wesson Bruin 10mm Match Pistol

Description From Dan Wesson and discontinued in 2019 we have a Bruin chambered in 10mm. This single action and long slide pistol...

Lot 8

Belgium Browning Hi Power 9MM Pistol

Description Belgium made Browning Hi Power from the mid 70's with serial number T298113 and no import marks. Pistol features a...

Lot 9

Dual Glock 19x Pistol Deployment Kit

Description Battle ready kit featuring 2 Coyote Glock 19x's with matching lanyards, 20 matching coyote 10rd magazines, 2...

Lot 10

Wildey Model 450 .45 Win Mag Pistol

Description For the James Bronson fans we present the classic Wildey Firearms Company Model 450 chambered in .45 Win Mag....

Lot 11

AMT Baby Auto Mag .22LR Pistol

Description 1 of 1000 manufactured. AMT Baby Auto Mag chambered in .22LR. Manufactured in Covina, CA and in the style of the...

Lot 12

Walther Model PP .22LR Semi Auto Pistol

Description Manufactured by Walther we have the model PP chambered in .22LR. This is one of the examples imported by Interarms of...

Lot 13

R.L. Wilson Kathy Hoyt Books & Colt Knife

Description From the collection of Official Colt Historian Kathleen Holt: A copy of R. L. Wilson's Book of Colt Firearms Third...

Lot 14

Rampant Colt Weathervane

Description Handcrafted Brass Rampant Colt Weathervane topper, mounted to a contemporary directional with sturdy stand for indoor...

Lot 15

Colt Diamondback .22LR Revolver

Description Colt Diamondback revolver chambered in .22LR. This handsome revolver with 6" ribbed barrel is finished in a deep,...

Lot 16

Colt Combat Commander Special .45 Pistol

Description NIB and from the Colt Custom Shop with only 100 examples ever produced we present a Bill Hicks & Company, Colt Combat...

Lot 17

Colt Woodsman Match Target .22 LR Pistol

Description 2nd Series Dating to 1949 and the second year of production for this model we have a Colt PT.F.A MFG. CO. Woodsman...

Lot 18

Colt Woodsman Match Target .22 LR Pistol

Description UPDATE: This gun has later 3rd series grips installed and they are interfering with the magazine release button. 2nd...

Lot 19

Colt Woodsman Match Target .22 LR Pistol

Description Dating to 1975. Colt PT.F.A MFG. CO. Woodsman 3rd Series Match Target chambered in .22LR. This single line address...

Lot 20

Colt Mk IV Series 70 Gold Cup NM Pistol

Description A very nicely dressed MKIV / Series 70 Gold Cup National Match chambered in .45 ACP. This features a 5" MKIV Series...

Lot 21

Colt Commander Pistol General Keyes res.

Description Very nice Colt Commander Stainless steel, mfg in 2013 for General Keyes reserved inventory. These were sold directly...

Lot 22

Colt Trooper MKIII .22 Lettered Revolver

Description From the Colt Custom Gun Shop we bring you this NIB and scarce Colt Trooper MK III chambered in .22 Long Rifle. The...

Lot 23

High Standard Supermatic Trophy .22

Description Manufactured in East Hartford, CT this is a High Standard model Supermatic Trophy. This pistol features a 5-1/2"...

Lot 24

High Standard 107 Military Supermatic Pistol

Description Manufactured in Hamden, CT this is a High Standard Model 107 Military Supermatic Tournament. This pistol features a...

Lot 25

Browning International Medalist .22 Target Pistol

Description Belgium made Browning / F.N. International Medalist competition .22 target pistol. Made in 1975 and built for...

Lot 26

Walther GSP .22LR Target Pistol

Description Preban West German made and discreetly import marked Walther GSP semi-auto target pistol chambered in .22 LR. This...

Lot 27

Hammerli International Model 215 .22LR Pistol

Description Manufactured in Lenzburg Switzerland and non-import marked we have a Hammerli International model 215 target pistol...

Lot 28

S&W Custom 686 Plus .357 Magnum

Description Smith & Wesson Custom 3" model marked 686-6 Plus .357 magnum. This 7 shot classic styled wheel gun carved in...

Lot 29

S&W 39-2 9mm Orig Box Semi Pistol

Description Developed for US Army trials and then produced for the civilian market, the Smith & Wesson model 39 was the first US...

Lot 30

S&W 24-3 Lew Horton .44 Spl Revolver

Description Smith & Wesson model 24-3 1950 style snub nose round butt N-Frame revolver chambered in .44 Special. 1 of 5000 guns...

Lot 31

Smith & Wesson Model 52-2 .38 SPL Pistol

Description Smith & Wesson Model 52-2 semi auto pistol chambered in .38 Special. This model was manufactured between 1971 and...

Lot 32

Federal Ordnance M14 SA Semi Auto Rifle

Description Pre 94 U.S. Rifle 7.62 MM M14SA manufactured by Federal Ordnance Inc. of So. El Monte, CA. The original factory build...

Lot 33

Federal Ordnance M14 Semi Auto Rifle

Description U.S. Rifle 7.62mm M14A manufactured by Federal Ordnance Inc. of So. El Monte, CA. This pre 1994 manufactured rifle...

Lot 34

Rare Valmet M78 .308 HB Semi Auto Rifle

Description This is a Rare Finish Valmet M78, heavy-barreled light support variant of the Valmet M76 assault rifle. This is a gas...

Lot 35

Six Valmet magazines .308 20rd

Description This lot includes 6 magazines for a Finnish Valmet in .308 (M76). They appear to be original type magazines. 20 round...

Lot 36

Springfield Armory SAR-48 Semi Auto Rifle

Description The more desirable of the Pre 1989 imported FAL variants we have a Springfield Armory SAR-48 Israeli "Match" pattern...

Lot 37

H&K SR9T 7.62 NATO Target Rifle Zeiss Scope

Description One of the finest modern German target rifles available , this HK SR9 T was brought in just before the 1994 Clinton...

Lot 38

Heckler & Koch HK91 .308 Semi Auto Rifle

Description This is the iconic semi-automatic version of the Heckler & Koch G3 battle rifle which was produced by Heckler & Koch...

Lot 39

Heckler & Koch HK91 .308 Rifle: Desert Camo

Description HK 91 Imported prior to 1989 and believed to be from a Saudi overrun we have an extremely rare H&K 91 finished in...

Lot 40

Norinco 56S AK47 Semi Auto Rifle

Description Preban Norinco 56S semi auto AK47. This is a stamped receiver version with triangle 66 marked trunnion and 100%...

Lot 41

Norinco 56S-1 AK47 Sile, NY Underfolder Rifle

Description Pre Ban Pristine and boxed example of one of the rarest and most sought after versions of preban AK47 type rifles....

Lot 42

Polytech AKS-762 AK47 Side Folder Rifle

Description Preban Polytech AKS-762 manufactured in China and imported by KFS of Atlanta, Georgia. This features desirable hooded...

Lot 43

Norinco 56S AK47 Semi Auto Rifle

Description Pristine and boxed example of a highly sought after preban AK-47 type rifle. This is a Norinco 56S semi auto AK 47....

Lot 44

Chinese AK47S-1 Underfolder Rifle

Description Preban Chinese marked AK47S-1 chambered in 7.62x39mm. This AK type was imported by ARMCO of Boylston, MA. The company...

Lot 45

Chinese AK Drums & Magazines

Description Hard to find a nicer lot of AK-47 mags. Lot includes 2 100rd Drums, 2 50rd drums, 2 40rd Magazines, and 3 30rd...

Lot 46

Polytech AK-47/S Rifle Milled Receiver

Description Considered to be the Cadillac of the Pre 89 AK imports we have a Preban Polytech AK-47 /S manufactured in China and...

Lot 47

Norinco 56S-1 Underfolder 7.62x39 Rifle

Description One of the very first semi-auto AK47s every imported into the U.S. from China we have an early Norinco made 56s-1...

Lot 48

Mitchell Arms/Yugoslavian M90 SA/HB Rifle

Description This is a rare preban Yugoslavian M90 imported by Mitchell Arms of Santa Ana, CA. Very few of these rifles were...

Lot 49

Russian type Sniper Scope for Dragunov / NDM or

Description Romak Rare to find in this condition. Unused / Unissued side mounted sniper scope for the Russian Dragonuv, Norinco...

Lot 50

IMI / Action Arms M372 Galil Semi-Auto Rifle

Description Manufactured in Israel and imported by Action Arms of Philadelphia we have a model 372 Galil Semi-Automatic Rifle....

Lot 51

Hungarian AMP-69 7.62x39 Rifle

Description This is a Hungarian AMP-69 Grenade Launching Semi Auto AK type pre-89 rifle with the base being the AMD 63/65...

Lot 52

Romanian Cugir WASR-2 Rifle 5.45X39mm

Description Romania Cugir WASR-2 in 5.45X39mm with seven, 10-round Single-Stack removable magazines and a 16" barrel. The metal...

Lot 53

IMI Uzi Model A 9mm Rifle

Description Very nice classic 80's rifle. 16" barrel which is easily removed for storage or modification to SBR. Adjustable front...

Lot 54

Remington 870 AOW 12ga Shotgun

Description Factory built Remington "Modular Combat Shotgun" AOW (NFA weapon classed as "Any Other Weapon") which can transfer to...

Lot 55

Mossberg 590 AOW 12ga Shotgun

Description Registered NFA weapon as a "AOW" (Any Other Weapon) and requires a $5 tax stamp and NFA approval. 14" plain cylinder...

Lot 56

Sites / American Arms Spectre HC Pistol 9mm

Description Manufactured in Italy and imported by American Arms this is a Sites Spectre HC pistol chambered in 9mm. This is a...

Lot 57

TRI-C Fox Carbine Open Bolt 9mm Rifle

Description Not very well known is the fact that there were only about 500 TRI-C guns ever made. It is by all standards a very...

Lot 58

Stemple 76/45 Machine Gun Transferable

Description JP Stemple made registered and fully transferable .45 acp machine gun. Known best as its ability to use as it sits or...

Lot 59

MP44 / Sturmgewehr 44 Transferable MG

Description Ultra desirable and scarce German WWII Sturmgewehr (Assault Rifle) Machine Gun aka MP-44 or MP-43 chambered in...

Lot 60

Gattling Ruger 10/22 .22lr dual rifle

Description A built gattling gun using the Calico "Two Twenty Two" kit, essentially tying in two Ruger 10/22 rifles and using a...

Lot 61

Vortex Razor HD II 4.5-27x56mm Scope

Description Vortex Razor HD Gen II 4.527x56 riflescope with an EBR-2C MOA reticle features include an APO system, optically...

Lot 62

Emerson Limited Edition Seax Signature Knife

From Emerson Knives Inc. Ernest Emerson signature #20 of 59 Seax fixed blade knife 4-3/4" bottom serrated blade with rough finish...

Lot 63

Ultramarine Divers Knife by Extrema Ratio

The Ultramarine by Extrema Ratio is a high end dive knife crafted for elite military service. With an overall length of 11.625"...

Lot 64

U.S. Optics 5-25x58mm SN3 T-PAL Scope

Description U.S. Optics 5-25 magnification, 58mm objective lens. SN3 T-PAL Rifle scope w/ Mil Scale GAP Reticle. Serious scope...

Lot 65

Vectronix Vector IV Binocular Laser Rangefinder

Description VECTOR IV is a true binocular rangefinder with excellent day optics, an integrated 3-dimensional, 360 digital compass...

Lot 66

Vectronix 6km Laser Rangefinder PLRF25

Description The Vectronix/Safran pocket Laser Range Finder, or PLRF25C BT X2, is a battlefield-tested ultra-long laser range...

Lot 67

EOTech AN/ PEQ2A TPIAL IR Illuminator

Description Commonly known as the PEQ-2A, this device is hard to find outside of military and law enforcement. Dual beam laser...

Lot 68

Sako Quad Lilja Tactical .22lr Rifle

Description Limited edition Sako Lilja by EuroOptic, #10 of 49 made. This is a completely custom .22lr Sako Quad base with...

Lot 69

USMC M40 A5 Sniper Rifle Rem 700 7.62mm

Description Built on the Remington 700 Short action Chassis by McMillian Tactical, this rifle appears to be a field used M40A5...

Lot 70

TacOps X-ray 66 .300 wm Custom Rifle

Description Tactical Operations Inc., headed by Michael Rescigno primarily engages in ground up builds of the finest quality,...

Lot 71

Salient Arms 870 Shotgun Tactical Pack

Description Salient Arms International 18.5" Vent Rib Tactical package built on a Remington 870 chassis. Salient Arms takes a...

Lot 72

Salient Arms Breda GLD Tactical 12ga Shotgun

Description Salient Arms International Performance Package for your Breda USA Shotgun. Gun is custom built with the following...

Lot 73

Salient Arms Benelli M2 Tactical Shotgun 12ga

Description Salient Arms International 18" Vent Rib Tactical package for your M2 Benelli Shotgun. Salient Arms takes a stock M2...

Lot 74

Salient Arms Benelli M2 Performance Shotgun

Description Salient Arms International 24" Vent Rib Tactical package for your M2 Benelli Shotgun. Salient Arms takes a stock M2...

Lot 75

Beretta 1301 upgraded 12ga Shotgun

Description Fully custom Beretta 1301 tactical with many upgrades. Mesa Tactical adjustable stock and rubberized pistol grip....

Lot 76

Guncrafter Industries Govt 9MM Pistol

Description Guncrafter Industries No Name Government 9MM featuring a forged steel frame with 5" slide, fully machined hammer,...

Lot 77

Guncrafter Ind NN Commander 9MM Pistol

Description Guncrafter No Name 1911 which is considered an excellent base for a custom build from the ground up. Standard...

Lot 78

Guncrafter Hellcat X2 Commander 9mm Pistol

Description Top of the line, modern 1911 design full of features right from the manufacturer. Features include: Aluminum Frame...

Lot 79

Guncrafter Industies BC-17 Hellcat 9MM Pistol

Description The next generation of Guncrafter Industries fighting 1911's, the Hellcat centers on the new BattleCrown which...

Lot 80

Business End Customs Colt 70 Series Pistol

Description Absolutely fantastic craftsmanship from Master Gunsmith Lou Biondo at BEC. The gun started as a Colt 70 series Govt...

Lot 81

CT Brian Sidewinder 007 of 200 .45 Pistol

Description As seen on the cover of Guns & Ammo magazine, this is the exact gun that was featured in the October 2001 issue of...

Lot 82

Heirloom Precision - Ted Yost Custom Pistol

Description Springfield Armory Operator chambered in .45 ACP and customized by one of Americas most sought-after firearms...

Lot 83

STI Costa Carry Comp 9mm Pistol

Description Scarce and desirable 2011 style pistol from STI. The Costa Carry Comp features DLC coating from top to bottom and...

Lot 84

STI International DVC OMNI 9mm Pistol

Description From STI International Inc. we have the DVC OMNI chambered in 9mm. This pistol features a 4-3/4" barrel and a cut and...

Lot 85

STI Staccato P 9mm Pistol

Description From STI International Inc. we have the Staccato*P chambered in 9mm. This pistol features a 4" barrel and front and...

Lot 86

STI International 2011 Guardian 9mm

Description From STI International Inc. we have the model 2011 Guardian chambered in 9mm. This features a 3.9" barrel, serrated...

Lot 87

STI International DVC Limited 9mm

Description From STI International Inc. we have the DVC Limited chambered in 9mm. This pistol features a 5" barrel and a cut and...

Lot 88

STI Costa Ludus VIP 9mm Pistol

Description From STI International Inc. we have the Costa Ludus VIP chambered in 9mm. This features a 4" barrel, finely serrated...

Lot 89

STI Taran Tactical Combat Master John Wick Pistol

Description The ultimate upgrade on an already fantastic STI platform, from Taran Tactical comes the Combat Master - John Wick...

Lot 90

Taran Tactical Combat Master John Wick G34

Description The ultimate upgrade for Glock firearms, from Taran Tactical comes the Combat Master - John Wick Package. The base...

Lot 91

ZEV Technologies OZ9 9MM

Description The ZEV OZ9 boasts a solid steel frame that runs the length of the entire pistol allowing the locking block to be...

Lot 92

Custom Glock 19 9mm Pistol

Description Nice custom Glock 19 Gray Frame Gen 4. This pistol features a 4" bronze finish Lone Wolf 19N barrel and matching...

Lot 93

Agency Arms Glock 17 9mm Pistol

Description Custom and complete Agency Arms Glock build. The Agency Arms build is a $1400.00+ upgrade over and above the cost of...

Lot 94

Sig Sauer Mk 25 OHT Special Edition

Description Sig Sauer MK25 Operation Hat Trick Special Edition and service weapon of the U.S. Navy SEALs. This pistol features...

Lot 95

Sig Sauer P226 Elite 9mm Pistol

Description From Sig Sauer with frame made in Germany we have a P226 Elite chambered in 9mm. This stainless steel pistol features...

Lot 96

H&K Mk 23 .45acp Match Pistol

Description Match grade accuracy and reliability out of the box. Originally intended and designed for US Special Forces, the HK...

Lot 97

Parker VH Grade 20 Gauge SxS Skeet

Description Parker VH Grade SxS manufactured in the Post 1934 Remington Gun period with 26" dual beaded Vulcan steel barrels...

Lot 98

Winchester 101 Pigeon Skeet 3 Bbl Shotgun

Description Complete sub gauge Skeet choked set includes a 20ga, 28ga, and .410 3 barrel skeet set with separate forends for all...

Lot 99

Henry Atkin 12ga Sidelock Shotgun

Description Finely done British side by side from Henry Atkin of Purdey. Marked by E.C. Hodges, a well known gunsmith with...

Lot 100

Kornbrath Engraved Winchester 12 Trap Shotgun

Description Absolutely stunning Winchester model 12 features a well documented and executed panel scene with fine scroll...