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End Of May Consignment Auction. Vancouver, Washington WA

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Big Al's Auction



227 E Reserve St, #103, Vancouver, Washington, 98661. USA. tel: 503-756-5637

25th May, 2019
Ended: 30th May, 2019
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Very nice items coming in daily, several estates on the verge of arriving and even a business closing with lots of tools and inventory. You won't be disappointed with this auction so keep watching. 3 Auctions in May! Wow, busiest time ever. But we'll be on vacation for the first part of June so probably won't have but one auction at the end of June.

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Lot 3

4 Hand Made Wood Model Airplanes Repair

All planes are in good condition but are missing propellors. Made in the Phillipines

Lot 4

1988 Raikes Timber Creek Beaver in Box w COA

1988 Raikes Originals Timber Creek Line Sam the Beaver. Includes the certificate of authenticity and signed and numbered on the...

Lot 5

3 Vintage New & Sealed Games Mork & Mindy Baseball

All 3 games are older yet still sealed. Missed out on that Mork & Mindy when you were young? Here's you chance to have Christmas...

Lot 6

Vintage Kutani Sake Set Hand Painted Japan Boxed

Vintage mid-century (or older) Kutani Sake set, hand-painted in original wood box from Japan. One unwrapped to show the beautiful...

Lot 7

Green Depression Glass Cameo Love Birds

Depression green glass from around the early 1930's. Includes Cameo Ballerina and Georgian Love Birds.

Lot 8
Lot 9

Vintage Western Books from 50-60's Maverick Have

Very nice shape books. In plastic sleeves for protection.

Lot 10

Black Americana Coons Chicken Inn Baby on Pot

Coons Chicken Inn was popular in Portland, Seattle and Salt Lake City and closed in 1949. The baby on the pot is from Occupied...

Lot 11
Lot 12

Vintage Match Holders Colonial Bisque Metal Eagle

The eagle looks like cast iron and the colonial piece is bisque. Both in very clean shape.

Lot 13
Lot 14

5 Layered Jewelry Display Case Portable

The top one has a plastic cover, then the other 4 units fan out.

Lot 15
Lot 16
Lot 17

12 Vintage Dors Galaxy Dragster Cars in Display

Pull back and watch 'em go dragsters in original box. Made in Hong Kong.

Lot 18

Vintage Marble Based Floor Lamp 3 Lights Working

Kept the one bulb in so we could test it and it works. Pretty solid condition.

Lot 19
Lot 20

Russian Real White Fur Hat in Box

Very nice, clean condition.

Lot 21

1930's Olga & Louise Portland Feather Hat

Very beautiful hat in great condition. Made here in Portland back in the 1930's.

Lot 22

1930's Feather Hat K Linery Eastern Yokohama

Another beautiful condition hat, with hair combs to hold it into place (hate for it to fly away).

Lot 23
Lot 24

1930's Etched Cut Crystal Lamp Signed Works

Signed inside looks like czechoslovakia

Lot 25
Lot 26

2 Large Black Top Hats in Boxes

You really need this to go with your tux, you know it!

Lot 27
Lot 28
Lot 29
Lot 30

Vintge 1960's Tricycle 505

Works, looks like something missing from front?

Lot 31

Antique Hand Hammered Copper Pot

One person thought it might be a spittoon.

Lot 32
Lot 33
Lot 34
Lot 35

Mythical Moose Knuckle Taxidermy Creature Wall

I just typed what the consignor said it was. I guess you have to live in Moose country to have ever seen such a creature, or...

Lot 36

Pre 1916 Oriental Vase & Lid Peacocks w Gold

Enameled and painted Peacock vase with amazing crazing.

Lot 37

Rare Mini Oil Lamp w Milk Glass Shade Night Light

The shade and the lamp are the same but usually you don't see the clear glass and the milk glass together. Used like a night...

Lot 38

Antique Oriental Scrimshaw Snuff Bottle Porno

Looks bone but not sure. Don't look too close at the photos if you're offended.

Lot 39
Lot 40
Lot 41
Lot 42
Lot 43
Lot 44

Vintage Art Deco Radio Owl Metal Timer

From around the 1930's, you push it down and it keeps the radio going that long. Working condition

Lot 45
Lot 46
Lot 47

1920s Oriental Dragon Light w Silk Shade

Everyone that sees this light is amazed by it's beauty and the hand carving of the dragon. Shade is in poor condition due to age....

Lot 48
Lot 49
Lot 50
Lot 51
Lot 52
Lot 53
Lot 54
Lot 55
Lot 56
Lot 57
Lot 58
Lot 59
Lot 60
Lot 61
Lot 62
Lot 63

Vintage Brandes Headphones & Lineman Phone

The Brandes was a headset used by military and aviation around the 1930's and the lineman phone was probably used around the '50s

Lot 64
Lot 65
Lot 66
Lot 67
Lot 68

4 Black Glass LE Smith Nymphs Vases

Art Deco Depression black glass from LE Smith with dancing nymphs in a trophy style vase. One is the same general design but is a...

Lot 69
Lot 70
Lot 71
Lot 72

Large Lot of Glass Fishing Floats Many Vintage

This is enough to keep any antique or seashore shop going for awhile. Or to totally fill up your quote at the beach house. Some...

Lot 73
Lot 74

Huge 6 by 7 Point Elk Antler Rack Even Has Bullet

Older looking from sitting on barn door for many years. Someone was very proud of this one. 23" point to point with 4" base

Lot 75

4 Vintage Yard Garden Tools Shovel Axe Pick

The one pick has a duckbill type end which is probably used for hoeing. I already had to use it to help pry a heavy item up and...

Lot 76
Lot 77
Lot 78
Lot 79

Large Group 33 Mainly Japanese Fans Hand Painted

Most are hand painted, a few with stencils. 33 total

Lot 80

4 Large Jars of Brass Tokens Chucky Cheese ++

Just the scrap pricing alone is worth a few bucks. These are heavy. Hundreds and hundreds if not thousands of these tokens. Sell...

Lot 81

3 Vintage Perfume Bottles Crystal Atomizer

The 2 glass/crystal bottles are beautiful and the atomizer is in great shape with the exception of the rubber bulb, which...

Lot 82
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Lot 84
Lot 85
Lot 86
Lot 87
Lot 88
Lot 89
Lot 90
Lot 91
Lot 92
Lot 93
Lot 94
Lot 95
Lot 96
Lot 97
Lot 98
Lot 99
Lot 100

Large Box of Mainly Western Movie & TV DVDs

Even Bonanza! Every Sunday night the family would gety around the black and white TV to watch. It really was a family show and we...

Lot 101
Lot 102

Box of Tattoo Equipment Tools and Supplies

The Marilyn Hollywood is a box that these items were in, not a book.