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Auction : Dorothy Winkelman Estate. Galeton, Pennsylvania PA

Status: Closed

Internet-only (timed) auction


United Country Jelliff Auction Group LLC


116 Winkleman Road, Galeton, Pennsylvania, 16922. USA. tel: 570-835-4214

15th Jul, 2018
Ended: 15th Aug, 2018
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Quantity of local collectables and memorabilia, turkey calls, pocket knives, hunting knives, fishing rods and reels, binoculars, arrow heads, post cards, honey extractor, Victor leg traps, Pyrex, McCoy, Hull, Fenton, Carnival, enamel ware, yellow ware, egg scale, jelly cupboard, crocks, advertising tins and bottles, washer, dryer, freezer, refrigerator, dish washer, beds, dressers, couches, commode, chairs, book shelves, books, lamps, trunks, oil lamps, Dietz lanterns, flatware, kitchen utensils, wash boards, canning jars, meat grinder, ladders, hand tools, lawn/porch furniture, and much more

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Lot 1

Bedroom Suit

Double bed w/headboard, footboard, rails, mattress, springs and bedding, tall dresser 2 door over 3 drawer and dresser w/mirror 3...

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Lot 2

Side Table

Spool leg side table

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Lot 3

Table Lamps

3 table lamps

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Lot 4

Blanket Chest

Small blanket chest w/contents - table clothes, doilies; Bissell upright vacuum and glass top cart

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Lot 5

Closet Contents

Large lot contents of closet - clock, glass figurines, hangers, crutches, baskets and more

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Lot 6


Side by side secretary 2 doors, 3 drawers, drop front and contents - book ends, misc. collectable glass and more

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Lot 7

Rocking Chair

Lincoln style rocking chair w/can seat and back (has some damage on the back right rail) and Plank seat rocker

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Lot 8


4 stands, stool and stereo system

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Lot 9

Matching Tables

Mersman tables - 2 end tables, 1 coffee table, 1 round side table

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Lot 10


1 table lamp, 2 hanging lamps and 1 pole lamp

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Lot 11

Blanket Chest

Blanket chest w/contents of misc. dcor

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Lot 12


2 couches (do not match) 1 swivel rocker

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Lot 13

Fly Rod

Bamboo fly rod pieces

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Lot 14

Garcia Rod

Garcia King Fisher 6 1/2' light action w/Garcia Mitchell 300 reel and reel box w/extra spool (like new)

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Lot 15

Fly Rod

1 Johnny Walker, 3 unmarked fly rods

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Lot 16

Fly Rod

2 bamboo fly rods and 1 Actionglas spinning rod mod. 1766 6'6" like new

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Lot 17

Fenwick Rods

Personalized Fenwick Mod FL96-6, 3 1/2 oz. marked Fred's Old Pine Creek Bait-Fly Lunker stick; w/Pfleuger metalist reel and...

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Lot 18

Fishing Rod

Mohawk fishing rod 4 1/2', Bristol telescoping rod and lake trout trolling rod

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Lot 19

Hunting License

Paper hunting licenses, unmarked scope and Marbles cleaning rods

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Lot 20


Airex Master Eel, J. C. Higgins bate casting reel, Ocean City #36 fly reel, Perrine Free Stripping #50, filet knife, sinkers and...

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Lot 21

Collectable Tins

Split top tins, Winchester gun oil bottle, collectable tins, lures, Taylor Fishing Guide barometer, fly's

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Lot 22


US Military compass, Pioneer Village compass, Tower pocket watch, Westclox Scotty pocket watch

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Lot 23

Revolvers (non functioning)

Forehand & Wadsworth British Bulldog revolver not in operating condition and revolver marked made in Spain also not in operating...

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Lot 24


.22 shells S/L, .38 S&W, 218 bee

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Lot 25

Turkey Calls

2 Lynch box turkey calls and P.S. Olt Co. turkey hooter, owl call and Marbles water proof match safe

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Lot 26


Marble Arms Mfg. Co. compass

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Lot 27

Local Memorabilia

Waldheim can opener, mini redwood mail box marked Germania PA, 2 Germania Fire Co. bell banks, 2 brass swan figures, brass...

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Lot 28

Pocket Knives

Purina Kut Master, Utica NY, Schrade, Case, 2 Kut Master, Wards, unmarked Scout style

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Lot 29

Hunting Knives

Stag handle hunting knife signed Germany, Korium Solingen Steel made in Germany

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Lot 30

Hunting Knives

Hunting knife marked made in Japan, 1 marked Carbon steel and 1 sheath

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Lot 31

Military Knife

Camillus military knife

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Lot 32

Hunting Knives

Marbles Woodcraft w/sheath

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Lot 33

Hunting Knives

Marbles Maverick Woodcraft

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Lot 34

Pocket Knives

Gerber folding knife w/original box

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Lot 35


Rec Cross First Aide, Horse books, Farm Quarterly (1946), Bird book, Atlas, cook books and more

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Lot 36

Book Shelf & Contents

Book shelf w/remaining contents of misc. dcor

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Lot 37

Rocker Recliner

Lazy Boy rocker recliner

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Lot 38

Lift Chair

Serta power lift chair like new

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Lot 39


Wall dcor in living room, Corner shelf, nick nacks, clock and TV stand, Bissell Feather Weight, umbrellas and more

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Lot 40


Fenton pedestal bowl, carnival bowl, Goofus Glass plate

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Lot 41


McCoy nesting bowls

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Lot 42

Arrow Heads

Indian arrow heads and Indian grinding stone

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Lot 43

Depression Glass

Green, pink and amber depression glass and opalescent hobnail cruet

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Lot 44


GE electric dryer

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Lot 45


GE Washer

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Lot 46


Philco chest freezer #14

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Lot 47

Collectable Glass

Contents on shelf - collectable glass vase, pitcher, napkin holders clock, oil lamp and more

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Lot 48

China Pearl Dishes

Set of Casuals by China Pearl Apple design - plates, cups, bowls, canister, S&P, creamer and more

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Lot 49

Pots & Pans

Remaining contents of 3 cupboards - pots, pans, drinking glasses, plates, bowls and more

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Lot 50

Drinking Glasses

Contents of all upper most cupboards and on top of refrigerator - drinking glasses, shot glasses, creamer, S&P, plates, canister...

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Lot 51


Contents of 2 cupboards - plates, drinking glasses, creamer, gravy boat, corelle bowls, 4 Hall pieces

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Lot 52

Tea Set

Royal Rose Fine China, Japan tea set - cups, tea pots, butter dish, creamer, sugar, jelly compote, plates, saucers and more

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Lot 53


Sharp microwave

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Lot 54

Roaster Pans

Contents of 2 lower cupboards - 2 roaster pans, mini food processor, cake pans, Tupperware

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Lot 55


Contents of 4 drawers - hand mixers, meat grinder, table clothes, place mats, rulers, key chains and more

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Lot 56


Cutlery, flatware, kitchen utensils

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Lot 57

Kitchen Towels

Contents 6 drawers - kitchen towels, dish clothes, pot holders, misc. tools, cook books and more

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Lot 58


Hotpoint refrigerator

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Lot 59


Philco portable dishwasher w/misc. contents

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Lot 60


Hull basket (has been repaired) 2 vases

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Lot 61


H.V.Clement 8x25 binoculars and Monocular w/case

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Lot 62


Hummel (West Germany) little girl watering plant, Shawnee basket, Haeger vase

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Lot 63

Egg Scale

Egg scale, egg decoy, rolling pin, juicer, wind up timer scale

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Lot 64


3 drawer dresser and contents - kitchen towels, table clothes

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Lot 65


Shelf contents - misc. collectables, cookie jar, match holder, napkin holders, pitcher, vase and more

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Lot 66


Pyrex - cake pans, bread pans, measuring cups, pie dishes, casseroles and more

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Lot 67

Table & Chairs

Dining table w/2 leaves and 4 chairs

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Lot 68


Top 2 shelves in closet - thermoses, pots, vintage sunbeam mixer, decanters, vase, jello molds and more

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Lot 69

Pots & Pans

Bottom 2 shelves and on floor in closet - baking pans, pots and pans, head vase, iron, blender, club aluminum Dutch oven and more

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Lot 70

Punch Bowl

Punch Bowl

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Lot 71

Cast Iron

1 Griswold griddle, skillets, fish mold and other griddles

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Lot 72

Advertising Tin

Camera, flashlights, tin toy, C-Clamps (2), advertising Tin, 2 sad irons

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Lot 73

Shelf & Contents

Corner shelf and contents of misc. collectables

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Lot 74

Meat Grinder

Montgomery Ward 1/3 hp meat grinder and meat saw w/extra blades

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Lot 75

Enamel Ware

Enamel ware double boiler, pots, dish pan

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Lot 76


Stewart Clipmaster Mod. 51-1 and extra parts

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Lot 77

Oil Lamps

2 oil lamps, 2 oil lamp wall brackets, harness hook, bell

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Lot 78

Costume Jewelry

Quantity of costume jewelry - necklaces, broaches, earrings, bracelets and ladies hankies

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Lot 79

Sterling Jewelry

2 sterling rings and sterling spoon bracelet

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Lot 80

Shelf & Contents

Book shelf and contents of misc. collectables and chair

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Lot 81


2 end tables, 2 table lamps, couch, blankets, rugs, box fan

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Lot 82


2 small glass top tables, wooden chair, stool, plant stand

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Lot 83

Bathroom Contents

Loose contents in bathroom - handicap shower chair, raised toilet seat, scales, pole towel bar, dcor and more

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Lot 84

Book Shelf/Table

Small book shelf, side table, dcor hanging on wall over shelf, records, steak plates, soup tureen, old catalogues (Sears, Wards),...

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Lot 85

Shelf & Contents

Metal shelf and contents - fans, mugs, glassware and more

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Lot 86

Sewing Machines

Singer portable and Alder portable sewing machines and misc. sewing goods

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Lot 87

Dresser & Contents

2 over 2 dresser w/contents - bedding (some new in package), radio's dishes, pressed glass, kitchen chair, clothes basket and more

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Lot 88


Mixed lot - card table, 2 - 1 drawer stands, wicker baskets, metal bed complete w/headboard, footboard, rails, mattress, metal...

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Lot 89


Mixed lot - metal bed complete w/headboard, footboard, rails, mattress, springs and bedding; suitcase, hairdryer, chair, stool,...

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Lot 90

Wash Stand

Wash stand and contents - table lamp, 2 spot lights, wind up alarm clocks, advertising cans and bottles and more

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Lot 91

Tackle Box & Contents

Tackle box w/contents - 2 unique woods, fishing lures, other lures, tackle, vintage split shot tins, Camillus filet knife

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Lot 92

Honey Extractor

Dadant honey extractor Mod. 00390 Junior Bench Extractor

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Lot 93

Advertising Items

Frosty Root Beer thermometer, Exello fuses tin, 3 Ballantine bicentennial beer cans, Yuengling can

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Lot 94

Yellow Ware

Yellow ware bowl, wooden bowl, 2 cameras, razors, Harmonica M. Hohnei's, Mt. Vista Print marked ??Bicknell???

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Lot 95

Shell Boxes

Remington Express, 2 Western Super X boxes w/some contents; Ray O Vac Sportsman light, flash light, compass, reel, LL Bean gun...

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Lot 96

Coat Rack

Wall mount coat/hat rack, wooden drying rack

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Lot 97


Flat top trunk (no insert)

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Lot 98


Platform rocker, wood chair w/cane seat, mall rocker w/rush seat

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Lot 99

Shelf & Contents

Metal shelf and contents - electric frying pan, small crock pot, George Foreman Grill, soup tureen, wooden bowl set, stemware,...

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Lot 100

Food Processor

Contents of closet - food processor, 4 qt. ice cream freezer, Anchor Hocking cocktail set, juicer, pressure cooker and more

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