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Croft Auction. Lawrenceville, Pennsylvania PA

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United Country Jelliff Auction Group LLC



2889 Buckwheat Hollow Road, Lawrenceville, Pennsylvania, 16929. USA. tel: 570-835-4214

28th Apr, 2019
Ended: 28th May, 2019
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Outdoor wood boiler, fishing rods, fishing tackle, chain, live trap, antique farm tools, cross cut saw, generator, air compressor, tool box and tools, dump cart, wheel barrow, ladder, lawn mower, knives, electric winch, scroll saw, band saw, mortising machine, radial arm saw, wet grinder, lathe, sewing goods, swords and canes, kitchen table, chairs, step back cupboard, antique spool leg table, Denim Days collection, electric range, electric dryer, refrigerator, Pyrex, much more!

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Lot 1


Chain, approximately 16', hook on both ends.

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Lot 2


Chain, approximately 21', hook on both ends.

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Lot 3

Live Trap

Live trap, County Line Brand.

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Lot 4

Antique Farm Tools & More

Antique farm tools including wooden tined rake, double harpoon hay fork, cant hook, and more including shoe last, scales, sled,...

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Lot 5

Push Mower & More

Weedeater brand push mower, Husqvarna 351 chainsaw, and Troy-Bilt TB35EC weed eater.

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Lot 6

Splitting Maul & Hatchet

Channel Lock splitting maul and Estwing hatchet.

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Lot 7

Crosscut Saw & Galvanized Metal Pieces

Two man crosscut saw, galvanized metal watering can, and galvanized metal tub.

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Lot 8


Duke brand leg hold traps and other traps.

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Lot 9

Battery Charger

Schumacher battery charger 2/35 amp charger, 200 amp starter.

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Lot 10

Pipe Clamps

Two 4' pipe clamps.

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Lot 11


Military 1.5 kilowatt generator.

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Lot 12

Air Compressor

Ridgid brand air compressor and hose.

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Lot 13

Toolbox, Gas Cans, & Chain

Toolbox with contents, two 5 gallon gas cans, 2 gallon gas can, approximately 12' chain.

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Lot 15

Church Pew, Electric Scooter, & More

Remaining contents of front porch including church pew, electric scooter, and more.

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Lot 16

Landscaping Blocks

Quantity of landscaping blocks in variety of sizes.

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Lot 17

Antique Bath Tub

Antique cast iron paw foot bath tub.

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Lot 18

Dump Cart & Wheelbarrow

Dump cart and wheelbarrow.

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Lot 19

Miscellaneous Scrap Metal & More

Remaining contents of front yard including miscellaneous scrap metal, two handicap scooter carriers, and more.

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Lot 20

Outdoor Wood Boiler

Heatmor brand wood boiler, bring tools to remove.

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Lot 21

Grills & More

One propane grill, one charcoal grill, picnic table, two benches, and remaining contents of back porch.

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Lot 22

Craftsman Lawn Mower

Craftsman LT3000 20hp lawn mower with 42" mower deck.

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Lot 23

Aluminum Ladder

26' aluminum extension ladder.

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Lot 24

Outboard Motor

Johnson Sea Horse outboard motor.

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Lot 25

Porcelain Enamel & More

Quantity of porcelain enamel pieces, cast iron skillets, meat grinder, and sausage stuffer.

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Lot 26


Books including Shooters Bible, Handloader's Digest, Gun Stock Finishing & Care, and more

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Lot 27

Slate Shingles

Quantity of slate shingles.

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Lot 28

Car Port Frame, Woodstove, & More

Remaining contents of front room of barn including carport frame and tarp, woodstove, and more.

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Lot 29

Old Tool Chest & Contents

Craftsman tool kit and miscellaneous sockets, wrenches, and more, electric drill, and shop light.

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Lot 30

Chain Binders

Three chain binders.

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Lot 31

Gambrels, Hooks, & Fleshing Knife

Four hanging gambrels, three meat hooks, and Weibe 8 fleshing knife.

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Lot 32

Antique Tools

Antique tools including two scythes, hay knife, wooden pulley, One man crosscut saw, draw shave, and two vintage Pepsi bottles.

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Lot 33

Toolbox with Contents

Toolbox with contents including sockets, channel locks, slide hammer, and more. And chain approximately 13' with hooks on both...

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Lot 34

Electric Winch

Powerwinch 2000 lb. Double line, 1000 lb single line, model H120. Bring ladder to remove.

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Lot 35

Tiller & Spreader

Mantis tiller and EZ Drop spreader.

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Lot 36


DuraHeat 50,000 BTU kerosene heater

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Lot 37

Lead, Pex Tubing Freezer, & More

Remaining contents of large room in barn including lead, pex tubing, chest freezer, and more.

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Lot 38

Bolens Snow Blower & More

Bolens snow blower, two snow blades, mower deck, model 855 garden tractor with rototiller (not running).

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Lot 39

Cement Mixer

Electric cement mixer

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Lot 40

Mason Jars, Scrap Metal, Tires, & More

Remaining contents surrounding barn including mason jars, scrap metal, tires, top of barn contents and more.

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Lot 41

Buzz Saw

Buzz saw frame with blade.

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Lot 42

Dump Trailer

6'6"x4'3" dump trailer (no Title)

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Lot 43

Coal Forge

Coal forge with Buffalo crank blower.

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Lot 44

Coulter, Target, Mattock, & Park Bench

Two coulters, target, mattock, and park bench.

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Lot 45

Cider Press

Cider press with electric motor.

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Lot 46

Scroll Saw

Older scroll saw.

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Lot 47


Quantity of lead ingots and other lead scrap.

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Lot 48

Mortising Machine

Shop Fox model W1671 mortising machine.

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Lot 49

Files, Drill Bits, & More

Corner contents including files, drill bits, miscellaneous hardware, and more.

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Lot 50

Band Saw

Rockwell band saw.

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Lot 51

Air Compressor

Porter Cable 20 gallon 150psi air compressor.

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Lot 52


Two bar clamps, two pipe clamps, and one wooden clamp.

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Lot 53

Lumber & Chairs

Lumber and chairs.

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Lot 54

Radial Arm Saw

DeWalt radial arm saw.

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Lot 55

Wet Grinder

Grizzly model T100097 8" wet grinder.

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Lot 56

Meat Cutting Band Saw

Buffalo 10" mincemeat and slicing saw with stanless steel table.

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Lot 57

Lathe & Bench Grinder

Lathe with turning tools and Rockwell double wheel bench grinder.

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Lot 58

Work Bench & Contents

Work bench and contents, c-clamps, hammer, organizer with miscellaneous hardware, and hand plane.

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Lot 59

Power Tools

Craftsman router, circular saws, porter cable, skil, and Black & Decker grinder.

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Lot 60

Gun Cabinet

Two piece step back, 8 place gun cabinet with lock and key.

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Lot 61

Desk, Lamps, & More

Desk with chair, two drawer file cabinet, high table with three drawers, four lamps, framed prints, sconces, shelves, and more.

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Lot 62

Tools & Sporting Goods

The Trapper's Bible, Tasco scope 4-16x40mm, Bausch & Lomb 20x spotting scope, minnow net, hunting blind, .22 target, turkey...

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Lot 63

Sewing Goods

Box of threads and tin of buttons.

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Lot 64

Swords & Cane

Two swords, one with sheath and cane with cobra head.

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Lot 65

Comic Books, Chess Sets, Matchbox Cars, & More

Comic books, chess sets, matchbox cars, puzzle, and more

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Lot 66

Compound Bows

One PSE Polaris 30" draw, 55-75 lb draw weight, One Bear Whitetail II, 30" draw length and 70lb draw weight, one unknown.

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Lot 67

Cookbooks & Bibles

Quanitity of cookbooks and bibles.

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Lot 68

Denim Days Collection

Contents of shelves including Home Interior Denim Days collection

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Lot 69

Jewelry, Pocket Watches, & More

Jewelry, pocket watches, beaded clutch, and more.

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Lot 70

Server, Stands, & More

Two door server with contents, stand and contents including lamp, one drawer night stand, and more.

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Lot 71

Hospital Bed, Walker, & Patient Lift

Hospital bed, walker, and patient lift.

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Lot 72

Clock, Chair, & Stool

Clock, chair, and stool.

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Lot 73

Stepback Cupboard

Antique one piece step back cupboard.

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Lot 74

Antique Kitchen Goods

Antique kitchen goods including two slaw boards, hand crank slicer, butter churn, and apple peeler.

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Lot 75

Meat Slicer

US Slicing Machine Company electric slicer and sausage stuffer.

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Lot 76

Antique Kitchen Goods & More

Antique kitchen goods including cast iron corn pan, sifters, enamel spoon, copper wire, wall clock, tin match holder, cast iron...

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Lot 77

Depression Glassware, Fenton Bell, & More

Pink and green depression glassware, Fenton bell, cat bank, 24 clear glass dinner plates with 12 matching bowls, and more.

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Lot 78

Sports Cards, Board Game, & Magazines

Sports cards, board games, and magazines.

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Lot 79


Two Buck folding knives in tins, and collectors knives with deer, eagles, and wolves.

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Lot 80

Wooden Chairs

Five wooden chairs.

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Lot 81

Kitchen Table

Wooden kitchen table

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Lot 82

Pots, Pans, Stainless Bowls, & More

contents of left side of kitchen including pots, pans, stainless bowls, and more.

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Lot 83

Pyrex, Small Appliances, & More

Pyrex, small appliances, drinking glasses, Corelle bowls, rice cooker, microwave, and more.

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Lot 84

Kitchen Utensils

Kitchen utensils including flatware, spatulas, knives, and contents of four kitchen drawers.

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Lot 85


GE refrigerator.

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Lot 86

Electric Range 30"

Spectra electric range 30".

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Lot 87

Fishing Rods

Assorted fishing rods.

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Lot 88

Fishing Tackle

Fishing tackle including hard baits and soft baits.

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Lot 89

Shop Vac, Metal Shelving, & More

Contents of pantry including shop vac, metal shelving, stock pot, desk (with no drawers), and wall contents.

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Lot 90


Bullets including .22, 6.5, 7mm, 30, 270, 30-30, and 243.

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Lot 91


Bullets including 6mm, 25, 38, 44, 45, 358, and 32.

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Lot 92

Salt & Pepper Shaker Collection

Salt and pepper shaker collection.

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Lot 93

Cooker with Pot

Propane cooker with pot.

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Lot 94

Electric Wheelchairs

Three electric wheelchairs and walker (unkown if any work).

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Lot 95

Hunting Clothes, Linens, Glassware, & More

Hunting clothes, linens, glassware, Mainstay coffee maker, decorations, and more.

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Lot 96

DVD Player, Dehydrator, & More

Blu-ray DVD player, camera equipment, Cabela's dehydrator, suitcase, Bachmann Sante Fe Flyer train, toys, and more.

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Lot 97

Electric Dryer

Roper heavy duty super capacity electric dryer with five cycles and three temperature options.

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Lot 98

Beer Steins

Glass, aluminum, and ceramic beer steins.

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Lot 99

Linen Closet Contents

Linen closet contents.

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Lot 100

Vintage Fishing Poles

Large quantity of vintage fishing poles.

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Lot 101

Antique Spool Leg Stand

Antique spool leg stand.

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