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Charlotte L. Good Estate Online-Only Auction. Lancaster, Pennsylvania PA

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Internet-only (timed) auction


H.K. Keller



1716 Saint Phillips Drive,, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 17603. USA. tel: 717-879-0110

8th Apr, 2019
Ended: 25th Apr, 2019
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This Online Only Auction consists of many great items ready for you to own. Items include gold, jewelry, vintage watches, furniture, Avon, lamps, curio cabinet, Corning bakeware, a washer and dryer, kitchen items, cast iron skillets, clocks, cleaning supplies, mowers, beds, Werner step ladder, oak skids, tools and much more. Bidding begins to close on Thursday, April 25th at 7pm.

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Lot 1

Welcome to the Auction

Welcome to the online auction. We are always available to help. Please contact us at 717-879-0110 or

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Lot 2

Lot Locations

100s- Living Room & Dining Room200s- Kitchen & Family Room300s- Bedrooms & Hallway400s-Basement700's- Garage & Outside

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Lot 5

Can't Find Us? Check out the Map!

If you can't find us, just call 717-879-0110 and we will get you to the auction preview or pick up.

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Lot 6

Don't Miss the Auction Closing Live!

Set your alarm so you don't miss out! Items close one at a time every 20 seconds. If a bid is placed within one minute of a lot...

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Lot 71

10K Gold Ring with Pink Stone

Fusia pink stone, marked 10K, size 10

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Lot 72

10K Gold Ring with Blue Stone

6 prong blue stone solitaire, marked 10K, size 4

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Lot 73

10K Gold Cameo Knight Ring

Vintage, cameo sculpture of knights on marked 10K gold band, size 8, appears to have repaired band

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Lot 74

14K Gold Etched Band Ring

Marked 14K-P, with size adjuster attachment, size 9

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Lot 75

Gold Rings, Bracelet, Pendant, and Pin

1) 14K gold 1917 triangular pin2) Assumed gold (untested, marked M C) ring with pink stone (one missing) and white stones or...

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Lot 76

1940's Sterling Silver Norma Dutch Pin Set

Dutch couple is 2.25"h, with blue stone faces, both marked Sterling and Norma

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Lot 77

Beautiful Sterling Silver Sets

1) Sterling necklace and bracelet set marked Italy 9252) Two necklaces, bracelet, and clip earrings set marked 8353) Necklace and...

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Lot 78

Sterling Silver Jewelry

Necklace (marked Sterling) with crystal-like heart pendant, assumed silver (marked Mexico) screw back frog with green stones,...

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Lot 79

La Vogue Gold Filled Ladies Wrist Watch

1"across, inside is marked Wadsworth Referee 3685349, 75 jewels, 3 adj., Swiss, band is marked La Petite Stainless Steel Back

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Lot 80

Three Vintage Ladies Wrist Watches

1) Silver-tone Elgin 19 with rhinestone band2) Gold-tone Bulova with 10K gold filled tops band and worn face3) Gold-tone Vantage...

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Lot 81

Wrist Watches

Citizen gold-tone calendar watch, Timex Electric silver-tone watch, Hanson white face with accents gold-tone watch, Timex bold...

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Lot 82

Three Rings

1) 1/30 14K RGP (rolled gold plate) ring with blue stone and rhinestones, size 52) Gold-tone with rhinestone, adjustable size 3)...

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Lot 83

Vintage Hair Pins, Barrettes, and More

Glamour Hair Pins in original cardboard, 2 gold-tone decorative hair clips, 3 silver-tone decorative hair clips, 3 bobby pins...

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Lot 84

Plastic Bangle Bracelets

6 bamboo design multi-colored bracelets, 2 matching white bracelets, and 3 others

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Lot 85

Copper and Metal Men's and Women's Bracelets

2 copper cuff bracelets, brass or bronze cuff bracelet, 2 matching rugged chain bracelets, vintage gold-tone with faux pearls and...

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Lot 86

Vintage and Newer Pins and Brooches

Coro watch pin with Mexican man (missing 2stones), circle pin, bar pin, lock and key pin set, man and lady ballerina set, Tree of...

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Lot 87

Unique Pierced Earrings

13 sets of silver-tone and gold-tone earring plus a bag of backs

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Lot 88

Forty Sets of Clip and Screw Back Earrings

Vintage and some newer, single earrings in bottom right corner compartment

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Lot 89

Rhinestone and Iridescent Jewelry

4 strand and long single strand iridescent beaded necklaces, 2 rhinestone necklaces, rhinestone 2 strand bracelet, and rhinestone...

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Lot 90

Unique Pendants and Necklaces

Silver-tone necklace with large Turquoise oval pendant, gold-tone necklace with Victorian style locket, "God grant me the...

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Lot 91

Gold-Tone Jewely Collection

12K GF chain, soze 9 solitaire ring, adjustable size buckle ring, retro chain belt, chain and large bracelet marked Hong Kong,...

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Lot 92

Silver-Tone Jewelry Collection

Rhinestone choker, rhinestone bracelets, 3 bangle bracelet set, retro chain belt, necklace with large lion pendant, and more

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Lot 93

Beautiful Vintage Necklaces

Black Onyx beaded necklace with clasp marked 1/20 12K GF, rhinestone choker (missing some stones), 2 beveled rhinestone...

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Lot 94

Boxes Jewelry Sets

Lady Chesterfield (necklace, pin, and screw back earrings) set, silver-tone leaf necklace and bracelet set, gold-tone (necklace,...

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Lot 95

Lovely Boxed Jewelry

Genuine Ruby owl pin, Avon necklace with large blue stone, Avon screw back earrings, male/female lapel pin, large Sarah Coventry...

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Lot 96

Beautiful Beaded and Shell Necklaces

One pop bead necklace

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Lot 97
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Lot 98
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Lot 99

Jewelry Boxes, Compacts, and Incense Burners

Wooden Atlantic City souvenir jewelry box is 2"h x 4"w x 3.5"d, Victorian style gold-tone box with lady print insert, gold-tone...

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Lot 100
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Lot 101

Granite Top Wash Stand

36.5"h x 27.5"w x 15.5"d, top is removable, door is unhinged and needs new hardware

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Lot 102
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Lot 103
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Lot 104
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Lot 105

Avon Porcelain Treasure Eggs and More

Oriental eggs, vase is 12"h, ceramic ducks, napkin rings, tin, candle, and more

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Lot 106

Brass Floor Lamp with Eagle

61"h with shade

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Lot 107

Upholstered Carolina Comfort Arm Chair

33"h x 30"w x 36"d, matches lot 114

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Lot 108

Framed Painted Glass

19"h x 23"w

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Lot 109

Carnival Glass Dish, Depression Glass, and More

Salt & pepper shakers, goblets, covered candy dishes, salts, serving dishes, largest depression glass bowl is 5"h x 9"across

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Lot 110

Wooden and Glass Claw Foot Curio Cabinet

61"h x 36.5"w x 16"d, contents not included

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Lot 111

Framed "You Did It" Print

19.5"h x 23.5"w

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Lot 112
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Lot 113

Pair of Wooden Side Tables

20"h x 23.5"w x 27"d, matches lot 116

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Lot 114

Upholstered Carolina Comfort Sofa

35"h x 82"w x 38"d, matches lot 107

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Lot 115
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Lot 116

Wooden Coffee Table

16"h x 59.5"w x 22"d, matches lot 113

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Lot 117

Handbells and Decorative Dish

Dish marked Italy, tallest handbell is 9"h

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Lot 118

USA Constitution Wall Clock

31 day winding chime wall clock, includes instruction manual, 22"h x 10"w x 5"d

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Lot 119

Framed Last Supper Print

16.5"h x 22.5"w

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Lot 120

Wooden Cuckcoo Clock

18"h x 11"w x 8.5"d

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Lot 121

Wooden Convertible Child's High/Rocking Chair

High chair is 36"h x 16"w x 21.5"d

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Lot 122

Noritake China Dish Set

Serving bowl, serving platter, dinner plates are 10"across, salad plates, creamer and sugar, dessert plates, cups and saucers

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Lot 123

Lighted Wooden Display Cabinet

73"h x 44.5"w x 16"d, glass doors, contents not included, matches lot 126

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Lot 124

Framed Painting of Ducks

Signed Fritz Stoll, 34"h x 28"w

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Lot 125

Pitcher and Bowl, Lamp, Candlesticks, and More

Shot glasses, salt & pepper shakers, carnival glass dish, lamp is 16"h

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Lot 126

Wooden Cabinet

32"h x 40"w x 18"d, contents not included, matches lot 123

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Lot 127

Dining Room Table with Four Chairs

Lenoir Chair Company chairs with upholstered seats, table is 28.5"h x 71"w x 38"d

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Lot 128

Framed Village and Desert Prints

Village print is 14.5"h x 19"w

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Lot 129

Seth Thomas Westminster Chime Mantle Clock

Model A401-003, 8"h x 18"w x 4.5"d, 8 day key wound, includes key, face is unattached

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Lot 130

Ornate Wooden Cabinet

41"h x 28"w x 15"d, dovetailed drawer

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Lot 131


Victoria Ashlea Original Limited Edition No. 253/1000 made by Goebel porcelain doll in box

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Lot 132

World Traveler Matching Luggage and More

Largest is 20"h x 25"w x 8"d

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Lot 200

Laundry and Cleaning Supplies

Bleach, laundry detergent, Franzus travel clothes steamer, and more

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Lot 201

Corning Bakeware

Some lids, 2 cradles

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Lot 202

Roper Electric Dryer

Model RED4516FW0, 43"h x 29"w x 29"d

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Lot 203

Maytag Washer

Model A9400, 44.5"h x 25.5"w x 27"d

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Lot 204

Toaster Oven, Toaster, and Can Opener

Toaster oven is a Toastmaster and is 8"x 15" x 10", Black and Decker can opener mounts under a cabinet

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Lot 205

Corelle Dish Set and More.

Corelle plates, bowls, mugs, serving bowls, and platter, includes Tayle Smith items

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Lot 206

Pyrex 404 Mixing Bowl and More

Includes glass baking dishes one Pyrex, Fire King casserole dish, colanders, and more

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Lot 207

Two Drawers of Flatware

Some items are Oneida Community

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Lot 208

Batteries, Tools, Kitchen Supplies, and More

Includes Reynolds wrap, baggies, plastic wrap, and more

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Lot 209

Three Hall's Superior Mixing Bowls

One bowl has some chips, largest bowl is 5''h x 9"across

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Lot 210
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Lot 211

Cast Iron Skillet, Enamel Pan, and More

9" skillet, serving bowls, platters, serving trays, cookie sheets, and more

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Lot 212
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Lot 213

Cosco Step Stool Chair

34"h x 14"w x 16"d

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Lot 214

West Germany Cuckcoo Clock

16"h x 13"w x 6.5"d

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Lot 215

Painted Child's Rocking Chair

21.5"h x 14"w x 21"d

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Lot 216
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Lot 217
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Lot 218

Stanley Wooden and Upholstered Sofa

33"h x 84"w x 40"d, tear on top

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Lot 219

Wall Clock and Faux Leather Hassock

Hassock is 14"h x 24"w x 16"d

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Lot 220

Brass Plated Fire Place Tools and Items

Log cradles, ash bucket, tool set is 30"h

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Lot 221

Seth Thomas Electric Mantle Clock

Model F701-000, 9.5"h x 20"w x 6.5"d

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Lot 222

Framed Covered Bridge Oil Painting with Light

Signed K. Michaelson, frame is 29"h x 42"w

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Lot 223

Wooden Last Supper, Jesus Print Thermometer

Last Supper wood carving is 7.5"h x 24"long

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Lot 224

Mitsubishi Console Television and VCR

24"screen TV, console is 36"h x 28.5"w x 17.5"d

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Lot 225


41"h x 34"w x 40"d

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Lot 226

Glass Top Table and Folding Chairs

Table is 29"h x 42"w x 42"d

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Lot 227

Painted Victorian Style Chandelier

42"h x 15"across, Buyer must remove from ceiling.

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Lot 228

Framed Oil Painting

45"h x 30"w

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Lot 229

Tupperware Canister Set, Glasses, and More

Peanut butter glasses - Pansy and Cornflower, pie plates, chopper, storage containers, and more

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Lot 230
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Lot 231

Kitchen Utensils and Hand Mixer

Black & Decker Power Pro hand mixer

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Lot 232

Hamilton Beach Coffee Percolator and More

Sunbeam scrubber, knife block with knives, crock, and more

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Lot 233
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