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Bruce Shoemaker's Personal Property Auction. Mount Joy, Pennsylvania PA

  Status: Closed

Internet-only (timed) auction


H.K. Keller



2151 Sheri Lane, Mount Joy, Pennsylvania, 17552. USA. tel: 717-879-0110

29th Oct, 2018
Ended: 12th Nov, 2018
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Bruce Shoemaker has decided to downsize and move to a smaller home. He partnered with H.K. Keller to sell his home and some of his personal property. The home has already been sold and his personal property is being offered at auction using online bidding. Items in the auction include antiques, furniture, washboards, cabinets, tins, crocks, cast iron skillets, kitchen items, coffee grinders, butter churn, oil cans, spinning wheel, Baldwin Refrigerator Co. ice chest furniture, oil lanterns, antique irons, scales, meat and cherry grinders, Longaberger baskets, vintage Zenith radio, tools, DeWalt battery tools, Hoosier style cabinet, wooden machinist tool chest, Fairbanks fair scale, chest freezers, nesting dolls, Clayton and Lambert blow torch, GE refrigerator, antique sausage stuffer, Crystal Metal USA bell and much more. Be sure to check out the entire auction!

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Lot 1

Welcome to the Auction

Welcome to the online auction. We are always available to help. Please contact us at 717-879-0110 or

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Lot 2

Lot Locations

100s - Kitchen200s - Kitchen300s - Living Room400s - 2nd Floor Bedroom on Left and Hallway500s - 2nd Floor Office600s - Master...

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Lot 5

Can't Find Us? Check out the Map!

If you can't find us, just call 717-879-0110 and we will get you to the auction preview or pick up.

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Lot 6

Don't Miss the Auction Closing Live!

Set your alarm so you don't miss out! Items close one at a time every 20 seconds. If a bid is placed within one minute of a lot...

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Lot 100
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Lot 101

Vintage Washboard

18"h x 8.5"w

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Lot 102
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Lot 103

Wooden Vegetable Cabinet

26"h x 12"w x 11"d

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Lot 104

Collection of Vintage Tins and More

Includes small percolator coffee pot is 5.5"h, salt & pepper shakers, tea tins, Coleman's Mustard, and more

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Lot 105

Galvanized One Quart Oil Pitcher

Marked NYC-PA, with spout 7.5"h

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Lot 106

Vintage Cast Iron Tea Pot

With handle 8"h x 10"w

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Lot 106a

Two Brown and White Crocks

One has chip and other has cracks, both are 7"h x 7.5"across

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Lot 107
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Lot 108

Lifetime Electric Skillet, Strainer, and Bottle

Sunshine Mountain insulated bottle

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Lot 109

Vintage Brown and White Crock

Has chip, 7.5"h x 7.75"across

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Lot 110

Pot and Pan Set

Steamer kettle, sauce pans, one sauce pan missing lid, both steamers have locking lids

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Lot 111

Can Opener, Banana Holder, and Bowls

Betty Crocker tall can opener and knife sharpener model No. BC-1104, Sterlilite stackable bowls, and banana holder

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Lot 112

Cookbooks and Campbell's Recipe Tin

Including Italian, Better Homes, Betty Crocker's Picture Cookbook, Ball Blue Book, Marlboro Morning Fires Evening Lights, and more

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Lot 113

Pots, Pans, and More

Cuisinart, Mirro-Matic, largest is 12"across, and more

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Lot 114

Brown Drip Crock

Stamped R.R.P. Co. Roseville, O., has crack and crazing, 8"h x 7.5"across

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Lot 115

Wagner Ware Cast Iron Skillets

No. 6 has picture of deer painted inside, No. 5 has painting of two fawns on inside

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Lot 116

Griswold Cast Iron and Other Cast Iron Skillet

Griswold is No. 0, other is No. 3, both have deer painted on inside

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Lot 117

Crock Bowl

5.5"h x 9.5"across

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Lot 118

Vintage Crock

7"h x 7.5"across

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Lot 119

Kitchen Utensils

Pampered Chef cookie cutter, ladles, serving spoons, small galvanized scoop, skewers, and more

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Lot 120

Vases and Jars

Tallest vase is 10.5"h

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Lot 121

Tienshan Fine China Set

Includes dinner plates, salad plates, dessert plates, coffee pot, serving platter, sugar & creamer, serving bowl, cups & saucers

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Lot 122

Vintage Crock

Has chip, 7"h x 9"across

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Lot 123

Pampered Chef Knives

Santoku knife, paring knife, steak knife, and more

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Lot 124

Assorted Kitchen Utensils

Wooden spoons, tongs, knives and more

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Lot 125

Rival Crock Pot, French Fry Express, and More

Slice O Matic, Faberware, Mandoline slicer

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Lot 126

Stainless Mixing Bowls, Anchor Hocking, and More

Includes Sterilite, largest mixing bowl is 5"h x 18.5"across

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Lot 127

Pampered Chef Items

Food Chopper, Ultimate Mandoline Slicer, Easy Accent Decorator, and Forged Cutlery Honing Tool

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Lot 128

Beer Steins and More

Beer steins include Mt. Rushmore, Timberwolf, Coors, and more

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Lot 129

Rival Crock Pot, Perfect Meatloaf Pan, and More

Crock Pot is 6"h x 7.5"across

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Lot 130

Universal No. 24 Vintage Coffee Grinder

Wall mounted, buyer must remove, 17"l

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Lot 131

Vintage Wooden Bowl, Muffin Tin and Pestle

Muffin tin, pestle, wooden bowl has a crack and is 27"l

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Lot 132

Vintage Agate Coffee Pot and Vintage Items

Griswold skillet, coffee pot is 11"h, ladles, enamel teapot, and more

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Lot 133
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Lot 134

Vintage Enamel Items, Muffin Tin, and More

Enamel pots, sieve, ladle, muffin tin is EMCO No. 6, and more

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Lot 135

Duraglas Jug and Vintage Kitchen Items

Hand beater, jug has wooden handle 11"h, sieve, enamel pan, and more

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Lot 136

Vintage Graters, Sifter, and More

Small scoop, potato masher, largest grater is 17", sifter is Bromwell's and needs bottom assembled

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Lot 137

Vintage Gas Can, Pastry Blender, and More

Gravy boat is pewter, gas can is 9.5"h, and more

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Lot 138

Vintage Strode's Pure Lard Can and More

Vintage slaw cutter, ladle, cookie cutter, and tongs

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Lot 139

Vintage 7' Wooden Ladder

Items hanging on it are not included

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Lot 140

Matching Throw Rug and Runner Rug

Runner is 22.5" x 60"

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Lot 141

Vintage Slaw Cutter, Agate Plate, and Pie Pan

Punched tin pie plate with "Welcome Friends" on it, slaw cutter is 25"l, agate plate or pie pan

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Lot 142

Carnival, Depression Glass, and More

Carnival glass dish, St. Regis porcelain vase, salts, pedestal candy dish, Hall's teapot is 7"h x 10"w, stemware, relish dishes,...

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Lot 143

Milk Glass, Pedestal Cake Stand, and More

Floral fluted serving plate, sorbet cups, milk glass dish is 2"h x 10.5"w, cake stand with dome lid 10"h x 11"w, and more

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Lot 144

Keller Lighted Corner Cabinet

Wood, glass doors, drawers are dove tailed, 83"h x 38"w x 18"d, contents not included, matches lot #156

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Lot 145

Antique Butter Churn on Stand and Wood Footstool

Butter churn with stand is 40"h, butter churn is 20"w x 40"w, one of the banding straps is loose

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Lot 146

Vintage Egg Basket, Heart Dinner Bell, and More

Wooden mallet, egg basket is 9.5"h x 15"across, buyer must remove heart dinner bell

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Lot 147

Crock Dispenser No. 2 with Lid

15"h, opening is 8"across

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Lot 148

Vintage American Family Scale and a Scoop

Galvanized scoop, galvanized scale, American Family scale is 9"h

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Lot 149

Vintage Enamel Basin and Strainer with Pestle

Vintage strainer with wooden pestle, basin is 6"h x 14.5"across

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Lot 150

Vintage Pfaltzgraff Dinnerware Set

Serving platter (largest is 9" x 14"), salt & pepper shakers, dinner plates, napkin holder, salad plates, bowls, mugs, butter...

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Lot 151

Cast Iron Tray and Vintage Items

Dura-Ware pitcher is 9.5"h, candle snuffer, and small serving dish

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Lot 152

Ceramic Coffee Pot, Pitcher, and More

Crock marked Robinson Ransbottom Roseville, OH., coffee pot is 9"h and has some crazing

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Lot 153

Vintage Pepsi Bottles, Blue Ball, and Vintage Jars

Two blue glass ball jars (largest is 9"h), jar

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Lot 154

Oneida Flatware and More

Spoons marked E.P.N.S.-ESCO and more

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Lot 155

Assorted Games

Trivial Pursuit, Clue, Yahtzee, and more

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Lot 156

Keller Lighted Hutch

Drawers are dove tailed, matches lot #144, contents not included

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Lot 157

Two Vintage Spring Balances

One is C. Forschner 10.5"l, the other is Excelsior Improved Spring Balance

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Lot 158

Vintage Bud Tin

13"h x 10"across

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Lot 159

Keller Expandable Wooden Table and Chairs

Six chairs, table is 31"h x 57"w (with board) x 47"d, also includes 1 extra unattached board

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Lot 159a

Stoneware Pampered Chef Mini-Baking Bowl

Bowl is 3.75"h x 9"across

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Lot 160

Japanese Tea Set and More

Includes teapot, cream and sugar (missing lid), plates, cups and saucers, and more

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Lot 160a

Three Vintage Baby Plates

Two plates have crazing, largest plate is 8"across

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Lot 161
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Lot 162

Copper Boiler with Lid

Has some damage, some rust, oxidized, 13.5"h x 27"w (with handles) x 13"d

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Lot 163

Vintage Wooden Items and More

Rolling pin, bowl, scoop, cast iron owl trivets, and more

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Lot 164

Two Small Vintage Crocks

One has crazing, 5"h x 4.5"across

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Lot 165

F.H. Cowden Harrisburg Crock

Has crack and chip, has handles, 10"h x 12"across, cobalt blue design

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Lot 166

Step Stool Chest, Vintage Milk Box, and Bottle

Wooden step stool chest is 10.5"h x 26"w x 12"d, Quality Blue Ribbon milk bottle, Penn Dairies wooden milk box is 13"h x 15"w x...

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Lot 167

Three Copper Molds and a Clock

Clock is 12"across

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Lot 168
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Lot 300
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Lot 301
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Lot 302

No. 6 Vintage Crock

Crock is 14"h x 13"across, agitator is 34.5"l

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Lot 303

Wooden Storage Shelf

83.5"h x 50.5"w x 19"d, contents not included

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Lot 304

Two Vintage Crocks

Tallest is 8"h x 8"across

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Lot 305

Vintage No. 8 Crown Crock

16"h x 14"across

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Lot 306

Vintage Sad Irons and a Jug Crock

Wooden handled sad iron has broken handle, other iron is marked "7", crock is 8"h

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Lot 307

Vintage Sad Irons

One has wooden handle and is marked "2", other is marked "9", and more

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Lot 308

Dietz Little Wizard Oil Lanterns and Wall Hangers

Two lanterns are 12"h, buyer must remove from wall

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Lot 309

Lighthouse Hand Painted Wooden Plaque

Signed by Langelier, 5.5"h x 36"w

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Lot 310
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Lot 311

Vintage Wooden Ice Chest Cabinet

42.5"h x 32"w x 20.5"d

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Lot 312

No. 10 Crown Crock

16" x 15"across

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Lot 313

Vintage Wooden Oak Framed Mirror

27"h x 30"w, hand carved

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Lot 314

Vintage The Baldwin Refrigerator Co. Ice Chest

Burlington, Vermont, 45.5"h x 28.5"w x 23"d

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Lot 315

Vintage Grain and Candy Scale

13"h x 22"w x 10.5"d, scale is cast iron

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Lot 316

Poppo Cuckoo Clock

Hand carved, 13"h x 10"w

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Lot 317

Wooden Dual Pedestal Legal Desk

29"h x 26"w x 40"d, contents not included

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Lot 319
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Lot 320

Galvanized Vintage Produce Scale Basket

Scale is not included, 18" x 13"

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Lot 321

Vintage Doll and Wooden Cradle

9"h x 20.5"l x 11"w

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Lot 322

Wooden Wall Shelf

36"h x 34"w x 5"d

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Lot 323

Hamilton Beach Crock and Griddle

Lean Mean Fat Reducing Grilling Machine griddle with grill press is 26"w , crock is model 33162H

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Lot 324

Oster Regency Kitchen Center

Includes blender, mixer, meat grinder, mixing bowls, mixers, and more

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