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August Consignment Auction. Bastrop, Texas TX

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Live auction


MMB Auctioneers


1908 N State Highway 95, Bastrop, Texas, 78602. USA. tel: 512-718-5097

17th Aug, 2019
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Consignment auction located at 1908 North Hwy 95 (about a mile north of Camp Swift) between Bastrop and Elgin. Currently accepting consignments until the week end prior to the auction. We currently have Art, Furniture, Planters, Antiques, Household Goods, Stereo Equipment, Collectibles and more consigned. The auction will open for viewing at 10:00 am with actual opening of auction at 11:00am. Family friendly atmosphere with plenty of parking. We have a covered area under a roof so the auction will go on, rain or shine. Concessions are available, but you are welcome to bring your own. Pack a picnic and folding chair and make a day of it.

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Lot 2

Vintage Pocket Knives

High bid gets choice of these vintage pocket knives. Includes the red "Lone Ranger" knife, the silver single blade knife. This...

Lot 3

Hurricane Glasses and Miscellaneous

2 Hurricane Glass tops, 2 Glass Vases, Unique glass liquid holder and more.

Lot 4

Vintage French Kid Gloves

High bid gets these leather French kid gloves. 2 1/2 pair (5 gloves) total.

Lot 5

Costume Jewelry

High bid gets 10 costume jewelry selections. Includes bag of watch bands and parts, bag of watches, red tray of various items...

Lot 6

Original "The Resurrection of Humpty Dumpty" Book

This lot includes the original typed manuscript, the submitted and edited transcript with editor's comments/acceptance letter and...

Lot 7

Original Book "Vengeance is Mine" by Emma Elmer

This lot includes the notebook bound "Proof Copy" and five copies of the printed book. Emma Elmer is the pen name for Carol...

Lot 8

Sheet Music Lot

Sheet music booklets and various single sheet music. High bid gets all.

Lot 9

Delta Industrial Radial Arm Saw

High bid gets this Delta brand industrial radial arm saw. The reserve price for this has been reduced to $200.

Lot 10

Remote Control Helicopter

High bid gets this vintage remote control helicopter. No remote control, just the copter.

Lot 11

The Green Pastures Spirituals / Play and Music

This lot includes the combined copies of the Green Pastures Spirituals arranged by Hall Johnson in 1930 and the play, The Green...

Lot 12

Cloth Wall Decor

High bid gets this hand made cloth wall decor.

Lot 13

Two Light Fixtures

High bid gets both the hanging lamp and the ceiling mounted light.

Lot 14

Receiver Hitch for Ford F150

High bid gets this receiver hitch that came from a 1999 Ford F150. Reese brand. The reserve for this hitch has been reduced to...

Lot 15

Box Lot - Kitchen items

This box lot consists of mostly plastic plates and saucers

Lot 16

Brown Leather Jacket with Fringe size 2XL

High bid gets this heavy leather jacket with the leather fringe. Size is 2XL. The pictures do not do this jacket justice. It...

Lot 17

Black Leather Jacket with Liner Size 3XL

High bid gets this black leather jacket with zip in liner. The jacket has a large patch on back and smaller one on the sleeve...

Lot 18

Gas Tank for Boat

High bid gets this boat gas tank.

Lot 19

Television Stand

High bid gets this wood television stands with glass front.

Lot 20

Vintage Electric Mixer

This vintage "Dormeyer" electric mixer will go to the high bidder.

Lot 21

Southwestern Decor

This lot includes the framed print and the ceramic vase. The vase is about 14 inches tall and the frame is 16 by 20 inches.

Lot 23

Miscellaneous Box Lot

High bid gets this box with small purse, compact mirror and belts.

Lot 24

Electric Rotisserie Oven

High bid gets this working electric oven.

Lot 25

Diamond Plate Running Boards and Bed Protectors

High bid gets this 4 piece set that includes 2 diamond plate running boards and 2 diamond plate protectors for the top section of...

Lot 26

HD Brush Guard for Ford F150

High bid gets this heavy duty bush guard from a 1999 Ford F150. The reserve price for this item has been reduced to $125.

Lot 27

Vintage Combination TV / Radio

High bid gets this working vintage TV / radio combination.

Lot 28

Box Lot - Plates & Saucers

High bid gets all of the various sizes and styles of plates and saucers.

Lot 29

Bicycle Rack

High bid gets this 2 bike, Bicycle Rack

Lot 30

Office Partitions, White Boards, Desk Parts, etc..

High bidder can take as many of the office pieces as they want - times the high bid

Lot 31

Box of Books

High bid gets the tub and all the books.

Lot 32

Pole Lamp

High bid gets this unique pole lamp. Has 4 lights under the shade

Lot 33


High bid gets choice of these two wooden chairs with padded seats. If you you are the high bid and want both, it is two times...

Lot 34

Red Plastic Bin of Lace and Crochet

This lot includes lace, a crochet baby top, booties and bonnet, and much more

Lot 36

Overstuffed Chair

High bid gets this overstuffed chair. The reserve price for this chair is $10.

Lot 37

Aria Motorcycle Helmet

High bid gets this helmet attached It has a $25 reserve.

Lot 39

HJC Motorcycle Helmet

High bid gets this HJC motorcycle helmet with detachable windshield. It has a $15 reserve.

Lot 40

Queen Size Quilt & Matching Curtains

High bid gets this queen size quilt and curtains.

Lot 41

Books "If you're going through hell, keep going"

There are 5 of these books "If you're going through hell keep going" the author is Emma Elmer and this lot has her publishing...

Lot 42

Entertainment Center / TV Stand

High bid gets this glass and metal stand. No shelves included.

Lot 43

Vintage Refundable Soda Bottles

High bid gets all the soda bottles. Over 35 various brands of soda.

Lot 45

Hopalong Cassidy Wristwatch

High bid gets this vintage "Hopalong Cassidy" wristwatch. It is engraved on back , "Good Luck, Hoppy". It has a $10 reserve.

Lot 46

Vintage Shoe Shine Kit

High bid gets this vintage shoe shine kit with brushes and polish. This item has a $10.00 reserve.

Lot 47

Vintage Metal Roll-away Bed Frame

High bid gets this vintage roll-away bed . The reserve price for this bed is $20.

Lot 48

Large Blanket

High bid gets this large blanket in the plastic bag.

Lot 49

Miscellaneous Box Lot of Glass Light Covers & More

High bid gets it all.

Lot 50

8MM Film Editor

8MM Film Editor

Lot 51

Vacuum Cleaner

High bid gets this Bissell vacuum cleaner.

Lot 52

Box of Sheer Curtains

High bid gets all the sheer curtains.

Lot 53

Plastic Buckets

High bid gets about a dozen plastic 5 gallon buckets. Similar plastic buckets sell for about $3 each at Buckee's.

Lot 55

Stanley Thermos and More

High bid gets this Stanley Thermos and the two other cups and lids.

Lot 56

Toilets and Sinks

High bid gets choice of the porcelain toilets or sinks. If you want more than one, the bid price is for each one.

Lot 57

Vintage Toy Guns

High bid gets this assortment of vintage toy guns. This item has a $10.00 reserve.

Lot 58

Car Seats

High bid gets all three of the car seats.

Lot 59

Swifter and Shark Mops

High bid gets both the mops

Lot 60

Two Vintage Pillows With "Yo-Yo" Quilt Pattern

High bid gets these two vintage hand made pillows that have a yo-yo pattern quilted cover. Each yo-yo is 3 inches. The reserve...

Lot 61

Vintage Thermos and Wood Box

High bid gets this vintage thermos and wood box. The box is marked " National Cylinder Co. 3205 Harrisburg - Houston, Texas" ...

Lot 62

Box of Vintage Baseballs and Softballs

High bid gets this box of various vintage baseballs and softballs. It has a reserve price of $30.

Lot 63

Archangel Gabriel Print

High bid gets this larger framed print. The gold colored wood frame is 47 1/2 inches x 34 1/2 inches.

Lot 64

Two Girls Artwork

High bid gets this artwork. It appears to be a print in a 25 inch x 31 inch wood frame.

Lot 65

Ironing Board

High bid gets the ironing board

Lot 67

Box of Toy Soldiers and Cowboy & Indians

High bid gets all the toy soldiers and Cowboys & Indians with accessories. Most are plastic but a few are metal. This item has...

Lot 69

Pair of Speakers

High bid gets this pair of speakers in wood case.

Lot 70

Older Bicycle

High bid gets this older bicycle. The tires are flat and it need some work but with a little time and effort could make someone...

Lot 71

Two Drawer Filing Cabinets

2 - 2 Drawer Filing Cabinets. High bid gets both.

Lot 72


High bid gets both of these boxes of books. Over 40 assorted books.

Lot 73

Wooden 2 Drawer Executive Desk

High bid gets this heavy wooden 2 drawer Executive Desk. Has been stored in barn and has slight damage.

Lot 74

Overhead Desk Cabinets

Overhead Desk Cabinets. Some with lights. High Bid gets choice. If you want more than one, the bid is for each.

Lot 75

Stamina Rowing Machine Exerciser

High bid gets this rowing machine. The reserve bid on this exercise machine is $20.

Lot 76

Boss Amplifier

High bid gets this Boss, Riot 3400 power amplifer. The reserve bid for this amp is $20.

Lot 78

Miscellaneous Electronics

High bid gets this box lot of various electronic equipment including a keyboard, gamer's control and more.

Lot 79

Jack Handle

This jack handle has the working gear inside and will be sold to the high bid.

Lot 80

Miscellaneous Box Lot

High bid gets this misc. box lot that includes plastic bottles, vintage paper, electronic parts and more.

Lot 81


High bid gets this box of ceramic replacement tiles.

Lot 82

Folding "Umbrella" Stroller

High bid gets this stroller

Lot 83

Set of Doors

High bid gets both of these doors.

Lot 84

Vintage Yo-Yo Pattern Quilt

This handmade quilt is made of 1850 "yoyo" pieces of fabric 1 1/2 inches each. It has 37 across the top and 50 down the side. ...

Lot 85

2 Crescent Tables

2 Crescent Tables. High bid gets choice. If you want both, it is twice the bid amount.

Lot 86

Two Pen and Ink (or pencil) Drawings

High bid gets both of these drawings. They appear to be drawn and signed by an Oriental artist. Each are in a 17 1/2 inch x 14...

Lot 87

Oil on Canvas Painting "The Old Homestead"

High bid gets this snow scene in a 30 inch x 53 1/2 inch wood frame.

Lot 88

Vintage Yo-Yo Quilt

This vintage quilt is made of about 800 yo-yos that at 3 inches across. The pattern is 27 across the top 30 down the side but a...

Lot 89

Halloween Decor

High bid gets this box lot of Halloween Decor.

Lot 90

Electric Stove / Oven

High bid gets this electric stove/oven combination. Sold as is - Unable to test it.

Lot 91

Crochet Bedspread / Quilt & Pillow Cases

High bid gets this full size handmade crochet bedspread and two pillow cases. It is lined and may be used as a quilt. The...

Lot 92

DVD Player and Game Switch

High bid gets both the Magnavox DVD Player and the GE video/audio/game switch.

Lot 93

Three Bulb Light Fixtures

Bidding is on each unit but high bid can get as many as they want. These are made to be installed in a drop down ceiling.

Lot 94

Miscellaneous Figurine Lot

This lot includes two ornate figurines of women, a small statue from the Netherlands and a liqueur bottle from Nassau Royale. ...

Lot 95

Vintage Oil on Cardboard Painting

High bid gets this 16 inch x 12 inch oil on cardboard unframed painting. The note on the back states it was painted in 1942 by a...

Lot 96

Vintage Box Lot

High bid gets these vintage water paint boxes, pins and very old lighter.

Lot 97

Oil on Wood Painting

High bid gets this 17 inch x 12 inch oil on wood painting. It has rawhide through holes to enable holding document protectors to...

Lot 98

Four Smaller Original Oil Paintings

High bid gets all four of these paintings

Lot 100

Kid's Riding Toy

High bid gets this riding toy

Lot 101

Computer Desk

High bid gets this computer desk. It is no longer intact but needs some work and has to be put back together.

Lot 102

Glass Pans and More

High bid gets this box with 2 glass "pyrex" type pans and some other dishes.

Lot 103

Vintage Door Locks and Door Handle

High bid gets the vintage door handle and the five vintage door lock sets. No keys.

Lot 104

Christmas Necklaces and more

This lot includes: A Christmas Bell Necklace, Gingerbread Necklace, and 7 colorful necklaces.

Lot 105

Tub of Miscellaneous

High bid gets this tub full of miscellaneous. It includes some clothes, toys, a older basket, new shower curtain rings and much...

Lot 107

Cassettes and CDs

This lot includes several books on cassette with some loose CDs and cassettes. High bid gets it all

Lot 108

Tub of Hats and Caps

High bid gets this tub of hats, caps and visors. About 15 various headgear in total.

Lot 109

Tub of Linens

This lot includes curtains, pillow cases, queen and king size sheets, and a king size quilt. High bid gets it all.

Lot 110

Italian Capodimonte Ceramic Vase with Lid

This vase is a numbered and has a crown marked over an "N". This indicates that it is Capodimonte but I am not an expert. The...

Lot 112

Christmas Decor

High bid gets this lot of Christmas decor.

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