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August 4th, 2019 Weekly Stamps & Collectibles Auction. Richmond, Virginia VA

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Internet-only (timed) auction


Alan Blair Auctions


5315 Lakeside Ave, Richmond, Virginia, 23228. USA. tel: 804-266-3071

5th Jun, 2019
Ended: 4th Aug, 2019
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Welcome to our weekly online stamp auction! We have about 50 lots ending every Sunday open for bidding from worldwide collections to US First Day Covers and some of everything in between. Lots are available for viewing in our offices and please let us know if you need more photos, more information about a lot, or would like to submit bids directly to us by phone, email or mail. All lots will sell ending on Sunday afternoon on a staggered basis (the time will count down to 0) and a late bid will extend the time for that lot. If you bid on an item in the last few minutes it will extend bidding on that lot by about 2 minutes to try and minimize last-second sniping and also balance against overly extending bidding too long. Check out our other auctions currently open for bidding on our website and please do let us know if you have any questions. We have a full service bricks and mortar stamp store in Richmond, Virginia so give us a call or email if you plan to be in the area and would like to stop by!

Lot 1

US Stamps 30 PNC on 24 Envelopes

24 Covers featuring plate number coils, 3207A, 2903, 2902, etc. Duplication, but a large variety of stamps and plate numbers....

Lot 2

US Stamps 80+ Unique & Interesting Covers

80+ covers including Scott #756-765 imperf blocks of four on First Day Covers, several other early 20th century FDCs, some...

Lot 3

Canada Stamps NB NS NF lot CV $700+

Mixed lot of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, & Newfoundland. Mostly early 20th century, used and mint. Some small faults/gum issues...

Lot 4

WW Stamps Dealer's Lot Aden - Austria CV $2500+

Worldwide Dealer stock consisting of hundreds of glassines organized by Scott & country. Covers Aden through Austria, Heavy in...

Lot 5

US Stamps Plate Number Singles Airmails CV $600+

Large lot of 35+ mostly mint US airmail plate number singles & pairs. Starting with C3, C6, used C18 etc, through C128. Faults...

Lot 6

US Stamps Face Value Collection FV $370+

US Face accumulation on Scott National Pages in green binder, 1960-98, 4c-33c. In mounts on pages, nice clean collection. Total...

Lot 7

US Stamps Accumulation Mint Used etc

Banker's box full of US stamp albums with mint and used stamps from 1870s-1980s. Close to $100 face value of mint stamps with...

Lot 8

US Stamps 55+ Covers 1912-1917 Wash-Franks

55+ Covers 1912-1917 with Washington-Franklin stamps; one family Correspondence - the letters have been removed from the covers...

Lot 9

US & WW Stamp Accumulation Albums Singles

Banker's box with four US and Worldwide albums of used and mint stamps, plus many covers, booklets, etc. Also includes thousands...

Lot 10

WW Stamps Odds & Ends Lot w/ Better Items

Large flat rate box almost full with worldwide odds and ends. Lots of better US items, heavy in Washington-Franklins both mint...

Lot 11

WW Covers Lot Banker's Box Full

Banker's box nearly full of ~1500 covers. A little bit of everything, US, worldwide, old & new. A quick check netted pre-war...

Lot 12

WW Stamps Apollo-Soyex Collection High CV

Beautiful collection of Apollo-Soyuz stamps and covers. Over 175 stamps and 25 envelopes, sets with CV up to $45. Beautiful,...

Lot 13

Canada Stamps Early Collection Mint & Used

Interesting early collection from Canada including mint and used, 1859 and up. Includes cut squares, airmail, commemoratives and...

Lot 14

US Stamps 6 Older Albums Mint/Used FV 75+

Banker's box of older US albums filled with mint and used stamp including over $75 in face value. Most stamps are 20th century or...

Lot 15

WW Stamps 2 Banker's Boxes of Albums 1,000s

2 Banker's boxes full of older worldwide albums. 19 separate albums, some with hundreds of stamps, some with barely any. Mostly...

Lot 16

Pitcairn Islands Stamps NH CV $500+

Nice VF NH Pitcairn Island collection on stock pages. Includes hundreds of stamps, many souvenir sheets. CV over $500

Lot 17

Vatican Stamps in Hingeless album Mostly NH

Nice Vatican City and Roman States collection housed in KaBe hingeless album with slip case. A few hundred stamps, mostly NH with...

Lot 18

France Stamps Mint & Used through 1950s

Extensive French collection in album, glassines, on pages, etc. Contains used earlies, NH into the 1940s & 50s. Many high CV...

Lot 19

Mali Stamps Set of 14 Deluxe Die Proofs

Astounding set of deluxe die proofs from Mali, bright and fresh.

Lot 20

US Stamps #909c Reverse Printing Mint NH

Reverse printing of the Poland Overrun Countries issue. The red and violet ink were printed after the black ink making the black...

Lot 21

US Stamps #300 Lot of 22 Mint NH CV $660

Lot of 22 Scott #300 Mint, NH in strips of four, three, two, and one single. All stamps are never hinged but may have natural gum...

Lot 22

US Stamps CSA #7 Pair on Cover to Richmond, VA

Pair of CSA #7 tied to cover with Charleston, SC cancel going to RIchmond, VA. Stamps and cover are in good condition with minor...

Lot 23

New Zealand stamps 1957-75 Health Care Sheets $375

Beautiful set of the 1957-75 New Zealand health care sheets, all VF+ mint NH. Total CV $375

Lot 24

US Stamps #610-734 odds & ends CV $140

Small dealers lot of 26 mint and used stamps on 102BK cards. Hardings, Lexington-Concords, Huguenot-Walloons and more. Total CV...

Lot 25

US Stamps #550 Block of four mint NH

#550 Mint NH F/VF Block of 4 CV $260, nice clean gum, but a margin block with gum missing towards the side.

Lot 26

US Stamps Damaged Envelope UO87

Very rare UO87 envelope in USPS sleeve explaining the damage during handling. Also stamped "Damaged in the handling in the postal...

Lot 27

US Stamps O16 Block of 4 & O19 Pair CV $960

F/VF O16 Mint NH block of 4 & O19 pair, also NH with gum stains and gum creases. Total CV $960

Lot 28

DDR East Germany Stamps Mint NH Sets CV $200+

DDR East Germany Stamps Mint NH Singles & Sets incl #70, 120-121, 180-186, 216-222, 227-230A, 244-250, 272-277, C1-C7, etc - nice...

Lot 29

Iran Stamps 1956-63 Mint Sets LH

Large lot of lightly hinged stamps from Iran covering 1856-63. Valued in NH at $375.

Lot 30

Cyprus Stamps #226a Mint NH S1963 Scouts Imperf

#226a Mint NH S1963 Scouts Imperf Souvenir Sheet CV $120

Lot 31

Prince Edward Island 5 Diff Die Proofs CV $150

5 different large die proofs from Prince Edward Island #7 varying colors in perfect condition. CV $150

Lot 32

Finland Stamps 1890s-1970s in Stockbook hundreds

Finland Stamps 1890s-1970s in Stockbook hundreds, starting with Used 1890s issues but mostly Mint LH and Mint NH 20th century...

Lot 33

African Stamps in 2 Albums 1500+ Stamps CV $1600+

Two Scott albums representing the Independent Countries of Africa covering through 1962. Over 1500 stamps with a good variety of...

Lot 34

Bulgaria Stamps 1879-1957 + BOB CV $1700+

Clean Bulgaria collection in two binders covering 1879 through 1957 with back of book issues. Over 950 stamps, mint hinged and...

Lot 35

US Stamps #206 Used Fine Glen Allen Precancel Star

#206 Used Fine Glen Allen Precancel Star - stamp with faults but excellent desirable early precancel

Lot 36

Ireland Stamps Mint NH to 1981 in KABE hingeless

Mint NH to 1981 in KABE hingeless album, very clean with a few hinged early issues and a few Used as well

Lot 37

Italy Stamps 1860s-1939 Used & Mint vintage album

1860s-1939 Used & Mint in vintage Italian album - a few hundred stamps with nice runs of Used 19th century plus many Mint better...

Lot 38

Worldwide Stamps in 2 Scott International to 1946

Worldwide Stamps in 2 Scott International albums (Vol 1 and Vol 2) to 1946 - 1000+/- stamps with best being Mint hinged Germany...

Lot 39

US Stamps Mint NH 1930s-1960s FACE VALUE $275+

Mint NH 1930s-1960s collection in 5 White Ace binders with slipcases, 5 misc binders (White Ace pages), stack of White Ace pages...

Lot 40

Worldwide Stamps JFK Mint NH White Ace collection

Worldwide Stamps 1962 JFK Mint NH 2 Volume White Ace collection includes many Imperfs and premium items

Lot 41

Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam & Worldwide Hunger Stamps

Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam & Worldwide Freedom from Hunger Stamps Mint NH 1950s-1960s in 2 White Ace albums with slipcases plus...

Lot 42

United Nations UN Stamps Mint NH White Ace

United Nations UN Stamps Mint NH 1950s-1960s (incl #38 souvenir sheet) in 1 White Ace album with slipcase plus UNTEA set and some...

Lot 43

US Stamps #118 Used F/VF Sound CV $800

#118 Used F/VF Sound 15c 1869 Type II pictorial issue with good color and black cancel CV $800

Lot 44

US Stamps #25A Used Fine Type II CV $850

#25A Used Fine Type II scarce 1857 issue with light corner crease at upper right CV $850

Lot 45

US Stamps #95 Used F/VF with thin CV $850

#95 Used F/VF gorgeous F-Grill 5 cent Jefferson with thin CV $850

Lot 46

US Stamps 50+ Stamps 1850s-1970s on dealer cards

50+ Stamps mostly 1850s-1970s on dealer cards, nice run of Classics through Banknotes with some mixed condition and many...

Lot 47

Bosnia & Herzegovina Stamps 1879-1918

Bosnia & Herzegovina Stamps 1879-1918, Used & Mint hinged including some imperf varieties and 3 hold punch special cancels -...

Lot 48

Worldwide Stamps O-P countries CV $500+

Worldwide Stamps O-P countries on Scott pages, includes 230 stamps from seldom seen areas - Obock, Oltre Guiba, Palestine, Ponta...

Lot 49

Tobago Trinidad Trinidad & Tobago Stamps CV $1450+

Tobago, Trinidad, Trinidad & Tobago Stamps on pages Used Mint NH & Mint LH 1882-1995, nice selection of 650+ stamps including...

Lot 50

US Stamps #Q4, Q5, Q6 Mint NH PNS CV $230+

#Q4, Q5, Q6 Mint NH F/VF Plate Number Singles, gorgeous group each hinged in selvage with stamps never hinged CV $230+

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