April 7, 2019 Weekly Stamp & Collectibles Auction. Richmond, Virginia VA

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5313 Lakeside Ave, Richmond, Virginia, 23228. USA. tel: 804-266-3071

21st Feb, 2019
Ended: 7th Apr, 2019
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Welcome to our weekly online stamp auction! We have about 50 lots ending every Sunday open for bidding from worldwide collections to US First Day Covers and some of everything in between. Lots are available for viewing in our offices and please let us know if you need more photos, more information about a lot, or would like to submit bids directly to us by phone, email or mail. All lots will sell ending on Sunday afternoon on a staggered basis (the time will count down to 0) and a late bid will extend the time for that lot. If you bid on an item in the last few minutes it will extend bidding on that lot by about 2 minutes to try and minimize last-second sniping and also balance against overly extending bidding too long. Check out our other auctions currently open for bidding on our website www.evstamps.com and please do let us know if you have any questions. We have a full service bricks and mortar stamp store in Richmond, Virginia so give us a call or email if you plan to be in the area and would like to stop by!

Lot 1

Worldwide Stamps many Thousands in bankers box

Worldwide Stamps many thousands in bankers box - a completely disorganized box with glassines, pages and all sorts of formats of...

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Lot 2

US Stamps Used accumulation in Bankers Box

Thousands of used US stamps in several albums, bags, boxes, cards, etc.

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Lot 3

US Stamps 200+ Covers & Postcards

200+ Covers and Postcards from the late 19th and early 20th century with a few before and after possible. Interested lot with...

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Lot 4

US Stamps First Day Covers 500+ inc Colorano etc

500+ First day covers, mostly Postal Commemorative Society, from the 1970s-80s.

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Lot 5

US Stamps Mint in Bankers box Face Value $150+

US Stamps Mint (mostly NH but likely some hinged) in Bankers box with 2005 USPS album of 37-41 cent issues, 100+ covers with 3c...

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Lot 6

US Stamp Used Souvenir pgs, postal stationery etc

Remainder lot with a little of this and that. A few hundred First Day Souvenir pages, bundles of postal stationery, commemorative...

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Lot 7

Worldwide Stamps many Thousands in bankers box

Worldwide Stamps many thousands in bankers box - a packed accumulation of loose stamps in bags, glassines, pages plus a few...

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Lot 8

Worldwide Stamps 4 Minkus Supreme 1860s-1960s

4 Minkus Supreme Master Global albums with 2,500+ stamps, some nice groups and runs to be found, 1860s to 1960s, lots of partial...

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Lot 9

Worldwide Stamps 1000+ on cards by country

1000+ Worldwide stamps on 4x6 black stockcards, neat collection with loads of different countries and look to be very few...

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Lot 10

US Stamps #2870 Legends of the West Recall CV $190

Legends of the West recalled sheet with the incorrect picture of Bill Picket. This sheet comes in its original USPS blue...

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Lot 11

Eschenbach Philascop & Numiscop Magnifier

Just like the title says - this is a magnifying system made by Eschenbach, with specialized optics for stamps and coins....

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Lot 12

Mexico Stamps 1856-2002 Mint & Used CV $4700+

Banker's box with a collection of Mexican stamps, including two Minkus albums covering 1856-1994 with 2000+ stamps, 1400+ mint....

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Lot 13

Kaufmann Catalogs Philatelic literature of 55+ cat

Kaufmann Catalogs, Philatelic literature of 55+ catalogs from 1980-1988, highly complete for Auctions and Public Sales, excellent...

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Lot 14

Frajola Catalogs, Philatelic literature of 60+ cat

Frajola Catalogs, Philatelic literature of 60+ catalogs from 1981-1995, highly complete for Auctions and Public Sales, excellent...

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Lot 15

US Stamps Small Stockbook 100s of EFOs

Hundreds of errors, freaks, and oddities, including color shifts, imperfs, colors omitted, misperfs, and many other examples. See...

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Lot 16

Worldwide Bicentennial Cover Collection 88 Covers

Franklin Mint album of 88 covers from around the world celebrating America's Bicentennial. Cacheted and addressed. Also includes...

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Lot 17

Space Patches NASA 37 Patches Apollo Gemeni

37 NASA patches from missions of the last 60 years. Includes Apollo 11, Gemeni, shuttle missions, etc. Nice lot, see photos!

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Lot 18

Marvel Comic Book Omnibuses Spiderman, Hulk, Etc

14 Marvel comic book collections including 12 Spider-man (Essential Spider-man 1-7, 9, Amazing Spider-man Vol 2). Also includes...

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Lot 19

Norway Stamps Mint Postal Stationery #1//59

45 Mint Postal Stationery items, most identified with H/G Catalog numbers between #1//59; excellent run with some light...

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Lot 20

United Nations Stamps Souvenir Cards Mint & FDOI

Souvenir Cards - #1-23, 44-60 (2 each - 1 Mint, 1 with appropriate First Day of Issue Cancel); 25-37 Mint Only, total CV $800

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Lot 21

United Nations Stamps Postal Stationery Mint Scott

Postal Stationery and Postal Cards Mint collection in Scott Album with U1-U17, UC1-UC25, UX1-UX33, UXC1-UXC12 CV $220+

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Lot 22

US Stamps Postal Stationery Mint & Used CV $1080

Postal Stationery Mint & Used, sorted into two groups with Mint and Used, mostly early to mid-20th century with nice variety incl...

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Lot 23

United Nations Stamps Mint NH NY & Geneva CV $300+

Mint NH NY & Geneva 1969-1978 Inscription Blocks of 4, highly complete for time period on White Ace pages CV $300+

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Lot 24

US Coins Early Lincoln Penny Lot 1909 VDB CV $240+

Lot of 14 Lincoln pennies, mostly graded good with some VF or VF-XF. Lot includes 1909 & 1909 VDB, 1911 D & S, 1912 D & S, 1913 D...

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Lot 25

US Coins 15 Rolls Pennies, 1960-D, 1968-S, etc

15 Rolls Pennies, 1960-D, 1961, 1962, 2 X 1962-D, 1963-D, 1964, 1968-P, 2 X 1968-S, 1969-S, 1972-P, 1973, 1974, 2010 look to be...

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Lot 26

Silver Collection Victorian style 13 pieces 6+ oz

Silver Collection, excellent Victorian style 12 pieces incl 3 oz. Shoehorn (S. Kirk & Sons), Brush and Press, 8 Buttonhooks, 2...

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Lot 27

US Coins Mercury Dime Lot 1919-1944 10 Dimes

10 Mercury dimes in good to very fine condition. Includes 1919,23,24,27,27-S,39-S,40-D,42,43-D,44. the 1923 and 24 are in VF...

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Lot 28

US Coins Classics Collection 1c-50c.

Small American Classics Collection of American Coins, includes a 1900 Indian Head Penny, 1936 D Buffalo nickel, 1942 D Mercury...

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Lot 29

US Coins 1804 Half-Cent Fair Condition

1804 Draped Bust half cent in fair condition, see pictures. One of the earliest US coin issue, CV $40

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Lot 30

Panama Coins GOLD 1984 Panama 500 Balboas 1st Day

GOLD - 1984 Panama 500 Balboas 1st Day Proof, AGW 0.5977 Gold, only 500 first day issues with folder minted, excellent and...

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Lot 31

US Coins 1865 Half Dollar Civil War Issue

1865 Seated Liberty Half Dollar, from the final year of the Civil War, small gouge in head, good condition otherwise.

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Lot 32

US Coins 1941-S About Uncirculated

Beautiful Walking Liberty half dollar from 1941, Denver mint mark in AU condition with edge toning.

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Lot 33

US Coins 1899-S Morgan Silver Dollar - Good

Morgan Silver Dollar in Good condition. CV $30

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Lot 34

Worldwide Stamps Mint NH Souvenir Sheets 50+

Mint NH Souvenir Sheets 50+, neatly organized in binder on white Vario-type pages, mostly mid-20th century with some British...

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Lot 35

Worldwide Stamps Mint NH Stamps 50+

Mint NH Worldwide Stamps, very neat and attractive in binder on variety of Vario/Hagnew style pages - very attractive with...

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Lot 36

Croatia Stamps Mint NH 2 Feldpost stamps & essay

Mint NH 2 Feldpost stamps plus 1 vignette proof or essay on gummed paper, specialist lot of 3 stamps - quite interesting lot!

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Lot 37

Great Britain Stamps Machins Mint NH

Mint NH Machins up to the 5 Pound value, plus a 1978 Christmas booklet

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Lot 38

Czecholslovakia Stamps Mint & Used glassines etc

Mint & Used Stamp hoard, all Czechoslovakia in glassines, dealer cards & pages with lots of variety, sets, souvenir sheets,...

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Lot 39

Tonga Stamps Hundreds Mint NH, some Used

Hundreds of Mint NH stamps in disorganized format, some Used - many dealer pages and cards, loads of special issue stamps and...

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Lot 40

Bhutan Stamps Mint NH hundreds incl 3D, S/S, Art,

Mint NH hundreds incl 3D stamps, Souvenir Sheets, Impressionist Artists and other special issues series, unsorted and...

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Lot 41

Worldwide Stamps on pages, bankers box full mostly

Worldwide Stamps on pages, bankers box full mostly coffee table collection pages, some photo album pages , handful of other pages...

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Lot 42

Great Britain Stamps 75+ MNH Presentation Packs

75+ Great Britain presentation packs, mostly from the 1980s, good variety with a few duplicates. Mint Never Hinged

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Lot 43

Worldwide Stamps Mint NH Booklets 150+

Mint NH Booklets 150+, incl many Great Britain, GB Area & Commonwealths, many different European countries, etc, probably some...

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Lot 44

British Africa Stamp 100+/- Covers incl FDC

100+/- Covers with nice variety of countries, much independent Africa mid 20th century, some earlier, a few commercial - many FDC...

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Lot 45

Papua New Guinea Stamps Accumulation Year Sets etc

Large accumulation of Papua New Guinea including Mint NH year sets, glassines, covers, presentation packs, etc. Exciting group of...

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Lot 46

Brazil Stamps #1874 Souvenir Sheets Set of Five

Rarely seen set of five souvenir sheets, listed under Scott #1874 in the catalog. Beautiful set of sheets, hard to find!

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Lot 47

Sweden Stamps #17-27 Used CV $498

Nice set of Scott #17-27 from Sweden, hand-selected for neat cancels. A few perf faults in the lower denominations, but overall a...

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Lot 48

Russia Stamps #2926b Mint CV $175

Mint NH souvenir sheet from Russia, #2926b, the green sheet. CV $175

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Lot 49

Hungary Stamp collection in binder, with better

Binder of glassines, Souvenir sheets (with better like B94), some early Newspaper stamps, wide range of Mint NH singles and sets,...

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Lot 50

Liberia Stamps Mint, Used 20th century - varieties

Packed collection/accumulation in binder, huge runs of stamps from the early issues through 20th century, some duplication with...

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