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Auction : April 21 History, Ephemera, Paper & Antiquarian Book Online. Bloomington, Indiana IN

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Estate & Downsizing Specialists LLC


701 S. Ransom Lane, Bloomington, Indiana, 47403. USA. tel: 812-822-2508

15th Mar, 2021
Ended: 21st Apr, 2021
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Online Only multi-estate auction featuring rare & antiquarian books, first editions, pre-civil war NY Tribune bound newspapers, Indiana bound newspapers, Gene Stratton Porter letters & other historical documents, vintage & antique photos, childrens books, ephemera, posters, advertising, catalogs, booklets, magazines, rare works illustrated by Dore, architectural works....a very diverse auction featuring many unique and interesting lots. Lots will be added up to April 12th for both auctions. This auction ends on Wednesday April 21st with a soft, staggered close. First lot ends at 7PM. Preview is by appointment. Pickup/checkout is Friday April 23rd from 1-6PM at our 701 S Ransom Lane Bloomington IN facility. Don't miss our companion sale ending Monday April 19th featuring advertising, uniques, barware, signs, knives, lighters & more. E Mail us at or phone 812-822-2508. Good Luck & Thanks for bidding. In house shipping is available for every lot in this auction.

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Lot 1

3 American Statesmen Books Henry Clay +

Lot includes Life of Henry Clay Vol. I and Vol. II. Written by Carl Schurz, 1887. Edited by John T. Morse, Jr. Lot also includes...

Lot 2

20 Nancy Drew Mystery Books by Carolyn Keene

Earliest printed book in this lot is The Mystery of The Ivory Charm, 1936. This lot also includes The Secret of Red Gate Farm,...

Lot 3

Set of 8 Mark Twain Books, Huckleberry Finn +

This lot includes The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, 1875, The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg and other stories and essays, 1898, and...

Lot 4

10 The Bobbsey Twins Books by Laura Lee Hope

This lot includes titles like The Bobbsey Twins, 1950, The Bobbsey Twins on a Houseboat, 1915, The Bobbsey Twins at Snow Lodge,...

Lot 5

5 Hardy Boys Mystery Stories Books by F. W. Dixon

Lot includes titles like The Phantom Freighter, 1947, Hunting for Hidden Gold, 1928, The Yellow Feather Mystery, 1953, The Secret...

Lot 6

Sam Houston Colossus in Buckskin by George Creel

Copyright 1928 by George Creel. Book is in good condition with very little wear on edges of spine and some discoloration on...

Lot 7

4 Small Children's Books & First Reader Book

This lot includes Appletons' School Readers First Reader book, 1877, Pretty Polly by Edric Vredenburg, A Firefly in a Fir Tree by...

Lot 8

Know Your Antiques & Biblical Antiquities

Lot includes Know Your Antiques by Ralph and Terry Kovel, 1967, how to recognize and evaluate antiques, and Biblical Antiquities...

Lot 9

In The Fields,Pictures&Stories 1886 Worthington Co

This book is a very cool collection of stories, it is "profusely illustrated". Published by Worthington Co., New York, copyright...

Lot 10

Fox Hunting by C.A. Stephens 1872

This book is in really good condition, with very little discoloration on cover. Please see pictures for details and condition.

Lot 11

The Compleat Angler by Izaak Walton 1939 & Other

This lot also includes Hackamore Reinsman by Ed Connell and illustrated by Randy Steffen. The Compleat Angler is A Modern Library...

Lot 12

Phillips 66 Fishing Guide 1963

Published by Phillips Petroleum Company, prepared by editors of Field & Stream. Good condition, no rips or tears, very little...

Lot 13

The Amish of Indiana Vintage Fold Out Photos

Copyright Penrod/Hiawatha Co. In good condtion, some dirty spots on pictures. Please see pictures for details and condition.

Lot 14

"Safe Deposit" The Central Savings & Trust Co., OH

3.5" x 6.25" card. Some folds and spots. Please see pictures for details and condition.

Lot 15

2 Small Plays, Hamlet & The School for Scandal

Shakespeare's Hamlet, 1882, has a worn cover and writing all throughout. The School for Scandal by R.B. Sheridan, 1900, is in...

Lot 16

The Presidents & Their Administrations 1873

Written by Lewis O. Thompson, A.M., published in Indianapolis by John W. Robinson. Some spotting and discoloration on edges of...

Lot 17

Riley Farm-Rhymes by James Whitcomb Riley

Copyright, 1883-1905. Grosset & Dunlap published. Cover is discolored and worn on corners, spine is very worn. Some few pages are...

Lot 18

Down the Great River by Captain Willard Glazier, +

This lot also includes Story of the Wild West and Camp Fire Chats by Buffalo Bill, 1902, its pages are very thin and breaking,...

Lot 19

Gene Stratton-Porter by Judith Reick Long, 1990

Published by Indiana Historical Society. This book is in like-new condition. Please see pictures for details and condition.

Lot 20

The Revised Laws of Indiana 1831, Collage Book

Clips from newspapers and other, glued into the front of this Indiana law book. In pretty poor condition, pages and cover are...

Lot 21

Indiana Decade of the Harmony Society & Other Book

This lot also includes Southern Indiana, 1966 second printing, book of photographs by Hartley Alley with text by Jean Alley. This...

Lot 22

Peter and Wendy by J.M. Barrie, 1911

Illustrated by D.D. Bedford. Book is fairly worn, spine is ripped in some parts, wear around corners and small marks on cover,...

Lot 23

The Inter-State Exposition Souvenir, 1873 Chicago

Spine is ripped and separated, pages are in good condition, some writing in pencil on first page. Please see pictures for...

Lot 24

Ship of Gold in the Deep Blue Sea by Gary Kinder

Copyright 1998, writing on first page says "August 16, 2003". Book is in like-new condition. Please see pictures for details and...

Lot 25

The Vagabonds by J.T. Trowbridge, 1883

Illustrated by F.O.C Darley. Minor foxing on pages, some wear on cover edges and top of spine, beginning pages are separated from...

Lot 26

Pippa Passes by Robert Browning, 1900

Illustrated by Margaret Armstrong, published by Dodd, Mead & Company. Minor wear on edges of cover. Please see pictures for...

Lot 27

Birds of Indiana by Russell E. Mumford & Others

Also written by Charles E. Keller, and illustrated by William Zimmerman. Copyright 1984 by Indiana University Press. Paper cover...

Lot 28

The Log of The Carla Mia by Willis Carl Jackson

Copyright, 1980, in Bloomington, IN. Book feels like it's never been opened, paper cover is discolored. Please see pictures for...

Lot 29

4 Department of the Army Field Manuals

Lot includes FM 21-15 Care and Use of Individual Clothing and Equipment, FM 26-5 Interior Guard, FM 23-5 to 39A-5AC-11 U.S. Rifle...

Lot 30

10 Horse Handbooks 1960s-1980s

This lot includes titles like Horse Handbook Housing and Equipment, Horseman's Scrapbook Volume 1,2, and 3, Horse Breaking, and...

Lot 31

Vintage Unique Collage Book

This book is 15.75" x 12.5". Pages are broken on the edges, very worn overall. Please see pictures for details and condition.

Lot 32

Galapagos The Flow of Wildness by Elliot Porter

Copyright, 1968. This lot is a set of 2 book, 1. Discovery and 2. Prospect. Books are in very good condition. Please see...

Lot 33

The Making of a Grand Hotel by Claude McNeal

Copyright, 1985. Illustrated by Marilyn Longmire. Overall really good condition. Please see pictures for details and condition.

Lot 34

3 Indiana Photography Books Hohenberger & More

This lot includes Indiana Photographs by Frank M. Hohenberger, 1993, this book has writing on inside page, The Magnificent 92...

Lot 35

History of North Central Association & Other

This lot includes Voluntary Accreditation North Central Association 75 Year History by Louis G. Geiger, 1970, and The First 75...

Lot 36

6 Bloomington & IU History, Art, Other Books

This lot includes The Wells Archive: Exploring the World of Higher Education, Bloomington Sketchbook by Douglas S. Wissing and...

Lot 37

The Birds of Indiana & Other Works - Zimmerman

Lot includes The Birds of Indiana by Russell E. Mumford, Charles E. Keller, and William Zimmerman, 1984, and Birds: Their Life,...

Lot 38

2 Maurice A. McGlasson Thesis, US Gov Propaganda +

This lot includes United States Government Propaganda During the World War, 1940, and An Analysis of the Guidance Organization...

Lot 39

4 Children Poetry Books, Dr. Suess, More

This lot includes Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Suess, Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening by Robert Frost, The Random House Book of...

Lot 40

The Secret of Thunder Mountain & Other Book

This lot includes A Tom Quest Adventure: The Secret of Thunder Mountain by Fran Striker, 1952, and Roy Rogers and the Raiders of...

Lot 41

5 Childhood of Famous Americans Books

This lot includes Samuel Morse Inquisitive Boy by Dorothea J. Snow, George Carver Boy Scientist by Augusta Stevenson, Babe Ruth...

Lot 42

Complete Set of Little House Books

This complete set of Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House Books includes 9 books . Books are in really good condition, little to...

Lot 43

The Poetical Works of Robert Herrick 1956

Edited by L.C.Martin. Book is in okay condition, spine and edges are worn. Please see pictures for details and condition.

Lot 44

1970 Unique Handmade Paper Calendar

Appears to be hand painted on recycled paper. Edges are wrinkled, but all pages are in pretty good condition. Folder that the...

Lot 45

Tao, Eastern Philosophy of Time & Change 1973

Written by Philip Rawson and Laszlo Legeza. Paper cover has minor rips and folds but book is in good condition. Please see...

Lot 46

The Descent of Man by Charles Darwin

A revised reprint of the first edition 1871 book. Book is in overall pretty good condition, front cover is almost separated from...

Lot 47

4 Vintage Fortune Magazines 1941 & 1942

These are in okay condition, pages are in really good condition, but covers are pretty worn and torn up. Please see pictures for...

Lot 48

Antique Poem Books & More, Tennyson, Whittier+

4 books, includes The Poems of Richard Lovelace, edited by C.H. Wilkinson, and printed in 1953 at the Oxford University Press,...

Lot 49

True Americanism by Theodore Roosevelt 1897

Cover has tears and some pages are separated. Book is 5.5" x 4". Please see pictures for details and condition.

Lot 50

Shelley's Poetical Works Vol. I, II, & III

Written in 1819 by Percy Bysshe Shelley. Each has a memoir by James Russell Lowell. Books are in poor condition. Please see...

Lot 51

Life of Sitting Bull & History of Indian War 1891

The Red Record of the Sioux, Life of Sitting Bull and History of the Indian War of 1890-'91 by W. Fletcher Johnson printed in...

Lot 52

The Life of King Henry V by William Shakespeare

Printed in 1951. Book is in really good condition. Please see pictures for details and condition.

Lot 53

The Grammar of Ornament by Owen Jones

First published in 1856, this copy was printed in 1986. In really good condition, some minor rips in paper cover. Please see...

Lot 54

The Goldsmith of Florence by Katherine Gibson 1929

Decorations by Kahman Kubinyi. Book is in good condition, some minor marks and wear on cover and some discoloration on edges of...

Lot 55

The Drama of Glass by Kate Field

Early 1900s. Book looks dirty and some pages are folded or stuck together. Please see pictures for details and condition.

Lot 56

Gil Blas of Santillana Le Sage I, II, & III 1886

Translated by Henri Van Laun. Books are in okay condition, spine peeling up, wear around corners, cover kind of separated from...

Lot 57

4 Anaconda by Jerry Bumpus & Zuni Breadstuff

Anaconda by Jerry Bumpus copies are from 1967, all in good condition, afterword by Curt Johnson and illustrations by Lee Wallek.....

Lot 58

Set of 6 Le Sage Books, Gil Blas, Asmodeus,+

This lot inlcudes Gil Blas of Santillane I, II, and III, Asmodeus, Bachelor of Salamanca, and Vanillo Gonzales. Books are very...

Lot 59

Nox by Anne Carson 2010

This unique book in a box is in like-new condition. Please see pictures for details and condition.

Lot 60

Cecilia or Memoirs of an Heiress Vol. I & II

Only volumes I and II out of 3 volumes. Only says author of Evelina and Camilla. Printed in 1803, writing from 1841 in front....

Lot 61

The Harvard Classics 1937

Edited by Charles W. Eliot, LL.D. In like-new condition. Please see pictures for details and condition.

Lot 62

Edition De Luxe Works of Victor Hugo Vol. 1-10

Lot includes 10 total books, such as Works of Victor Hugo Les Miserables, Works of Victor Hugo Notre Dame, Works of Victor Hugo...

Lot 63

1892 Beautiful Thoughts from Henry Drummond

Lot includes "Beautiful Thoughts" from Henry Drummond arranged by Elizabeth Cureton. Book is in very good condition for age,...

Lot 64

Early-Mid 1900s Theater Programs & Books

Lot includes four items, The Teachings of Karl Marx by V.I. Lenin, Fear and Trembling The Sickness Unto Death by S. Kierkegaard,...

Lot 65

Treasury of Early American Automobiles 1877-1925

Lot includes a 1950 Treasury of Early American Automobiles 1877-1925 by Floyd Clymer. In good condition with some minor wear and...

Lot 66

The Holy Quran 1934 & The Holy Bible 2012

Lot includes a 1934 Holy Quran Translation & Commentary by A. Yusuf Ali, and a 2012 King James Version Holy Bible. Please see...

Lot 67

6 The Bobbsey Twins Books by Laura Lee Hope

Lot includes 6 total books, such as: The Bobbsey Twins at Home, The Bobbsey Twins at the Sea Shore, The Bobbsey Twins at the...

Lot 68

Large Lot of Locally Published 1970s TransPacifics

Locally Published by Nicholas Crome. Lot includes many stories from authors that would eventually become famous. Please see...

Lot 69

Large Lot of 50 Easton Press Classics

Excellent like new condition. Leather bound Easton quality. Please see pictures for details and condition.

Lot 70

Large lot of 12 Easton Press Medical Classics

Like new condition. Leather bound Easton quality. Please see pictures for details and condition.

Lot 71

Lot of 4 Vintage Childrens Books

Lot includes 1931 Tom Swift and his Sky Train by Victor Appleton, 1912 Flying U Ranch by B. M. Bower, Huckleberry Finn by Samuel...

Lot 72

Mirror 1940s High School Publications

Lot includes 22 items. Please see pictures for details and condition.

Lot 73

Vintage Instructor Literature & 1917 Almanac

Lot includes Instructor Literature Series No. 152C A Child's Garden of Verses by Robert Louis Stevenson, Instructor Literature...

Lot 74

Architecture Madison Indiana & Chicago Illinois

Lot includes The Story of Elkdom, a 1931 book about the Elks National Memorial in Chicago Illinois. Also includes 1986 The Early...

Lot 75

1891 Indian Horrors by Henry Davenport Northrop

Lot includes the 1891 book Indian Horrors or Massacres of the Red Men. Shows aging, staining, and minor damage to cover. Please...

Lot 76

Late 1800s Bunch of Cherries by J. W. Kirton

In good condition for age. Please see pictures for details and condition.

Lot 77

Early 1900s Sandy & Mrs. Wiggs by Alice Hegan Rice

Lot includes Sandy by Alice Hegan Rice 1905, and Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch by Alice Hegan Rice 1902. Please see pictures...

Lot 78

1954 Souls Grown Deep African American Art

Souls Grown Deep African American Vernacular Art of the South Volume One The Tree Gave the Dove a Leaf. Edited by Paul Arnett &...

Lot 79

Winnie the Pooh & Other Vintage Children's Books

Lot includes 4 mid-1900s Winnie the Pooh books by A. A. Milne, The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams, Sylvester and the Magic...

Lot 80

4 Art Books Picasso Harunobu Kokoschka

Lot includes Pablo Picasso Meeting in Montreal 1985, Art and the Seafarer 1968, Suzuki Harunobu 1970 and Oskar Kokoschka Drawings...

Lot 81

1947/50 French Fashion Mags Femina - Le Pays de

Lot includes 1947 Le Pays de France, and 1950 Femina. Please see pictures for details and condition.

Lot 82

1977 Katsura A Princely Retreat by Akira Naito

Lot includes 1977 Katsura a Princely Retreat with text by Akira Naito, and photographs by Takeshi Nishikawa. Comes in a cardboard...

Lot 83

Lot of Vintage Hoosier & Other Sheet Music

Lot includes Hoosier Sweetheart Say Who, Hoosier Hop Duncan Sisters , Theres a Down in Dixie Feelin Hangin Round Me Ray Perkins,...

Lot 84

1943 / 78 Life Magazines & 1983 Disney Fantasia

Lot includes 1983 Disney Fantasia by John Culhane, 1943 Picture Romance Life magazine, 1978 Disco Hottest Trend in Entertainment...

Lot 85

1994 Copy of West Point Military Academy Booklet

In very good condition. Please see pictures for details and condition.

Lot 86

4 Oliver Wendell Holmes Illustrations 1883

Comes in a blue mat, all measuring 13" x 10". Also comes in a plastic protective covering. Please see pictures for details and...

Lot 87

The Art of Walt Disney by Christopher Finch 2004

Please see pictures for details and condition.

Lot 88

4 Vintage Postal Cards

Lot includes 2 Grand Canyon cards, and 2 artist print cards. Please see pictures for details and condition.

Lot 89

2 Muhammad Ali Original 8" x 10" Photographs

Includes one solo black and white training photo, and an action full color photo with Ken Norton. Please see pictures for details...

Lot 90

Antique Book of North Atlantic Ocean Pilot Charts

Late 1800s. Cover & Spine shows damage. Please see pictures for details and condition.

Lot 91

1910 Framed Rudyard Kipling Excerpt & More

Lot includes a framed 1910 Rudyard Kipling excerpt from "Rewards and Fairies" and a News of the Nation paperback book, with the...

Lot 92

5 Indiana Books

Lot includes The Bears of Blue River by Charles Major, Pride & Protest the Novel in Indiana, Indiana Place Names, Enjoying...

Lot 93

1960s Life & Other Magazines JFK

This lot is for 14 magazines, 3 magazines from 1939, the rest are from the 1960s and about the Kennedys. Magazines are in okay...

Lot 94

The Saturday Evening Post 1939-1972

This lot is for 9 magazines. Items are in pretty good condition, some wear and minor discoloration. Please see pictures for...

Lot 95

Vintage Greek,Belgian,&Swedish Currency & Stamps

13 total bills, and about 5 used sheets of stamps and royal mail stamps. Money has lots of creases. Please see pictures for...

Lot 96

Early 1910s Books, The Dolly Dialogues, & More

This lot includes The Dolly Dialogues by Anthony Hope, pages are separated from cover and there appears to be water damage to...

Lot 97

Brown Co, IN Black & White Post Cards

This lot is for over 30 post cards. Most are in sleeves and in good condition. Cards are 3.5" x 5.5". Please see pictures for...

Lot 98

Brown Co, IN Vintage Color Print Post Cards

This lot includes over 50 post cards. Includes a set of 18 mini black and white post cards. Some are in sleeves, most are in...

Lot 99

Framed Copy 1884 Brown County Democrat Newspaper

Measures 21" x 17" in frame. In pretty good condition. Please see pictures for details and condition.

Lot 100

Cased Set Architecture In America 2 Volumes

Fine Bound volumes 1 and 2 "A Pictorial History of Architecture in America" by G.E. Kidder Smith, 1976 pub. by American Heritage...