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April 21, 2019 Weekly Stamp & Collectibles Auction. Richmond, Virginia VA

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Alan Blair Auctions


5313 Lakeside Ave, Richmond, Virginia, 23228. USA. tel: 804-266-3071

28th Feb, 2019
Ended: 21st Apr, 2019
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Welcome to our weekly online stamp auction! We have about 50 lots ending every Sunday open for bidding from worldwide collections to US First Day Covers and some of everything in between. Lots are available for viewing in our offices and please let us know if you need more photos, more information about a lot, or would like to submit bids directly to us by phone, email or mail. All lots will sell ending on Sunday afternoon on a staggered basis (the time will count down to 0) and a late bid will extend the time for that lot. If you bid on an item in the last few minutes it will extend bidding on that lot by about 2 minutes to try and minimize last-second sniping and also balance against overly extending bidding too long. Check out our other auctions currently open for bidding on our website and please do let us know if you have any questions. We have a full service bricks and mortar stamp store in Richmond, Virginia so give us a call or email if you plan to be in the area and would like to stop by!

Lot 1

United Nations Stamps Souvenir Cards Mint & FDOI

Souvenir Cards - #1-23, 44-60 (2 each - 1 Mint, 1 with appropriate First Day of Issue Cancel); 25-37 Mint Only, total CV $800

Lot 2

British Commonwealths Stamps 1937 Coronation

British Commonwealths Stamps 1937 Coronation album, lovely original album with Mint NH complete set including Hong Kong and...

Lot 3

South West Africa Stamps & Covers 20th century

Dozens of Covers in cover album plus box, many dozens plus some stamps in packaging

Lot 4

Norway Stamps Small Used Lot CV $540

Small lot of used Norway starting at Scott #39 through the 20th century. Includes back of book and regular issue, nice clean lot....

Lot 5

Korea Stamps Mint NH sets mostly 1960s CV $260

Small lot of mint NH Korea stamps from the 1960s-70s in lots of 2. Nice clean group, CV $260

Lot 6

US Coins San Francisco Lincoln Pennies 1917-1955

Nice lot of AG-VF Lincoln pennies, all San Francisco "S" mint, includes 1917 ,18 ,19 ,20 ,25 ,30 ,35 ,36 ,37 ,39 ,43 ,45 ,48 ,49...

Lot 7

US Stamps Lincoln Penny Collection 1909-1940

Nice lot of 55 Lincoln pennies, from 1909-1940 in nice Whitman album. Includes spaces for 60 pennies, and is only missing 1909-S,...

Lot 8

US Coins Roosevelt Dime Collection Silver

19 Roosevelt Silver Dimes, 1946-1964 in circulated condition. Includes the Roosevelt Memorial stamp issue from 1945-46.

Lot 9

UAR Stamps 1958-1964 CV $150+

Mix of Schaubek and Scott pages containing United Arab Republic stamps covering 1958-1964. Includes Egypt, Egypt occupation of...

Lot 10

Canada Stamps Fresh Lot 158//273 & C2 CV $275+

Nice fresh lot of Canada including a nicely centered used Bluenose #158, mint hinged 217-226, mint NH 268-273, and a mint hinged...

Lot 11

Burundi Stamps #589-600 Mint NH CV $188

Fresh mint NH set of the 1983 Wild Animals set from Burundi - #589-600, CV $188

Lot 12

WW Stamps 7 Better covers 1940s-50s

Nice selection of covers from Fiji, Greenland, New Zealand, Republic of China, Pitcairn Islands, and Gilbert & Ellice Islands....

Lot 13

United States Stamps Liberty Album FACE $50++

Water damaged Liberty Album with stamps through 1986, well over $50 in face value, but pages and mounts are water damaged, so...

Lot 14

United States Stamps 1867-1924 mint hinged & used

Mint hinged and used US stamps on pages, nice mix of stamps and conditions. Many mint hinged VF stamps with catalog values...

Lot 15

Railroad Bond Certificates, 2 Large Sized Engraved

Railroad Bond Certificates, 2 Large Sized Engraved : 1866 Boston, Hartford & Erie line with 50 Coupons attached & 1871 Plymouth,...

Lot 16

US Stamps #300-308 Mint/Used CV $350+

Postal Commemorative Society set of The First Regular -Issue U.S. Stamp Series of the 20th Century. Includes mint 300-307 and a...

Lot 17

World Paper Money 50+ Pieces

Paper money from all over the world in varying condition, US, Canada, Korea, Algeria, France, Italy, etc. See pictures!

Lot 18

US Stamps 50+ Naval Ship Covers 1930s-50s

50+ US Naval Ship covers, mostly from the 1930s with a handful of post war covers. Cancels from dozens of different ships and...

Lot 19

Japan Stamps 1876-1922 Collection

Used and mint Japan collection covering #55-175, 1876-1922. Mostly used with a few mint, 169 & 170 with a CV of $82.50 for the...

Lot 20

Worldwide Stamps Collection in binders bankers box

Thousands of stamps by country in binders on blank pages, mostly singles and part sets mostly mid 20th century Used and Mint;...

Lot 21

US Stamps Used accumulation 20th century stamps

Used US 20th century stamps with duplication, in envelopes and loose in cigar boxes and a binder, thousands of stamps, some sorted

Lot 22

Worldwide Stamps thousands in 2 bankers boxes

Many thousands of Worldwide duplicates, mostly sorted by country in 25+ cigar boxes (loose and in envelopes) - huge quantity of...

Lot 23

Worldwide Stamps 4 Vintage Scott worldwide albums

4 Vintage Scott worldwide albums from 1890s-1940s, 1000+ stamps mostly in 1920s-1930s time period, albums have seen better days

Lot 24

US Stamps Mint NH Years 1972-98 FACE VALUE $350+

Mint NH Yearsets in books , Commemorative sets of 2 each of 1972-1974, one each 1975, 1977-78, 1980-1998, plus a few definitive...

Lot 25

US Stamps Used in albums 1000+ stamps

1000+ stamps mostly Used including a nice run of early 20th century in a Harris Freedom album, a binder with lots of duplicates...

Lot 26

Mexico Stamps 50+ Revenue stamps early 20th cent

50+ Revenue stamps early 20th century, Mint NH and Hinged, some with perf damage, exceedingly scarce group seldom seen

Lot 27

CSA $20 Banknote T-67 PMG Graded CU EPQ 64

Confederate CSA $20 Banknote T-67 PMG Graded Choice Uncirculated 64 EPQ (Exceptional Paper Quality), pristine 1864 Civil War...

Lot 28

US stamps #115 Pair Used on Cover, Pittsburgh PA

#115 Pair Used on Cover, Pittsburgh PA to London with red PAID and NY receiving marks plus Pittsburgh CDS, cover with some toning...

Lot 29

US Stamps Mint Postal Stationery CV $750

Very clean collection of US postal stationery in binder, XF+. Wide ranging selection included U501 glazed, total CV $750

Lot 30

US Stamps 280 FDC Ceremony Programs from First Day

280 Ceremony Programs from First Day of Issues, mostly 1990 and later, look all or almost all different - seldom found in such a...

Lot 31

US Stamps First Day Covers 1000+ Artcraft Etc

Stamps printed by JW Fergusson & Sons, Inc on Castlewood Road in Richmond, VA on 1000+ first day covers. Covers are Artcraft,...

Lot 32

US Coins Dime Lot Barber, Mercury, & Roosevelt

Mix of US dimes including 5 Barber dimes in G-VG condition (1898,1907,1912,1913,1914) 10 Mercury times in G-VF condition...

Lot 33

US Coins 1901 Year Set with Dollar

1901 US Coin year set in Whitman holder, includes average circulated 1901 penny, nickel, dime, quarter, half, and 1901-O Morgan...

Lot 34

US Coins 2008 Silver Eagle NGC MS 69 Early Release

NGC graded 2008 Silver Eagle dollar coin, graded MS 69. A rare blue label Early Release. Beautiful coin!

Lot 35

US Coins 1876 CC Seated Liberty Dime G

1876 CC Seated Liberty dime from America's centennial! Dime is in good condition, with some mild damage.

Lot 36

US Coins 2 Flying Eagle cents 1857+58 G-VG

Two circulated Flying Eagle cents from 1857 and 1858. Coins are in G-VG condition with normal wear. Nice pair !

Lot 37

Johnson Matthey 1 Troy Ounce Silver Fine .999

1 Ounce Troy of .999 Fine Silver.

Lot 38

Canadian Coins Penny Set George V 1920-1936

Interesting set of Canadian small cents including 1920,21,24,28,29,31-36. 12 total pennies.

Lot 39

US Stamps 19th Century Cover Lot incl Seaysville

Five covers 1860s-1880s nice group. Includes a very scarce 1884 "Seaysville, VA" cover (rarity 7 postmark with catalog market...

Lot 40

US Stamps 1860s covers #24 strip of 3, #65 Patriot

1860s covers #24 strip of 3, #65 Patriotic Cover - some wear but nice Civil War era issues - the #24 is a nice strip of 3 with...

Lot 41

US Stamps #630 Mint HR VF perf seps CV $325

#630 Mint HR VF perf separations at top left, hinged in selvage, bright colors and nicely centered CV $325

Lot 42

Israel Stamps 800+ Mint NH sheets in 5 binders

800+ Mint NH sheets in 5 binders on sheet sized Vario pages, with some light duplication - estimated about 600 different sheets...

Lot 43

Israel Stamps Many thousands of Mint NH stamps

Many thousands of Mint NH stamps in bankers box, singles to sheets with some duplication but loads of different and collectible...

Lot 44

US Mint NH USPS Yearbooks FACE VALUE $225+

Mint NH USPS Yearbooks mostly Commemoratives 1972-1988 & 1990-1993 plus a few Wildlife & Flowers sheets, WWII books, etc FACE...

Lot 45

US Stamps Mint NH 3 & 4c FACE VALUE $100+

Mint NH mostly 3 & 4c Plate Blocks (incl matched sets) in glassines with duplication FACE VALUE $100+

Lot 46

US Stamps Collection Used & Mint 1860s-1930s

US Stamps Collection Used & Mint 1860s-1930s on pages, starts with a few 3 cent Washingtons, some Large and Small Used Banknotes,...

Lot 47

US Stamps PCS Peanuts (Snoopy) Collection

Oversized binder from the Postal Commemorative Society featuring Charles Schultz's "The Peanuts". Stamps are private printed but...

Lot 48

UN Stamps Hundreds of Inscription blocks

Thousands of UN stamps from all bureaus. Hundreds of inscription blocks with some small panes, etc.

Lot 49

Berlin Germany Stamps 1980-1990 Mint NH CV $400+

1980-1990 Mint NH Berlin highly complete (80+%) complete in Lindner Hingeless album includes #9N516-32, 9N543-7, etc, very neatly...

Lot 50

Switzerland Stamps Used 2 pounds off paper mix

Used 2 pounds off paper mix, some light duplication but thousands of stamps and loads of different - this will keep you busy for...

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