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20170915 BM OL Lebanon, PA

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Status: Closed

Internet-only (timed) auction


Lambrecht Auction, Inc.


Lebanon Valley Expo Center & Fairgrounds, 80..., Lebanon, Pennsylvania, 17042. USA. tel: 607-865-6951

5th Sep, 2017
Ends: 15th Sep, 2017
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13% Buyer's Premium, 3% discount for cash or checkCash, Checks, or Credit Cards accepted. Customers who don't pick up winning items by 3 pm on pick-up day will have their credit card charged automatically & fees will be added to each lot not picked up as explained in our terms and conditions.Auction Begins to Close @ 7 pmEXTENDED BIDDING & OTHER FEATURES AVAILABLE!!! Live ViewApproximately 15 minutes prior to an Auction beginning to close, a button appears on the screen in the top right hand side, adjacent to the "details" and the "register to bid" button. This button is titled "Live View." By clicking this button bidders can view the items as they are closing with a live counter. if a bid is received the item flashes and the counter resets. If the counter ends, items closes and fades off the screen. This feature makes watching multiple items very easy to manage. Bids can be instantly placed and seen by everyone watching, very similar to being at a live AuctionStagger CloseOur Online Only Auctions begin to "close" or "end" at the advertised time. Please observe the closing time list in the details of each of your desired lots. Typically, our Building Material Auctions have a 10 second closing stagger between consecutive lots. This feature is intended for bidders to manageably follow multiple lots with ease. We do our best to make lot staggers not end too quickly, but not consuming too much of your time.3 Minute Soft Close: If a lot receives a bid in the final 3 minutes prior to closing, then the bidding clock resets an additional 3 minutes. This process continues to repeat itself every time a bid is received until no more bids are received. Linked LotsSome groups of items are "linked" together for the 3 minute soft close. When this occurs, if a bid is extended on one item in the linked group it is extended on all. We use this feature typically on like kind items were we might offer high bidder choice in a live Auction. Example: the five cabinets are linked-1, so if anyone bids on ANY cabinet set within the final 3 minutes, bidding on ALL cabinet sets will extend for 3 minutes. This feature is advantageous to bidders because it replicates a live choice situation. The benefit to a buyer with this tool is that if they can ensure they get all the lots in that group they desire, or if they are out bid on one preferred lot they can bid on the second lot of preference.Items Sold by QuantityPlease note that like our live Auctions, items are being sold by a unit price multiplied by the quantity for a total purchase price. Some items are sold by the piece, or square foot, or linear foot, or square, etc. so please pay attention. We have done our best to identify this with each lot.

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