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Asia International Auctioneers, Inc.

AIA is a Philippine truck and equipment auctioneer.

Asia International Auctioneers, Inc. is the Philippines biggest and fastest growing trucks and equipment auctioneer. Buyers are assured of a wide range of quality items at reasonable prices whenever they attend AIA's auctions.

Consignors are confident that their products are exposed to a diverse clientele at AIA's auctions where thousands of buyers worldwide participate.

To its clients and consignors, AIA is synonymous to quality products and professional service. Through AIA, buyers in the ASEAN region can now have access to quality and globally-traded trucks and equipment by way of the "live public auction" where each auction item must sell to the highest bidder.

office address
Asia International Auctioneers, Inc.
Subic Bay
Freeport Zone


Philippines (PH)
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